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Hello everyone. Never use a preposition to end a sentence with…. Is it true? I was taught the whole life the opposite. Where are you from? It’s the issue I’m bother with….
Thank you, Rebecca, for the lesson.

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    Hello Nataanna ,
    As far as I know you can end a phrase with a preposition .
    e.g. Who you are speaking to
    The music I was listen to
    The person you are dealing with
    The place you are from
    The girl you are looking at
    This is the train I travelled on
    And so on ….
    Hope that help

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      Handy tips for using correctly these prepositions.

      To tell the truth, prepositions are not that easy to master. As a language learner I had to learned a good number of them by heart.

      Superb video lesson Rebecca. Have a great week!

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      the first one and last one
      is complete sentence but others are not

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    This is one of those grammar rules that everyone knows—but which isn’t actually true! Ending a sentence with a preposition is perfectly acceptable.

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      Thank you very much for the explanation.

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Hi Rebecca mam. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I got 10/10 in your test. Now I can imp rover my vocabulary very well. Onice again thank you.
Have a nice day!

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100. You made this lesson so easier for me. Thanks rebecca.

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Hello Rebecca , hello everybody ,
Is it quite English to say ” at the intention of someone” ?
Is it possible to swap the preposition “to” by “at the intention of”
e.g. I wrote a letter at the intention of the chairman
Thank you for your comment
See you

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Thank you Rebecca for your lesson.
This theme is very confusing for me.
I’ve got 10/10.

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wow ! mam you are briliant .

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Thank you very much. Very helpful lesson.

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Thank you so much Rebecca for teaching English so easily. You always make English so easy…
Just one question: as far as I know, it is possible to say “to speak at somebody”, referring to talk to somebody rudely, is that right??

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    Hello knopfler ,
    I don’t know if it match with “speak” but it is common to say ” he yell at me” .
    So you are partially or perhaps completely right .
    See if Rebecca confirm later on

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      Thanks tsamp. Yes, let´s see what Rebecca says, if she does.
      Good luck with your French elections today ;)

      Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

        Thank for your encouragement . Providing we stay European .
        Sorry for the third person conjugation mistake I made , I forgot the s at the end of yell .

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      if somebody on distance and loudly say to you – “he yells to me.” – to somebody, direction
      if he’s near and swear – “he yells at me.” at location, “me” – location
      thanks for the explanation

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Hi, people. Practice English every day and fluent you will be! Cheers! Thank you, Rebecca.

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    i agree

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thanks mam, happy……….

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thank you my good teacher rebecca

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I got 100 :) Your explanation with gesture was easier to understand. Thank you!

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Thank you

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Hey there, please teach more challenging lessons. Thanks

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I love prepositions,but always be confused about some verbs which is more complicated. When the verb adds different prep, it turns to be different meaning, and so hard to be memorized.😭
Recently, I learned a verb”tear”, with different perp, like”away””up””down””off””apart”,the verb becomes sooooo many meanings.
That’s pretty hard to see a new combination, n figure out the meaning immediately.
Need Teacher Rebecca’s help 😇

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Nice lesson. I love Engvid!!!

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it is very easy , i have got 10 without waching the video, but thank you Rebecca for all your lessons.

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    That’s good, full mark without watching the explication.
    Salam pour Algérie 🇩🇿

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      thanks for your concern my freind

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Hi Rebecca thanks for this new lesson! I often make the mistake of using in instead of at, for example “John studied ‘in’ the library”. Surely it is because it is as I would say in Spanish.

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Thanks Rebbeca this lesson was great…and is easy…

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Hi Rebecca: Well, this lesson is OK, but there’s another preposition that’s even more confusing than TO, that’s IN. I mean, you can say “I eat AT this restaurant”, but you can also say “I eat IN this restaurant”, or even worse, you said “I live AT (but didn’t finish the example)”, but it’s more common (and also more natural) to say “I live IN Toronto”. In fact, most of the examples in the bracket list sound better with IN instead of AT.

Thanks & greets from Argentina (Hope it is from England someday).

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    Hello Marcelo ,
    Speaking about country or a town you say “in” . Speaking about an address you will say “at” .E.g : I live in Canada , in Montreal at 1118 st catherine street .
    Eating in the restaurant means that you are eating inside it but the more general preposition to use is “at” . However it seems that if you are static at a specific room you will say “in” .E.g : I am cooking in the kitchen .
    Clearly , this lesson get us still confused .

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Hello Miss Rebecca!
Your lesson very useful. Prepositions makes our conversation diversity as I know the total of Preposition in English as much as 54. May I ask to You next lesson how to use 54 Prepositions in sentence, Please!
like Miss Ronnie says The lesson was bitchin’!
Thank you so much indeed Miss Rebecca.

Best regards from Indonesia.

