Thank you Rebecca..

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Hello Rebecca,
I would like to say thank you. I know there are plenty of videos about English tenses on the internet. But you made it from the scratch. From very simple tense which is “Present Simple” to the most advanced tenses.
You gave it a breath of fresh air.
One more time Thank You!

All the best.

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Dear Rebecca, u made each & every tense so easy, Thanks for your wonderful tense series and I can’t thank you enough for your motivation.

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Thank you so much Rebecca for making tense easy for me :)

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Thank you Rebecca for your great job to help ESL students. I’ve got tons of help from engVid. Great teachers give top quality lessons to all over the world on the engVId channel. I’ll continue to study English with engVid. I always thank engVid.

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Thank you Rebecca for doing a great job. Your explanations are very clear, and you are a very good teacher.

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Thanks, mam Rebecca.I have learnt lot of English grammar and tense as well from your course.
I really like you very much.

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Thank you so much you make it easy in short time and very productive

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Thank you Rebecca .Your lessons are very clear, and you are a very good teacher.

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Thanks a lot for what you’ve done for us

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Thank you!, Rebecca

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Congrats and thank you very much for the English tenses lessons, Rebecca. All the best for you.

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i would like to say thank you rebecca it realy helpful
i struggled but now I’ve learning

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Thank you Rebecca.

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Thank you so much

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Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge

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Thank you so much Rebecca for motivating us

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Thank you so much

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Thank you so much Rebecca. This class helped me a lot. Where i can find more videos about this topic?

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thank you so much Rebecca.

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Thanks, I began to studied seen month ago. But i found your videos one week ago and think that you are the best gramatical teacher.

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I like this lesson for review all tenses.

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Thank you so much

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You are the best Rebecca, Thank you so much

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Thank you so much

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Rebecca, You are wonderful! Thanks a lot, Rebecca!

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Thank so much for this great lesson

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Thanks great lesson

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Thanks For Making It Easy

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Your class helped me alot

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thank you rebecca

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thank you for this lesson.

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Was wery nice🤩thanks

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Great! thank you so mutch

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Thanks a lot

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Thank you very much.
IT was very easy to understand.

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Thank you Rebecca. It’s really helpful.

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I think it was only through this video that I summed up “English Times” so clearly in my head. No book can replace such an instructive lecture. Thank you Rebecca

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Thanks a lot ma’am.

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Best teacher I have ever had. Thanks a Million!

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Thank you a lot ms.rebeca the way you teach students was so wonderful! <3

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Rebecca, could you please tell me which of these sentences is grammatically correct.
1. If she was a girl, she would fly
2. If she were a girl, she would fly

Profile photo of Clement Thomas Clement Thomas

    Sorry Rebecca. Here are the correct statements.
    1. If she was a bird, she would fly.
    2. If she were a bird, she would fly.
    Which one of the above sentences is grammatically correct?

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Thanks dear Teacher Rebecca. I am very happy to learn from you. A huge thank to Engvid teachers

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Thank you dear Mam.
i like your all classes.

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Thanks 🙏🏻

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thank you miss Rebecca because of you i remembered things i already forget

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Rebecca, you are the best teacher!
I really enjoy learning English with you.
Thank you so much.

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Thank you very much Rebecca, I got a lot from your lesson.

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Thanks a million Madame Rebecca,I’m very happy for encouragement speaking skill.

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Thank you Rebecca for sharing your knowledge with others for free. God bless.

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Thank you, Rebecca.

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