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Thanks, Alex ;)


    My pleasure! Thanks for checking out the video, txrwall.


Such an interesting lesson! Thank you, Alex!

Kathleen Zoe

    You’re very welcome! Thanks a lot for checking it out!


Thanks Alex and Shakesprear.

soufiane sedrati

Hello, Alex. Thank you for this great video lesson. Your video lessons are never lackluster. I hope to see you again soon! Bye!

Júlio César L Sousa

    Thanks for your feedback, Julio. I always appreciate it! I’m glad you enjoyed the lesson. You also used the word lackluster correctly. Nice job!


Very, very nice… thank you, Alex!!!


This lesson was flawless!


    Excellent use of vocabulary! Thanks for the feedback, and as always, thanks for clicking.


great lesson Alex

Alejandro Rivera

Very nice ,thank you Mr Alex .


    No problem! Thanks for clicking, arguig.


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Tnx You are a terrific teacher this is a very useful lesson I like to learn new vocabulary and new idioms thank u and see u again soon good luck


    Thanks for clicking and for studying with EngVid, bella. I appreciate it, and I’m glad you’re benefitting from our lessons.


There are a.countless of videos that are very useful here in engvid. Thank you for your support alex. And I got a 10 on the quiz :-)


    Nice job! Yep. There are a ton of useful lessons on EngVid. I’m always happy to hear about students from around the world who are benefitting from our lessons.


Hi Alex, your lessons are premeditated and informative, I do like them. I find some lessons on the internet are lackluster but not yours. Thank you very much.


    Nice use of the vocabulary! This is the best way to learn. Keep it up, and thanks for your feedback, VietNam1984!


Hi Alex your lecture is very informative, i’m going to try to listen the audio book during the summer.
Anyway thanks for courses and enthusiasm.


    My pleasure! Thanks for watching. Audio books are super convenient. I usually listen to them when I’m on the bus to and from work, or when I’m doing house chores.


Hello, Alex.
Thank you for your very impressive lesson. Your efforts are never worthless and as well as you don’t seem to be jaded about your work, shall we expect “shakespear’s” lessons to be continued?


    We’ll see! I’d like to do verbs invented by Shakespeare next. :) It won’t be right away though.


Thanks, Alex. Very sophisticated lesson:)


    Thanks. I’m glad you enjoyed it.


Thanks a lot Alex. It’s always a pleasure to learn with you. Thanks for all these useful words ;)


    Always nice to see you commenting! Glad you’ve been enjoying the lessons and learning with EngVid.


Thanks Alex. Your courses are always easy to understand and worthy!


    Thanks for checking out the video.


I read all comments and I hope my comments will not be lackluster. I wish you good health and the whole team there and never be jaded about your job. Have a terrific day Alex.


    Thanks, ivan. Same to you.


This video is perfect
thank you very Munch.

Tediane Silva

Your explanations are always very clear.
Thank you very much.


Hello alex
I got 10 correct out of 10 , because of your countless lesson .
So thank you a countless .

Danny weld

Hi Alex! Thanks for this video, now I get new vocabulary to use.


    That was the idea! I’m glad you found it useful.




Hi Alex. in one word it was “wonderful”


Once again a great video class! You are the best Alex. By the way when you are presenting synonyms for ‘worthless’ I thought I heard the word “nada” … was it that? If so it is the same word used in Portuguese. Thank you.

John B

    I definitely said “nada.” English speakers use it as well, but they also know the origin is Spanish.


Than you Alex ! for wonderful and simple words you have chosen to explain for beginners like me. it has helped me in improve my English.

rameshwar rao p

Thanks for the lesson, Alex, it’s very informative.


thanks you alex,
Turks like to read shakespeare, especially hamlet… and we call her ‘Şeyh Pir’ :)


Thank you Alex

Asmaa flowers 1

thank you alex.

Oussama Baabid

I have some questions that related to ielts
I have one book called ielts advantage writing which published into 2011 five years ago. Do you think it is effective book anyway
Second question cambridge 1 -10 series ielts materials are great to prepare but do not know how to study for example should I mark every stranger word and learn or not like that
It would be great if somebody at engvid did lesson on how to study effective from ielts preparation books
Good suggestion I guess


Thanks Alex. I enjoyed this lesson but It’s confused to me the diference between cold-blooded and lackluster. Can you help me?

Ronald Pinto

    Hi! Well let me try with an example: if you are lackluster, it mean, that you work without passion, your work is too poor; if you are cold-blooded, it mean, you are a person that does not have feelings to do something, like we say.. you do not have heart! I hope you get it now!


Great job ..thanks
i want to study mastEr, can you help me ?

batoul abd almuhsin

A lot of thanks, Alex. The lesson is usefull and interesting.

Andrei Votiakov

Alex, you opened up a whole new world to me.
Thanks! Shame on me, I didnt know, Shakespeare was such a creator.


    Absolutely. It’s why he’s studied in just about every English-speaking high school and university.


Thank You Alex! You’ve made my day with the : “shake shake shake…” It was a very good lesson about adjectives, I knew some of them before but I didn’t know how to use them.

Thank you again.


    You’re welcome! I’m glad some people enjoyed my ridiculous singing and dancing. Haha.


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    Would you like to do it on whatsapp? if so, add me +5804268624599.


Alex,….well done
thank you.


i got 100


The best lesson!!! Thank you Alex!


