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Thanks for this brilliant and useful lesson. It really helped me out. 10 out 10… I’m on top of the world! :)

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If I did not follow the lesson, I would have less then 100 per cent. Hopefully, I got 100%

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    I correct my mistake: “If I had not followed the lesson, I would have less than 100 % “

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      Another mistake, I would have had less than 100%

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        Finally, Bahlaek!!

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          Hahaaa……bye! See you soon Bahlaek

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        I think is correct to say ” If I didn’t follow the lesson, I would have 100% ”
        or ” I wouldn’t have gotten 100%, If I hadn’t followed the lesson.

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If I had not found your interesting lessons I would not have increased my knowledge about this structure. You´re great!

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If I had used Engvid website a lot. I would not be afraid of English language.

Thanx :)

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If had payed more attention on the last question I would have had 100per

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Hi, Benjamin! Great lesson, thank you. I got 100! Júlio César from Fortaleza CE, Brazil.

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If I had not mistaken the quiz No.2, I would have gotten 100 ^^; Thank you for your interesting lesson, Benjamin :)

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    Same here…Happy 04.

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    Get- got -got?

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Nice lesson, I learned a lot. Thanks.

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This structure had plus past participle in this conditional is considered as present perfect or it is something else ?

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i would have gooten 100 next quiz.thank’s my teacher.

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i meant the if clause is considered as past perfect or something else, same question for the second part would have plus participle as present perfect? and what about this structure “if i hadn’t stolen the money i wouldn’t be in prison now.

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If I had not found your lesson, I would have not known new knowledge. Thank you Benjamin and I got 9 correct out of 10.

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Its tricky but once you get it, its easy

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If I had learnt English diligently, I would have had a better career. Thank you, Benjamin!

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Thanks, If I had a sencond test, I would do it better. 70%

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Hello .
If I had known engvid website earlier I would be currently more fluent in english.
Thanks Benjamin .

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If I had concentrated to learn English when I was in high school,I could have spoken English fluently.
Thank you for your teaching :D

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If I had known this website, I would have passed my exam

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Ha Ha! I’ve got 100 %

Thanks for your lessons!

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I have two questions.The first one is: in the second part of the sentence we say I would have, you would have she would have or she would has?
The second one is:In the second part of the sentence we put the verd in past participle always like at the first part or not?

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    hi, I will answer your first question: …she would have

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    Answer for your second question;
    You right, We always use the past participle of the verb in the second part.
    If + Subject + had + V(Past Participle)
    Subject + would + have(always have and for all subject) + V(Past Participle)

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        Thanks David.

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        thank a lot

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I got 9 out of 10. If I had been more careful in answering no. 2 question I would have gotten a perfect score.Thanks Benjamin.
Benjamin..What’s the past participle of get? Got or gotten? Thanks.

I wish I can practice talking to someone in English.

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    If you like to practise speaking please follow me on skype khim.panthi1

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Hi Benjamin,
I’ve got a question concerning sentence 9: “If I had packed a lunch, I ____________ so hungry”
Personally, I would have said “I wouldn’t have been so hungry”, in the same way as all the other exaple sentences. Could you, please, explain, why you’ve chosen to do this one differently.
Thanks for your reply.



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Some sentences, that I don’t understand.
3. If you had arrived on time, we would not be finishing so late. (I would prefer: If you have arrived on time, we would not be finishing so late. (If subject had past participle, subject would have past participle)).
5. If Don had eaten less, he would feel less sick. (I would prefer to say: If Don HAVE eaten less… or If Don HAD eaten less, he would HAVE FELT less sick.
9. If I had packed a lunch, I would not be so hungry. (Is that correct? I would say: If I had packed a lunch, I would not have been so hungry.

Could a native speaker explain me, why I am wrong, please?

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I have got 10 correct out of 10 in the Quiz.
:D cheers@

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Thank you!!! very useful lesson!!

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Thank you very much Benjamin!!Very useful lesson as usual.
Every time I watch your videos, the actor Rowan Atkinson comes to my mind, I don´t know why … ;)

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If I had not found your lesson, I would have not known new knowledge. Thank you Benjamin and I got 9 correct out of 10.

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thanks a lot

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What a wonderful and useful lesson , many thanks Mr.Ben

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thank you so much benjamin, i got 100 percent

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Question about No:9
It should not be”I would have not been so hungry”
and same for no:5 “he would have felt less sick”

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    I agree with you.
    I think so as well.

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Hi Benjamin first of all ı want to thank for you and for all engvid teachers.But if you don’t mind ı want say something missing in your web site or ı need to see.When open all courses section all teachers are listed but ı want to see id infront of all teacher respectivly until the end also ı want to see upladed time in all videos because ı sometimes miss some videos to watch.Again thank you so much for all efford for engvid.

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If I had not taken the lesson, I would have not gotten the 9 correct out of 10.

