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Useful vocabulary lesson for those interesting in cooking. I used to be, but to tell the truth is time consuming.


Profile photo of Regino Regino

    mmm…mmm…making mistakes as usual…

    “Useful vocabulary lesson for those interestED in cooking. I used to be, but to tell the truth IT’S a time-consuming” activity.”

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      But this recipe is not very time-consuming. It took only 15-20 minutes.

      Profile photo of KoshkaBestiya KoshkaBestiya

        Yep! You’re right. But this is the exception that proves the rule.

        Have an enjoyable weekend!

        Profile photo of Regino Regino

          Yes, it’s true. ^_^ The most delicious dishes require much time. To be honest, that’s why I don’t like cooking. :-) You have to spend much time and then this meal will be eaten and disappear like it never exists. You feel like you’ve spent this time for nothing. ^_^ So I think it’s good only for people who have fun cooking, who likes to cook or make dishes.
          Thank you for good wishing. My weekend was really enjoyable. I think it’s too late to wish you the same, because this weekend is over, so I’ll wish you a good day tomorrow. ^-^

          Profile photo of KoshkaBestiya KoshkaBestiya

Youtube says that the video is private. hehehe

Profile photo of Caio Caio

    Because there are man and woman and heart-shaped thing for cooking in it. ^__^

    Profile photo of KoshkaBestiya KoshkaBestiya

Private video, WTF?!?

Profile photo of Leandro Piani Leandro Piani

This video is private :-/

Profile photo of Leon BS Leon BS

First, thanks
Second, I would like to say this new method is very interesting and innovative. I like it.
Finally, teachers all around the world are nice people like you. So thanks again.

Profile photo of vreza vreza

Thanks! Very helpful, teacher

Profile photo of Joao Victor Joao Victor

I like this video.
It is very useful.
Thank U

Profile photo of gdyes88 gdyes88

Thank you for posting of real life’s video.

Profile photo of Jahangir Alam Jahangir Alam

got 10/10….cool!!!

Profile photo of Glenda1130 Glenda1130

it takes 10 to 15 minutes to cook spaghetti? Are you serious? It’s a crime! No more then 9-10 minutes! Believe me, I’m italian

Profile photo of mescal mescal

than….sorry. not then

Profile photo of mescal mescal

Great video, thank you very much! My wife also likes to add different herbs in dishes :)

Profile photo of camovoz camovoz

great video,thank you,it is very useful.

Profile photo of orchid-lan orchid-lan

Ben, you are a fantastic teacher but today we learnt how to massacre a holy italian recipe! Creme fraiche…why??????? No olive oil….why???? Coriander….why? No parmigiano reggiano…why??

Profile photo of mescal mescal

    Don’t worry, people visit Italy for tasty food, not the UK. ;)
    About the boiling time: they probably use that kind of pasta containing eggs, instead of the much better (and healthier) pasta made of pure durum wheat. The egg-wheat pasta is popular in my country too (unfortunately) and needs more boiling time.

    Profile photo of bencebacsi bencebacsi

      Hi bencebacsi, actually Ben and his friend use normal pasta, not the one with eggs. Usually pasta “all’uovo” (with eggs into the dough) like FETTUCCINE has cooking time shorter than normal pasta. No more than 5 minutes. Fettuccine al ragù (meat sauce) are awesome if
      not cooked by Ben’s friend….;))

      Profile photo of mescal mescal

i like the test, really it helped me so much, it showed me what i have been mislearned. could any of you guys help me to know if it’s correct that word i used above (mislearned)……. words that cheated me ;)

Profile photo of Tawfiiq Tawfiiq

Good cooking video lesson. Thank you Benjamin :)

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

That’s very important to one that want to live abroad.I am waiting for a vegetarian dish.

Profile photo of Bergvolk Bergvolk

Nice lesson! thanks

Profile photo of flewflinx flewflinx

Thank you very much

Profile photo of Alaa Taha Alaa Taha

beautiful lesson and fantastic teacher but “gli spaghetti alla bolognese” are another thing

Profile photo of fapakit fapakit

Thank you Benjamin.