I liked the expressions with the example of the lonely trip XD you always make me laugh


    The best way to learn is to have a good time while you’re studying, so I’m glad you enjoyed it!


Thanks a lot !)


Thank you Alex!


hello, Alex
how to pronounce “wound” as a noun and “wound” as past tense of “wind”?
is that scale right?


    You got the first one, but the second one is closer to wound=round=found.


Hello, Alex
when to use “worth” and “worthy” as adjectives?


Hello, Alex
when to use “worth” and “worthy” as adjectives?


Thanks Alex for your video.


Thank’s a lot Alex. I’ve a huge problem concerning the pronunciation of “I” because sometimes we pronounce in a certain way like in liver (I’m gastroenterologist), distance, divorce, famine, notice, prefix etc…and sometime like in life, profile, precise, mobile etc, and I didn’t find the rule about that. Could you help me? Thank you so much Alex.


    Hi everyone, i really appreciate to chat with people around the world who want to practice their English writing and reading skills. Add me on whatsapp +5804268624599.


Thank you. I would like to complete English courses of all levels. Naresh


Sir.Alex…You are a great and wise teacher.Thanks for all your classes and tips. You certainly has the right balance between a funny and serious teacher and I can understand your classes with all clarity and objectivity.


    That’s awesome to read. Thanks for your kind feedback, Fabfab. I’m glad it seems like I’m doing something right.


Alex, thank you very much. It was very helpful…


Hi Alex

very interesting lesson. I believe the words such as Tranquil and Premeditated, are Latin words. I do not think Shakespeare had been living in Roman times to invent those words. Anyway, thanks for your lessons, they are excellent.


    For sure! It’s why I said the words are credited to him, but that many of them existed before. Some people say he added 1,500 words to the English language, while others say he added over 2,000. Scholars don’t even agree with one another on this.


Hey Alex! how long no see you but it is obviously that is not your foul because you always have a lot of passion doing this amazing job. To be honest, i did not know about all these adjetives, some of them sounds interesting. Definitely that all your lessons are not lackluster at all. By the way, i wonder if you know about some grammar lesson`s videos about Repeated and double comparatives. Thanks as usual, keep up a wonderful job! Greetings!


    Could you give me some examples of what you mean, JGeorge?


      Sure, here one example from my book of each one. The birth-rate is getting lower and lower.(Repeated comparatives) The more education women get, the later they marry.(Double comparatives).


Shakespear ! the name carries a literature for advance learner . Because of your class i motivated to read Shakespeare vocabulary and Romeo and Juliet play. Thanks Alex ! for words you have choose to teach are useful in day to day life ! i would like to know about daunted, overcome, over…..
thank you, once again.

rameshwar rao p

there are countless reasons to watch this video. playing computer games is worthless in contrast to (with) watching your video. i feel so tranquil after using the new vocabulary you taught me
totally appreciated teacher


Thanks Alex!

Your lessons are never worthless and you explain very well the contents with examples and great acting.

“Worthless means without value, zero, ‘nada’…” Now with translation. hahaha :)

Some of the words in the vocabulary were new to me.

Fabio Cicerre

    I’m glad people caught me saying “nada.” Haha. I didn’t plan to say it, but it just came out while we were recording.


      Nice pronunciation of the word, tough. Looking forward to watching more of your videos!

      Deybi Mejia

Very interesting!!!! thanks a lot


Very good lesson.


Dear Alex
10 new words and i can remember in just 1 shoot :))
I got 10/10
You are such a great teacher
Have a nice day :)

Le Hai Anh

Hi Alex! That’s a very nice lesson. But I think Jade, that Engvid teacher, won’t like to know you are teaching us that “jaded” has a negative meaning. Besides she isn’t jaded at all. I am just kidding! Thanks for the lesson.

Eduardo França

Thanku Alex but i didnt get tranquil :(


    Hello Alex, thank you for this lesson. Do you often make lessons like this?(about litev


Thank you very much! I like your style!


10/10 Excellent video Alex! Thanks a lot.

Deybi Mejia

Thank you.?. I like your lecture


thanks alex

Aayat saleh


I am really thankful for all these classes! You are an amazing teacher!


Alex, tank you are an amazing teacher!


That was an inspirational class. Thanks Alex!


Thanks Alex! You are a great teacher!


good lession, thanks Alex, you are great teacher.




100% :))

Sakhi fouzia

10))) Thank you))))

Nick Frankestof

☺ 10/10 . Thanks alex.


Great lesson. Flawless.Please,Alex,could you, by
any chance continue using Sir Shakespeare or any other
writer of your preference, in your lessons?
How about Jane Austen?
I’ve never forgotten the lesson in which you
used the Star Wars movie. It was fun and very


Thank you Alex


Great lesson ALEX – you’r a great actor and a very good dancer too ** shake shake shake !!!!
thank you so much, it was and excellent explanation.


Alex, you are e great teacher. Thanks a lot.

Nora Neyra

Thanks Alex.


The picture of the surface is so funny! Lol


Thanks, Alex, the benefit of learning with you is countless.


Thanks, for this interesting lecture. I had no idea that these words were “invented” by Shakespeare. I have a Shakespeare all :) I’ll read some of his sonnets and plays again, soon :)



This lesson is very interresting
Thank’s Alex


I really love your classes! I’m Brazilian and I’m living in the Netherlands. The language here is a challenge. The English language is my salvation right now, and practicing has been very important. Thank you very much!


Thanks, Alex Great lesson.

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