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90%, a good score!

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Got 10 correct out of 10.thank you

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“Process of” should be followed by “upload” or “uploading”? and why?

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    It should follows by “uploading” because “of”
    is a preposition and after preposition we should use gerund (verb+ing).

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      Sir, I know that we use gerund after a preposition but we also can use a noun after a preposition so I know why cant we use upload instead of uploading.

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        Hello, I agree with mohammad177 but I am not neither a native speaker nor a English grammar expert. To me there are two ways to understand and conclude this: 1)As far as I understand “upload” is a verb (to upload) so, after a preposition it is necessary the gerund form of the verb associated, and, 2)To turn a verb into a noun, the gerund form is necessary. An example would be when you say that I like to go to swim that is, I like swimming.
        Kind regards

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          My mistake …nor an English grammar expert…

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1. When students finish their college, they put cones on their heads and celebrate.
2. We have an oval bell in our room. It alerts us when someone hit the button back of the door.
3. Mars planet is sphere, like the earth.
4. Some of the road signs are circular.
5. I have a cylindrical antne that attached to my television.
Thanks James.

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10/10 thanks for the lesson James

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Thank you, teacher…!

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Thanks a lot James!!!Next time, don´t forget to show us all the stuff you have behind the camera XD

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Thanks, nice to see you like wine.

Signed by a French man

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I got 8/10 and truly confusing at number 6. I couldn’t imagine a die has cube shape. anyway thank James

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Thank you!,great lesson! 10/10

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thank you

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Oh wow! How intelligent I m James :) I got full. Thank you! How good teacher you are James I had never done homework till now but still you didn’t punish me :)

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Don’t understand № 6 .

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    A die is another name for dice. It is a small cube which has 6 sides with spots (1 or 2 or 3… or 6 on each side). A die is a singular form of dice.

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Thanks à bunch
Got 10 out of 10🙃

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Thank you James. Very informative.

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thanks for this youtube

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I get 100 good score

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I got 90% on my quiz,but that is a good score

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In Indonesia, although the name is ice cube, but it’s usually cylindrical, not cube-like.

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Thanks a lot

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Is there any email or a way to contact this teacher? It’s quite important, please.

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I got 70% on my quiz, i´m a little sad, but i will improve in the next test.

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90% for me… it’s is beginner but it needs a lot of vocabulary…

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I got 100%

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got 10 points

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I got 10/10 thanks alot

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Thanks a lot

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i got 70 thanks

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90 thanks mster james

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I could of done better but an70% is good!

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I got 9 correct out of 10.

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1.My friend bought me a cylindrical cup for tea and two boxy cups for nuts.
2. Her smooth oval face was so beautiful.
3. The doctors had moved him from the rectangular table and drove him at the operating room.
4. Gnomes from the story tales used to wear cone hats.
5. The globe is spherical, but the map is flat.

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I made a mistake in the question with ” a die”. What is it? Matrix? But it is not always a flat figure! No?

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    Oh, got it. It’s a dice)

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What about the words ‘cubic’ and ‘cubicle’ or ‘cubical’ to describe the cube-like?

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Get 10 out of 10 marks on shapes Subjects.

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Homework :
1)I have Cylindrical shape Deodrant.
2)My monitor looks like rectangular shape.
3)Monitor have a round shape Power on button.
4)At my home i have oval shape wall watch.
5)It’s an cube-like bed.

Please Let me know If i have done Homework correctly or not please rectify my mistakes.

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i got 7 out of ten :( but you teach me words too :)

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i do it again and i got 8 :) because i remeber what you teach me <3 i like what you teach me :)

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90%,it’s not bad.

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i got 10 correcte out of 10

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I got 100% on my first attempt! You are a very good teacher, keep it up and thank you so much for the lessons!

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thanks you Mr.james i got 100 from my quiz!:-)

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