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Thank you very much, Rebecca. I like your videos. It really help me.


    Very clear and very essential


    Rebecca explains stuff very clearly ty Rebecca!!


      i already knew this since i’m originally English but it still helps to revise!


Hi Rebecca, the lessons you has taught is very informative, thank you so much. Im very happy to be the first person made a comment in your class.


    Hello, It’s nice to meet a person from VN here, especially from Nghe An. I’m from Ha Tinh, can I make friend with you? :)


    The use of this article -The- is a real headache for beginners and even for advanced students.

    The use of abstract nouns makes it even a bit more complicated to master its use.

    You chose a subtle teaching point for your grammar lesson Rebecca.

    Thanks for sharing all this with us. You’re right “Knowledge is power”.

    Thanks again!


You are always very clear and explicit, I dare say that your lessons are a real delight. Thank you very much, Rebecca.


“The” has always been difficult for me. But thanks to your lesson, I got some concept.


Thank you very much Rebecca. I do like your lessons, as all of them contain a lot of examples to make the main idea more clear.
By the way, question number 4 is a bit tricky, isn´t it??


You got 10 correct out of 10.


I am just copied the comment which is the same as mine.
You are always very clear and explicit, I dare say that your lessons are a real delight. Thank you very much, Rebecca


Hi Rebecca.Please let me know why in the fourth sentence it is used :”Respect “and not “The respect”?,because as you have expainded “the”is for a specific thing,so as it is about “elders”,I thought that it’s correct using “the respect”.Thank you.


    I have the same question like this ;)


    Me too.


The answer to the 4th question is contradictory to what you’ve taught in this lesson, especially in the example with ‘laughter’. So, which one is correct? Respect or the respect? Or maybe both, depending on whether you consider something as general or specific?


Thank you Rebecca.


Yes I also confused with 4th question


    Hi, in my opinion, “respect” is the wright answer because that is very general ideal in all over the world; it is not specific thing . I hope this help.


      I agree with you

      Hani al shafie

I got 10 correct ouf of 10 without watching the lesson ,, only by sense :D

now .. it’s time to watch the lesson

Shaher Mosaad

Thank you so much Ms. Rebecca for such very useful course, however, I have one concern in your example N* 4, cause you specified there that the respect is for elders, therefore it is wrong to use Respect here.



    Hani al shafie

by the way ,, i’ve considered question number 4 as a general concept because of this sentence ( as a part of many cultural traditions ) .. because w don’t talk about respect of elders in a specific tradition !

Am i right ??

Shaher Mosaad

Thank you Rebecca, the video is very informative. It would be very nice if you make a video about using the indefinite artickle A before abstract noun.


Ohh its too usefull thanks you sooooo much the lesson i got is too much informative.
God bless you dear


Rebecca, Thanks for the very understandable lesson. WOW, I even didn’t make any mistake there.


Great! Thanx


Thank you Rebecca for good lesson .There are many beautiful, general and specific ideas in it. I want to ask, in 7th sentence of the quiz can we write education, without the?




The Lesson you taught us is really very helpful.
Thankyou Ma’am :)

Anu Gupta

Sorry to hear that some students had a problem with Question 4. What I explained in the lesson is still true. Question 4 seemed a little more challenging because it talked about “respect for elders”, which seemed like it was specific. However, we are speaking about “respect for elders” as a general concept. We are speaking about “respect for elders” in general and not about any specific group of elders, like the elders in my family or the elders of a tribe. Therefore, the guideline to NOT use “the” still applies. Hope this helps!


    By the same token, it should have been ‘laughter’ and NOT ‘the laughter’ in your last example sentence in the video. That’s what confused many students.


      I agree with you (soarq)
      can we say?
      laughter is magical.( off course not)
      off-course we have to add a noun after laughter.
      so I think it will be ( laughter of children is magical)
      but if we used (the)it will be like this
      (the laughter of the children is magical)
      am I right.


    Hi Rebecca,
    Thank you a lot for the video. Still it is not quite clear to me why can’t we, according to your explanation for the “respect for elders” question, say “Laughter of children” referring to the question from the video? It can be treated as referring to children in general, not some specific children, as well. What are the hints/pointers to clearly recognize the difference?


