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Hey..That was a great class!!! Thank you and Greetings from Ecuador!!

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I liked that class; thanks

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Mr.Benjamin can i use that tenses when it will be happening on a half an hour or 1 hour later ?

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it’s nice class and I really like your british accent :D

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hey it was my first test i got 70 what do think i will improve my english soon

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Hello everyone how are you doing?
would you like to practice english with me ?
Send me request friend on Skype : azooom24
thank you

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Thank you , it was great.

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Hello, my English is very poor, hopefully can improve my English very well on this vebsite.

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    i am planning to give my ielts exam with in 2 month but a have some problem at speaking section. i’d like to practice with u..if u add me.. my skype id delwar hosan

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      I cannot find you. Please add ninguem00001, if you want :)

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Thank you, very useful !

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Thank you, Benjamin :)

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Thank you very much!

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Thank you very much, very usefull lesson.

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    Hi Ajjya,
    Feel free to add me on skype in order to practice English together, what do you think about it?
    Best wishes,
    skype: prfsniper

    Profile photo of AMS Saraiva AMS Saraiva

I adore your accent. So, I’d like to watch a lesson made by you about the different kind of shops we can find in England. I mean, how shall we name the fruit seller, veggy seller, meat seller, ham seller, newspaper seller, clothes seller and so on?

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Hello, great lessons. The grammar is taught in a very interesting way but I try to improve my poor abilitz to understand to spoken English. That’s why my main goal is to listen, listen, listen… :-)

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thanks u

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thank you very much

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Thank you very much , Benjamin

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This lesson was so cool Benjamin. Thanks a lot !

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Thank you. Also this type of comparison between tenses is very beneficial. Can you go on teaching tenses like that

Profile photo of slave of Allah slave of Allah

Thanks a lot :D

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Hi, Benjamin. I have no clear realisation about 3 question of the quiz. Really there is demand in right answer, not request?

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Great lesson, Benjamin. Thanks a lot.

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I got 10/10! :)

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Thanks :) it was great

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Thank you

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We use this in Brasil (in Portuguese) all the time, but in a wrong way. Thanks

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Dear Sir;
Thank you kindly for your very nice lesson, it is indeed. I do love your British accent. One should always be interested in one’s perfect teacher, Mr.Benjamin.Be that as it may, I would not wish to trespass upon the theacher’s praiseworthy kindness. I pay my respect to you. H

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thanx it was very useful quiz

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thank you so much. I got 90!

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today i mistake 3
i got 70

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Thanks Benjamin. I got 9 out of 10

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10 out of 10! Useful lesson. Thank you Benjamin!!!

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Thank you Benjamin I got 8 correct out of 10 from your excercise. It is useful for me and who want to improve english skill.

Has anybody want to share english skill to me please add me ID skype is ukrit_2011 I am looking forward someone to advice me Thank you

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Thank you! It was easy(quiz),but useful for repeating)

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good lesson, thank you, it’s very issu for us ESL

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Hi, I always wanted to know what’s the difference between these sentences in meaning.:
I’m going to work at 6pm tonight or I’ll be working at 6pm tonight. I would appreciate your answer. Thanks

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Thanks so much Benjamin. I got 8 out of 10

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Thanks Benjamin for a very helpful lesson. I got 10 of 10.
Have a good day, teacher!!!

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Marvelous lesson

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thank you i have got 100

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    say thanks to god not him! :)

    Profile photo of christonlindsay christonlindsay

İs that like(Do you want me give you an apple or Do you want me to give you an apple?Can someone help me about.

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please put the subtitles.

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I really don’t know how to say , but just only “thanks” for your lessons . Thanks!!

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thank you

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Its great

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It’s good to have things structured in this way, using clear and simple examples. Thank you.

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I have a question about the third question from the test..

3. Which of the following sentences demands a decision?
Will you finish your homework tonight?
You will finish your homework tonight.
Have you done your homework?
Please finish your homework tonight.

I answered “Have you done your homework?” but this was a wrong answer, the corect one is “Will you finish your homework tonight?” Why?

On the table, this question ””Will you finish your homework tonight?”” is associated with a Request!

Profile photo of suditualex suditualex

    I made the same mistake! Could we have an explanation?

