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Could i say,Tomorrow I’ll have slept by 8:PM and I’ll wake up at 7: AM? Thank you.


    I would rather use form “I’m going to” because it’s more about your plans. You have some tentative plans.


    tomorrow i,ll have slept at 8:PM and I,ll have waked up at 7am.


I had been waiting for this lesson since last week. I had learned new tense today which is the future perfect tense. By the end of July, I will have completed learning all the English tenses that you have been teaching us. Thank you Ms. Rebecca


Hi Rebecca. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I got 9/10 but still improving my English. Thank you once again and stay safe!

palakshi nautiyal

By next year, I will have improved my English with engVid learning everyday.

Insoo Yeo

It’s fascinating. Today i have just learned an exciting lesson. I absolutely needed to use my daily activities and conversations.
“By this time next year I’ll have finished all your grammar courses, if God says. Thank you Rebecca, i love you and I ask my God to guide you the right path.


    Sorry! It’s shame on me to make error after learning. I made one error, i forget “comma” in the sentence. Let me correct.

    By this time next year, I’ll have finished all your grammar courses. If God says.

    I’m going to concentrate grammar courses. Rebecca’s the best class teacher to assist me.


Rebecca I have picked up you from other lecturers.


Thanks for the really useful lesson, Rebecca. I’ve gor 9 of 10 points in quiz. First it seems not too easy for understanding, but i believe that practice will help me to fix this problem in the future


Rebecca Mam,

You’re doing a great job.. I don’t know how i’m get 10 out of 9 because its a new lesson. Yes. I did… I think it’s fluke…However all the credits goes to you. Tks Mam…..


Do we use it while speaking ? I have never seen people using ‘future perfect’ that much in sentence.

Little Nagyal

    Because it’s not common. If so, it’s for writing. But the vast majority of even native speaker do not use it. I would say it’s more for academic purposes. But it’s only me. I’m not a native, though.

    All the best :)


      Thank-you so much for letting me know :)

      Little Nagyal

I think that learning the subject of the future perfect seems easier than understand the use of the preposition of time “by” but the lesson was very well explained and came at a good moment, helping to understand both cases. Thank you!


I’ve been waiting for this lesson in ages. And finally. It has appeared in the last day of June 2020. Without further ado let’s go to the lesson.

All the best. :)


    Yes, I made a mistake I suppose to say:
    “It appeared in the last day of June 2020”
    because it’s specific time :)


It was a useful presentation, I liked it very much.
Thank you.


Rebecca Thank you so much for your lesson.


Rebecca, thank you so much !


100% coorect.I will not have failed now.


    I would not say that Is is a correct use of that tense.



Fabio Bronzelli Pie

Is the answer to question five correct?

Catia Leite

A very good class. Thank you very much!


Hi my quiz got 9/10, im happy for this~
Just wanna check with the question on no.5
By this time next year, she ___ a doctor.
Why the answer not using past tense?
Sorry for my broken english, im improving with u guys too, thank you


    Become is 3rd verb form of Become.
    Become, Became, Become.

    Lakshmi Narayana Thota

      lakshami thanks for the explanation;even me i was confusing this quiz,now iv’e understood


You are fabulous teacher, Mam can you release one more series for Passive voice if u can so please do.




Thank you, Rebecca! I have been struggling with Future Perfect tenses until today. Thank you so much for teaching us such a difficult concept in such a meaningful way.


Dear Rebecca. I’d absolutely appreciate your practical and helpful lesson. I wonder if you could explain and clarified this confusion that is it possible to use the other modal verbs rather than will such as “should, would, may, might, shall”? It would be your sincere kindness if you will have answered this question ASAP

ahmad pirouz

many many thanks for this lesson, we need also the lesson of Active and passive voice, the lesson of if and model verbs

sarito yoki

By the evening I will have finished my work and we can go to walk. Will you have finished your business at that time?


by the way I got 10 out of 10.


I have been so delighted to listen to your videos and truly think you are a sensational teacher. Thanks


thank you so much for this lesson


Thank you again 🙏🙏🙏


A very thankful mam for your wonderful lesson!It’s helped a lot,very clear and more informative.By next year,I will have learned english language.I really like your lesson as always.you explain every lesson with great fluency and very clearly.


Thank you so much Teacher Rebecca :)


Thals teacher very interesant.

Wilson Barrera

It was a very interesant lesson. Thank you so much Rebecca.

El Menda X2D2

thank you so much


Thanks Rebecca you are a great teacher!


I got 9/10 , thanks for this class Rebecca .

What is the formula for negetive question?


Thank you very much. Very easy to follow lesson.


Thank you. You are a good teacher.be blessed.

Tetiana Markova

thank you very much


you are an excellent teacher Rebeca :)


Thank you!!! I got 90/100.

Jairo Castillejo

exa from me _

i will have mastered 2 more language

tnx for that

leora 2016

    by next year ,**

    leora 2016



Thanks for the informations about the future tenes

Mahamed Kabary

It’s always wonderful to listen to you, Rebecca


Has the next tense, Future perfect continuous tense, been uploaded?

Lakshmi Narayana Thota

Thank you Madam,
I have small doubt, In your example number 1,
By the time he gets to the airport,
the flight will have arrived.
If it’s possible to use the present simple and future perfect
Kindly request to explain me


yeah, i got scored 100


Dear Rebecca,
I appreciate you for your interesting lessons. By this time next year, I will have attended to TOEFL exam.


Thank you a lot, this is my frist lessons in Engvid <3


I cant really find a lesson for future perfect continuous. please send the link or do something about it. hope to get a reply as soon as possible.

Faraz Sufi

In the comment section of this video in YouTube I have noticed some people commented that they don’t find the video about future perfect continuous tense. So I hope by some days you Will have made a video on that above mentioned tense.

Aftab Hossain

Very useful lesson. Thanks:)


Thank you Rebeca, you,re a good teacher that I have never seen before. You have a good explanation and clear.

Sincerely yours

Amélia Fernandes

Amelia Fernandes

thanks teacher

Arlex Leonardo Ruda

thank you so much i really enjoyed your lessons


Thanks Rebecca, you explain so good, and your accent is excellent, I was understand perfectly the lesson.

Carlos Ocampo

Excellent chapter got 10/10/score in quiz.

Ramkrishna Chhetri

The chapter is Excellent got 10/10/score in quiz.

Ramkrishna Chhetri

10/10 in quiz excellent lesson.

Ramkrishna Chhetri

10/10 in quiz, thanks rebeca


i got 9/10, but i don’t understand why I’ve got wrong quiz NO:5 By this time next year ,she will have became a doctor . pleas explain it .

thanks my favourite teacher.


I love this lesson. THANK YOU


Thank you very much Rebecca.

Miller Asiedu

Could I say “Will you have cooked the dinner before they arrive?”


very useful quizz


Thank you Rebecca great class


Hello thank you for your class, it is useful for me, I will have perfected my english when i finish your class.


I got the idea behind of future perfect, Thanks a lot.


yes…I got 10/10

clartje silvia

Thank you Rebecca


Thank you so much Rebecca!

Benu Gummapu

By the next year, I will have learned English with teacher Rebecca.


After this, I will have finished all the 12 tenses in English. Thank you Rebecca. I have been improving since the day I started learning in Engvid.


Thanks! You are the best teacher


Thanks for the lesson

By 9:00 PM , I’ll have done all my homework

Abdelhady Nemrawi

thank you


By next year, I will have completed my english course, thank you Ms. Rebecca.

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