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Thank’s a lot teacher Alex. I so glad about that. Lily from Brazil


hi,in these lesson ‘that’ works like conjunction?


Thank you teacher Alex.Mokhtar from Algeria


Thanks very much indeed, I really enjoyed this lesson. Greetings from Mexico


holycows this topic was kind of confused, but my scored was good. thanks a million Alex.


Thank you for a very useful information. Marina.


wee bit difficult to me, but my score was 8/10. Thank you very much.

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Thanks Alex! Learning some difficult topics is important! My score was good (9/10), but I think that now for me is very difficult use or listen to it well. Bye!!!


    My boy marpos you have a long way to go. Good luck.

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Hullo,tx in advance,,
It’s not possible 2 me 2 watch the video bcoz u tube is filtered in the country,would u mind give me a helping hand n explain the rules in some sentences??!

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    Find a transparent proxy server on google and use it. You’ll be able to watch all lessons on here or youtube.

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      O Gosh!
      No way!!
      I took great pleasure in seeing sb from The UK here!!!
      U know how much I’m keen on British Accent?!
      By the way tx 4 ur suggestion.

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      Hey cutie,
      How are you ?
      It gives me great pleasure to write you.
      I study English as a second language.
      It is important that you teach me English through exchanging information on the internet.
      I have the honour to be your student.I have some problems related to english vocabulary and grammar.
      Do you mind if you become my tutor?
      Please say”no,not at all.”
      I don’t know your e-mail address.
      My e-mail address is
      Seedygaber @yahoo.com


    use goagant or buy a VPN/SSH.

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thanx soo much my buddy. well done . ıt’s a pretty nice lesson.. may god bless you.

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Great!10/10…I will try to memorize the subjunctive. Regards


Awesome! Thank you. I appreciate your advanced lessons, please make more :)

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    Yeah, Teacher Alex make more advanced classes. God Bless you.


It is important that you keep up doing such great lessons!

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You scored 10 out of 10.

Thank you I enjoyed it !!

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    Could we exchange information through e-mails.
    My e-mail address is “seedygaber@yahhoo.com”
    It’s kind of you to e-mail me.


Please add dates to materials. I don’t remember where I’ve stopped last time.


Thank you so much , Alex .
It was an important class


Hello Alex, i appreciated this lesson.
Is there any place where you(all) teach English??
I’m on vacation in June and i really would like to study english with you all!!!
wait for answers.
If there’s a place, answer by e-mail.
thank you for now.

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Thank you. I’ve realized how many times I made mistakes using these verbs.


thank you mr. Alex… this topic so easy to learn with you. sometime i made mistake when I use subjunctive grammar


sometimes strange things happened. it was a new grammar topic for me and after the lesson I’ve passed all the quiz correct!

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    yes, the strange thing is – after the lesson ” I had pass the quiz”.

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      “I passed the quiz” “after” indicates “after what” :D

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      I had passed the quiz before I watched the lesson. I think that in this case it would be correct (using of the past perfect).

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Great! Thanks teacher for this lesson. It’s very interesting :). I haven’t never known this before.


This topic was really difficult for me when I was taking Grammar course but nowww I understood it better, my score was 10 out of 10. Thanks a lot ALEX.


I got 9/10 hahahhaha I just didn’t read read the sentence carefully, but at least it’s a good score

thank you Sir Alex

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It’s very confusing but I need to remember it is use for advice…

Sir Alex could I ask you a question? I’m sometimes confused of using “with and to” for example

I’m talking to you
or I’m talking with you…what’s the difference?

Profile photo of markbel23 markbel23

    Talking to you means you are talking to the person, directly to that particular person / kinakausap mo ang tao.
    Talking with you means for example you are in a 3 (2 boys & 2 girls) so you were talking to the girl with your friend, you were with him, you both talk to her which means you talk with him.
    Or maybe you are talking about the person not with you temporarily, when you are talking to a different person addressing her…
    I am not sure but that’s what I think


Thank you, Alex.

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10/10 great))) thanks Alex for lesson

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Hi alex;It’s important that I score 10 out of 10 on the quiz;but I didn’t;I don’t know what’s the problem with me;any way I enjoyed the lesson;It’s very useful;thanx a lot.

youssef morrocco

Hi i am Ahmed from Egyp, i want to talk to anyone on skype to improve my conversation skills my skype name is ahmedelnassag

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I got 10 out of 10 yeey. :p
Then it’s really useful.

