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Thanks Benjamin for this lesson!

You are a very didactic teacher and this is another every day useful class.

Profile photo of Fabio Cicerre Fabio Cicerre

    Yeah, I agree with you Fcicerre. I would say that Benjamin’s teaching style suits us well.

    He conveys meanings of unknown words/expressios with great ease using body language. Only a good teacher can do that.

    Have a nice evening!

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      I imagine you are right Regino, the body language, and also the dialog in role playing, helps a lot. I consider him a very good teacher.

      Have a nice day!

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Thanks Benjamin, I love your lesson

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A very useful lesson, thanks Benjamin!

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i got 8 correct out of 10.thanks you Benjamin!very excited


I’ve got 10 out of 10.. I really need this lesson..Thank you

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Thank you Benjamin!

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I got 10 out of 10. Very nice lesson indeed. H

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Thank you Benjamain I got 9 correct out of 10 . Your lesson is useful for working in Business context such as conversation on the job.

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Excellent combination between Your speaking way and your body language. Very good video thanks.

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thank you
i am in

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    guys im hamse farah from somaliland

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Dear Benjamain

What is the duffernet about “write them an email’ and ‘sent a letter by email”,thanks.

8. In a business context, what can you do to confirm the details of a past phone conversation?
call again
write them an email
send a letter by mail
send a smoke signal

Profile photo of buffonchhsiao buffonchhsiao

    Hi there!

    Responding to your query, you are having a mistake on your reading comprehension, you can see it below:

    The question is about business context. Is that right?

    So, at the office (at least nowadays) you don’t send a letter to confirm what you agree with the other side speaker just a few seconds ago (unless it is a contract that it’s required to be signed), postal service may take several time you don’t want to waste, so you send an email.


    Profile photo of Adelmo89 Adelmo89

      send a letter by mail(through post office);
      write them an email(through internet).

      Profile photo of Sean Sean

thank you so much man i quite catch thes lesson

Profile photo of anass daoudi anass daoudi

Thanks a lot for your teaching… What mobile operator more used in UK?

Profile photo of karik44 karik44

Thanks you very much Benjamin! Now, i’ll be able to speak on the phone with my english family. Is it possible to you to prepare a course about to go to the restaurant? Thank you so much. Have a good day.

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thanks so much Benjamin i hope you will take a great lessons to teach again .

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got it Alhamdullah

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Great lesson :-)
Thanks a lot

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    Hi werawan! Let’s practice better English and make the way of learning more effective. Looking for an English mate. If interested let me know.

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thank you very much . i suffered a lot every time i had a conversation with a English – speaking man when i want politely to ask him to raise his volume

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Thank you! Great class!

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thank you benjbro.. i got 9 points out of 10

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Dear Mr. Benjamin you have a very good english class approaching. Congratualations !

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A hilarious quiz, who would believe it!

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    meee I would believe it

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Thank you so much. very helpful!

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Thank you,sir Benjamin!got 9 out of 10..:-)

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Thank professor Benjamin , I like Brit slang

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hi, Benjamin, besides a good teacher you are a great actor too.

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7/10 thank Benjamin nice lesson

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thanks teacher

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thanks alot :)

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Great Lesson, thank you.

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Great lesson Benjamin! Thank you.

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Thank you!

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Thank you for your clarity, Benjamin was great!!! I understood all the English lesson (10/10)

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It’s useful to me. Thank you very much!

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Great lesson. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your help!!!

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Thanks, Benjamin!

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Could you explain why it is “Can you please speak slower?” but not ” Can you please speak slowlier?”

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Thank you Benjamin. It’s been long time since the last lesson for you.

For my companions who seek improve his accent . Please feel free to be in touch with me on . Facebook.com/anwar.lawer1

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great lesson i got 90 % i think that i need to go to the very blue website more often to improve my listening skills

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I could catch your lesson,Benjamin :-)
Thank you for this useful lesson.Whenever a person speaks very slow over the phone it is ok for me but when a person speaks faster i really struggle a lot to understand.But i think this video will help me a lot to cope up that :)

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Thanks a lot Benjamin)It doesnt’t matter that you stay so far, you are my favourite teacher,your lessons are incredible!!!Keep it real!

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hey guy Ineed person to practice Im from domonican republic, no matter iif is man ho woman Im just need to improve my inglish to get a better job pleases interestinting writeme to my whatsap 8092431717

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i realy love this lesson

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Hello, This page Like me, because I´m learning too much!