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And also ı try to find contact with us section in your web site but ı didnt find.All things just recommendations.Thanks…

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Thanks Benjamin for teaching, i got 9 out of 10

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Fantastic lesson, Benjamin, as always. If I had found that website before, I would have improved my English faster.

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Thank you, Benjamin!If I had started studying English 2 years ago. I would have learnt more than I know today.

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Nice and Easy lesson by Benjamin..
his example is really making comfortable in this session.. I love it and thanks..

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If you had not explained the lesson so clearly,I would not have got 10 points ;) thank you TEACHER )

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Benjamin is the most handsome teacher on the website but If I were a teacher I would have been the most hansome one.

Thank you for the lesson!

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I got 10/10 :)
If I had not understood the lesson well , I wouldn’t have got a 10/10
Thank you

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There’s a mistake in the third question, isn’t it ? “If you ___________ on time, we would not be finishing …” I think it’s “If you ___________ on time, we would not have been finishing” But I’m not the teacher so… Can anyone tell me whether I’m right or not?

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Great site.

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Thanks Benjamin!
If i had taken the quiz, i would have learnt more this leason.

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thanks benjamin

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hi everyone, I wonder why the question 3 in the quiz, in the second part we dont use this structure:” would have done something” instead???in my mind i think it should be: “If you had arrived on time, we would have not finished so late” i’m so confused??by the way, thanks for your great lesson Benjamin!

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    hi, Mai Anh June!i think in your example “If you had arrived on time, we would not have finished so late” the action has been finished whereas in the Ben’s sentence action is still going on(they are finishing now). this is not only sentence of the kind in the quiz.but these are just my thoughts.
    best regards

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Thanks Benjamin!

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The best tip i have ever got,Benjamin:-)Thanks for the lesson and tip as well.

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Thank you very much sir. It was absolutely worth watching. Sir, I would be thankful to you, if you make a video on Youtube discussing differences between “Less” & “Lesser”.

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Thanks a lot . If I hadn’t watched this lesson, I wouldn’d have learnt about this topic.

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Thank you Benjamin

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That is really useful…!!! Thanks Benjamin.

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thanks Mr for your lesson
If I had known Engvid have a teacher like you , I would have seen all your lesson

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may be my example isn’t good , but I try as I can

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i got 6 of 10 :( ,thanks.

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Hi Benjamin! Thank you for the lesson! You need to know that you are a great teacher! I got 9 of 10! Your accent is British accent?

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Benjamin is a funny person))

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Thanks for your willingness to teach us. I had watched so many tv series and movies, but it´s so good can watch these lessons too, cause we can improve the way we comunicate, and learn to build more elaborate phrases.

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Always great, Benjamin! Thanks!

If I had been watching these engvideos before, I could have understood more the movies conversations.

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I thought that’s a hardest lesson I’ve ever seen but I got 9 of 10, I’m gonna kiss myself *PEACE OUT*
THANK YOU Mr.Bengamin ..

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I’ve got perfect! It’s thanks to you, Ben! But another reason why I could get 100 is perhaps that I’m regretting many things I hadn’t done in the life. Especially the last question in the quiz is what I’m always thinking lol.
Anyway, if I had found out EngVid earlier, my English skill would have been more improved faster.

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If I had known this web, I would have written English well
Many thanks

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If I had leant English properly in the primary school in would have spoken English fluently

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10 of 10, good beginning

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If I had known the engvid lesson before,I would heve good grammar knowledge now.

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Great lesson! Thank you Benjamin!

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excellent,10 of 10
If I had had good friends like Benjamin I would have learnt English so far.
thank Mr.bengamin

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idont know English word

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If I had not forgotten to answer a question, I would have scored 10. lol It`s true

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If i had not been studied your lesson trice, I would not have scored 90% percent.
Thanks a lot Benjamin it’s really helpfull to us.

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oh wow I’m done that I got 10 points.

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Hi Benjamin.
Actually,I would like to express three sentences in this quiz by another way; but I don’t know if they are correct or not, such as:
3. If you had arrived on time, we would not be finished to late.
5. If Don had eaten less, he would have felt less sick.
Thank you for this great lesson. All the best to you, Benjamin.

9. If I had packed a lunch, I would not have been so hungry.


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Thank you Benjamin! You really helped me a lot with my English!

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Thx a lot Benjamin, I done this .

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Thank you Benjamin!!

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Great job ^ – ^

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if i had studied all lesson of eng vid , i would have good knowledge in language english

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Hello teacher
what does this sentence mean
“Having + p.p. …, …..”
“Have p.p. …., ………”
and what is the tense in this case?

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good job

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if i had not practised .I would not have learnt this.

that is really effective and best for beginners

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Benjiamin you said thet “seen” and “spoken” are the past form of the verbs but I think they are P.P. as well…

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By the way why doesn`t work Exquisite English?