Thank yu, Alex ;)


Nice lesson, thanks Alex.


Thank’s Alex.


Thank you so very much for the lessons… I learned a lot from the videos on youtube… Thank you so much..


Thanks a lot for this lesson , we are learning better with native speakers as English for us is Second Foreign lge,but i suggested (that)we need course for writing .


Alex recommended that we make more practise to improve
( is it right ? ?

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i got 10/10,,i listen 1st time,,it was intresting….i enjoyed…thankx sir Alex


my score 9 of 10. any suggestions?


    you can use SHOULD in the second part of the sentense and everything gets clear. For instance: Alex recomended that Tom SHOULD listen to Sergei. Now leave out SHOULD and life is perfect again..you cannot use final -S with SHOULD neither you can use TO… Alex AM I RIGHT?


very cool..Thanks Alex!
Tke care!

Shing Mang Tun

it’s important (that) he come on time

Alamgir hayat

why can’t we use comes instead of come?

Alamgir hayat

I slipped on “I suggest you don`t speak”. The RIGHT answer had been “I suggest you not speak”.
And thanks for the test, teachers!


    u r right inyazserg.


Thank’s for you Alex.

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Thank you very much, your videos are truely helpful:D


Thanks a lot!

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thank you !!!! its very helpful for me.

Rakesh negi

thank you sir..
its very nice..
please upload more videos..

Anuj Choudhary



Thanks alot teacher Alex, it’s easy to understand your lesson, i hope you could teach our more lesson about speaking skill

thanh minh

Excellent explanation !! thnks a lot Alex.

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Oh my goodness………! I’ve got 10 out of 10 ……ha ha ha ha


Great! class, thanks.

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nice work!I m so happy to have found your website!


It’s wonderful) thank you))

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    you could be the next mahatma gandhi.


Thanks Alex.


Hi Alex, I would like to know where I should use the word THERE IS and THERE WAS


Great teaching Alex.
Thank you

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Thanks Alex! Learning some difficult topics is important! My score was good (9/10)

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Very interesting subject! Thanks


thank you so much you are really great teacher


alex you’re the best.. thanks a million

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This is advanced Grammar . Thanks for teaching me .


thanks a lot for this useful and practical lesson. I grasped it very quickly.

Youssef Samrouni

It´s the first time I´ve come across this kind of grammar but scored 10 out of 10 which I was surprised of.




I was very good and useful for me,thank Kate

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Thank you Alex. Good job. TheMlad


i really like the way alex explain the th ings.
hurray!.i scored 10/10…:)


Thanks very much teacher . it is a good lesson . and i got all quiz correct .


Teacher Alex I have a question
is it correct if I say I advised her not to do it, instead of I Advised she not do it?
Thanks in advance

Profile photo of ivan25 ivan25

    if you ask me, the first one sounds better.. but is it grammaticaly correct – that is the question..

    Profile photo of olesonchik olesonchik

excelent !!!!!

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thnx good lesson it helped me understand the subjunctive but please can you make the quiz more difficult


Beautiful!!Thank you very much.


Thanks sir Alex

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Thanks a Lot Sir….

Salman Khan

Listening this video today i chocked out some confusing from my mind.

Kumar Shrestha

10/10 %100 success ! :) Thanks Alex! you teach understandable all the time so I can understand your lesson. I solved the quiz after the lesson I have done all of them and resut is successful. Thanks again.

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thanks Alex :)


Thanks Alex :)…. u r gr8 !!


Your the best techer i have see


hello tnx for everything ..its great and i have learnd a lots of things.. thanks …its really helpful


Thanks!What a bad-ass lesson!


but what about expressing wish?
God bless you. / you be always well and about. Isn’t that subjunctive mood?


I like this kind of teachers.

syed ismail

Thanks Alex! I think you are the best teacher on the internet!
Be healthy and do more lessons for us.


Clear explanation Alex! Can I use putative should like I suggested we should not talk about that. Or it is used just in British english?


Thank you so much,
what does “subjunctive” mean?
in your example which verbs are subjunctive?
thank you


Thank you so much , Alex!


Thanks a lot.I found it really interesting.


8 of 10 its okay ill try again latter :-)

Saepul anwar

Thanks, Alex. It’s a good lesson.

Profile photo of frankfxu frankfxu

Teacher alex,what is the difference between “not and Don’t?


Thanks a lot!!!!


