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What the hell this Website?
It’s Really good. I Say Heal yeas ! for i got


    Thank you for funny teaching!


    What the hell ! LOL thanks teacher emma,, :)


    Hi, Emma Thank You, I am so happy with Engvid, I have learned a lot from your website,


    great teacher


    You meant Hell Yes


    great teacher


    Thank you


Hi there,
It’s a pleasure 2 c u again,hope all’s well with u.Everything was new n fantastic n I’ve learnt alot through.7/8 seems nice.
I adore slangs n I really enjoyed.
But the ? is:” freak me ” means what plz?!!
Best of luck!


    hello fatima
    I am an english student.could you tell me how to download this website lessons?


      Hi there,
      I’ve seen the videos ever n never bcoz you tube problems in the country un4tunately!
      By “it’s a pleasure 2 c u again” I meaned Emma’s new presentation.But I’ve learnt a lot through quizzes n comments till now.
      Goodluck with ur English.


        Hello Fatima!

        Just a quick suggestion for this and I quote you: “But I’ve learnt a lot through quizzes n comments till now.” Rather than saying “till now” is; So far. It’s more polite.

        Have a good day.


          Hi! I agree! I think we should be more polite here, Talk almost formaly . Slangs and short forms are not suitable in here and also not known for all, like me! Best regards


          Mod here! While you do have to be polite, slang and abbreviations are okay. We try to cover English for all kinds of situations, including casual ones. People want to learn how to write an essay, but they also want to understand spoken English, jokes, texts, etc.

          Grammar and spelling mistakes are okay too. The most important thing is practicing your English. The more you do, the easier it will get.

          engVid Moderator

      hi fatma, what u need is jus download realplayer into ur pc then when u want to use engvid use the firefox or googlechrome, then at the top of the lesson u will find realplayerdownload, click on that link that will make ur download and u can simply use these lessons when ever u wanna even with out internet, that is my help to u, thanks


        OH GOD NO DON’T DOWNLOAD REALPLAYER, use a site like Keepvid, it’s much easier.

        engVid Moderator

        Tx 4 ur suggestion,
        Goodluck with ur English!


        I wanna know how to get the lesson to my computer cuz this is the first time for me to surf this thing .plz


The lesson was very interest and you very charming teacher.Thank you.


Great lesson, lots of useful expressions, some of them I’ve already known, some of them are new for me. Sometimes I have a feeling that the Hell is just a softer form of F- word :D
I know that Avril Lavigne has a song called What the Hell.
Anyway, thanks for lesson!


Tks teacher…It is good lesson. Lily from Brazil


Very good lesson teacher. Thanks a lot.


thnx teacher.. today I’ve learnt new expressions. i hope to learn more in the future….Hiader from IRAQ


Hi ..
Thx for that vidou I was search of how to know slang english , thx so much , keep run :)


I know this word “hell”. but i had doubt .I knew that is correct mening today.
thanks a lot your teaching.


I’ve heard lots of expressions with hell but I couldn’t use them many times cuz I didn’t know about them exactly but now I got a lot of great information from this lesson. thanks!


I liked this lesson


you’re a hell teacher !!!!!


    Thanks everyone for your comments. I think you mean hell of a teacher Albert.


      hell teacher his mean you has teach us about hell expression so he call hell teacher its mean oposite with you had explained


      thnks emma madam

      ajmal khan

      How the hell did you say “He’ll” should be pronounced with a a short e sound (I – hill), not a long e sound (i – he) like it should be!


      Hi. Can we use this expression in a good meaning? Can we say you are a hell teacher or you are a hell man?


      Hi, Emma. This is Waseem from Pakistan. I have saved your video lesson in my mobile. These are really helpful. I’m grateful to you. God bless you!

      Waseem malik

Hi there, thanks for the lesson!!.

I’ve got a question, Emma. I’ve also heard the word “HECK”— certanly less times than heck— (“what the heck”, “who the heck”, and so on).
Is this word an euphemism of the word “hell”? If I use this, am I being less impolite?.

Thanks for your answer in advance.


    Hi oswcifre,

    I’m glad you brought up the word heck. We can use heck like we use hell. For example, Who the heck is that? What the heck?

    It is used in the same way as hell, but it is much more polite. Heck is an old-fashioned term, so young people don’t really use it. In general, they prefer to use hell.

    Here are some examples of other words people use instead of swear words to be more polite:

    “darn” instead of “damn”
    “shoot” instead of “shit”
    “Oh my gosh” instead of “Oh my god”
    “Frig” instead of “fuck”

    Again, these words are often considered old-fashioned. You will hear older speakers use them more frequently.


      thanks emma, you da best


      Thank you Emma.


      Hi Emma
      i like your teaching this is the 1st time for me to learn in with engvid.com i enjoyed very well my first lesson is slang in english “what the hell” from YOU this is very great to hear your lesson & after that I did quiz I’have made correct answer accept 1
      if you see this please reply to me now I am your student so it is my humble request to you please reply to me after reading this & how about my english


      what does it mean by saying to hell with it? to express sorry? or no way in heck i do this? thanQ~ Emma


      Hi Emma. Thank you for your classes. I really appreciate it.


You are really a nice etutor and u know very well to convey information or knowledge about grammar in a very precise manner.Apart from this i want to learn more and want to approach you directly.

Karar Reshi

Hello, dear Emma. Thank you very much for your presentation skill!


your lesson is very useful and fantastic
i like it
thanks a lot


i really enjoyed it , it helped me understand somethings were fuzzy to me
thank you teacher :)


Thank you teacher Emma.It was interesting.:)


Hello, Emma your prsentation was so hepful and knowlegeble. Thank you very much!


Thank you so much, Emma. Ur expression is so easy to understand. hell sure, i’ll keep watching EngVids


hi this lesson is very useful i hope you will teach some other expression so thank you iwnna speak english with som one to improve my english help me please my email rawa_leza@yahoo.com


    Thanks everyone for your comments.