    Profile photo of MathiasTnd MathiasTnd

    “Have you done your homework ?” -> is not a decision that can be done in the future because the homework is already done/finished

    Profile photo of xFabian xFabian

      its like some asking for something …
      exmp Will u give me …. its you choice will you give it or not…
      same way they need a decision So .. ”Will you finish your homework tonight?”

      Profile photo of Syed Qumrul Hossain Syed Qumrul Hossain

Thank you,the lesson is easy and interesant.

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Thank you for the lesson and test. i got 10 / 10.

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I want to know why that question use being,not to be ,like this question “Natalie,where do you imagine ___in three years’time

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    Same question

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Thank you it is very good lesson i have got 8/10

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A concentrated tip!
Thanks, teacher

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Very productive lesson to speak better using future tense, thank you!

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nice engvid….

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it is a great lesson

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It’s very nice to get 10.

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80! thanks for this interesting class.

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thanks a lot it’s really useful

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10 thank you

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10 of 10, and thank you for a great and clear lesson!

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thanks benjamin and engvid

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thankssssss very much for teaching us

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Thank you, Bejamin.

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10/10. easy lesson though . ;)

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Thanks alot ^__^ . It was so useful .

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This is so cool!! I am enjoying and thank u

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Hey Benjamin.
Thank you for this class.

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thanks Benjamin nice lesson

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Thank you Benjamin; it was a very useful and comprehensible lesson,very clear. And the language was very comprehensible too. I am a poor English talker…

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Thank you for this lesson. :)

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Hello Benjamin,I have inquiry for question no.3,could I write ” Are you going to finish your homework tonight?”

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thankyou you teacher : 10/10 mean i understand you 100/100

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Great lesson. Thanks for this interesting class

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great lesson

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Very interesting thank you

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Got 100 yay !

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Very Helpful! Thanks!

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thanks, Benjamin

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Dear Mr. benjamin,
thank you kindly, it has been an interresting lesson. I should like to wish you and your family a nice happy Easter. I pay my respect to you wonderful Prof. H

Profile photo of Briklend Handersson Briklend Handersson

Hi Benjamin,
Thanks so much for your wonderful lessons.
I’ve got 90/100…

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9/10. Where I will be in five years time? Who knows!

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I love this is class. thanks

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thank you

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good lesson good explanation good teacher thank you.

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Thank you very much!! Great lesson!! I will be speaking a good english in a few years. (It’s correct?).

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Thanks! I think, I already found the thing that will help me.

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Thank you very much, very usefull lesson.

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only 60%

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

Hey, everyone! It was a useful lesson for me! Benjamin, you have a strong resemblance to my previous teacher of English)) You talk, move and gesticulate as she does)) That inspired me with nostalgic wind of the past good times))

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I got 7 of 10. I need to study more. Thank you for the lesson.

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Profile photo of diegodama diegodama

It is ok! More difficult is passive and active voice,this is completely obfuscate.

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got 6 correct out of 10.

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    Ask your questions to the people here to understand your mistakes, it will be easier for you :-)

    Profile photo of xFabian xFabian

Thank you i got 10 scores!

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Thank you buddy !

Profile photo of xFabian xFabian

got 9 correct out of 10.
question no. 3 x

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Hi, I’m new at engvid.com. Thanks to you for teaching us useful information about english.

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Thank you

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I like it. I will be learning English tonight.

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Oh My God .I got 10/10 ..Thant’s really wonderful <3

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What an helpful lesson!

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Will you “be eating” that?


Thank you.

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Thank you for a great lesson :) greetings from Peru.

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Thanks Benjamin!!!!

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Thank you! It was great!

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Thank you so much, I liked your accent
Greetings from Morocco

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Thanks a lot Benjamin… :)

Profile photo of damon66 damon66

I usually use like ‘I will finish homework’ will already future tense why we add ‘ing’ I got it this lesson, but I haven’t heard from people if they say will they not add ‘ing’ if you answer I will be very happy thanks now..

Profile photo of ozgealtay ozgealtay

Yeah… Need more practicing in future.

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I am planning to give my ielts exam with in 2 month but a have some problem at speaking section. i’d like to practice with someone who like me..if u interested then add me .. ***my skype id is sony.hasan5

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thank you for your efforts, I like this lesson.