It was very useful, thanks a lot




Is subjunctive only use to give urgency and importance in a sentence? Just to give more clarifications on this matter. I understand but I just want to know how, is it also only using “that” for subjunctive to show urgency? Look forward to hearing from you Sir Alex. Thanks.


it is important everybody see this. it was clearly explained by Alex.

wasi haider

Thank you very much Alex, it is helpful


pretty good… =]

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Many thanks from Saint-Petersburg

Profile photo of basilalex basilalex

Well done and thanks so much. It’s really enjoyable to be with you . Thanks again and I promiss to to back again sooner or later .

Saud S. Badran

Thanks Alex, I saw your video interesting and I had 10/10. Thanks again.

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Thank you teacher Alex! A short nevertheless useful lesson!

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It is important that we speak and write correctly.
Thank you for presenting this simple lesson on
the use of the English subjunctive.

René LaPierre

its to usefull




Hey there Alex, thanks for the lesson, I’ve got a question though. Isn’t the Subjunctive also used in conditions? I thought the second condition “If I went to London, I would see the Thames” had something to do with the Subjunctive. Thank your for the answer!


Thanks alot


Damn… 9 out of 10…


Thank you for giving these valuable lessons free of charge. I was able to download a number of lessons presented on this site. They’re actually important and useful for me to improve my English. The teachers are presenting these lessons in a manner that is pleasant to the learners.

-I’m Gamini from Sri Lanka

Gamini C. Kumara

I enjoy your lesson. Thanks a lot. Your style is very wonderful.

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thank you ,teacher Alex


A subjuct that confuses me alot and cost me many degrees in exams ,only in this vedio lession I understand why we put a verb without “s” even with the third person.thank you


Thanks a lot, teacher Alex. I enjoyed it! My score was 10/10.


tank u

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Nice topic and really nice explanation teacher! this was a topic I used to be confused about. Greetings from Colombia!

Profile photo of caromendoza caromendoza

Thanks, Alex. It’s a good lesson.


10/10 thank you .

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Profile photo of medo66 medo66

Thanks! It was a very useful lesson.

Profile photo of jairoenrique jairoenrique

Yes! 10/10
I really love the way you talk to us!:* THANKSSSS SO MUCH!

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thanks for the lesson teacher
i have a question about ‘should’
what’s the meaning of should in the sentence below?
1. It’s strange that he SHOULD be late. He’s usually on time.
what’s the difference in meaning if it is removed?

thanks again

Profile photo of kingfisher kingfisher

i got 9 on 10 thanks sir

Profile photo of rabbani rabbani

thank you for your leason. miha from romania

Profile photo of miha miha

very well


seems interesting for me. I got 7/10 dramatically speaking, this would be give me a challenge to the next lesson. more power.


thanks tou teacher!


Thanks Alex, it’s really helpful ^^


Hi teacher,

Can subjunctive also express a strong wish? As, for example, in “God save the King/Queen” or “God bless you”. Without the s/es of the singular third person.

On the other hand, what about the structure verb + object + infinitive? For example, instead of saying, like in the quiz, “The doctor recommended that I rest at home…” why not “The doctor recommend me to rest at home…”. And the same for, at least, the nine first questions of the quiz. Last example: “She requested that we wait patiently” / “She requested us to wait patiently”. Are these two ways possible?
I am looking forward to reading your answer. Thanks in advance!

Profile photo of atalaya1953 atalaya1953

    I have the same question because, my teacher told me that Spanish speakers often make this mistake when they try to translate directly word for word: I want that the bank lends me…. and the correct is: I want the bank to lend me a thousand pounds

    Profile photo of karem95 karem95

Thanks Alex,

I didn’t know that!
It’s important (that) I remeber Subjunctives!

Profile photo of handwriting handwriting

10/10 :) thanks for your effort


Thanks/ Dzięki ;p


Thank you. I have a quiz coming up, so I appreciate it.
Simona, from Romania

Simona C

thanks Alex. You are one of the best teachers in the world.

Profile photo of garhakobyan garhakobyan

Wow 10/10! Thank you, Sir!

Profile photo of chanchal17 chanchal17

thank you! your tests are the best! really make us think hard and understand better. Brazil to Canada =)

Thiago Souza

I really enjoy doing the quiz to test my knowledge thank Alex . I’m from Cambodia

sok ly

was great but in question number 2 it’s possible as well as ” The doctor recommended __me resting__ at home for a few days”.
or necessary I REST??