    I prefer to answer questions and comments on the message board. I look forward to hearing from you in the future rawa.


love it!


hell yes! :) , mam you did g00d j0b…

xulfi syed

Hello thanks for new informative videos.
Is there any way to learn and master English like hell?
Matter would be destroyed when hell freezes over.
He always drives like hell.
when her father saw her drunk he gave her hell.
I drove to the hills for the hell of it.
He left her girl friend, when i asked him about her he screamed and said to hell with her.
His boss was very upset on his unethical behavior, he told him to go to hell.
If some one ask me about about learning English my answer is hell yaah!
thanks teacher could you please check these sentences regards.


    Great examples!!! You did a hell of a job!! (Another expression with hell meaning you did a great job.) I’ve just made a few minor corrections (mainly punctuation).

    Is there any way to learn and master English like hell?
    Matter will be destroyed when hell freezes over.
    He always drives like hell.
    When her father saw her drunk, he gave her hell.
    I drove to the hills for the hell of it.
    He left his girlfriend. When I asked him about her, he screamed and said to hell with her.
    His boss was very upset on his unethical behavior. He told his boss to go to hell.
    If someone asks me if I like learning English, my answer is hell yeah!


      thanks teacher for your valuable comments. could you please some lessons on punctuation I always make mistakes. thanks regards


      Thanks from all of my nice teacher


    awesome :P


      thanks that’s cool……


The word ass is used in many English expressions. has asked several teachers to do a lesson on the subject but so far nobody did.

Cleilson Brazil

Thank you so much, Emma. Ur expression is so easy to understand. i’ll keep watching EngVids


Excellent explanation Emma !
Hope u still do more videos, I really enjoy your classes.

Ur’e very nice ;)


great lesson ! thank you so much from france


Emma, You have given excellent explanation of Hell expressions. Your method of teaching is very effective and you have tight grip on your subject. Congrats for delivering such a nice lecture for improvent of non_native speakers of English and ESL community(teachers+Students) in particular.Thanks once again.


Emma, You have given excellent explanation of Hell expressions. Your method of teaching is very effective and you have tight grip on your subject. Congrats for delivering such a nice lecture for improvent of non_native speakers of English and ESL community(teachers+Students) in particular.Thanks once again.


hell yes I’ll be watching engvid n’ u r the other reason cuz’ u r as great teacher as the other ones. once I told my teacher of english ‘go to the hell’ he got upset just 4 a month, I will never send any teacher to hell. take care Emma.


you are the best teacher and this is great lesson thank you so much.


Emma, very interesting lesson. I got 7/8. I love slang cause I believe that for us -non native spekaers- it really helps to understand spoken English. Thanks a lot.


i want lrean english but how this my skybe (azooooza9) who can help me add me


Nice lesson, very helpful. By the way, you´re beautiful, and a great teacher. Speaking of hell, I will stop watching these videos when hell freezes over, hell yeah!


    Excellent examples Carlos! You’re doing a hell of a job!


      what do you mean by ( hell of ) ?

      samar hussain

I really appreciated. Thank you.


Hell yeah to this lesson. I really appreciate the many examples you use. Thanks for share your knowledge and time with us.


Hell yeah! This is fun! I like it!




Thank You Very Much Its great lessom


That’s awesome, can u bring other expressions?. I loved it


Hi..I like you teach on video.But i don’t understand for the hell that how to use and talk to other. For example(When the hell are you sleeping or when are you sleeping? It is two questions correct or not? thank you.

Judah fish

    Thank you for your question. Look at the two examples.

    1)When are you going to bed?
    2)When the hell are you going to bed?

    Both examples are correct. In the first example, we don’t really know the emotion of the speaker.

    When we add “the hell” to a question, it adds emotion to the question. We know that the speaker is either surprised, often in a bad way or frustrated. It intensifies a question.

    I might ask “When the hell are you going to bed?” meaning I am surprised and maybe upset that you haven’t gone to bed yet.

    To show you are surprised or upset, you can add “the hell” to the questions who, what, where, when, why, and how. Remember, “the hell” sounds a little rude, so it’s better to use these phrases with friends.


with teachers like you ,hell yes.






Thank You Emma from Tajik student.You and Your teammate making a great job helping people learning English using amazing way of expressions !!!Thanks a lot ENGVID-TEAM !!!


thank u so much …u are very good teacher


Hellow Emma, this lesson it’s very interesting thanks alot.


lesson was awesome i scored 8 out of 8

david web

s0 nice of you..

xulfi syed

Hi, Emma , I’m Hudhayfah or(Huthaifa) ,you have awesome a way in studying, I love your video and your lesson and I realy understand your lesson, because your way is: sentence with two examples at least, so , I remember : you said in your lesson” like hell”, but I will say, your way , your lesson” like heaven” I like your way and your lesson”no”, I love your way and your lesson ” no too” , but sure ” I have more of love , yeah ” I adore your way and your lesson, ofcourse. so I realy love your way and your lesson , but I have ask, give me more. that’s awesome


Hi Emma, it was very interesting lesson about slang in English.


Hi Emma, great lesson!

to complete, other lesson that could be very useful is about the most slangs used in everyday.



yes… it is a great way to improve and enrich english skill:) thanks so much Emma…… hell yea! i’ll continue on this english class….

Odir Blanco

whoooo the hell is you??? awesome teacher i loveeeeee ur way <3 thank you :)


reall, it is a good lesson. i like the procedure/steps, and ways used to help learners understand.


Please help me I want to learn English my skybe (azooooza9)


i don’t know what to say.you are great emma. thx


Emma, I have a question:

what are these verbal forms: going’, catchin’, makin’. Are variations of “ing form”?


    Hi Bruno,

    You`re correct. They are variations in the pronunciation of ing. Goin`, comin`, catchin`, makin`, `fishin` are examples of the informal pronunciations of going, coming, catching, making, and fishing. You may hear people pronunciate `ing` this way depending on where they come from and what their accent is. In writing however, these words should be spelt correctly.


      For the first time in my life I saw the verb “pronunciate”. Emma, did you make mistake or it really does exist?


        Good query!
        I do agree.


        Yeah, it also sounds weird to me. . .


        It exists, but it’s an uncommon verb. I should have used “pronounce”.


          Hell yes :))


what the hell is she doing?


what the hell are you doing?


Emma 5 out of 8


Dear Madam,
thnks,really really your teaching method is very easy to understand,
i live u teaching method.
ple spend more time with us, do you?
thnk u & engVid


OMG one was incorrect! well mistake is good admit it and make correct!
thank you Emma. Your Lecture is very illustrate ! wonderful.