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thanks sir i’ve got 70%

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I’ve got 10 out of 10. I have learned improving my speech and fluency to IELTS with your lessons. Your british accent and the way that you communicate has helped me a lot. Thanks.

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Thanks Benjamim! You are great!

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Great Lesson! Thanks a lot, Benjamim!

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yes its very helpful lesson.

can you please also upload the conversation of office environment. means how to talk with your colleagues.

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9/10 thanks a lot. i’ll practice very well!

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Thanks a lot Benjamin!!

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10/10 good explanation.

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very interesting and useful, thank you!

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I thank you very much teacher Benjamin,It’s daily useful lesson for me.I thank you very much again.

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Thank you Benji, simple but very effective lesson. By the way next time avoid junk food you know, because that kind of meal isn’t to good for your health, “be veggie” ok? No pizza or McD, be veggie. 9/10

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it’s a great lesson,thanks

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Hi Benjamin, you have a really clear pronunciation. I could understand you very well. Thank you for your lesson. Regards from Germany Johanna

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amzing ..thanks Benjamin especialy for every reaction with every word :p

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Thank you Benjamin. I had a wonderful time studying English. You have a very clear pronunciation and I could understand what you said very well. I will practise every day.

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Benjamin thanks! Great Lesson!

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hey guy Ineed person to practice Im from Marocco, no matter iif is man or woman Im just need to improve my inglish to get a better job pleases interestinting writeme to my whatsap +212650499880

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its really useful.

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Thank you ,Benjamin. This lesson is very helpful for me. I will try that you taught.

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the subscribe is too quite,
could you speak a little louder please?

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10 OUT OF 10…thanks Benjamin. Your lessons are helping me well enough.

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I haven’t been here for a while, I don’t know why and today I went to EngVid again and I saw your lesson about conversation skills and I really need to say that I’m impressed. You’ve done great job Ben, seriously and I thank you so much for that. You are very energetic and crazy person as well ( so am I) and I’m so happy that you are here teaching people :) You could be my private teacher lol. Anyway thanks again for your lesson and till next time :))

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Thank you

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Thank you .

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Thanks so much!!!

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Good morning! I’m very happy to watch another video of you. Great job, Benjamin. Thank you very much.

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Thank you, get more knowledge on how to speak in polite way.

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you are good teacher

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thanks so much

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Benjamin nice lesson thanks my friend you´re great !!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I really enjoyed this lesson rather useful.

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thanks for this lesson

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I really need this lesson
Thanks Benjamin

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thank you so much even thought i got 9 out of 10~
i’m very happy

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Thank you sir for sharing your experiences with us.I am looking forward to seeing your next lecture.

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I got 10 out of 10! LOL! I love you and your accent but do you mind to repeat a little bit more than you do right now? Thanks!

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Benjamin, It’s my first class and I’m astonished.

Thank you for your time dispensed

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I liked a lot the class. Very good. Keep doing awesome classes.
Thank you.

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thank you Sir, i got them all correct ;)

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Thanks a lot Mr.Benjamin , I is a useful lesson>

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thx a lot

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Thank you for this lesson its very useful..godbless

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Benjamin is my favorite teacher :)

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Thanks a lot for the lesson, Benjamin.

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Thank a lot, Benjamin.

You tell us slowly and clearly. I will follow your lessons.
But as an advice, please change your avatar photo :) because you look more handsome on videos.. Ha?

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Thanks very usuful!

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Thank you

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thanks for this lesson. definitely its the best course ever in the internet. congratulations

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Very excited !

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9/10 =)

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I just thought they were sending me to a very blue website to improve my English listening comprehension. Mmmm that was 9/10… Too bad!


…It’s so useful. Just Try it!

Thanks a lot for this very blue website. ;D

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    hahah……very funny.

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Thanks benjamin, this class is quite interesting.

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Thanks Benjamin your class was very useful and understandable , Cuz every time I find it so hard to understand phone conversation.

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    Hi, Assuma, Can we be English mate? lets have a conversation!

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Thanks Teacher for this lesson, very nice!

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10/10, very nice and useful lesson Benjamin,thanks!!!

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Thanks Benjamin

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thxxxxxxxxxxx benjamin its great lesson

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I’ve got 9/10 :)

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Tanks Benjamin, it’s useful not just for phone conversation

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hey thanks I learned something new today

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Really, great

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thanks, it’s great

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Thanks Benjamin, You are really such a nice teacher. You teaching style is very good. Thanks a lot..

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i got 10 of 10 very nice !!!
the lesson was excelent !

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nice way to learn English in free of cost..

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The professor Benjamin is great, his lesson are fantastic, thank you so much.