Profile photo of hugowu hugowu

Benjamin, thanks a lot for a live lesson. Who’s that lovely smiling lady? Make more live lessons, it could be your thing!

Profile photo of zurao zurao

Thanks for the lesson Benji,
It’s very nice to see a young couple teaching English together.

Profile photo of shadow shadow


Profile photo of Khaleed Khaleed

I don’t like the way this guys talk.. it is confusing.

Profile photo of karl0z karl0z

    But we enjoyed of this lesson

    Profile photo of Hasib Nasir Hasib Nasir

Mescal, I must confess we Spanish people (or my family and friends, that’s sure) boil the spaghettis too long (over 10 or more)and finally most people clear them with fresh water (why? we don’t know, but we do. I understand an Italian was horrified. Sorry. The truth is the best pasta and the best pizza and the best ice cream I’ve ever ate in my life are Italian’s.
Benjamin and company: very good job! I’m delighted for the fun lesson. Thank you very much!

Profile photo of cristina cristina

A great method to teaching !! Congratulations!

Profile photo of locke locke

It’s been a beautiful lesson!!! very useful for those who want to work in the restaurant. In italy, the sauce of Bolognese is a little different but i’d like to taste your sauce, too ;)

Profile photo of Flavio90 Flavio90

Now I that I could watch the video, I would like to thank you guys for this awesome video! These following words are new to me: Stir (stirring), hob, sieve, drawer, dollop, season (seasoning the food).

I would like to watch more videos like these, if possible. Again, thanks for taking your time and teaching us! :)

Profile photo of Caio Caio

Great l!!! But, careful with her hair, it must fall in the frying pan. Congratulations for the amazing job!!

Profile photo of Adriano1986 Adriano1986

The video is nice and clear and is really helpful. Thank you.

Profile photo of tneemia tneemia

Lesson was perfect as always! But please! Spaghetti alla Bolognese are very very different :)

Profile photo of IIUK IIUK

i like the way that you teach thanks

Profile photo of lalazhirou lalazhirou

Very nice lesson! 9/10.

Profile photo of Danddan Danddan

Very good tool to improve our listening…!

Profile photo of HERNANCA HERNANCA

Thanks a lot for the good topic))

Profile photo of sashadana sashadana

Thank you

Profile photo of Noraddeen Noraddeen

What a lovely couple! Congrats!

Profile photo of carlos 2138 carlos 2138

Thanks, for teaching me.
I like so much!!!

Profile photo of Wagner1 Wagner1

Thank you both, Benjamin and mate, for this lesson. This kind of contextual teaching seems to help to talk about new concepts on the run – it is very interesting.

This kind of food is prepared here using much tomato salce, with onions and herbs.

Profile photo of Fabio Cicerre Fabio Cicerre

waooo muy bueno aprendí varias palabras nuevas. me gusta esta forma de aprender es mas fácil para nosotros que aprendemos el ingles como segunda lengua.

Profile photo of amilcar23c amilcar23c

You are so awsome!!!! .I love your video, your method is innovative and funny.
Congratulations, and thanks again for the excellent video.
About the dish, mmmm… it doesn’t matter if it is or not the exact recipe, so just have fun and learn….

Profile photo of delfinmaya delfinmaya

wow i can do 10/10 ,m i

Profile photo of warwut warwut

Thank you very much

Profile photo of habibov habibov

Thanks for both of you, it’s a very necessary lesson for every English learners. I have got 90 score out of 10 questions, it shows that I have 10 % learned this lesson.
Have a nice day,
Hasib, Kabul, Afghanistan

Profile photo of Hasib Nasir Hasib Nasir


    Profile photo of Hasib Nasir Hasib Nasir

Pretty well! I’m already waiting for another one, about vegetarian food!

Profile photo of Arthur Arthur

Fortunately this is an English lesson!