Wow, I’ll find teacher like you when the hell freezes over :D
I’m a little bit jealous of your students -_-
Thanks Emma. You are the best ^_^


hell yeah :P
it’s a excellent exceplanation lessen, I have learnt many information about it .
you r hell of a teacher.

Keep it up


Thanks a lot!! very ood job! Happy New Year



Very interesting lesson, i always wanted to learn more about these expressions. Thanks.


thanks teacher for this lessen really interesting.who the hell has all this experiences? my teacher EMMA
just try


You are amazing! I like very much the way you explain. Hell yeah!!!!!!


Hi Emma,
I loved this class; but could you please talk a little bit slower?
Hugs from Brazil.


Thanks a lot for your teachings…I´d like to get all the text of your class..I like so much the way you explain…


Emma, your videos are amazing, really awesome! You have a great talent to teach English, no to mention you’re beautiful and captivating! Congratulations for your great job!


hi Emma . this is ma first time talkin to ya . i am not new here but surely a new student for u that learned alot and benefit me the way u guide students over this web is talented and no other teacher yet got this talent and confidence ! ok the stuff that i am curious to know from ya is can u type me some other slangs ! plz!! ur majesty ! bye and take care hope u may come to a great and achieveful success !


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Justin bieber

    What the hell is Justin Bieber doing here?
    Let’s give him hell, boys!

    Evaldo Mendes

Hi Emma How are you? and Happy new year.
I am able to listen to you easily this time.
I think you speak slowly. Thank you.
But I have to get used to normal fast speed I know. And this your lesson is very interesting. And You explain them by using many examples. I try to understand through English. I realized that it is good to understand phrase usage by explanation in English like this video. I am looking forward to next comming video. and the portion of quiz answers is good. Hell yeah!!


Though I’ve no idea what the hell I’m doing here, it was one hell of a lesson!


Beautiful and Smart!


Very good lesson! One of the best videos here.


Hi,Bruno, yes , but the american people say : chatin’, makin’ that’s mean : verb+in’ without ing, that’s common, but grammer you should say and write : with ing like chating
and , there are many words like that:” want to= wanna , going to = ganna, have to = hafta, etc, in the left side in grammer and in the right side in American English


    Great explanation hudhayfah!


hello madam your lesson is very useful they way you explane the lesson is also great and undersandable thanks for your lesson i am looking forword learning new expressions from you


One hell of a lesson! hehe


Thank you for this lesson I hope to give us a lot if you can you are great and you know I understand my mistakes good luck in your life.


Thanks Emma you best.


Giday mate! Happy new year, Emma! I’ve been here first time. Actually, I’m living in Sydney but I’m not Australian. I’m Korean-Australian. I
emmigrated from South Korea and immigrated to Australia. I’m struggling to study English. I currently completed IT(Networking)Diploma in Sydney. I’m looking for a job. However, I’m not sure my English level. I checked ‘Business English’ section but I couldn’t find about Phone interview. Could you make it the lesson for me and all jobseekers. I appreciate your consideration. I can’t thank you enough as well to give and support us your lessons. GBU^^


Thank you teacher for the lessons…


I have so much fun by learning with you, Emma. This lesson was really useful.. and funny! xD.. So.. do you like The Lord Of The Kings? xD hahahah.. I thank you for this clear lesson. And forgive my grammar mistakes.. ;D correct me where necessary.. ;p


how the hell could you make it so easy Emma?i look forward for the next video.best regards


Thanks Emma for this lesson. I heard these sentence but I don’t know what do these mean?
Hell of a lot better with tails.
Hell for eternity.
Hell of alot.
Hell in a handbasket.
Emma. Could you explain these sentences when do we use them and what do these sentences mean.

Thanks for help human.


    Hi Mohammed
    why do you call yourself Jesus although you are Moslem ?


      hello bro sameh77,
      first, i want to thank teacher Emma about the lesson.

      second, where is the problem. we have this name in our religion and it refers to the prophet Jesus(peace be upon him)and we believe in him like our prophet Mohammed and others(peace be upon him), so there is no problem to name people after him…

      just to inform you.
      good luck


        (peace be upon them)


    These are all great examples of expressions with the word hell.

    I have not heard the first two before. They are uncommon in Canada.

    “A hell of a lot” is a large amount of something. It is a common expression.

    eg) I have a hell of a lot of work to do.

    “Go to hell in a handbasket” means to deteriorate or become worse fast. It is not very common.

    eg) He thought education in his country was going to hell in a handbasket when his daughter couldn’t tell him the name of the capital city.


It was very funny to see how an agel explains about HELL! ha-ha


wow, l learn like hell this word and it’s idiom’s thanks alot dear Emma
Best wishes.


hi Emma
i writes and reads very well but the problem is in listening.
could advice me to improve my listening plz.


i’m study you


here are my keys ;-) …but still great work


hi Emma
really very helpful lesson.
hell yeah i like the way you teaching it’s fantastic


Thanks a lot for your great lesson, Emma.
Anyway, I love your smile :)




Hangover, what the hell happened last night? very funny ! ^^



I love you Emma.

Your explanation was awasome.

Thanks a lot


glib tongue


Hi Emma!
Just out of curiosity, in the last example, I remember that Dante´s hell is cold as ice in his Comedy, truly an exception in the collective imaginary that hell is always hot :)


    Hell yeah!!


      That’s interesting! I haven’t read it yet. It’s strange to imagine hell as a cold place.


        Cold or hot. It´s better don´t go to Hell. Heaven it´s better than Hell. |0|


    What kind of place ‘hell’ is/was has changed over the centuries. In middle Ages the representation of hell was very cold place, with a lot of ice and frosty weather. But nowadays the hell is represented as very hot place with a lot of fire.


Thanks Emma,You’re doing a hell of the teaching ,great teacher ,God bless you .


Well done, Emma!
I mean all of your three lessons.


thank you good job
i want ask if we can say a hell
not the hell it make different in means
thank you


thanks for the lessen
if i but a hell not the hell
it change the means
thank you


    Hi Taher I am Sameh I m from Mansoura Egypt can we make friends


    Certain expressions always have “the”.

    eg) When the hell did you get married? Why the hell did you do that?

