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I got 8/10, today i see you and felt is unfamilar and a little bit surprise about you, because you wear a glass, you look handsome and cool, thank Benjamin and hope you have many lessons for us

nguyen van long

Thanks a lot ,Benyamin


Thank you Benjamin for this helful lesson, it was easy to understand the way you’ve showed it, to got and comprehend these words. You looks like a million bucks today!


I’ve got 8/10 . You’re handsome and humorous

Michelle Las

When I Started Listening You I was Almost To Leave It Because I Think it would Be To Much Difficult For Me But when I Listen To You Carefully And Attempt The Quiz I Got 10 out 10 Marks. Thank A Lot!

Haneen Khan

Thanks Benjamin. You know how to foster my interest to improve English.


Hi Benjamin,

thank you for your higly helpful and useful lesson about the collocations with the noun RELATIONS.

I would have a question about the phrasal verb CUT OFF. Is it not a figurative meaning here ?

As you said, the word RELATIONS is rather formal.

Is it OK to use a figurative phrasal verb CUT OFF (Definition of CUT OFF phrasal verb from the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary) and a formal word RELATIONS ?

Thank you for your answer.

Have a nice day, Benjamin.



Great lesson Benjamin!!It will be interesting to internalise all these new verbs as soon as possible to use them in conversations.
It would also be interesting to know where anyone can buy such funny waistcoat in Spain ;)


Great lesson. I liked your sytle Benjamin.


It is so useful for people


Thank you


Sleep underneath/ beneath the blanket?

Gopal Dhar

I got 9 correct out of 10. I could guess the right answers by selecting a positive(negative) one while the others are negative(positive). Thanks always for the helpful lessons.

Insoo Yeo

Thanks a lot for the lesson

Queen Mbita

Charming teacher! Thanks for great lesson~


I’ve got 4 correct out of 10.


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Thank you.


Thank you, Benjamin!
I got 9 out of 10.

Alsina Enikeeva

sounds great

Adan said

wish I can improve my English better

Alice Qin

I got 9/10 today. I was second-guessing about the question that I got wrong. I took notes and probably going to use it on my English Class this incoming school year. Wishing myself luck! Thank you Benjamin!


Thank you


Ok ,how can I practice to speak , pronounce correctly?


Hi everyone hello Benjamin,
how’ve you been? It’s been awhile since my last lesson with you.
I got 9 out of 10 in a quiz. I need to disagree with you in point 9 of the quiz.
I would consider both answers as a correct answer (“maintain” and “strengthen”).
Why so? Because “holding trade talks” is already ongoing action. So, we can imagine that they purposely started trade talks a month ago and now they want to still maintain it.
At least what I think so. And I am far away of saying that a “strengthen” is more correct in this context.
Is there any chance Benjamin you could explain your thoughts on this?
I think the vast majority of students would appreciate since we are a triffle confused.

I wish you all have a wonderful day.


Thanks its was a good lesson


Today I take 10/10 ..Thanks for the lesson Benjamin !!


7/10 not bad i think. Thank you

Dilafruz Muydinova

i got 9 out of 10
thank you for this lesson.




Many thanks. I got 9 out of 10. It is great to feel successful.


I got 10 out of 10. Thank you for this great explanation.


Thanx a lot to Benjamín..You’re doing a great job by teaching this outstanding lesson… I really appreciate your dedicación and effort in heping the non-native ENGLISH community…Thanx a lot and God bless you…


6’10 .ı got to low point


I got 8/10. Your lesson is valuable


5/10 some thing goings rong with me.


This lecture did cement my relations between english. :) Thank you so much.


Wow ilove this quise

Mamadou wurry bah

I mean quiz

Mamadou wurry bah

Thanks a lot Mr. Benjamin.


6/10. Bad result but with the corrections, I’m getting better.Thanks a lot!


mines date 23/10/21 from Kazakstan
thank a lot,Benjamin


got 10/10, I love this lesson, thank you so much Benjamin!!

Isa Carmelita

Thank you for this great lesson. I hope to see more great videos like this and I also a full mark in this quiz

Nour Eldeen2000

Hello, Benjamin!
I got 8/10. I think that’s not so bad!
Thanks for your class about to use 17 advanced english verb. It’s very important to improve our language.
Then, take care!
God bless you!!!

Miguel Geronimo

Thanks a lot!!!10 of 10)))


Thank you for the lesson.


10/10 Thank u!




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