    Hi Rebecca
    I have an IELTS EXAM next Junuary 2021
    I need your help


As ever your lessons are very useful. Now I undertood when I use the article “The”. Thank you very much!


    Thank you very much. So glad you find the lessons useful, celsofurtado. I admire all our students who take charge of their future by taking the initiative to learn on their own. I wish you all the best.


I messed up the question 4 as well ;)


Thanks a million Madam! I really love your way of teaching. It’s so simple and understandable way. Your’e gorgeous .It was a good idea to explain about Using”the” because i have a big problem in using it in the sentence. I’m going to be an English teacher in my city.I hope to be a good teacher like you,my English needs help though?.ThankGod,I’m improving my English by this out of this world site.
Good bye my favourite teacher,
Take care,
Go ahead!

Bushra hg

    Thank you for your very kind comments. I am so glad to hear you are going to join our profession. You seem to have a lot of enthusiasm and passion as a person and that is such an important characteristic in any teacher. The ability to believe in our students and offer them our best is key. I wish you all the best with your English, your career, and the wonderful students you will meet along the way. I wish you all the best, Bushra hg.


thanks it was very helpful




The little details make the difference when you are learning english.

I got confused now!!!!but thanks !!!!


The use of “THE” has been confusing me for a long time. Finally I got it clear. Thanks Rebecca


The important key to understand “THE” is to think and decide which it is either “general”or “specific”.
General concept is not put “the” ahead of the word.
Thanks Rebecca !

Masahiro Iseki

Very nice! Thanks for teaching!


would you like to teach us about vocabulary and anything related to law and law court


Thank you Rebecca for this lesson .
We can use too the article “a” with words of general ideas when spécified .
e.g : a life of misery is worse than death . Education of quality is required to work in the luxury sector . You must have got an education of quality to ……
Hope I am right .
See you


Hi Rebecca! Your website (EngVid.com) is the most important and the most favorite site to learn English for me! And you Rebecca are among the best Teachers website – together with such a superb teacher Ronnie, Adam, Emma and Alex !!! You are the best teacher in the world !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you Rebecca for your excellent work !!!


    Thank you very much from me and all of the engvid team for your very generous and kind comments. I am so glad to know you find our site helpful. Please do like us on facebook, where you can find more engvid viewers, followers, and information. I wish you all the best.


This is a good lesson,very helpful.I got nine out of 10.The idea how to use it is clear.thank you!


Thanks for a very helpful lesson, Rebecca.
I got to solidify when to use THE.


I would like to know that English app is free or not. :)

Hnin Kay

    This website is free! Enjoy and learn! All the best to you.


Thanks for the lesson Rebecca! I was wrong at question 4 but I read your comment and understood. Thanks for your clarification! God blesses you!


    Me too!

    Júlio César L Sousa

Thank you!


Thank you. Your lesson is very helpful. Now,i have some understanding about it))


HiRebecca! I’m very happy to be with you . I really admire the way in which you deal with the lesson.you explain “how to use (the)”simplly.but lthink there are more. You are a brilliant instructor


    Thank you for your kind words. I am glad you found the lesson helpful. To see whether you really mastered the point, try to explain it to someone else. Then, it will become an even stronger part of you. All the best, Mohammed.


Thank you Rebecca, you are great.


    Aww…you’re great too! I couldn’t be a teacher without all my amazing students. Thank you and all the best to you.


80/100 but i am ver happy thnak you very much Rebecca . I am getting better by your lessons.


    Thank you so much, Ahmed. I am so happy to hear that you are improving your English through these lessons. Please read through some of my other comments here for more ideas on how to benefit the most from these lessons. I wish you all the best.


thank you teacher Rebecca it is really excellent
i have got 9 correct out of 10.


    Great! Congratulations! Glad to know the lesson helped you. Warm wishes to you.


Thank you Rebecca.I saw the explain for question 4,let me understood.


Hi Rebecca, thanks for this lesson. The use of “the” sometmes is a little bit confusing, but now I got a better understanding about when to use it.


    That’s the way! A little bit goes a long way. Congratulations and all the best!


hi, Rebecca very helpfull lesson, but i have 7 of 10, not so bad for begin :)
thank you for your job – teach us :)


    Congratulations on focusing on the part of the glass that’s full rather the other part. Stay positive and know that every small improvement can lead to BIG results. Thanks, and my best wishes to you.