    Other expressions always have “a”.

    eg) You did a hell of a job. I have a hell of a lot of work today.

    In other cases, there is no article.

    eg) I hope I don’t get sent to hell. Hell is a horrible place.


Hi Emma,
It is really fun to learning English with you guys i enjoyed it a lot.

“when the hell did you get married?”
Hell no!

Thanks very much


what the hell are you talking ?
it’s excellent videos from Emma. I love you voice.this is my first video.
have a heven day for you.not hell.


Hello, Dear Emma, This lesson is Great Lesson and very, very useful and helpful to me. Having listened this, I wanna to something on Expression with Heaven. Is there any expression with Heaven?
Thank you so much.


I Would like to know something about expression with Heaven”


hi! Emma
really very helpful lesson about hell.
It was Great Lesson and very, very useful and helpful to me.I don’t know how to thanks.
Thank you very much.


Do you know when I will stop studyin English? I will stop studying English when hell freezes over. You are an excelent teacher. I loved this class.


Hell yeah!I’ll definitely watch ur other videos.The illustrations you quote help us get things better.Thanks a lot


thanks emma I utilized manner of telling


Thanks alot Emma I need a lesson on connected speech please


thanx alot Emma for giving me such inforamation about expressions, i was eagerly making myself await for them..

javed memon

hell is well

vir singh

hi teacher thanks a lot, it is a great lesson for me.. ilove it. hell yeah!!


hell yes!


Newcomer and new learner
What the hell did make me leave a comment!
Hell yeah ! it’s you Emma, LOL.
Even i am scared to use this hell word
Thanks for the lesson !


waaaw it is just waw i learn more to day thank you very much


Congratulations!It’s definitely the best way to learn and practice English.

Thaks for the lesson!


Hello Emma I`ve just signed up in here, I`m thrilled that I can find so many Idioms and slangs in this website, You have no idea how crazily I`m fond of knowing new expression,In a word I`m an slang freak ;)


    The same 2 me!
    In fact I’m keen on Idioms n Slangs.
    U can surf the net 4: http://www.English bee.net
    Goodluck with ur English!


Very interesting and complete lesson! Thanks!


Thanks, i really appreciate, you are really an amiable girl.


good job emma!


Thank you, Emma.
I saw many times the expression “hell of a (someone/smth.)” and i didn’t know what it meant.
Hell of a day! Hell of a country! etc.
finally i see, it means – big, solid, cute, good, exceptional. but it’s hard to understand it for the first time. when you read the book or listen to the song.
hell of a slang! ))


i would like to hear expressions engaged with F*CK :)))


hell yeah emma u taught us like hell and forget your lesson when the hell freezes over and it seems i’m not doing for the hell of it… :)


Thanks so much for the worth teaching


hello Emma Teacher i have a question.
Can we use ”hell” all the places?Or we just use it with our close freind and etc?


    Hi Oguz,

    Hell expressions are best used with friends. You will hear them on TV shows and in movies. These expressions are not good to use at work, with your teacher or in other formal settings. Some people may find them rude.


thanx maam for nice expressions of hell……..


Dear Emma,
Would u mind 2 lend me a helping hand plz?!!I wanna know may we use “what the hell” instead of “it doesn’t matter”???!
N can we use it when we r surprised by sth??!
Cheer up!


    Hi Fatima,

    When you use the expression “what the hell”, the tone of your voice is important.

    You can use “what the hell” when you are surprised by something. Just remember, it is slang, so you won’t want to use it at work or in formal situations.

    When we use “what the hell” to mean I don’t care, our tone of voice changes.

    Here is an example of what the hell. In this example it means I don’t care or I am not worried.

    eg) I was going to work on my essay this evening, but what the hell – let’s go see a movie instead.

    It’s similar to it doesn’t matter, but not the exact same.


hi Emma thanks for ur lesson i got em but sometimes i hear smart as hell and straight as hell ok i know smart as hell meaning that he-she is very smart but i’m asking u if it has another meaning and is there any word may i use it like smart as hell ??????


    Hi Yehia,

    You’re correct in your understanding. The word hell is used for emphasis. In your example, it means very smart.

    We can also say someone is “funny as hell” meaning very funny, “quick as hell” meaning very quick, “crazy as hell” meaning very crazy, “sexy as hell” meaning very sexy, “nasty as hell” meaning very nasty, etc.

    Remember, these expressions are informal. Some people might find them rude, so don’t use them in formal settings.


I’m studying English like hell!
It’s 3 a.m. right now, I better go sleep ^^
Thank You, Best Wishes!


Oooh .. !!
what the hell .. I qquickly understood .. hehehe
thanxXx Emma


Emma I like your voice,you are very good teacher.it was very useful for me. Thank you very much!!!




Hi Emma.
How are you?
I hope you feel good.
I’m working on business these days.Can you name some of English books that is related to business?
Of curse, I’m working on commercial inquiries so,if it is possible to you dear Emma help me about this.I’m going to work with companies which sell their products to foreign countries in Iran.I’m going to do their commercial correspondence.
Guide me Emma what books to read.
Many many thanks.
Sincerely yours
Mohammad Mehdi Khazaee
English Literature Student


Great job! Thanks.


how the hell you got this cute teaching skills?


Its really cool lesson…like it,hell yeah!


It´s really usefuls slangs… I learned and I like it so much…


wow great mam.I really am glade to watch your video how beautifully were you teaching.i am very much exited to use these expressions.i am fond of learning to you more.


hi teacher adem_akbulut88@hotmail.com and skype:emotionalandcrazy. can you help me to practise by the change ? teacher:) hope to hearing you tc bye


what the hell there!I like Emma,she has a nice smile.when i watch difficult movie,it can be make me happy.


    By the way,i like this sentence all of one.When hell freezes over.Because it mean u are very surper man.I like to attract the beautiful girls.So I always demonstrate the high value of me.


Thanks Emma
This 20 minute is very helpful


Thanks, i really enjoyed this video lecture.


Thank for this video… I always hear this idioms in movies but not understand. It was very helpful for me!