Thank you, Alex, so much.
Your are very good at explaining things))
Best wishes from Russia

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thanks alex i got 10 out 9

Profile photo of jaweedamini3274 jaweedamini3274

I am really interested in atalaya. I can sepak spanish fluently and I saw the same problem lihe she has explianed. I really appreciated an answer.




it was really helpful

Profile photo of vadhy vadhy

You are a great teacher, Alex! I will never stop saying this.

Profile photo of Janilza Janilza

It’s perfect, you don’t know how much I love this webside.


It’s perfect, you don’t know how much I love this webside.


Thanks for your excellent demonstration about subjunctive.


Thanks Alex.

Profile photo of dhplakmal dhplakmal

Tanks alot mr Alex


Thanks so much.

Profile photo of JulioCesar JulioCesar

Thank you teacher Alex, I’m Meher from Tunisia


Alex I got 10/10..I have learned a lot things in this lesson.


Thank you very much!

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thank you alex

Profile photo of sinanyucel sinanyucel

is mr alex great?
yes,sure .

Profile photo of talaat1972 talaat1972

    Yes, indeed.

    Profile photo of Mr. 3% Mr. 3%

Thank you very much Alex, your lessons are always useful and great!

Profile photo of Vladislav Alimpiev Vladislav Alimpiev

Yeah, that’s what I am calling cool teaching!!! Alex you make my day dude.

Profile photo of poslegg poslegg

is a very good lesson, thanks Alex!

Profile photo of wiltoncleiton wiltoncleiton

Sorry. It was a very good lesson.

Profile photo of wiltoncleiton wiltoncleiton

so simple so efficient

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Profile photo of abdullahhussain abdullahhussain

Hey Alex. Does the word URGE really work with subjunctive? The other day I was doing a quiz when I came across a question with URGE which I got wrong. I thought I had to use the subjunctive with it but it turned out that the right answer was made by means of the infinitive plus the objective case of a pronoun. I don’t remember the sentence but it looked like this – I URGED HIM TO TELL ME THE TRUTH. Is it the same with I urged he tell me the truth? Or the last one has a stronger meaning like I forced him to tell me the truth?? %) It seems to me that I’ll never get a hang of it (

Profile photo of erlich erlich

It was really helpful

Profile photo of mutsimahmed mutsimahmed

He recommended that i not use the medicine..is this correct?

Profile photo of pintuk pintuk

THANKS so much it’s really useful

Profile photo of norane norane

Thank you Alex for this interesting and useful lesson as always. I would qualify subjonctive as an “educated” tense since it is mainly used by people endowed with a certain education. Personally, I am using it in French; it is natural in a way as I have been taught to use it since my childhood. In English, I must say I am hesitant because as a non-native English speaker, I always fear being wrong and appearing to speak with a phony “posh accent”.

Profile photo of patple13 patple13

Thanks got 60%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

Advanced grammar native speakers don’t even use. Great!

Profile photo of Zero10 Zero10

woohoo I got 100, thanks for teaching

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Proffesor Alex,
First,your presentation is clear that is okey, so please accept my gratitude and thanks.
Second, it is incomplete. You have even not done correct translation. Two additional sentences about other subjective mode situations will make your presentation better.

Profile photo of MKJMKJ MKJMKJ

    what are those??

    Profile photo of ManikantaNvsr ManikantaNvsr

excenlent job Alex ;go on! i’ve got 90%

Profile photo of hassan8 hassan8

This is the first time to take your lesson. This lesson was really helpful! And I’d never known this grammar. Thank you for teaching!

Profile photo of Moiche Moiche

thank u.it was useful for me :)

Profile photo of alaleh alaleh

Ok, 100 %. Thanks Alex.

Profile photo of alpido24 alpido24

100% without looking at screen, I’m sure.

Profile photo of moezbesbes moezbesbes

Oh, I love this lesson.
Thank you, Alex.

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Respect Teacher,

Thank for teaching me. On this quiz i got 10 out of 10.

Profile photo of Mam Puth Barmey Mam Puth Barmey

10 out of 10 – nice :-)

Profile photo of lukaszw lukaszw

one of my English teachers said we use basic verb in the subjunctive sentence because ‘should’ is omitted.
“it’s important that he (should) be on time”
I think It makes sense. I’m not sure though..

Profile photo of brownieforme brownieforme

Thanks Mr.Alex. Much appreciated!

Profile photo of karokhBapir karokhBapir

Thanks, Alex. I really enjoyed it.