      Sorry, in my comment above, I meant to say:

      rather THAN the other part

      Got too excited!


I’ve got a good grade…I’m happy!_


    Yep, always learn with joy! That’s another key to effective learning. All the best to you.


Hello Rebecca. Great job! Thanks a lot.
★ I enjoy watching English video lessons.
★ I enjoy watching THE English video lessons
made by teacher Rebecca.

Júlio César L Sousa

    Hey! Congratulations, Julio! You got it! The best way to master what you have learned is to apply it as soon as possible and often. Then it becomes a part of you. Thanks and all the best to you.


      Thank you very much, Rebecca.

      Júlio César L Sousa

Thanks Rebecca!!!!!!!!!!!

Aline Matos

I got only 90 because of question # 4.

Júlio César L Sousa

Thanks teacher…


    Hi Gumer,I read your profile and I found out your’re a web page designer. How do you like this website?

    It’s great to run across some Mexicans on the web.

    Regards, see you around!


Very good examples in the test. I did 9 of 10. Exept for, as you can guess, number four.) Thanks!

Valery teacher

Thankstoo much for your videos


While you’re learning how to use “the”, check out these other lessons:

My earlier lesson on using “the” with places:


Jade’s detailed lesson on when NOT to use “the”:


You can also download Alex’s resource on the same subject

So many points to learn about this very common little word, but I know you can do it, one understanding at a time! All the best!

(See how I used “the” in that phrase? Because it was a superlative form — the best, the worst, the smallest, the largest, etc. — another way we use “the”!)


perfect , you provide avery clear rule ,many thanks


Thanks Rebecca for this lesson!

The respect I have for you is enormous.

Fabio Cicerre

Thank you soo much,this lesson was very useful.


    So glad the lesson helped you. Please write your own sentences and / or review the lesson again as many times as necessary so you can make this change a part of you. Repetition makes remembering easier. Wishing you all the best.


I loved this vídeo. I could understand the entire lesson. I found out the diferente between an abstract and common noun and when is the correct case tu use “the”…. thanks

Mario Martinez

    The Internet is an excellent choice to learn a foreign language Mario. You are on the right track.

    It’s great to run across some Mexicans on the web.

    Regards, see you around!


Why do we say “back of the building” but “the back of the car”?


    As Gill says in “Many ways to use the word ‘BACK'”


Question 4 has a little bit challenging and easy make mistake between concept and specific.


Thanks for the video. We hope there are many more to come.My student’s English level is improving thanks to your videos. ?


    Thank you so much for taking the time to leave such a kind comment and for sharing the lessons with your students. It is always an honor to hear from a fellow English teacher. Please let me know if your students have any special problems or questions and I might be able to record a lesson for you and them. Thanks again, and all the best to you and all your students from me and the team at engvid.


Thanks Rebbeca…
It was very helpful

Fábio Gilson

Practice makes perfect.
One of the secrets of fast learning English is the practice of it.:) Thank you Rebbeca.


    You said it, Joni79. Practice is the key, as repetition helps our brain to remember smoothly and easily. It would be a good idea to watch and review this lesson again after a few days or even a few times so that the principles are very clear and obvious in your mind. Also, it is very helpful to do something with the information yourself, such as writing your own sentences about your life. The more we apply learning to our own lives, the more real and memorable the information becomes to us. In that way, you strengthen the connections in your brain and develop fluency easily and naturally. I wish you all the best!


Thank you Rebecca! Your lesson on the use of “the ” when we specify has been very useful. Be well…


A very good lesson but 4th question a bit confusing


Hi there dear Rebecca: I got 9/10 and I finally can be clear on the use of “the”, your video was helpful for me :) Kind regards.


    Me the same. I got 9/10 and I am reading comments to more remember @@


      Yes, reading the comments is also a useful way to get more out of the lesson. Thank you nguyenduythai143. I wish you all the best!


    Pachoryno, glad to hear the lesson helped you understand this point. Language is made up of many small points and the more we master, the more fluent we become, one small change and improvement at a time! I wish you all the best!


That is to say,If a general concept had an adjunct then it needs a word of THE?


Thank you

OmAr Raad

Thank you so much , i really appreciate !


    thanks, It was really helpful.

