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Thanks James.
I do really enjoy your lessons.

Red dragon

Thanks james


Thanks, James. Very helpful lesson.
My sentences: (Please correct me if they’re wrong)
1-Everyone who visits this website is supposed to be surprised. (Believe)
2-You would have been supposed to thank me in response to my favor. (Expectation)
3-All clerks in this office are not supposed to drink while they’re working. (Obligation)



    Mamnoon Ehsan Jan.
    (Thanks dear Ehsan)


My answer:
1. This is supposed to open in this way. (Expectation)
2. You’re supposed to finish it before the deadline. (Obligation)
3. The restaurant is supposed to be the best in this town. (Belief)



Thanks james, I wrong only one questions

Elisson Saldanha

    Thanks that was helpful 😊


      1- This month is supposed to be my last vacation in this country. (Expectation)
      2- Marry, you’re supposed to clean your plate after eating. (Obligation)
      3- Pélé is supposed to be the most valuable soccer player in the world. ( Belief)


Great lesson James, thanks a lot!!!
Just one question. Are these two sentences supposed to have the same meaning:
“I´m not supposed to smoke in here”
“I’m supposed not to smoke in here” ??????


thanks James, you are the best


Great lesson


I got only one correct.

Md Galibb Akhtar

The first is correct


I learnt a lot, Thanks Teacher James.


thanks James!


1. Japan is supposed to be the cleanest country in the world.
2. I`m supposed to work hard if I want to improve my English.
3. I was supposed to get my package by now.


7 out of 8! Not to bad.


I’m supposed to be better in English language if I keep studying everyday.

I’m supposed to work with interantional company after the pandemic ends.

I am not supposed to get full test scored if I dont learn with teacher James.


1.My brother is supposed to be here at noon.
2.The girl is supposed to be prettier than I thought
3.United kindom is supposed to be bigger than United States


so good


1) All the people in the world are supposed to behave each other kindly and friendly. (expectation)
2) If you lose your ID card, you are supposed to get a new one. (obligation)
3) According to some scientific results, aliens are supposed to be in the universe. (belief)

Thanks James!


Thanks James


1) My cat is supposed to sleep on the windowsill[expectation]
2) I’m supposed to learn English everyday to speak it more fluently [obligation]
3) New album of my favorite group is supposed to be magnificent [belief]

Thanks James, you’re the best teacher💜


Hello James,
have you ever answered to anyone comment? You was supposed to do it.
I got 6 out of 8 in EngVid quiz. I seems I was wrong in 5 and 8.
I’d love to hear your point of view in these ones.
5. I believe here could be 1 answer as well. It’s quite common when people recommend something to you “It’s good etc.” but
the reality it’s a bit different. So we could use this sentence in this way.
8. “This mask is supposed to fit adults, but it doesn’t” The correct answer is “expectation”.
I think it is supposed to be “frustration”. More often than not when we say sentence like so we are kinda frustrated? Isn’t it?
I’m far away of saying it couldn’t be “expecation” because it could.
Ok. Enough digression. It’s time for what I supposed to do. HOMEWORK:
I was supposed to learn English instead of playing games yesterday’s evening. Video games esp. with native English friends develops, though.
It was supposed to be the best restaurant in the city but it was no more decent. I’m dissapointed.
It’s supposed do be one of the best if not the best restaurant in the city. I’ve heard plenty of good recommendations.

All the best for everyone who decided to read this kinda long and boring comment.


I think. it’s good


In my opinion , this is a difficult grammar point, I have to study hard


New here!

Amazing class dear James, so lavely and easy the way you teach.

Elias Sicco

JHi ames, I supposed to leave a comment. I supposed this was a terric class.=BELIEBE*(θ‿θ)


Hi JAMES, I supposed to leave a comment. Supposed this was a terric class.=BELIEVE(. ❛ ᴗ ❛.)


88 out of 100, pretty good :)
Here are the 3 examples for the homework:
1. The US is supposed to be the strongest country in the world
2. i am supposed to go to school on time.
3. My English is supposed to get better in the future

Arthur Nguyen

Here my tree examples for the homework
1- My wife is supposed to be at school at 3.00 pm
2-You are supposed to prepare those drinks.
3-La Yola restaurant is supposed to have the best sea food rissotto in Punta Cana.

Carlos Nolasco

Thank you.

Mr. Chit oo

Thank you James


“This lesson wasn’t supposed to be so confusing”
Obviously, I’m joking. Thank you a lot James, as always!!


    Hi, I finally found a British citizen😊. I don’t know exactly what ” It would have to have been used ” means, may you tell me, please?


thanks for this interesting lesson


The COVID 19 positives were supposed to decrease after social distancing and lockdown for a long time. Everybody is really tired and broke :((

Rainy kimi

Thanks, James, It was fun!


Thanks Bro i got it


James do you provide one on one tutoring?


Hi teacher it’s was interesting lesson and the way to taught i love it

Nishu malviya

I like
all those teachers they’re teachings well


For the first time, I had a fun from an english lesson. Thanks Sir!


This is supposed to be best english lesson.Thank Sir!


Hi James
1. Moving the country wasn’t supposed to bring any hassle
2. Network provider is supposed to fix an issue with the signal on no extra cost
3. You were supposed to talk to me in the first place before to complaint


thanks a lot , you supposed to be the best — belief .


Happy teacher’s day sir . I wish I could talk to you on a call . I will definitely gonna meet you in Canada 🤗 love from india🇮🇳

Karma angmo

Thanks, I will practice it in my conversation


1.We are supposed to be quiet at theater. (Obligation)
2. This cafe is supposed to be best in the city. (belief)
3.I am supposed to be with my ex-boyfriend again.(expectation)


Thanks as always, great lesson


Thank you so much James, i heard the “be supposed to” sentence quite often, but i do NOT clear understand its meaning, after watched your video, i got improvement.
[Practice] The “be supposed to” sentence is supposed to tell something like obligation/expectation/believe.


You were supposed to be here
You supposed to be at work 9 am
You supposed to beleive in god


Thank you


I get 88. I’m supposed to review that lesson. Thank you Mr. James


this is the first times i comment in Engvid
my clause are :
i’m supposed to meet girlfriend on my mind
the vietnamese’s coffe is supposed to be the best coffee


I get 90 on Grammar quiz, I supposed to review that lesson,


I am supposed to get 100%, but i ve just got 88%.

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