Thank teacher! It was a really useful lesson :)


Hell Yeah! Luv it! :-D




Hello Emma jan,

Hey Emma I know jan is not your last name, but in Afghanistan we use this word when we love or respect someone. It was FYI.

Emma jan,

Could we write this expressions in writing or not?



HI EMMA, I wonder if there is any other teacher in the world like the Engvid teachers,you guys are Really motivative,I can’t find words to explain.


just thanks!!
really good!!


Hi Emma,

I ll stop using your websites when the hell freezes over.!!!

Thanks for the wonderful lecture. Your language and intonations are good.
It is brief and i can understand clearly.

Thank you so much,

What the hell.!!


its good


Hi! Emma! i like your accent! it’s so awesome i can understand you very very good i would like to know what part of US are you from? i use a lot! this expretion like hell! jaja! and go 2 hell too! but it’s cuzz i’m from venezuela anyway! thx you’re doing rlly good! :D


Hell yes I like it !!


very nice and interesting classes
thanks a lot MY TEACHER EMMA


hello dears all it is may first time that i am hearing this kind of worthy talking what the hell you are talking about

Sayed Naqib Ullah Sadat

thanks so much. your lesson helps me a lot. studying slang helps us make progress like a hell. lol.

Hợp Trần

Emma you’re a beautiful and sweet teacher!

Eric Jean

all of this teacher are very good


Hey Emma! You’re really awesome, thanks for your lessons.

What I’d like to know is if ‘Like hell!’ means the same as ‘Hell no’ in certain cases. For example,

-You will have to work 7 days a week from now on.
-Like hell (I’m gonna do this)!



you are really a great teacher.


i liked it well done


What the hell is going on?….
Is it correct?

Aram uk

is really great


thts really awsum to learn english from this site.. thanks teacher..:)


Hello there…

Emma, this is just a great lesson. I found some information about the pronunciation of pronoun “He”. According to this info, “he” has two pronunciations: /hi/ and /hI/… could you please explain when to use them…

Thanks a lot…!!!


hell yeah,it was a great lesson of course i will continue watching these videos, thanks a lot


hell yeah it was a great lesson of course i will continue watching these videos, thanks a lot


you’re such a great teacher. You express what you want in an easy way.


thank you Emma, again this lesson is very interesting…and it’s useful of course!!…what a hell I do without your lessons?…



Fighter 17

hell yeah. you are a great teacher.


Hey, am very much impressed with you lectures, they really make me understand this language tremendously,
Can I say “Hell good”??


What does it mean “bloody hell”?


Very interesting )))) Emma, what means “give me a break”? Jimm Carrey said that in the movie YesMan it is polite expression or not?


please I’d to learn to use the verb: happened or happen

silvia soto

with the last question on quizz i did’nt notice that the word hell is written as he’ll,so even i understood the question i answered it wrong.I laughed at myself.Thanks teacher Emma,you are great.


I liked your class ,well i want you to know that im gonna continue watching your videos ….hell yeah they are very useful .thanks a lot emma ,


Thanks Emma, really it is good lesson


thank you ! very helpful :)


Thnx Smily Emma

Abdul Qayum

VERY good expressions….
Tnx a lot Emma x


Dear Teacher,
How to get the video of this leasson?
Please instruct me.
Thanks Sadaqatullah


I am a teacher and I like the way you teach. thanks


you are a good teacher !!!


hello Emma, i really like this lesson. thanks a lot!


Like always, i found what i was searching for in this website and especially through Emma’s Courses ! You’re an elegant teacher ! thanks for all your effort :)


I enjoyed the lesson a lot!!! Tks


yay i’m already using it! a friend of mine asked “do u like this teacher?”
me: hell Yeah! :)


Thank you


Emma, I really like the way you explained the Hell Freezes Over slang, I could see in your expression you were having some fun with that one. I’d have said, just go look up the Eagles band and read about that.. lol


how the hell? i can improve my writting skill.

ps: ur magic smilling, impressed me (:



I did this quis is 100% correct, I have no mistake. I so perfect for this lesson. Thanks so much.


Thank u miss
you do great job :)


It is an outstanding lesson.


It’s a great Lesson ,I love it!!!!!!!!!
Thank you .

Israel Cuellar

I love you teacher Emma! more lessons from you please :)


thanks Enma, what a nice lesson!


Une lesson très utulie et trèes bien enseignée.

Thanks a lot


when hell freeze’s over what does this means


    Hi!Azra, answering the the question that you had asked about the meaning of ¨When hell freezes over it means like it´s never going to happen, For example you would say I will jump off the Naigara falls when hell freezes over…. Meaning I´ll never jump off the naigara fall…. This example is pretty straightforward I mean very easy,I hope you have undertood, You take care!! Azra22


Hey! Hi! Emma, Just to let you know that you did a tremendous job by bringing up this Hell expression, Like you said it`s extremelly usedful in Movies, sitcoms,reality shows,everyday conversations and whatnot, You did a hell of great job! Keep up the good work girl! Nicely done!


I’m exciting on your lesson of u. It makes me study like hell! thanks for all thing!
have a nice day.


Hi Emma,
I say, Hell YES!


It’s a very interesting axplanation of “hell expressions”. Thank you!


Great lesson Emma! Question: “Hell” as in bad or wrong? Such as: this cake tastes like hell (Bad Flavour) or last time I tried to give him some advise, it went like hell. Are these sentences right? Tks!


Fill in the blank: To _____________ with it! I give up.

Emma I said “the hell”.
But, “hell” was correct? Why? If you answer my question, I will be appreciate.


I’m a teacher of physics a secondary school.

And my style of teaching, such as your style!

By the way I see the first lesson in this series I have been downloaded all your lessons .
I have a question??
Is it possible to change the formulas in the previous lesson, for example saying;
When the hell he succeeded in the test !!

When we see a lazy student success in the test .

Thank you very much, and I hope to give us more


Sure, my answer will be “Hell yeah!”
You’re awesome!


Hell yes, I will continue watching yours videos, they are great!!!!


Excellent issues altogether, you simply received a new reader. What might you suggest about your publish that you simply made a few days in the past? Any sure?


