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Very useful Lesson !! Thank you very much :)) Please could you give us a lesson dealing with special situations like how to buy a train or a bus ticket (in a station in a foreign country ) … one way , round trip , cost etc.,

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    I agree with you billel. Purchasing tickets in bus station or in a railway station is not easy at all. One must know how to deal with reservation, round trip, one way and sometimes delays.


      Interesting lesson Rebecca, but just one question. How about the casual expression “what about…?” Can it be used in the same way?

      I mean “What about…?” = “How about…?”

      Thanks for everything Rebecca.


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before I listening I garra say thank you soooooooooooo Much

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A very useful leasson to learn practise english. Thanks!!

Fer Tor

Miss Rebeca…what an excelent and smooth way to teach…
An outstanding and brilliant teacher…


hi ma’m Rebecca i would like to ask a favor from you.. if its possible to you to make a vedio of how to do a speech or atleast give me some tips or expression… i was being choosed by our teacher to do a speech in our program in the campus. i hope you will do for me thank you!

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That was so useful.

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Thank you so much. I like very much your teaching.

Maw Maw

thank you very much for your lesson i have one question if we asked some one something used would you like or how about which is the polite one


    “Would you like” is more polite and “how about” is more informal, but also works.

    My best to you.

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      Hello Rebecca. May you tell me which it’s the difference between “how about” and “what about” ? Thank you very much!!!

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i did all ques wen we used how about if we cant used in on at (priposition)


Thanks, Rebecca.

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Good Day! As I Understanded, we need use -inf, after question like: How about? What about?

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Excuse me – ing

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    Yes, you have to use a noun in this case a gerund.

    In Latin and English grammar, the gerund is a non-finite verb form used to make a verb phrase that can serve in place of a noun phrase. The English gerund ends in -ing (as in I enjoy playing football); the same verb form also serves as the English present participle (which has an adjectival or adverbial function), and as a verbal noun.

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Hi Rebecca!!! Very good lesson!!! But what is the diference between how about… what about…? Can we say what about movie or what about Oxford? And Do we need to use a/an after how about …? For example, How about a movie? or How about movie?


    Now I get it!!! We can say only How about a movie? :)


    “What about” is almost the same as “how about”.
    My best to you.

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Thanks for teaching HOW About.


thanks rebecca. it is really usefull lesson


thankyou for the lesson Rebecca. Happy new year 2013 to you and all the crew of Engvid.com

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    And a Happy 2013 to you too. Thank you very much.

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thanks, very useful lesson. An easy way to ask questions.


Thank You Rebecca, very useful lesson. If I had had you as a teacher in my high school, my english wouldn’t have been so bad.
Is it correct form of third conditional?

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Thank you Rebecca…

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Is it possible to say ‘What about …’ instead of ‘How about …’?

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thanks so much for you , how about lessons for TOEFL .

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    There are several TOEFL lessons on our site. Just look under the heading TOEFL or type TOEFL into the search in the top right section. All the best.

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thanks Rebecca.i am greatful for giving me this lesson.You are really a good teacher who teaches in very simple way and make us better for each lesson.

Best regard


And have a good and happy new year


And for all of u inn Engvid.com


Thanks Rebeca great video.

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thank you Miss Rebecca , it’s a every rich and simple topic . thanks a lot

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The best English lessons ever :)


I love this website ^ ^

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Thank you so much! I thought it was “what about” instead of “how aboout” and I got a 100 on my quiz! Thanks again.


Very nice video, I have a question. I want to know about 2 things.

1. I am not native English Speaker. When I talk to people I found that they talk fastly then I expect. When I talk with them then I got the speed not because I know something I am scared that I have speak something with mistake. This way their is hard to talk with people. Please help me on this.

2. When I listen to english music the word I thing is not exact what I got in Lyrics. Do someone can help me on these 2 cases.

Thanks again,


    Speed is always an issue when you are learning a language. It will improve with time, don’t worry. Just keep practicing and try not to be afraid. People would have the same problems if they tried to speak and understand your language.

    In songs, the words are sometimes differently than in conversation and occasionally, people write the wrong words in the lyrics online.

    My best to you!