Profile photo of buttercupcuppycake buttercupcuppycake

thank you
terima kasih

Profile photo of Christin Mella Christin Mella

Great, now Iunderstood, when my teacher explained I did not undestand, now It is clear.

Profile photo of irvingdiaz irvingdiaz

It’s important that I watch this video again
I don’t know this structure at all
Thanks a lot Alex

Profile photo of Manolya Manolya

Shiva had also decreed that karthik would set up new home.
In this sentence , would set up is used
sir,you didnt mention at all only simple verb form.
i want get clarified sir

Profile photo of ManikantaNvsr ManikantaNvsr

Hi Alex, thanks for teaching
I have question guys, what is “Wh- as subjunction words”
like: A birthday party
is a party in which ( where ) a person is given gifts and a cake.


A surprise party is a party about which the guest of honor knows nothing.
A Surprise party is a party
(which) the guest of honor knows nothing about the party.
?? thank you.

Profile photo of pedram.taotani pedram.taotani

Got 100%. Thanks!

Profile photo of Precious Gee Precious Gee


Profile photo of Fatehy Hamed Fatehy Hamed

I liked it! Thanks.
I would like you to upload some Syntactic explanations or maybe trees. I am studying to be an English teacher and in Grammar I (Subject) those things are nessesary.
Thanks a lot, hope you take it in account,

Profile photo of MelanyIvana MelanyIvana

10 out of 10.Very good lesson.Thank you very much.

Profile photo of Vivimi Vivimi

It seemed to me so difficult,now it’s quite clear!)Thak u very much.

Profile photo of Katerina.ya Katerina.ya

I got 10 out of 10,,,,,so I suggested that you keep follow Alex.
thank you .

Profile photo of habahbeh habahbeh

Great!!!! Now I understand… when I read it … it sounds difficult but now its clearly! Tks Alex.

Profile photo of fabio.bertini fabio.bertini

I got 10 correct out of 10

Profile photo of ratha.yi ratha.yi

Many thanks for this helpful lesson,,, greetings from Armenia!!!

Profile photo of Mary Mary

Dear Alex,
Many thanks for such important lesson. However, I have a question. Why not to use the word “should” before the subjunctive?



Profile photo of AhmadMahmud AhmadMahmud

I finally understood it !

Thank you

Profile photo of son199 son199

It’s a nice lesson. Thank you Alex. But I still do not clear about the sentence “It’s important that he come on time”. Could you pls explain it more deeply and give me more examples about this? Thanks a lot. I look forward to your early reply.

Profile photo of Julia1224 Julia1224

Thanks again alex, again i got 100% on my third test in your video lesssons, i am so glad that i joined your class, feeling so happy,

Profile photo of sridharnarayanan sridharnarayanan

Thanks a lot, i think this web really help me to improve my english😃

Profile photo of lind21 lind21

great! great~

Profile photo of keshistyles keshistyles

Good lesson.Thanks.:)

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

Thanks Alex!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

I really wonder whether the answer at 2nd question could be “I rested” as well or not. Likewise, could the answer at 3rd question be “his assistant left”? Also, for 4th “she joins”? If someone answers, I will be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Loves :D

Profile photo of ayseasd123 ayseasd123

Glad I found this lesson!

Profile photo of Ilovelearningenglish Ilovelearningenglish

Thanks for your lecture. Yang from Korea(of course, it’s South)

Profile photo of freetruman freetruman

Thanks teacher,awesome Explanation

Profile photo of LUCKY@9980 LUCKY@9980

this is really helpful…thanks Alex…9 out of 10 score.

Profile photo of ezjeril ezjeril

Thank’s a lot Alex…10/10 score.

Profile photo of ezjeril ezjeril

Thank’s a lot for this lesson Mr.Alex.
Daksh Menon, from Dubai

Profile photo of Dksh105 Dksh105

Hello. I am from Havana Cuba and I am an english teacher. I would like to know if I can use the word suppose in the past perfect subjunctive and present subjunctive. I know it can be used in past subjunctive. Give me examples. Thank you

Profile photo of Alenrry 75 Alenrry 75

I teach my students advanced grammar and I would like to be interact with you teachers

Profile photo of Alenrry 75 Alenrry 75

I would like to chat and practice my english with persons from all over the world. My WhatsApp number is +5352938136

Profile photo of Alenrry 75 Alenrry 75

Thank you Alex!

Profile photo of jorgesanchez61 jorgesanchez61

10/10 thank u teacher

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