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God bless Emma.

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what a nonsense ugh it didn’t even help.

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Dear Emma,

I really found EngVid.com useful for those who want to enhance their English Skills. Thanks to you and your group members.
I would like you to guide me to develop my vocabulary as I am preparing for IELTS. Kindly let me know how I can do so and how to memorize 5000 words in 3 months. I will appreciate if you provide a list of most usable words in IELTS.
Best Regards,

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wow! I got it in 100%, thnks

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    great message

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This lesson is very helpful not only for English but also for other areas. I think this video is worth watching more than twice.

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I got 10/10, although the lesson is quite long but i can understand about an approach: BLESS ME, at first sight I think It is lucky for me, but after watched at the end video clip I understand that’s an approach that every letter stand for one thing connect to method learning, that’s great, Thank Emma so much

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Thanks a lot Emma ;)

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hello , thanks Emma

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I got it in 100%

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Nice lesson. Thanks Teacher Emma

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This is really nice lesson thanks so much

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thank you

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That was a important lesson I really aprecciated. Thanks Emma!

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im done for this section Thank you. i hope from this website can get excellent score for toelf, toeic, and IELTS :D

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Hi Emma,
Interesting lesson today. This clue “BLESS ME” not only is worth to learn English but like you say it is useful to learn other subjects. I agree with your ideas.
Thank you for your work.

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I’ve got 100 points.
It was very informative lesson, cause’ I’ve never heard before about this approach. Thank you, Emma!

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Thank you, Emma. This lesson is very interesting and has a unique knowledge.

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Many thank Emma.those factors are really helpful. I really enjoyed this lesson.

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What a enlightening video Emma! Bless Me and You always!

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Great Lesson

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Well, interesting. BLESS ME. Tsk!

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Thanks a lot Emma.

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God bless you, Emma!
Many thanks

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Thanks to get a Chance to show my talent.

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Thank you very much.

Profile photo of smmartojahossain smmartojahossain

Thank for this lesson. The BLESS ME metod Is very interesting. Your advice help me to learn English

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A wonderful lesson!. God BLESS you Emma.

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