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Thanks a lot

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Does he still give private lessons? I`d like to take one of them.

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only 6 of 10 that i did correct, really sorry

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Thanks Benjamin, I scored 100 marks.

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I got 10/10 :D

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thank you for this lesson…”if I had knowm about this website I would had visited Before” please feel free to correct me if i’m wrong

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its a good begining,thank you Benjamin

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if i had learnt english in right way i would have taught english

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Hi Benjamin!, I love your British accent, though why did you use the get past participle as “gotten”? That’s a big mistake in British English as it’s the American past participle of GET in American English. Anyway, great lesson about the third conditional usage.

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If I had not watched your videos on engvid.com,I would have not gotten 10/10. Thanks! for interesting lesson.

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If I had not watched your videos on you tube,I would have not gotten 10/10. Thanks! for interesting lesson.

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Thank you.8/10

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really nice

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nice, but i did not understand that sentence. If cristina had not put off her medical assessment, she would have GOTTEN the job. GOTTEN is correct? because i checked the past participle and is GOT. Someone could help me please

Profile photo of violepsa violepsa

    “Gotten” is an old-fashioned version but still used.

    Profile photo of GizemGizem GizemGizem

9/10, Thanks Benjamin

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Hey Benjamin!! Is this the third conditional?

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Hi Mr.Benjamin I got a question please , I heard you saying in the video ” If i had known that Chelsea were playing at home at Stamford bridge ” We refers to Chelsea by the pronoun “it” in the past we use was with the pronoun”it” but you said were Chelsea not was Chelsea , If i’m wrong i hope you explain that to me ? Thank you Sir

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if i had not watched yourlesson

i would not be able to undrestand about if i had

thank you

we have yourname in iran

but we say benyamin not benjamin

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    I think you got wrong it’s “If i hadn’t watched your video i wouldn’t have be able to understood about If i had” i think that’s the right form …

    Profile photo of Ali-Eid Ali-Eid

Excuse me…I have a question.
If you ___________ on time, we would not be finishing so late.
Why is “had arrived” not”have arrived”?

Profile photo of Sammy Hsiao Sammy Hsiao

    Nice question Sammy, in the given choices “have arrived” shouldn’t be a mistake.

    Profile photo of four four

      Oh man! I just realize it. The lesson is all about using if I had. Maybe that’s the reason. ^_^

      Profile photo of four four

if i had studied well in school,i would have passed my ielts exam

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Thanks Benjamin, i like your lessons.

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Great lesson! Thanks a lot!

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if I had answered right the third question, I would have 100%.

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OW sorry I correct my mistake: ” If I had answered right the third question, I would have had 100% “

Profile photo of hElyes hElyes

    good job

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you are a great teacher benja¡¡

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this is a good lesson ! 10/10 !

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If I had studied English 20 years ago, I would be able to speak this language now.

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If had listen to the lecture before answering the questions I would have gotten 100%

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Thank you so much Benjamin.

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If I had not made a mistake, I would have get 10 out of 10

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    If you had not made any mistake, you would have got 10 out of 10

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if ı had studied english more ı wouldnt have watch this videos :)

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Thank you so much, Benjamin! I am still trying to learn this structure because it’s difficult to me. Nice to see you.

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If I had moved to Canada, I would have gotton good English.

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Great lesson! Thanks a lot!

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good lesson

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If I had gone to the head office , I would have attended the conference

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i cant see the lesson

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Very useful for us

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If I had followed your lessons for a long time , I wouldn’t have found so difficulties in my English .

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thanks sir

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Useful lesson! Thanks a lot!

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thanks benjamin
If I had ever made a conversation with someone who speaks native english before, ı would have had better english and made a good carier

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Thank you man!!! If I had known your channel before, I would have subscribed

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Thanks,because I got 10 out of 10

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Guys,who can explain me question number 9?Thanks

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if i had not taken the quiz i would not have understood the structure

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Made the mistake in the 2nd question, choose “would have” instead of correct “would had”. Can somebody to explain why we shuld write “had” in this situation

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I like your way of teaching, Ben. Thanks a lot.

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I’m sorry, but I can’t understand why in 9 there isn’t

why we don’t have HAVE in this example????

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Thank you, Benjamin)) Very useful lesson!:)

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yeah! 100!!
Thank you Ben j

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Hi dear Benjamin, I just would like to thank you for this ineresting lessn, it was really helpful. I got 10 out of 10 thanks to your good explanation. Thank you so much and have a nice time!

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If I had known this channel before, my English skill would not have been bad for a long time

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thanks for these test :)

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This man is a good man :)

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If I had learnt English from Engvid site since I was young, I would have more understood.

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Great lesson,,, I enjoy all the videos. Great job.

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i got 100 thankyou

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If I had known engVid early,I woud have learnt more english knowledge now.