Hey ! you are the best teachers motivating many to learn and enjoy English,you really made it user friendly global language.


thanks emma.good explaination.i understand you easily

nashat anwar

this is very useful issues. we are extremely appreciate your efforts with us and giving this Inestimable information’s :)


Is it correct?

How the hell old are you?


Emma, thank you. You are clear as a bell.


Oi pedro você por acaso é brasileiro? se me responder eu posso ser seu professor por enquanto aqui e ensino em portuguÊs muito mais fácil para aprender eu lhe ensino e pode até sair fluentemente falando ^^ Obrigado amanhã dia 4,5,6 vou entrar aqui de novo. sou professor de inglês,lhe aguardo.Até amanhã


I´m not from Brazil, I’m from Honduras. Thank you.


6/8 very hard lesson,thanks


Congratulations Emma. your lessons are great and very useful,your are doing a great job.this site is really wonderful.i can say i have become addicted of it.it has been helping me a lot since i joined here.Thank you:)


Dear Ms Emma thank you very very much, you are a great teacher and choose great & interesting topics to teach. I’ve got much benefits from your lessons, well-done and take care


hi.emma could you give me solution for about my speaking still broken. tell me now,please


Hi emma!
you are a great teacher!
i don’t understand the word ‘intensifier’ on the board, i think that that word is intensified!


Great lesson! I liked it, even thought I knew almost all the expressions. The only thing that I would like to say is that if your is pregnant and you need to go to the hospital what you should NOT do is drive recklessly; probably you said it with your best intention, but it’s a very advice. In that case you should drive always in a calm and safety way. :)


Great lesson! I liked it, even thought I knew almost all the expressions. The only thing that I would like to say is that if your wife is pregnant and you need to go to the hospital what you should NOT do is drive recklessly; probably you said it with your best intention, but it’s a very bad advice as it would be worse to have an accident in the way to the hospital and that is what probably would happen. In that case you should drive always in a calm and safety way or ask for help to the police. :)


you’re fantastic, It was great. thanks a lot.


haha, I got 8 out of 8, what the hell going on? i’ve just having a class with Emma! :D


Are you guys in CANADA?
I’m in the USA.Does the lessons work for me??


We really appreciate U so much ,we like the ways U teach ,the voice U talk,also your professional body language ,so please give us some more NEW engvid made by U. How do U think?

Quang dinh

thanks for this very interesting lesson.thank once again


The hell is expresion very used and very difficolt to undestand ……expirence don’t you?


this website is awesome. i have learned a lot from provided lessons. thank you all for your help!


Dear Emma thanks very much since you were very helpfull, and I learned so many useful things with you…grammar,vocabulary, panctuation etc.
I watched all your videos on this site and I look forward to watching new videos.
Happy Halloween Day.

evangelia ammari

Thank you Emma you are a great teacher .

Hell yeahhhhhhhhh all of us love your lessons .:)


Hello, Emma
I am a teacher of English at an international school in the United States, I really love this lesson and would like to use it in a lesson on peer-coaching. I was wondering if there are any inhibitions regarding this copyright-wise or something.


Hello, Emma!
I love the way you pronounce the word. You are a great teacher because you have a wonderful ability to explain the sentences with examples. I’m learning a lot from you videos. Hell yeah! your are great teacher …….


hi , Emma
teacher of English from Egypt.
ur realy beyond comapre like ur lessons so much .


Hi Emma,
Is there any possibility to invite you to Ankara/Turkey for a 2 weeks session english with my 17 years young son who is a two times osteosarcoma survivor? Please tell me also the financial aspect which off course is entirely and only upto your decision. all the best.
father of a hero


can i ask u something? could u possibly tell us where we can use the structures like ‘will have+pp’ or ‘can’t have+pp’?
i wanna know in which situation we use them


    Hello. I think some examples will help you better: Ted and Amy have been married for 24 years( Present perfect)
    1) Next year they will have been married for 25 years .
    2) He is a slow worker and he will not have finished his work before 6 o’clock.

    I hope these help you. Best regards


here’s another question.Are we supposed to say ‘who the hell is he?’ or ‘who in hell is he?’
Which one does make more sense?
Thank u a million times


Good lesson! I liked it! Hell yeah!


Hi!! Here is Daniel from Brazil. I would like to know why you teach this lessons for free. You could have a lot of money if you were teaching at a formal school. The world needs more people like you!!! Thanks a lot! Ta-ta for now!!


im really lookin forward to gettin an answer.
please help me


Very good and very usefull. Thanks.


iam realy thank you emma it is sooooooooo useful


1- GIVE SOMEONE HELL= to speak to someone in a very angry way. E.g.: My wife’s giving me hell for not selling the car.
2- GO TO HELL= insult (rude, not polite). E.g.: Go to hell!, I’m not gonna help you anymore.
3- TO / THE HELL WITH IT!= an expression used to reject an idea. E.g.: person 1: hey lets all go to that party and get drunk tonight! person 2: to hell with that! I have finals in the morning!
4- FOR THE HELL OF IT= without having any particular reason or purpose. E.g.: I have no practical use for the Finnish language, but I’m studying it for the hell of it.
5- LIKE HELL= used for describing a verb very badly. E.g.: My shoulder hurt like hell.
6- WHEN HELL FREEZES OVER= signifies that something will never happen. E.g.: – Chris are you planning to marry Maria. – Oh yes!, when hell freezes over.. haha.


    Hell yes

    I like too much of your classes?

    Ana Alessandra

I’m studying english like hell.

Tnx for your help! I like so much your videos! What the Hell is you? :)


hey emma ur lessons are so cool and
so you are !! :D is this correct english ?


very exciting lesson..

i really enjoyed it..

thank you teacher emma

hussein syd

thankq very much teacher emma.


tnx for efforts
anx for your “hell no”
and hell & paradise exist
in another spacetime
tnx over & over again


Very good lesson.. :D I will use “the hell” for the hell of it :D can I say that? :D


    What the hell, why not :)

    engVid Moderator

Nice lesson.


I heard native English speaker said “I put you to hell”
What is that mean?


What the hades!!!!I am astonished!thank you!!!


awesome lesson I’ve certaily learned a lot from it…thank you so much Emma


Yes! But “hell” is not as bad of a word.

engVid Moderator

Awesome!!!! pretty and intelligent teacher by the way!!!


