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Thanks a lot! It’s very useful!


my score was 8 of 10…….


It is a very useful lesson but at the same time it is very difficult for many people like me, because when you speak with a native English speaker it is so hard to hear the difference sounds between these words and others as well. Thank you very much


10 out of 10… By the way, there’s a misspelled word in one of the sentences. Think it was “We owns” instead of “We own.”


    I think it’s “We own” instead of “We owns”.

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    We use “s” at the end when it’s SHE, HE, or IT. With WE, THEY, YOU, and I, there is no added “s” at the end.


    this has no such word as “owns” instead own.


great tutorial!thanks!
please Alex make the lesson about “ain`t” again! i`m begging u))

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    You can be a professor


Thank you

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9 out of 10!!! tnx teacher ALex :D

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Yeaa!!! my scored is 10. Thank a million Alex. That’s very helping me.


thanks to you.


It was usefull)

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Thank you so much i got 8 out 10
rally this web sit amaising .
my question is ” why we say swim AND pants like A sound not E ?? ”
see you again
bye – bye


Thank you very much for your explanation about the correct pronunciation between A and E.

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thanks , it’s a useful leason

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love it, it helps me to developed my English skills. Thanks a lot.


It’s really useful! Thanks a lot!


Hello Alex, thanks for the class, could you put the Pronunciation of the irregular verbs.

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Hello, could you please advise me about the next sentence?
He has joined the team since 1990.
is it correct to use since with the verb to join? it only can happens one time and can’t be continuous…. Thanks in advance for your help

marta fodor

helpful lesson sir. thanks lot.


Hello Alex, thank you for your pretty intersting and very helpful video lessons.I like your lessons,you are awonderful teacher.

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Thank you Alex


Hello Alex!
I hope, now I can improve my pronunciation of these two sounds. Thanks for the lesson.

I also have another question…
One of the meanings of “get” is “become or start to be”.
I feel confused about the expressions:
get plus adjective (for ex. get dark).
On the other hand we say “become older”
Can we also say “become dark” and “get older”?
I guess, there’s no rule, but maybe there’re some tipps, when we should use “get” and when “become”?!

Could you clear it up?
Thanks you in advance.

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my score was 10 of 10 :)
thank you a lot Alex


thanks teacher

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WOW! Can’t believe i got the perfect score. Thank you so much teacher Alex. Hoping that many more lessons to come. I do really want to speak english confidently. MORE POWER TEACHER ALEX!



hector ararao

Mr Alex thank you for your lesson

Henry Wilson

dear teacher thanks alot from your useful teaching, i know a litle thing in english but i have a proble, i usually speak english complicated taht is try to make the sentences very defficult.

nesar abidi

Thanks alot Alex

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my score 10


Hello professor Alex
My name is Joseph
Thank you for this beautiful lesson
I learned a lot from this lesson


Is it correct? We owns a pair of pink PANTS. We own but not owns, right?


He’s a generous MAN.

* A
* E
man is a singular so it should be A and plural should be MEN = E

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thank´s man – Obrigado


i thank you mst Alex for help me so.i got 9.once again i thank you. i am haitian.

sanon john nelson



Thanks Alex





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Thank you


10 out of 10 tanks teachers for yours all videos


my score is 8 of 10


Seems like right answers are already in the words.))) That`s why it wasn`t really a good qiuz. I mean, when you look at the words in the sentences (written with capital letters) the vowels in the middle are the right answer. So you just choose it! )))) Am I right?

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That1s why it was easy to score 10 of 10.)))

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thanks,lovely lesson

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my score is 10 out of 10,thank you teacher Alex.

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it was very good


It was usefull ! Thank you very much !

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10 of 10 :)


sir plz teach us advance causatives i need it a lot.

salman jilani

You scored 10 out of 10.

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Thank you.
I love your lesson. You are very good teacher.

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Extremily useful. Tanks a lot

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my score is 10…great…tx a lot of

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Thanks it is very useful. This is similar to a the science of “Tajweed” which is a set of rules which dictate how the Qur’an, the Holy Book of Islam, should be read.It is very interesting to compare between the principles of English pronunciation and the principles of “Tajweed”. You will find a lot of similarities. Thanks


9 out of 10

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I had problem to find the difference between “band” and “bend” in pronunciation. It is very useful.

tapan kumar patra

Thanks Teacher Alex! :)

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The diffrent beween ” A” and ” E”

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thanks a lot


8 of ten,dear all students i want to improve my speaking, can anyone can help me in shape of voice chat with me? this is my skype id babar_haider i will be thankful to u

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big thanx i got 8 out of 10 its amezing web we enjoy and also learning….thnx again

aftab khan

it is a litle dificult the diferens between man and men if anybody wants chat with me to practice english this is my email carcesed_1@hotmail.com


Thanks teacher Alex. my score is 10 of 10.

Chamani Jayasekara

my score was 10 of 10

alfredo okuma

thx alex !


Thanks it is very useful

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It is a very useful lesson.thanks


thank a bunch .and by the way , would you please tell me the difference between gradable and ungradable adjectives . I’m confused about them . You’re the great teacher . GOD BLESS YOU


Thank you teacher

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Thank you teacher alex.