Profile photo of byte byte

this kind of vocabulary are so interesting for student thanks

Profile photo of Mohammed Rasul Mohammed Rasul

I have learned a lot of words from this video, thank you the video is great

Profile photo of rouak rouak

awesome! Great real lession. Thanks teacher. it reminded me a lot of vocabulary that I was not often used in everyday communication.

Profile photo of duongtranvn duongtranvn

Oh, you are so nice that even your spaghetti are acceptable…!! I like your lessons a lot. Thank you

Profile photo of damon66 damon66

great video, I din´t know many words of the vocabulary, thanks

Profile photo of amontero22 amontero22

It’s useful method to learn . I got 100 . I like your beatiful friend
You should teach together . You are great pair to teach

Profile photo of Manolya Manolya

Thank you. Really, this video is a better way to learn vocabulary and listen the pronunciation.

Profile photo of Coarma Coarma

Very good lesson, thanks.

Profile photo of adalberto75 adalberto75

Excelent lesson! Congratulations to the theachers!

Profile photo of Learshi Learshi

Thanks, Benjamin. I have watched the video for three times because I would like to remember all vocabularies in this lesson.

Profile photo of noneego noneego

Hi,I’m brazilian and I love your videos!
I would like to see the video “Speak English like James Bond”, but it is protected… :(

Profile photo of GCM07 GCM07

I loved the new class, this modern version in an environment of our day to day. Congratulations to all the team involved in this project. I’ll make some videos of these in Brazil to teach Portuguese! … Lol … just kidding …

Profile photo of eianicelli eianicelli

so useful.. Thanks for the video Benjamin.

Profile photo of kumz sek kumz sek

I think a thing at 2.59 is not a sieve. It’s a colander. ^-^
Thank you for useful and interesting lesson, Benji.. sorry, Benjamin. ^_^ Your girlfriend is very cute. Or she is not your girlfriend? But she has a heart-shaped saucepan. It’s a gentle hint.

Profile photo of KoshkaBestiya KoshkaBestiya

great lesson!

Jesus bless you all!

Profile photo of tiagoamericoo tiagoamericoo

Thank you for your lesson

Profile photo of Ukrit Ukrit

I just loved this new method of explaining vocabulary.You both explained it very well.I think it is effective way of making difficult things easier to understand and remember.Thanks a million for this video Benjamin.

Profile photo of TEJALKK TEJALKK

very thankful to the website and its inventors..

Profile photo of cyril j padiyathu cyril j padiyathu

Hello, first I would like to thank all of you” Engvid staff”… you have been really helpful..I just got my IELTS result..I got 6.5 .. I am not surprised because I was expecting this good result thanks to your help & support…I wish you all good luck. :)

Profile photo of asmaasaad14 asmaasaad14

8/10 my mistakes. First ,avoid to garlic burn, not fry the garlic. Second, Creme fraiche, more healthier than Creme, not, Creme fresh.
About the recipe, in fact it looks yummy.

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

thanks a lot

Profile photo of zezo ali zezo ali

Thank you so much for teaching us in real life video/lesson. this is so great :) and if it possible I would like to watch more video teaching like this. ( common situation ,everyday life situation )

Profile photo of czech czech

    and Thanks again for the test !! I got 10/10 ^^

    Profile photo of czech czech

thanks Benjamin… great idea for teaching vocabulary.this real teaching method is really useful.
than you.

Profile photo of Dado Dado

Very useful for beginners. Thank you Benjamin.

Profile photo of quang20082008 quang20082008

i learn so many thing from this video, thank you to both of you.

Profile photo of Tanmay Tanmay

friends be added to demon_idc Skype

we will try to talk with each other

Profile photo of demonidc demonidc

It’s a very nice lesson thanks !!!

Profile photo of Buluk Buluk

I confess that I love cooking but not food I love cooking desserts, like cakes, pies, puddings, etc. It was a brilliant and so real lesson. Congrats Benjamin, to your great cook friend and your guests who were recording your lesson and a delicious recipe and of course, at the end they were hungry!!!