Yes! Very intellibent teacher! And very nice too. I also say: Hell, yes! I love to study English with EngVid teachers!


you all go to hell) thank you Emma ^_*

MaGa 4e4en

hi dear Emma! i’m learning English like hell and you’re perfect teacher ! i’m grateful you

love x :)


what the hell is that way of teaching! this is very enjoyable and the linked test also unique.
Realy thank you.. please give more videos


I enjoyd watching this class on hell expression, it’s a nice moern way of teaching. I just learnt a lot of new expression that u either didn’t know about it or was using it in wron way. From now on, I will watch all the availble classes of this series. Thank you for making Englisg language that amizingand attractive.

Mahamat Nour


I hope to say go to hell play with the fire…


thanks a lot Miss Emma!
i’ve been looking for slang words for a long time, and i’ve just found it here!


Very very very very very helpful lessons


Thank you! It was really helpful


If you ask me this lesson is so good. and you are gorgeous teacher. speaking of I’m lerarning like hell. :)


hey Emma! Iy is my first visit to this website which i found it really so exciting.I learn new things from you! and now you are in my good books,In my book, you are a great teacher so i do wish and i do hope that one day there will be many teachers as you!


helllllllllllllllllllllll yes


Thanks Emma I like your lessons they’re very useful. Hell yeahhh !


Hi Emma, good job.Thank you very much!


Hi Emma’
The recently these days I’m in deliberate watched the You Tobe on the net and link to address of EngVid.com at the end of video.So I can watch plenty helpful lessons from you & your friends.
this is my opinions that you are the best teacher I have ever seen , in the each lesson you raised suit example with explain carefully it took everyone easier to understand.This is very very important to beginning learner as me, if some words or sentences without explaining in the using we could not understand , the dictionary helping limited and confusing in use.
I don’t have the time to learn English at school or center but now I got you now, you are the best key to help me opening to learn English, I think I am fortunate.I wish your family & you healthy , prosperous forever let you build more the lessons for everybody in the world .
one again thankful, grateful to you and your friends ,keep up at good work.

Best Regards,
Khoa (Mr) from Vietnam


I can understand what the HELL is.
I am heard only but I have never seen it before.
it is very helpful for my current job


Hi Emma
I really want our English speed, vocabulary and accent. How the heaven will I achieve it?
I really am interested in English


Dear Emma I´ve learnt and had a lots fun on your hell´s lesson indeed! It reminded me one funny slang our: “If you are at the hell why not met and Devil´s shake hands”.Are you have got something similar ? Anyway, thanks by such good lesson !


Thank you,Emma I have ever heard this slang in the movie.but I can not understand. I try to guess it. Right now,I see.


Hi Emma, i am Gopal.I want to know when to use should, shall,could, can , will, would. ?


How the hell am I not going to like this video ?


Thank you Emma!


hi Emma. thanks. it is helpful for me


it was hell awesome emma. thanks alot. nice job


when the hell freezes over , i hate this expression it s like saying “when you cobble the sea ” in arabic
i loathe this type of expressions


I will dislike your class when hell freezes over


yeahhhh Emma, 100 %. Thnx.


Emma you’re so cute.where do u live in Canada I’m gonna go to Canada again for u. have you any languange school in canada.if you have I’ll enroll you’re best in the world :))))))


It is very interesting lesson.


Thank you for funny teaching!


I enjoyed the lesson! That didn’t seem last 20 min because the content is very interesting :) thanks Emma!


Emma I want to say that you are the best teacher, I hope I will go to study at an university from Irland, thank you for all your time.If there is someone who wants to talk in English trying to improve, just send me an e-mail michl.madalina@yahoo.com I really need a person who can talk to me in English…see u soon, xoxo


Bush Did a Hell of a Job. Hell Yeah!


Is it Canada is a U.S. colony? Because Canadian people speaks really like ‘Americans’ . I am very disappointed.


I repeat it and sure again 100 %. You are great Emma.Thanks


Thanks a lot Emma. I will go to Mars when hell freezes over.^^


Hi there,
thanks Emma for that great lesson,
I got 8 correct out of 8, although my English is not good,
Really, thank you so much :)


your lesson help me really a lot. thanks, i cant believe that this website is free


I like your teaching. Thank you very much.


don’t get hell!

abdallah soukel

Thanks 100%
I can’t saw the vedio pleas tell how i can saw?

Abdullah Mosavi19

    Hi Abdullah! Can you see any other Youtube videos, or is it just this one that won’t play for you?

    engVid Moderator

NO: ican’t see none of them,

Abdullah Mosavi19

Excellent lesson!!!
But there are few quiz questions. There should be much more… :)


Hi Miss Emma I am thankful to you because the way you explained is excellent and i have a question plz tell me this idiom is correct or not (it’ high time you studied) plz tell me why we use past in it ?

samar hussain

And one thing more i am in particularly difficult position in acquiring the knowledge of English because it is foreign language foreign to me in spirit, in origin,in traditions plz i want your help Miss Emma

samar hussain

thanks for the lesson :)
I’ve a question
can I say to someone I’ll give you hell ?


hell yeah.You are the best Emma.I can understand every single word that you are saying.thank (:
ı ll never say myself that “To hell with studying English”…


Wow..i love it. The language is driving me crazy. It’s really interesting and so funny. Thank you so much. Keep helping us study English !!! Hell yeahh


Hi, Emma you´re so pretty ando smart. Thanks for your classes. I also work as a teacher.


Thanks got 75%.

Abdul Qayum

Hi Emma good lesson.

Aarthi K



I got 8 of 8 :-)
This lesson was very useful to understand all of those expression kinds.
Emma I have a question.
what is the meaning of heck?
I’ve listened it in some movies.


best website ever


Hell yeah! I’m gonna watch your videos!


i really like your lesson
it’s very useful


great , congratulation teacher….


Thank you!