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thats wonderful


It’s quite useful and short lesson to improve speaking. I really want one more tips like this.


Speaking of the expression How about,it’s correct 2 use both noun n gerund after that,innit?!!

I’ve got :).

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Thanks a lot teacher :-)


i want to take lessons in how to remember the new vocablary and how to improve my vocablary


it is very use full but it is really every difficult to study, if i get more example it will be some more easy anyway thanks

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thank you so muck Rebecca :)


The subject is new for me, it was very useful.

Thanks a lot.


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hi rebecca and thanks for all tjis great lessons.

rebbecca i-d like to see a video on WHAT ABOUT


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hi madam Rebecca ,
I want know
Do you come verb with “How about” to add -ing?
and thank you

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^_^ it is really usefull lesson


Thank you Rebecca

Marta Tavares



thank you 4 teaching lovely Rebecca.

Efrain Dominguez

very useful….thanks, rebecca!

fe espinosa

thanks dear Rebecca
Best regards

sher M Akbar


saif kajoo

Dear Rebecca, thanks a lot, a very structured method to follow.
Best Regards

Derrick Ng

thanks! I will try all my might to improve my English skill. :) Have a good day!

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thank you so much ,my teacher


speical thank for all


That’s good. I learnt something.

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thanks from my heart , very useful lesson

Ahmed Mokhtat

Thank you very much

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i glad to thanks

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nice lesson thank you


thank you


How about giving you a BIG applause? Really help! thanks


Thank you very much)))


Thank you very much


thank you so much ^^

How about cooking in holiday ?


Thank you so much for your help, nice and useful presentation , very clear pronunciation ,excellent job !



It’s my best luck to find such great website …thanks all dear teachers


hi guys
I am Amal> I am arebain girl> I wanna improve my englisg so can any one help me by chatting please add me on my skype Amo0ol707
thank u so much

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I answered all the questions correct!
I want to try to talk with other students. Are there a chat where we can talk and a teacher to correct us?

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you are very good as usual god bless you happy new year from sweden special for you and your family

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I got 10 aout 10! Engvideo is teh best site of the world! Thank you!

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Thank you so much for this lesson, when i already make the exercise i could understand well. thank so much again. and teach me by this technical again please.

Love engvideo

Thank you! 10 out of 10))

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Thank to you. I have been happy to have done thtis sxercise. I have been amazed to succeed 80% of questions.

I’ll continue to do those exercise.


Very useful Lesson !! Thank you very much

Allaa ibrahim


yousaf khan

thanks, mam rebecca


I would like to say hello all of my friends. I like to learn English very much. Could you teach me English ?


I have some doubts on how to say this phrase:
She said to me “Sorry for cutting you off at the meeting today”
She said to me “Sorry for having cut you off at the meeting today”
In the first one “cutting off” has a present meaning. But the second one has a past meaning.
Which one should I say? The first one or the second one that has the present perfect(have+participle) on it?

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    Both of these sentences are correct. You could use either one. Good for you that you have reached the level to ask such questions! My best wishes to you.

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hello Rebecca!
I’m used to say”what about…”does it have the same meaning of “how about..”???
please let me know

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Thank u soo very much, how about a cup of milk with u? Lol!
I always have trouble in asking questions. But guess this will help me a lot…


Perfect! Tahnk you very much for this lesson. I have a question: My native languague is Spanish, I would like to know if “How about a movie?” means “Que tal una película?”

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great lesson many thanks


ya, am agree with bilel booking and reservation are very important situation to be learned in a foreigen language.


thank you so much for this interesting lesson

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thx Rebecca :-)


thank you for your efforts


Kalash..At last i found someone who can teach

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thank you very much.

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Hello Rabecca! You are very nice. I hope that your help wil improve my English skill. How about thank you from me??

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really thank you

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thanks a lot Rabecca i love you andi am trying to avoid my grammer confusion watching ur lesson . i would like to learn more and more grammer . thanks

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Very easy to understand. How about the next lesson?

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Thank you so much, Teacher, your class is very good, Excelent!!!


Thank you so much

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thank you so muccccccccccccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

edo miftah

Thank you!

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it’s so usefull. thank you so much.


thanx..it was very helpful..m lovin it..