    Taqveem Ul Haq

8 to 10, it is not too bad, I will practice more, thank you very much!!


    8 out of 10 is a good score Mary. I agree with you, practice makes perfect (La practica hace al maestro).

    Greetings to you from Mexico City.

    P.D. By the way, I’ve seen few Mexican people around, I mean on this website.


80 out of 100 :) not bad at all :)


Thank you so much:)
But I have trouble with my memories :(, I cant remember these lesions?? I wish that someone can help me with this.


    To remember the lessons more easily, please see my comments to Joni79 above. It will certainly help you to watch the video once; it will help even more to watch the same lesson again a few times, till it feels like you could teach the lesson! Then it is really a part of you and the right words will flow more easily when you speak English. Try it with this lesson and you will see the difference by the end of the week. You don’t have a bad memory, you just need to train your memory bu using it in the right ways. Please also check my website on http://www.goodluckexams.com. It has many tips on improving your memory and learning more effectively and easily. I wish you all the best. Stay strong and positive.


Thank you for lesson. How you typed in this test – knowledge is power! So thank you for sharing this power with us!


    Thanks, Daffitz. So glad you found the lesson useful. The correct way to express what you wanted to say is as follows:

    As you typed / wrote /mentioned in the test, knowledge is power.

    I wish you lots of knowledge and power! Brain power is the best!


Just say thank you.


    Hello Luima ! Are you from D.R.


Thank you Rebecca! It really was the information I needed:)


    So glad the lesson helped you. All the best!


Thank you Rebecca !i’m happy to know how is the correct form now. Really nice lesson .


    Thank you! Glad to hear the lesson helped you. Every lesson can improve your lesson, one step at a time. By the way, please check http://www.goodlucktoefl.com if you are still planning to take the TOEFL. I wish you all the best, lumigeorge.


Many thanks


Thanks teacher

Chau Le

thank you rebecca for giving information about useof “the” but i want to some more information about the use “the”.


    Please check my comments above with links to our other lessons on “the”. They will help you get a deeper understanding and mastery of this very important little word! All the best!


Thank you very much my dear teacher . I wich you 100 percent be healthy , much student , much money and to be famous famous teacher in the world . Good luck, Take care of yourself !


    Oh my goodness! Thank you so much, Muhammed. So many blessings, which I can only share with all the wonderful people in the world who want to improve themselves to lead happier, more successful lives. We are all learners as well as teachers. I wish you all the best.


finally, i got it. Thank you Rebecca


    “Finally, I got it.”

    The magic words that go straight to a teacher’s heart. Thank you so much, sebernet! I wish you all the best.


Thank you Rebecca , I will do that… I have a lot of work to do, my TOEFL exam will be in July.


Thank you Rebecca ,Now I can improve my grammar.


Thank you very much Rebecca! You are a very nice person! I like your way to learn English. It’s really a pleasure to learn with you. Take care of yourself! All the best for you!


Thanks a lot Rebecca! :)


Hello Rebecca, I have one question about “Honesty is an essential part if all relationship” , it’s not the specific about relationship? I’m looking for your answer. :-) have a good day


Thank you Rebecca, I used to use the preposition without thinking in the rule.


Only question 4, wasn’t easy


The lesson you gave us is really Great. Thank you Rebecca.:D You are Great Teacher!




This lesson is very useful…thank you Rebecca:)))


The thohgt about respect for elders is really a bit tricky because laughter of children is always nice (not only of specific children). So I was confused a little.


thanks a lot Rebecca , I’ve learned so much with your videos , you’re teaching pretty good , and I thankfull for whole lesson that you’ve done.


Thank you! Your lessons are very easy to understand and it was very informative!


Thank you, ma’am Rebecca.


Thank you teacher ^_^

Abdel engVid

i fond of your lessons, exelent explanation)


Dear Rebecca,
Thank you for your feedback on Leave a comment.
Yours sincerely.


Thank Rebecca for the quiz. Really important


Thank you Rebecca.
I really love you.


thank you Rebecca, I started watching your videos not long ago and they´re very good!!! I´m about to take toefl and notice I need so much more to be a good speaker jejejeje thank you


i got 70%


thank you rebacca your lessons helping a lot me……..!!!!!!!!


Thanks Rebacca, its really useful.