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It’s a great leasson for beginners

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my score was 10 out of 10, thanks sir alex ^_^

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hii alex . Hope u doing well . I need the exact difference between could(future tense) and might ? Thees two we can use in when there are possibilities ?

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thank you very much, i got 10 out of 10. you are doing a good job.


9 out of 10 not that bad thank u so much but pronunciation always hard to me


i knew all the rules and technique of how to read a and e, i just can’t distinguish them when listening.


Thank you

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thanks this lesson was very good

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Very useful, easy to use and very practical. I used not to recognize these 2 sounds, now I CAN (long E :))) Thanks Alex, you’re my favorite teacher. Keep on teaching forever! :)


thank you so much i got 9 :)

pretty eyes

Thank you so much for your lesson on pronunciation for main/men, pain/men, walk/work but pardon me if I’m wrong, Your explanation for farther/further is not right because it should be ⇒far/ther /ðər/ NOT⇒ thur/θər/

Yoshida Hiroshi

i got 10/10..:)

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10 \ 10 thanks


it was amazing Alex thanks a lot!

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hey Alex
your pronounciation lessons are the best.

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Thanks a lot , Alex .
It’s really helpful in pronounciation.


good teachers make a difference.


SIR MY pronounciation IS NOT good.

jatinder kumar

i have 7/10

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its good teacher
5 out of 10


Thanks for this lesson

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Thanks =D

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my score was 10 of 10


thanks! very useful!


I scored 10 out of 10; very useful lesson, Thak you Alex a like your lessons because they are nice, a can notice you are very good trained teacher.


very useful.thank you


Thanks for the lesson. I find it very difficult because I almost hear the same sound. Even when I use website programs I hear the same. I’ll keep truing ^^.

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awesome alex…. you´re the best.




I am not able to see the quiz, even if I click on next button, nothing happens. I would love to see the quiz after seeing this great video…Kindly help. Thanks in advance.


    – Are you using an up-to-date browser?
    – Does it work on other computers/with different browsers?

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open o sesame!



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hello my friend . i hope every fine …..


alex thank you very much.


Hello, Alex! It is a very useful lesson!!!
I got 8/10 :(
As one of our friends said, there´s a misspelled on the text: WORKS instead of WORK.
Please, correct the mistakes on my comment too.

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Thank you Alex :) I got 9/10


Hi Alex. Would you please make a lesson to explain the sound difference between fool/full pool/pull food/good ?
In IPA they are different but I’d like to confirm with you. Thanks.

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Hi everybody !!
I kindda found a trick to pronounce man/men bad/bed land/lend differently so I would like to share with you and if possible receive Alex’s opinion.
It’s about pronouncing the “A” in “man” as if it was to letters. E and A. So we would pronounce meh-an beh-ad leh-and in a very brief way.
I hope it’s correct and that you find it useful.

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thanku mstar alex


Thanks a lot for this lesson! I’ve been confused for a long time about these “a” & “e”. And finally I found this video! What luck! Thanks!

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Thank you Teacher! Very usefull!

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My score was 10!!! Thank you. You have helped me a lot


got 90 out off 100

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i got 9

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thank you

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Awesome pronunciation lesson, thank you very much

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Alex, You’re a great teacher. I teach english,too
and I’d really like to get a lesson about ” quite and such” greetings from Clomobia.


i got 10 out of 10.by the way its very usefull


thanks so much!

nguyễn hoàn

super easy quiz, but I failed S:

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nice job

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thanks teacher, but, I wonder if you can help me about how to pronounce “Word,War,and world”… I pronounce them the same. please help me. Thank you so much!

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Very useful. Thank you. Take care, Alex.

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if anybody wants to practice with me Im JOsue Marona on facebook :)

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Great! Thanks Alex.

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I got 10 of 10, I am so happy with myself for getting understood it pretty well ………. thank so my Alex, You’re great

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thanks Alex your videos are really useful ,,when you have a chance could you do one about can’t and can. Thanks a lot!!!!

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Hi Alex,thanks for your lesson.
EngVid realy helps mi very much.
You are great.
take care

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Thanks Alex…
very useful lesson and same time is difficult:))

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Thank you for pronunciation teaching(It’s very simple and clear) very good~~!!

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well done

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Hi dear, how are you? actually i was wandering about reading. how can i figure out topic sentence and main idea easily ? I will appreciate if you describe about these.

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thank you so much
it is very useful.

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I got 10 out of 10! :D
Thanks a lot sir Alex.

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I´ll be grateful for life. Thanks a lot.

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thanks a lot 8/10

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10 out of 10. I think that I’ve understood the point.
When the letter “A” has the sound of “e” (like in bad) it sounds “ae”. (open)
When the letter “E” has the sound of “e” (like bed) it sounds “eh”. (close)

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Because you taught me good, I got 10 out of 10.

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My score is 6/10. The pronunciation is very difficult for me. Thanks Alex for the useful lesson!!

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Thanks teacher, I guess this lesson was the easiest on the engvid (my score:1/1)

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Thanks, Alex

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10/10 :) Thanks a lot :)

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