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Thank you for you lesson.

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Many thanks , I got full mark due to very nice and simple explanation.

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i got 9 out of 10 but its better than before

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Simple and quite understandable. Thanks Rebecca!

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Very instructive, congratulations!

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Thank you

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I like this lesson, Rebecca you are one of my favorites teachers, greetings.

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Thanks Rebeca…

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thanks, your explanation was very useful

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Your strategy to teach few things at a time is, in my opinion, the best way.
Great Rebecca.

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Hi I am week in tenses
I want study the tenses properly please upload video it’s my kind request

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Hello Rebecca. Great job! thank you.

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Thank you for this wonderful lesson.

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Thenk you very much

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that’s great

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It has been a review that it’s always very useful, maybe sometimes you can confuse the movement and the situation but it isn’t usual, the concept is very clear but some phrasal verbs might induce you to an error or mistake. It had doubts with the preposition “into” and “onto” at the beginning, two prepositions of movement, and I learn how to fix this confusion with the horizontal movement for “into” and the vertical movement for “onto”, and so I solved the misunderstanding of these two prepositions. Thanks a lot, teacher Rebecca, I prefer to review concepts that learning something new because it’s more relaxed and cozy.

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thanks Reeca it was very useful!

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Thanks, Rebecca. Great lesson.It’s very important to me to knew about to and at prepositions.

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Thanks Rebecca. I got 10 out of 10

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Rebecca!Thank you so much.

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Rebecca.. i love every lesson you gave. but, could you tell me what the defference of “to” and “for”.. It’s quite confussing. Thank you

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Thank you Rebecca

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Thank you very much, it’s so useful for me.

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Thank you

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    hi siddu. I want to be ur friend

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Hi Rebecca! Thanks for teaching us the use of this two prepositions, your explanation was very clear.

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very nice

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Thanks Rebecca!!! I got 9/10 : )

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I’ve got 10/10. Thank you Rebecca!

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    Congratulations :) I was also got 100% :)

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Hello, Rebecca. Is it possible to use in such sentence “I spoke TO him” the preposition WITH instead TO, “I spoke WITH him”.

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Thank you Rebecca!

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Awesome class as always!!

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Rebecca, this lesson was fantastic. Congratulantions for your way to teach english to foreign learners.
All best to you.

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thank you very much rebecca…
now, i understand the differentiation between to and at…

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Dear Rebecca,
This lesson is (in good French) “a bite of recall”
Yours sincerely.

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Ok at a time I Learner and I Happy that I get 10/6 number

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Thank you for your Great lessons. This is useful lesson
I got 100% from the Quiz )

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Thank you very much for this lesson

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i love it. thank you !!!

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It was an excellent explanation.
Thank you very much Miss Rebecca.

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I got 7/10 correctly.I thought i would get more answers truth. Thank you for good lesson.

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Thank you for your lesson.

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thank you very much
Finally , i m still confusing between “at” and “in” … .
would you give me a smart rule to know how can i choose wich one ?


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Wow!I got 9 of 10.Thank you so much Rebecca.This lesson helped me a lot.

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Thanks Rebeca. Great lesson.

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Excellent lesson Rebecca… thanks a lot!!!

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thank you :)

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thank you, Rebeca. Great lesson

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why I can’t watch the video?so sad

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Thanks Rebecca for a great lesson.Your explanation is always a very clear and an easy for understanding.

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I am learning English with Rebecca :)

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what a great explanation. thank you for such a great class

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Thank for you Rebecca.Now i understand between to and at

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    but inter is better than gremio.

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hi Rebecca thanks for the great lesson,That was easy for understand it thank u for everything.

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My first time took a test and i made it!thank you and more power!😚

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i want to say who are new on this site actually this site lesson help me
a lot

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Thank you.

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Prepositions get me confused many times. But after I took this lesson, I no longer get confused with at least TO and AT. Thank you for the lesson. Can’t wait your next lesson :D

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thanks, Rebecca.

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These tips were very important. Thank for more a great lesson Rebecca.

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10/10 thank you.

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thank you rebecca. it was great lesson

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Thank you.

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I did good job.

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Thanks for your lesson Rebecca

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thank you Rebecca.

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thank you for this lesson

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thank you for this lesson

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Thanks Rebeca, os very important for me, hoje lesson.

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Nice lesson. Now I have a better understanding in using ‘at’ and ‘to’ prepositions. Thank you, Rebecca!

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This lesson is amazing,it´s very good, I understand completely… And remember: ¨To¨is for movement/Direction and ¨At¨for Location.

Thank u so much, Professor Rebecca!

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Thanks rebecca. Scored 10/10.
Please explain the following…
He talked to me.
He shout at me.

Why do we use ‘to’ with ‘talk’ and ‘at’ with shout?

