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Hi Rebecca. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I scored 10/10 and its all because of you. Thank you once again and stay safe :)

Profile photo of palakshi nautiyal palakshi nautiyal

Thank you so much Rebbecca for another wonderful lesson.

Profile photo of Tamba James Biaddy Tamba James Biaddy

I got 10/10, thank Rebecca, by the next month, you have been teaching me for one years. by that time how long will you have been making the video on Engvid.com? have a good time for you!

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

Hello…I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone else who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis? My whatsapp number is +8801812788727.
Thank you.

Profile photo of Rasho Rasho

Hello Rebecca, Thanks for the interesting and realy important lesson. Too many new information.

Profile photo of Marinka Marinka

I scored 10/10!! Really good lesson! Thank you Ms. Rebecca!!

Profile photo of YanDiplan YanDiplan

I got 10/10! thank you for your efforts <3

Profile photo of anoud00 anoud00

I’ve got 10 out of 10 on the quiz. Thanks for the good explanation.

Profile photo of Roberto Roberto

Thank you teacher Rebecca for your time, and good explanation!

Profile photo of angelayob angelayob

Thank you so much teacher for this good lesson. I got 10/10.

Profile photo of Felipe Osorio Felipe Osorio

I got 10 out of 10. Thanks Rebecca for amazing lesson. Just for practice:
Next year I will have been living in Moscow for eight years.

Profile photo of DinDim DinDim

Thank you for the wonderful lesson.

Profile photo of Blessing011 Blessing011

I appreciate your work,
i want tall you thank you very much to promote my language <3

Profile photo of Mohammed2000000 Mohammed2000000

Thank you

Profile photo of pavanut2 pavanut2

Thank you so much for this wonderful session on Future perfect continuous tense.

Profile photo of Smartnige Smartnige

    I scored 10/10

    Profile photo of Smartnige Smartnige

Thank you so much its easy you teach me.

Profile photo of Aman konjo@ Aman konjo@

that so much good

Profile photo of assef nawandish assef nawandish

Hello Rebeca, your explanation were wonderfull… Thanks a lot

Profile photo of Orlando Gomez Orlando Gomez

thank you very much

Profile photo of Mrpunisher Mrpunisher

thank you so much

Profile photo of graciela arroliga graciela arroliga

Thank you so much Ms Rebacca for your explaination. I learn a lot from your all tenses lesson series. Will continue to watch further more series. Thank you one again. :)

Profile photo of Msnayani Msnayani

Dear Rebecca, I fully recognize your contribution on this tense series. I sincerely hope I can improve my english by leaps and bounds. Thanks for your time.

Profile photo of karthika karunakaran karthika karunakaran

Thank you.

Profile photo of N3owm37 N3owm37

Thank you Rebecca so great I got 10/10 this lesson 🙂

Profile photo of Sarak Soth Sarak Soth

I got 10/10.You are one of the best teachers I’ve ever seen.Thank you so much.

Profile photo of Reza.en.rnc Reza.en.rnc

Hi Rebecca, Thank you for your wonderful lessons. Really appreciate the way you teach. I have a small confusion on usage of did / ware / was. Can you please explain which scenario to use do /does /did instead of is / are /was / ware. Eg. he is not going… or he does not go.. what is the correct. He did not or he was not.. many thanks in advance.

Profile photo of aselaj aselaj

Thanks my Teacher

Profile photo of SUN-DE-HAS SUN-DE-HAS

Great. Got 10/10. Thanks Rebecca. I know you won’t have
any free time to read my comment,but, just in case you
have,I’d very much like to know if there are special
situations when we use this tense, for example:
” I see, I’m the one who will be taking the bus.”
I know there’s something implied but I really don’t know what. Thanks in advance.

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

thank you so much Ms. Rebecca I learned a lot in your lessons

Profile photo of carolcarol carolcarol

Amazing lesson:) thank you

Profile photo of OLAR OLAR

Gran leccion! Gracias

Profile photo of Maria goga Maria goga

Maravillosa clase!! Gracias

Profile photo of Maria goga Maria goga

wonderful lesson !! Thank you

Profile photo of Maria goga Maria goga

10/10 🥰

Profile photo of Pornhathai Pornhathai

Thanks Ms Rebecca.

Profile photo of Diercom Diercom

Thank you so much teacher for this good lesson. I got 9/10

Profile photo of bruno mota bruno mota

thank you so much Thank teacher I got it right 9/10.

Profile photo of bruno mota bruno mota

Your lessons are always well organized and easy to understand. I appreciate your wonderful lessons!

Profile photo of Katsunori Nonaka Katsunori Nonaka

thank you my favourite teacher,i like the way you explaining the lesson by the next month ,i will have been learning english from engvid.com for 3 month

Profile photo of maslax23 maslax23

Good lesson. Thanks

Profile photo of pulsef1 pulsef1

by November, I will have been working at Huaw for eight years.

Profile photo of serifhan serifhan

Thank you

Profile photo of LizzyHoll LizzyHoll

Amazing!!! I really love it, thank you so much.

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