It is the longest video in Engvid. Thanks

Sallon yu

Thanks teacher Emma you know I wanna see something. Emma,I will stop watching your lessons when the hell freezes over

Kamal Alqulidi

Hi there,
Teacher, guys and girls I wanna practice my English with someone could you please help me
this is my e-mail/ Alqulidi@yahoo.com
or chatting by facebook
and this is my name in facebook
Kamal Alqulidi

Kamal Alqulidi

Hi Emma,
thank you that was a good lesson.This is my first time that comment on your video,i learned that the word Hell describes verb, but i have heard from English speakers that Hell describe adjective as well, like it is as hard as hell,it is as hot is hell, it is as tough as hell,and many more,so please if you could explain it to me, thanks in advance.


thanks teacher Emma for this lessons but i’m just starter ad i’ll do my best tobe here every day thank you all of you

ilyes alouani

I like your simle Emma


Hell yeah! great lesson great teacher!


thanx emma that was a good lesson


thanks teacher Emma about this lessons .we learn more from you .

ibo albra

hell great video!! haha .thank you emma :)


We have in Russia similar expressions with word “Hell”.

Oleg-St. Petersburg

Your explanation is very interesting

Thank you very much

fahad bozn

100 hell yeah

john ayman

great thank you so much ……hell yes!!!!!


I would like to say …… hell yes!


thnx teacher it’s such a great video …bt if u don’t mind i would like u to explain the meaning of ‘to the hell with it’ cuz i didn’t understand it
thnx again in advance ^_^


Hell yeah!


it’s great lesson , and useful too , i’m new here i hope to learn more from your website , because i feel that you;re a great teacher and you full of knowledge , i undestand your accent very well , i started learning this beautiful language six months ago and i wasn’t know anything about it but know i found out that i’m improving my language step by step , please i have a question , what do you think about someone like me in this case , i mean is that period that has passed express how much i tried to be a good student , because i have studying american english for two – three hours daily through six months as said , and i’m still doing that because i decided to be a good speeker , and this language caused me a lot of the right dcisions in my life , the next year i’ll be there in the united states to coninue my study at the community college , now the problem is ; i feel that i’m still not ready to travel , because i fear to make mistakes , thank you so much have a nice day . bye . reply me

wahid alia

I haven’t known about the idioms including ‘hell’. I could learn a lot in this lesson. Thank you, Emma!


Thank you Emma it’s a really great lesson for me


Thank you so much


I am studying Like hell on engvid.com ;)


Thanks a lot :-)


Thank you very much!


Thanks, it helps.


hello emma. that’s wonderful class. i really loved it.
Take care and thank you.


Thanks Dear Emma.

Mohsen Barati

you are good tracher thanks alot.


ooh what the hell! i meant you are a good teacher and thanks a lot


Dear Emma
I am crazy about your English lessons. I understand everything you delivers.I wonder if you could prepare a killer lesson on some common catchphrases and deliver as soon as possible.Bye.

Kedar Mani Aryal

hey I’ve got 8 to 8…
Wonderful lesson Ms.Emma…


like you so much!
for the hell of it!


What a hell score.
I’ve got 8 out of 8…


What a lesson! Thank you.


Thanks a lot for your help


Thank you so much Emma.


thank you Emma, it’s just that i don’t like much that red ink you use, can’t see it clearly enough unlike those of black markers. Sorry.

ann ann

Thank you for this leeson. I enjoyed it.




This is best way for learn english.
I really love it.I follow you for certain.
Good luck.


really nice


I’ve got 7 to 8 hell yeah! haha

Nando Rodrigues

Thanks again.


Thanks Emma and what the hell to see good speaking English language


Great explanation in a very fun way with understanding examples. I can say, To hell with him, if my friend is not answer me when I calling him. If somebody ask me why did you do that I can say for the hell of it, if I don’t have a reason for doing that or I do it for fun. I can say: When the hell freezes over when I think I never do this. A: When are going to watch football game? B: I’ll watch it when the hell freezes over.

Jon Snow

A guy likes me but we have different religion so I’ll be in a relationship with him when hell freezes over.


Hi, Mam Emma, you are a really nice teacher, I have learned a lot from you and learning. thank you so much.


Hi, Emma I become confused with this question:
When hell freezes over is a funny way to say never.
How it is not a funny way to say never?! though there was the answer but couldn’t get that.


Hi Emma!
what the hell is this vidio?
It,s wonderful lecture,i will quit watching your lectuers when the hell freezes over!
please take care!


Teacher Emma is the best.


thank you emma


Thank you Emma so much,I love to learn from your vodies everthing about English


Thanks, Emma. Good lesson. I got 100


I like this topic!
Hell yeah for Emma’s lesson!
Thank you Emma !


what such a wonderful web for english learners to learn English, I love all of teachers in engvid>


he’ll = /hiːl/
hill = /hɪl/

Check video time 01.52


Why the hell am I here? This is my favorite lesson about the use of the word Hell. Hell hell hell hell jajaja


Good lesson! Hell yeah!


like it

Roozbeh Pirabbasi

Thanks so much Emma . It’s a great class. I found it helpful.

Halim Ebrahim

If somebody asks me “is Emma a good teacher?” I’ll say Helllllllllllllllllllllll yeah!


thank you so much


You got 8 correct out of 8.

thank you

M kartal

Hell yeah


dear Emma
thanks a lot


Such a great website


thank you for your lesson


Hey, thanxx teacher. But would u like to make us understand basic rules of Subject verb agreement. Its urgent now. Please Emma teacher if u like to teach it.


8 out of 8! Hell yeah!


Explain me, please why hell in expressions “give someone hell, go to hell, when hell freezes over” is used without “the”?


Good episode!
Emma, thank you for your job!


Amazing teacher.

al willis

Thanks Emma for explaining the meaning of expression with HELL and how to use it in the right place and the right way.

S Chit Chit Win

Hell yeah teacher!! I like your way of move haha. I like how you do your lessons. Best regards!



Syed. Ahmed

I am very happy to be able to study English with Emma she is a great teacher thanks for your compassion ??


7/8! I stop learning English with Emma when hell freezes over. Study English watching Emma’s video, Hell yes!

Jerry Gu

how the hell useful it is!


Thank you for your lesson, Emma. This is a fun lesson and I learnt a lot.10/10


Thank you Ms. Emma.


Hello Emma, how are you? Your classes are wonderful!! Thank you!

Carlos Costa

Thank you.

Ajmain Fayek

Thank you


hell yes !!!
Thanks Emma

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