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I got 90of 100 and this mistake was press wrongly the answer, means I got 100, thanks.

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thank you very much! :)

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good class, got 100%

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Very good

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That’s good

Profile photo of samehabbasps2 samehabbasps2

Thanks a lot!
good point.

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that’s good.i love it .thanks teacher .this web all free?

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    I think so, for web all free.

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I need to practice more

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i need to repeat my lesson

Profile photo of ORO1966 ORO1966

Thank you

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thank you teacher.

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i understad everything all the future continuous good class now how to do for make sentences with will going to

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Thank you Benjamin!
Good class! I`ve got 10/10 :)

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Great teacher, you have always useful topics. I’m enjoying to watch on EngVid. Thx you that your page is existing. Very thanks.

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quiz done dear benjamin

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is a great lesson I need to practice and study this thank you so much I appreciate deeply

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I am so confused with the future and the future progressive when and use each?

Profile photo of lulu63 lulu63

hei, i’m looking for some friends to talk in English language to increase my speaking skill, if you available just add my facebook Muhammad Iqbal Dzulfikar

Profile photo of iqbaldzul iqbaldzul

I liked this lesson. I need to practice more Future Progressive tense, because i confuse “will” and “going to”. Thank you for help us Benjamin!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

Hello Mr. Benjamin, Im very thankful in your lesson, it’s very useful by the way, I am good in listening but its hard for me to speak English. Hope you can help me, Thank you

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Hello, Benjamin! Great class! Thank you. Júlio César from Fortaleza CE, Brazil.

Profile photo of Júlio César L Sousa Júlio César L Sousa

Thank you Benjamin for this lesson.
It was useful and easy to understand!

Profile photo of VictoriaCoach VictoriaCoach

Thank you.

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your web page will working in the future?..is correct benjamin?

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Great lesson! thanks a lot!

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Good morning Benjamin, great lesson, great class, fantastic teacher! I love your lessons. Thanks for all and greetings from Germany! 😊

Profile photo of Jacy Jacy

Helloo Benjamin sorry to tell you it was a little bit confused for me ,I have mixed future simple with future progressive but thanks a lot for all regarding from Sweden

Profile photo of preemy preemy

Hi, Benjamin,
Thanks for the lesson! It’s great!
Is there any difference between
“I’m working tomorrow” and “I will be working tomorrow”
Both are for expressing future plans aren’t they?

Profile photo of Nick845 Nick845

I failed my first quiz ,but I repeated again without cheating finally I marked 8/10 not bad …Thank you Benjamin

Profile photo of sheyna sheyna

Thank you, Benjamin :)


Thank you for the great lesson :-)

Profile photo of Dani01 Dani01

7. Will you __________ your breakfast soon?
why the answer is finish not finishing
i got 80%

Profile photo of k.abed k.abed

Greate, as always

Profile photo of HelenSuns HelenSuns

Great! Lesson but I’ve got a issue when I watch western movies I dont get it almost anything. Un those films they speak so fuc…. Weird . Some help please Benjamín. Thanks a lot

Profile photo of Julios Julios

Great lesson, Benjamim. I wonder if I could use
the present progressive to give the idea of future.
“I’m eating pizza tomorrow evening at Helen’s (place.)” Is this correct?
Thanks a lot.

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This lesson is very usefull for me=)

Profile photo of nataly19910601 nataly19910601

Thanks so much! The course is interesting and easy to understand.

Profile photo of ThomasZhou ThomasZhou

Thank you for sharing. I’m about to close my laptop.
You’re all simply amazing my dear teachers in Engvid.

Profile photo of M.Hatulan M.Hatulan

Hello I don’t understand why de correct answer of the question 9 is BEING and not BE. If the ask is doing with DO, is possible to use ING?

Profile photo of Gabriel Mendeleh Gabriel Mendeleh

I liked this lesson too. I’ve got 100%

Profile photo of Lana Lana

I understood everything.Thank you, teacher Benjamin.

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I got 100%. Thank you for sharing the great lesson, Benjamin.

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nice class thank you for sharing got 100%

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I don’t understand number 9.

Profile photo of rikaprana rikaprana

Tank you Mr. Benjamin.

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Thank you and Hello from California

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