I like your lessons very much. Really thank you very much Rebecca:):):)

Novak Dean

i like the lessons much, thank a lot


Thank you for the brilliant lesson. As there aren’t any articles in Russian Language, we are always having trouble with them.
I’ve got a problem with Q7 as I coudn’t get the idea of ‘education’ from the context.

Could you, please, comment my notes?

1. Having enough money for education of our three children is our main concern.

This phrase, for example, means for me that the family hasn’t chosen a University or a school for its children and they do not know yet how much they might pay for it in the future, or the kids are too small and attend a kindergarten, but the parents are already nervous about possible future problems, or the parents are trying to follow a trend to send children to university ay any price .

2. Having enough money for THE education of our three children is our main concern.

This sentence means for me that the family has already chosen the college or the school, or they know definitely that the children must go to the University. The idea of leaving the kids without good education is unbearable for the family.

Thank yo in advance.


Thanks! I got it!


Rebecca I have no another word for showing my gratitude toward the great job your doing than to say Thank you very much.


Thank you very much, Rebecca.

Ivan Gubanov

Thanks Teacher Rebeca.I got 90 score :))


The knowledge I learn in English from EngVid is an essential.Did I say right,


thanks Rebecca but it still confused a little because why you didn’t say laughter of children is magical …. i didn’t specify which children i mean …it’s like the example: Respect for elders is a part of many cultural traditions


It’s so easy, when you write, but it’s difficult when, you speak


Thanks, Rebecca. Great lesson.I made one mistake. It’s 4th sentence.I got 90.


thank you Rebecca, your courses are very easy to understand… I have a lot of problem to speak rather than understand…. Please how can i improve my speaking??


Dear Rebecca, thank you for lesson. May I ask you about your example: The laughter of children is magical. In this case may be better don’t use The because it is general statement? We are speaking about not specific children. Article The is more correct in phrase: The laughter of my children is magical.

John Silver

thanks 100


İt was very interesting lesson )) thank you ))

Onegin Evgeniy

You do a very good explanation. Thank you very much.


Thanks, teacher! I got a full mark.


Hi, Rebecca! Very nice lesson, I still have some doubts about the topic, which of these 2 sentences is correct?
The babysitter walks the dog,
Babysitter walks the dog.???
Please!!! I think is the first one, but my teacher said is was the second. I’m not talking about all the babysitters in the world, I’m talking about one in particular.
Please, help me!!!


Thanks Teacher for your lessons ! You can be professional and sweet at the same time!


Thanks for You ! It’s so cool ! very good lessons.


i got 9/10. Thank you Rebecca.

ann ann

thanks Rebecca it helps me lot


Thank Rebecca so much,this lesson was very useful
from Egypt ..


I liked this lesson very much, it’s been one of the best I have ever taken.???????


Very important lesson for me.
Thank tou


Thank you for your lessons. But I have a question about this lesson. Epxplain me, please, the “Silence is golden” is used without the article “a silence”. Why?


It was essential important to understand.
Thanks a lot Ma’am.

Sabir Ali Hakro

wow ! it was a wonderful Lesson , i appreciate

thanks Rebeca


You’re the master of your job! Thank you a lot!


clear explanation. Thanks a lot Rebecca!


Thanks Rebecca! This went more great one step improving my knowledge english language!


You got 10 correct out of 10.


M kartal

Thanks Rebecca for Explanation of “respect for elders”


Thank you very much, Rebecca.


really it was very helpful ,thanks to you I got 100%

tarik ma

Thank you very much for your clear lessons, Rebecca. It’s so precious.


Thank you very much.


Thank you, Rebecca, it is the first time I clearly see the differences between “the” or not “the”


Very good, very useful. Thanks a lot.


Thank you Rebecca,This lesson is very helpful for me

Kuldipsinh Rathod

FIRST time I understand this topic ( THE)
thanks a lot

Libyan British MAkkah

Dear Rebecca. Which sentence would be correct?
The session took longer due to patient’s outburst of anger.
The session took longer due to THE patient’s outburst of anger.



I got 9 and very good lesson and thank you


thank you Rebecca


The lessons of Rebecca are very useful.


Thank you madam


I got full marks


Rebecca you are great !!!!!!!


Thank´s Rebeca, that lesson was very useful! I like it because the use of “the” was not clearly to me for many time


Thank u its very useful


This concept is well explained. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with us.