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Great and funny lesson Benjamin. Thanks.

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i got 9 :D

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I thınk ı will learn to English with you.Thanks Benjamin.

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yeah! i got 100.

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your video is great but your quiz is disgusting, thanks for the video :P

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It’s so useful for me to solve the problem when I talked with my bossed over phone, thanks!

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Thanks Benjamin

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Thank you so much, great lesson.

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that is pity i
got 4 point

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thankyou teacher! Iam working in Australia now.
I have to learn English more.

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I want to say thank you so much to teach us on this web-site.Your teaching style is so great because of using body language while teaching the lesson.That is the point your lessons are understandable.Keep going Benjamin ! :)

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very useful one

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Hello, I really like your lessons! Thank you so much, Benjamin.

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Very good lesson, thanks a lot Benjamin

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Very useful Lesson .
Many Thanks Mr.Ben

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Thanks,it is very usefull.

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Tnx man

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Thanks Benjamin for this lesson, I can catch your lesson, it’s surprise me , I do really need the lesson like this, the phone conversation just confuse me a lot.

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Thank you very much.

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Great class…a bit of sand to create a beach…funny and with a nice style to teach.

Thanks and very useful

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thanks, Ben. I like your accent.

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It is really going to improve my skills and after watching this I’m full of confidence and just believe I can achieve here what I want.Thanks a lot…

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Guaooooo it’s very important these lesson.
Thanks Benjamin, you eplain very well. I will practice the conversation.

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Thank you so much
i got 10 points
it’s pretty sick for me.

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Very useful. Thank you Benjamin. But:
7. Arya: “We close at 6 p.m.”
Breinne: “____________ you close at 6 p.m.?”
Do you say
Did you say. Could be this one correct too? without that?
Do you say that
Did you say that. Correct

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The course is really helpful. Thanks Ben!

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Thanks for this lesson

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Dear Benjamin:
Thanks for your useful tips in phone conversations.Besides,I’m so impressed with your exquisite teaching way.

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Great Benjamin, really works

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9/10 thanks a lot

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Hi its great lesson. Thank you so much teacher Benjamin

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Thank you Benjamin!

A: This is job interview on phone
B:Sorry, What did you say?
B:I am struggling to understand. Did you say hımm honeymoon..

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Thanks for the lesson, very useful, great!

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Thank for good tutorial. Keep going!!

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I appreciate what u do. ..

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Thanks for a lesson, Benjamin.

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thank you Benjamin! i just found you on youtube and quickly subscribed your youtube channel. its so useful!

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Thanks for your lesson,it is interesting.i love it and i love you too much.

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thank you Mr. Benjamin. I got 100 for my first lesson.. …..
Let’s learn another thopics

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You make a very good job! No, it’s more, it’s a wonderful profession! Thank you so much!

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i could catch your lesson it is quite easy

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Great lesson .

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thank you, it has been very nice lesson!

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I learned new conversation skill with your help, thank you for your interest!
We need too much example about a business meeting, conference call…

Thanks a lot

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Thank you very much Benjamin for lesson!

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Benjamin: You´re a gooood teacher!!!, I love this lesson, your vocal an body expressions are very helpful for me

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oh you’re such a amazing guy,i love your teaching style,your voice is very clearly, the exppession on your face and the way you showing your idea through body is great, i love this video and really looking forward to your next video.

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Just love the way you teach. Very vivid. So much fun.

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I got 10 out of 10….thanks Benjamin for your lesson.

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You’re demonstration is very good :D

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Thanks Benjamin, cool lesson, It will be very usefull to me because I am planning to work on a call center in English and my mother language is Spanish.

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thanks two much, now I’m feeling I ‘m going to development in English.

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Thanks, this is very nice lesson :)

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Thanks, Benjamin, it´s the first time that I have watched your videos and they are funny, useful. I will watch more, securely

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You are very good teacher

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Thank you, Benjamin.

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A very useful lesson, thanks, Benjamin.

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I chose “send a smoke signal” in question 8 . Do you belive that .. :)) I feel like an idiot ..
Anyway , thanks for the lesson Benjamin ..

Profile photo of cagatayacikel cagatayacikel

In question 7 both options ‘Did you say’ and ‘Did you say that’ are right. Besides, the first option is more common.

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Thanks Benjamin

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Good I got 8 out of 10

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Thanks a lot Teacher,
this is my fist lesson with you and you helped me a lot! The British English pronunciation is a little bit difficult for me but, at the same time sounds very polite.


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Thanks a lot Mr.Benjamin for this lesson!

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