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10 out of ten!!!
Thank you Benjamin

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I have scored 100%
By the way nice lesson Benjamin

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thnx for you help me

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If I had studied English hard when I was a child, my English would have been better now.

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I did not understand. It’s very hard.


how about the second sentence??
is also add P.P?
so is like “I would have + P.P???

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    hey i can tell you if you would give me ur mobile no.

    Profile photo of addyaddy addyaddy

If I had learnt guitar twenty years ago, I would have become a guitarist.

Profile photo of emilytan emilytan

Could we use the same verb tense (Past Perfect) in U.S. english? Or should we use Simple Past? Something like “If I knew that it was a beautiful day, I would have invite you at the party”

Profile photo of Fabrizio-F Fabrizio-F

*would have invited

Profile photo of Fabrizio-F Fabrizio-F

If I had not found out engvid, I would not known about this interesting lesson…

Profile photo of clacostax clacostax

Thanks, Benjamin…If I had studied from you, I would have gotten more knowledge for Grammar.

Profile photo of Anethtoo Anethtoo

I got 9 correct out of 10. BUT i have had mistake in question that is about eated and eaten , so which one is correct?

Profile photo of addyaddy addyaddy

if i had had a lesson with you earlier then i would have had the better sentence in english.

Profile photo of addyaddy addyaddy

thanq for corretion

Profile photo of addyaddy addyaddy

if i had known about this site before i would have spoken English better ))

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such a great accent!

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I am from dominican and i anm learn a lot.thanks!

Profile photo of argenys antonio cinero. argenys antonio cinero.

Benjamin, thank you very much.

İf had spoken English with someone, I would have learned more English.

I hope that the above statement is true.

Profile photo of byildirim byildirim

If I hadn´t seen this lesson, I would have been more on doubt. Apology for I have fun. Thanks you for your knowledge.

Profile photo of paulooliveira paulooliveira

IF I hadn´t studies… I would not have got 10.

Profile photo of Oceano B.Q. Na-Ritche Oceano B.Q. Na-Ritche

I got 9/10,It’s very uses for and thanks!

Profile photo of kaer2006 kaer2006

finally I got 10/10 .
thx for a good lesson!!

Profile photo of ErkanSerpinli ErkanSerpinli

Is it grammatically correct to swap the first half of the sente a little bit? For example: Had i known what’s good for me, i would’ve chosen a better college. Sentences like these sound more refined when you start with “had”, in my opinion.

Profile photo of Tetrahom Tetrahom

Thanks if I had not seen this video I would have failed in my upcoming exam..See that is how I get through …God bless you.. Friend

Profile photo of Satish@1 Satish@1

Very good lesson, Benjamim. I have a question,though.
In sentence #9 would it be wrong if I said:
” …I wouldn’t have been so hungry”?
It’s because of the Past Perfect + Conditional Perfect” thing.
Would you be so kind as to explain it to me?
I thank you very much in advance.

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

Thank you very much, Benjamin!!!!

Profile photo of travelmama travelmama

Is there a mistake in one of the questions in quiz? Or did I miss something in the lesson?

The question says “If Don had ________ less, he would feel less sick.”
I guess the second part of the sentence must be sth. like “…he would have felt less sick.”

Profile photo of GizemGizem GizemGizem

Benjamin!that video was fantastic!

Profile photo of Mikesyndrom Mikesyndrom

Many thanks Benjamin, It was really useful to me… but, If I had known about this excellent resources I would improved my english faster.. but for that moment, it´s ok!! have a great day!!

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OMG I made a mistake, LOL!! I would have improved!! now I think is correct, right??

Profile photo of Fugaz Fugaz

I like your lessons but I like Arsenal, too. So adios
I’m joking, thank you

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8 correct out of 10

Profile photo of gabriel11 gabriel11

Hello Benjamin, what’s the difference between conditional “if” with subjunctive “wish”? Thanks

Profile photo of rikaprana rikaprana

Benjamin, is this sentence ok?:


Please correct any mistakes. Thanks!!!

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90 percentage correct out of 100. If I had not seen this lesson I would have known less than zero percent. So thank you

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Thank you teacher.. I got 8 out 10

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Thank you Mr. Benjamin.

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Thank you very much!

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I scored a hundred percent. If I had studied harder, I would have made a better grade in the class. Thanks!

Profile photo of sjames87 sjames87

Thanks for the entertaining lesson :)
Can you maybe do a lesson about the other possibility of this conditional? I mean e.g.: “Had I been aware that you could not afford to buy it, I would not have recommended it to you.”

Profile photo of Emily Emily

hey…in ques 5, would’nt it be better if it was like:’ if don had eaten less, he would have felt less sick’

Profile photo of simarpreet kaur simarpreet kaur

THank you for a wonderful lesson! 10 out 10!

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