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Why i can not watch video? T T

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Thanks Rebecca. the lesson was amazing.

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Thank you Rebecca. It is clear to understand your explanation. It is a great lesson.
:D best regards.

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I bought this keychain at the gift shop.
I bought this keychain from the gift shop.

Please tell me the difference between them.I am little bit confuse At and From.

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Please share the lesson on ‘FROM’.

Profile photo of Niteish bagade Niteish bagade

thank you very much , i decided to study and listen all your lessons from the beginner to the advanced level .

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Thanks Rebecca.

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Thank you Rebecca!

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!!!!! Very good!!! tks!

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Got perfect 10. Thanks a lot..

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Thanks a lot, Rebecca. I always make mistakes with those prepositions. Since today I am about to practice many sentences using those words.

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Thank you so much Rebekka for lesson

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relay it’s useful lesson keep on

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I feel it interesting as I got 10/10

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Thank you Rebecca.

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I got 9/10 but it was my first time.Thank you engVid

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Thanks. Score is the 100

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got 10/10 , thanks for the wonderful explanation and your body language mam, thanks a lot,

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I got 9/10! Thanks Rebecca! This is your first video I watched! Great lesson! Bye!

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i got 9/10! tank Rebacca!

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I got 9 from 10

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hi, i’m so poor in english i need to build up my english so that i can communicate in a better way

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Rebecca, thank, excellent video, clear and with good example.

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Thanks a lot Rebecca for such a beautiful lesson.
I got 9/10.

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Thank you so much, Rebecca, your gestures are so cute and friendly.

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Thank you

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thank you so much rebeca !!!

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Very good explanation, I’ve got 10/10. Thank you so much!!!

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well done Rebecca plus very easy to understand thanks dear love you as usual.

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Thanks Rebecca

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Thanks Rebecca. I got 10 coerect out of 10. This topic was really confusing to me.

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I congratulate you, teacher, for that important course. I have some level in English, but some details are very important. I really didn’t know when to use To or At. But now, I got it well. Many thanks

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Thank you Rebecca for teaching the difference between to and at.

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9/10 is good. Thank you Miss. Rebecca

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Nice lesson Rebecca…..

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Thx Rebeca. I done the quiz and got 100 score.
It’s really useful.

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i got 9 realy i loved this leason & your way to teach others keep go on.

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Hello. Thank you for your lessons, they are very cognitive. Do you have a lesson about verbs “would”, “can”, “may”, “should”? Im confuse in its. Can you make a lesson about its. Thank.

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EEEEEEEiii Rebeca you are the best.

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Thank you Rebeca

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Good, very clear

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Thank you Rebecca, I got 10 out of 10 in the quiz at engvid

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Thank you engVid for making me understand about to and at

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Ok but I have a doubt..
In the video teacher speaks when something is linked with movement have to be used “to”, but in the sentence : “Meet me … the restaurant” I understand there is movement because the other person will go… I guess it will be different if sentence would be “Wait me ….the restaurant”.. :/ help please

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Thank you

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Thanks Mrs. Rebbeca i got 100 scored, and your explanation is really easy to me to understand what do you explain. God bless you

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It is very easy with your explication.

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It is agood lesson, Rebecca is agood teacher, it makes the lessons well. I love you my teacher .

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thank Rebeca for lesson, u are good sender teacher u have good way to teach

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Thank you Rebecca for this good lesson that I discovered with my Young grandchildren. They really appreciate it.

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Lesson very nice! Tks!

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Very good ! thanks a lot !

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it is wrong to use: in school/in library/in gym OR is there a clause to “in” instead of “at”.

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Thanks Rebeca..

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why is there no to in a phrase i told her? We have stream of words which are directed to a person!

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She is very good teacher! Congrats!

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you cleared by doubts. Its awesome. 10 out of 10.

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you cleared *my doubts.

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Dear teacher thank you very much.

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This is the firs time that i can able to understand the difference between to and at. Thanks a lot!!

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Thanks teacher I have learnt many structures by watching your videos….

May you live long.

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I am about to learn more from you at engVid.

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This video help me to clear my confusion regarding “to” & “at”

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I am deeply interested to know about preposition. You said that one your preposition lesson we don’t need to use any preposition with [home].but in this lesson you used a example as we stayed [at home]. but why there we use here [at home]. please Rabecca mam reply the comment

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I understand it well
My Quiz 100%

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Please explain: ‘I threw a stone at him’
throw is a verb that describes movement

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Much appreciated

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I got the perfect score but to be fair prepositions are challenging. It’s difficult to grasp all prepositions but I think more practice will help me.
Thank you again Rebecca

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It’s joke.
Rebecca, you’re a really great coach. Your tense’s lessons have dialed one of my big problem at English.
take care yourself

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