Thank you dear Rebecca. I am eager to know more about the definite article. At first glance it seems to be easy to use “the” in a sentence, but it is tricky. I hope to learn more from you. Best.


I always lesson your video it’s really helpful. I want say thanks teacher Rebeca.


Thank you

Kunjan Diyora

Thank you teacher I got 90%

Damene Molla

Rebecca thanks for help me. Would you suggest me one program to undestand English in conversation because I understand you speaking but during conversation natural is more complicated.
Cya next class bye!


90%. Respect for elders was tricky. thanks.


Thank you teacher, I am geting better now in my english. I to 90%

Bah Abdurahim

I love this website and Maa’m Rebecca’s lessons. Thank you so much.


Thank you teacher .I got 100%

Damene Molla

? thank You so much!


Very handy exercise. Thanks for your effort.


I got 10! So Rebecca, thanks for your aid.
I so happy. It’s useful and simple to learn.
cya next time.


Got 10! Thank you so much Ma’am Rebecca!


7/10 not good enough

Vali kohestani

10 of 10 :D

Vali kohestani

10/10, thank you!


This is such a helpful video, Rebecca. Thank you!


Thanks Rebecca.
You videos are really helpful for English beginner learner.


This lesson is very useful mam.you are explained very well.thank you so much mam!


Hi Rebecca. For me this class was very interesting. I understood it all ver good. Thanks.


Thank you Rebecca, your lessons are easy to understand. 90 out of 100 is a good way to go.


all the lessons are very useful and excellent.

Ramkrishna Chhetri

Always confused with because and because of but this lession clear all my doubts.


Thank you Rebecca ! Many students failled at the question 4. Me too. So, I scored 9/10. Any explanation ? This is my first comment as I’m new in this website. Thank you


Thank u very much Rebecca. You are such a wonderful teacher.may u blessed with all the wonderful things in life..!


I got 8 to 10 I Guess it’s not Bad as a begginer?

Ayda Benjamin

Dear mam you are a very good teacher,mam my question is he had lived in California since 1995 and he had lived in California since he was a child in both cases there is no comparison of two past actions as i studied from you past perfect is use to compare two past actions then how can be both sentence correct?


thank you!


Hello ? i understand your lesson I am glad to see your lesson because it’s very Clear.


Wow!!!! I was amazing quizz. I really love it !!

Asif zakir

Thank you ma’am , you are teaching well




Thanks a lot madam.

Anup Ashok

The 4th question is confusing, thank you for clarification. You’re such a good teacher. :)


I watched this video twice on July 18, 2021, and took the quiz after watching it once. I got nine correct out of 10.


Thank you so much rebecca , your videos is very helpful for me at all the times.

khine naing

Hello dear teacher!
Thank you very much for your clear lessons, Rebecca. It’s so helpful. I got 10 correct out of 10.

Abdul Salam Qaderi

10 out of 10


Thank you Rebbeca.


Thank you mam for this amazing video.I was always in delima,where to use “the”now my all doubts are clear…I couldn’t thank you enough?


Thank you mam learning my Enlish from you❤❤


Excellent lesson. I have finished understanding when to use “The”. You make me happy! Thanks so much for this lesson.
I will continue taking your lessons.


I got it


I got full score! ? :D
Thanks a lot,Ms.Rebecca
New Year’s greetings from Kazakhstan 01 Jan2o22


This lesson is very helpful for me to understand how to use “the” especially since English is my second language. I have trouble using this grammar. I am always confused about when to use it.


Hola, yo hablo español y obtuve 9 correctas. Gracias teacher Rebeca.

David RA

I’m so gratetful for your help !:)


Rebecca you are supearb teacher!


Thank you teacher.

Farah khalify

Thanks for this video. I understood the usage of the “the” :)


Thanks Rebecca!


Knowledge is power.

Thank you madam Rebecca.

Upendo Kaluzi

Thank you! I got 9/10.


Rebecca, thank you so much!
Knowledge is power😊

Natalya Malginova

Thank you, Rebecca! Knowledge is power.


Very useful lesson. Easy to understand. Thanks


Question no 4 was very challenging but I did it and I gave the wright answer.


You got 7 correct out of 10.
Thank you Ms. Rebecca.




Thank you so much.

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