Profile photo of teachermls teachermls

Hi. Usefull lesson, but we never put chorrizo in the actual recipe of spaghetti bolognese but ground beef! You made an other recipe, probably pretty good: we could call it the spanish spaghetti, you know!
It was my second lesson with you, 2 times 10/10!

Profile photo of Silverback49 Silverback49

10/10 soo proud

Profile photo of Mariam jaafar Mariam jaafar

I loved this video. A great method to learning. I would like to watch more videos like this. Thank you, Benjamin.

Profile photo of Sheyla Cunha Sheyla Cunha

It is very interesting video. Thank you Benjamin.

Profile photo of Theingi Theingi

Thanks. 100%. I’m very glad)))

Profile photo of KoNNik KoNNik

haha i like the way you said “drawer”!
a very nice video!

Profile photo of qionganzhang qionganzhang

A “tasty” class, thank you.

Profile photo of ALEES K. ALEES K.

Awesome teamwork! :)

Profile photo of Ihor Ihor

Benjamin,you are teacher by vocation! you are teacher in all situation…drawer”:):)…..

Profile photo of elene-elene elene-elene

Great Lesson!

Profile photo of Andres Felipe Arias Mosquera Andres Felipe Arias Mosquera

Thanks a lot. The video is very interesting and clear to understand.

Profile photo of Ms. Rosy Ms. Rosy

ı think it was so useful for me….9/10

Profile photo of yaren yaren

thanks Benjamin, a very useful lesson.

Profile photo of marbeck marbeck

cool!!!!they are very good teacherы

Profile photo of Alex1998 Alex1998

So cooool! Thank you!

Profile photo of Igor Alexandre Igor Alexandre

“Bon appétit” and “Crème fraîche”are french words.

Profile photo of Repo Repo

Thanks. I’m craving after this video ^^

Profile photo of rin olive rin olive

9 out of 10

Profile photo of Imam Tawqer Imam Tawqer

Awesome!Very clear!Thank you so much

Profile photo of Serejka0 Serejka0

Thanks for good video.

I love it. Real situation that you teach in video is very great.

I can understand when you show the real things.

Profile photo of sakuntha sakuntha

This is usefull and “tasty” lesson.Thanks=)

Profile photo of SerJ SerJ

In this video, presentation of cooking a food, it is very professional art way, whom don’t about such kitchen or food/cooking related word then it is very helpful for understanding and learning. . Thank you Mr. Benjamin

Profile photo of vyasritesh vyasritesh

done …. and done good ….woooo

Profile photo of Sam@eego Sam@eego

yummi yummi done

Profile photo of Sam@eego Sam@eego

i make 100 point. oh my! lollll

Profile photo of Metharat Wongsomnuk Metharat Wongsomnuk

Thank you I got some hint to kook my lunch.

Profile photo of Enkutatash Enkutatash

thank you Benjamin , best regards for you

Profile photo of Mo7ammed-A7emd @Hafiz-Bastawisi Mo7ammed-A7emd @Hafiz-Bastawisi

Good lesson, tkank you very much.

Profile photo of Aungpaow Aungpaow

9/10,very useful & interesting. thx

Profile photo of greekling greekling

Very nice lesson 10/10 :) thank you

Profile photo of aska21m aska21m

Hi Bejamin! You are advising to watch the lesson “Speak like James Bond”, but that video is not available. Could you fix that problem?

Profile photo of Vladimir Vladimir


Profile photo of ismailenglish ismailenglish

I got 8 to 10.. Lesson was useful..

Profile photo of Sivakumar Sivakumar

Beyond to learn english, we learned how to cook a spaghetti bolognese! Thanks Benjamin!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

Thanks, Ben. I’d like to get recipe some other famous dishes from around the world. It would be better to learn some vegetables names and how to use them in recipe “Afiyet olsun” means for Bon appetite in Turkish language.