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Thanx to all..ur lessons are helpfull to understand ad speak english.but what is the meaning of..wussup?,gunna,wanna,what are you up to..?..i m waiting for hearing from you:)


    This is all slang, which we do hear quite often in movies and on television. In these cases, try to use the context to help you understand the meaning. Whazzup …what’s up?
    gonna…going to
    wanna…want to

    and so on….

    All the best to you!

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that’s good.

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I hope if I met you before now when I’m a pupil
thanks too mush .


    Better late than never and good that you still care enough to improve everyday. My best wishes to you, Khalid.

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Thanks to all for your feedback, which means a lot to us at engvid. All the best to you!

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this is really helpful for us.

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thanks to you and may you increase us new words teachers?


very efficient and simple i like your way to explain lessons

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Excellent teacher , very easy to understand, thankssssss

Aymee Designs

Very interesting this lesson, I wanna know about When do I use words with ing in the end, with means of infinitive. I Hope my questions is clear to you. Thanks!

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Hi teacher Rebecca
This lesson is very useful , thank you alot

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Hello Rebecca , Could please teach me the write steps how can i learn english im not good in our language is not english . or advice me where should i start for example , first 8parts of speec after that what next pleaaaase step by step please


thanks teacher.i had mistake 7 and 10 questions but i dont understand why?if you help me i will be glad

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excellent teaching and awesome
thank you


Thank you soooo much! very useful lesson and quiz!

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Thanks Rebecca!
Your voice is so specialy :)

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i enjoy with your lesson too much
what about more lesson ?

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Thank you, It is very helpful.

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Simply fantatstic!

Ed Juarez

‘ How about + gerund / noun , used in informal situation. Thank you .
How about giving us several lessons regarding uncountable nouns ? I’m really confused when uncountable nouns shift into countable ones.

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it’s beautiful lesson thanx teacher

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firs of tks to engvid…it is very use ful to me i know that word how word to useing the sentence..

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thks….next qustion

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Thanks for teaching simple and casual way to ask questions in English.
When I was in America, I expressed questions in complicated way.
For example, would you like to go to the beach?
Now, I can say it in simple way instead of it.
How about Beach.
That’s it. Very short.
Next time I go to America, I try to use this expression.
Thanks a lot!!

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How about another lesson? Thank for your awesome lesson! Learning on engvid is now the most interesting and beneficial thing in my daily life. Thank for all your effort!

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Thanks rebecca

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Hi Rebecca,
Thanks a lot for your lesson.
What are the differences between “How about…?” and “What about…?”

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Thanks for sharing your knowledge to us.

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Useful lesson, mrs Rebecca!

HOW ABOUT make a video about kitchen commom nouns? Thanks a lot!

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i have a question . could you give us lessons about the shop RadioShack? since you enter the shop. looking around the items. about the antenna,circuit board, user’s manual . how about making up dialog in buying , suggestions, useing technical english? replacement, soldering pistol , diodes leds, lantern,multitester, voltimeter,amperimeter. resistors,capacitors,ac/dc ,transformer,adapter dc.

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Thanks ;)

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Thank you Rebeca

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thanks Rebecca !!

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Thanks Rebecca. How about hanging out without me everybody ? ^^

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When I’m asked what about “send”
My answer is “sending it by….”
But the correct answer is “send it by….”
In other words what about is followed by infinitive or by the base of the verb

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thanks a lot!!!

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Thanks I got 70%.

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Thank you!

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Good works thank you Rebecca…How about next lesson?

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Dear Rebecca,
This lesson is easy and very clear, thanks. How about the next course?
Best regards.

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thanks a lot

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Your lesson was well taught.Thank you.My question is; How can use “How about” to ask after a somebody.Like: How about James? please,clear my double on it.Thank you!

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you very much. It has been a very useful lesson.

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Thank you very much.

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thanks alot

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Thanks, Rebecca. I got 90

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Very well explained

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thanks a lot Rebecca I got 100

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i want to thank Rebecca for her teaching us
thank you i appreciate for our study,
so thank you so much,

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Thanks Ms. Rebecca!

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10/10, thanks a lot!

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