Profile photo of osirkeci osirkeci

Thank you.Very usefull lesson.

Profile photo of abdal7 abdal7

Thank you so much for this excellent video.

Profile photo of Bircan Bircan

Thank you.^-^

Profile photo of phamquynhanh phamquynhanh

Thank you Benjamin. It’s really useful for me and for my students to understand some vocabulary about cooking and kitchen.

Profile photo of Lastri Yanika Lastri Yanika

Thnax man, now I do better in English and spaghetti ;)

Profile photo of midomar midomar

thank you

Profile photo of erkam01 erkam01

Thank you so much, it has been very useful to remember in the daily life, thanks

Profile photo of Marta Lopez Marta Lopez

When I serve up the dish for my children, I always season it with a little salt and peper. It giving the food different FLAVOURS.
9/10 thank you Benji.

Profile photo of tutunia tutunia

Thanks for the lesso!!!!!!!

Profile photo of jr.mathjr1 jr.mathjr1

Brought water in my mouth.

Profile photo of Aamer Hamdani Aamer Hamdani

thanks so much, what a useful lesson from you. very reality i can use these right a way. thanks again

Profile photo of Nguyen Van Hau Nguyen Van Hau

Great video … but awful recife … You don’t have to call this “spaghetti bolognese” that’s very different thing … !
However thanks , the goal is ok

Profile photo of ectoras ectoras

of course … recipe … not recife ..Sorry

Profile photo of ectoras ectoras

Have you made love with her in the kitchen? <3

Profile photo of Lorcy Gabriel Lorcy Gabriel

I love this kind of videos are more funny than the others with just the blackboard…

Profile photo of oscar1918 oscar1918

Useful explanation! Unfortunately, that’s not the way to cook “spaghetti alla bolognesa” but was very funny how English people cook!

Profile photo of angellika angellika

After this lesson I’m hungry!
Thanks Benjamin

Profile photo of christian012 christian012

Very Useful, thanks a lot!
Hope there will be more lesson relating to cooking, food or cuisine in the near future.

Profile photo of DennisLai DennisLai

Thank you.

Profile photo of linhloly linhloly

Thanks for the video

Profile photo of Dani01 Dani01

Thanks, Benjamin I learned a lot of new words

Profile photo of tony2958 tony2958

This is really helpful for knowing all of the words,thanks Benjamin

Profile photo of sophiacl sophiacl

Thank you a lot teacher you’re best one 👍👍👍

Profile photo of muhamad best muhamad best

Benji…you arevery smart…..thank you

Profile photo of Edimer Edimer

thank you very much. (^_^)

Profile photo of Shushi2009 Shushi2009

Thanks for good lesson. I`m so sorry, but i`ve thought, the thing for draining must be called colander, is not it? not sieve.

Profile photo of Neofish Neofish

very helpful thanks a lot

Profile photo of lulugegee lulugegee

Wao! As far as I’m concerned, this is the most dynamic video on the vocabulary section that I have ever seen, I truly loved it, if you ask me, all the vocabulary which could be illustrated it like this one, should be record this way. Unquestionably! Good job!

Profile photo of NOA1991 NOA1991

I got 9/10. Thanks for the lesson! Bon appetite!

Profile photo of robi75 robi75

Thank you so much Benji it was really brilliant idea kitchen vocabulary was really very very useful.
I got 10/10 I owe you all that.
Bet wishes,

Profile photo of sarah fausi sarah fausi

I’m falling in love!

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Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

Its wonderful lesson learn.

Profile photo of Regina Bawila Regina Bawila

It’s pretty useful, thank you:)

Profile photo of Charmene Charmene

Thanks Benjamin..all the best

Profile photo of Shkruallah175@gmail.com Shkruallah175@gmail.com

Perfect !!!

Profile photo of kikodinofaz kikodinofaz

It’s cool!!!

Profile photo of Attila Attila

Benjamin, thank you for the very creatie lesson!

Profile photo of andrsam andrsam

Thank you very much Benjamin

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