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Thank you so mutch Emma.

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I love this class! Thank you so much !

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Thank you very much,Emma. A very good explanation. A lot of procedures at the Pharmacy. Many words and expressions

Profile photo of mario faro mario faro

Emma, I hope to see you in another classroom
Best wishes

Profile photo of mario faro mario faro

thank you i like the way you explain

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Thanks for you time!! You r awesome.

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Thank you very wells Emma

Profile photo of FELIX ROIZ FELIX ROIZ

thanks so much

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Emma, it’s nice to listen to your voice, just keep it up, greetings from Serbia

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Hello…I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis basis?
My whatsapp number is +8801812788727.
Thank you.

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Thank you Ms. Emma it was a nice class for a medicine words

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Thank you Ms Emma

Profile photo of Arzoo Sayed Arzoo Sayed

Thank you so much, Excellent class for learn about pharmacy

Profile photo of camiloateho27 camiloateho27

thank you

Profile photo of gironeemo gironeemo

We all go to a pharmacy and this is so useful lesson. I gained some confidence in case I go to a pharmacy in English spoken countries.

Profile photo of Insoo Yeo Insoo Yeo

Thank you for this useful information. This really helps to get a good attendance. Currently, I have would rather branded drugs. Some medications have a similar option. They are more cheaper than branded drugs and more expensive than generics. They have no sign of generic medication.

Profile photo of Roberto Roberto

Hello Emma! Thank you for the great lesson! Could you please create a new video about the environment or agriculture? I’m looking forward to new Vocabulary lessons for the TOEFL

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Thanks for this class. It was very instructive.

Profile photo of marcosvgduarte marcosvgduarte

thank you good explanation

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I love the quiz a lot

Profile photo of Festus2001 Festus2001

Hi Emma , Hi everybody .
When I was young ( a long time ago ) I learnt chemist and chemistry . Are these words always used or not ?
Thanks for your feedback
See you

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Thank so much for the good lecture.
I will come often and learn everything.
Have a nice day !!

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Thank you so much Emma

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Thank you ms emma.

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Thank you so much, Emma. The lecture is a very good one.

Profile photo of JohnXiang JohnXiang

Hi Emma, I hope you see this comment. I want to thank for providing free English lesson online for everyone. I remember when I first started learning from your channel when I was in middle school in my home country — Laos. it has been about six years since that beginning point of my English journey. I have been scholarships to study both in Singapore and now a freshman for a bachelor degree in the US because of my capability in English. I sincerely thank you for your dedication and may God bless your kind soul.

Your sincere,

Profile photo of Sengdao Sengdao

thank you Emma clearly you explanation about pharmacy I ll follow you in lessons, thank you

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Amazing lesson keep going like this Teacher and make the time short like that maximum of 20 minutes.

Profile photo of Mansour Elsheikh Mansour Elsheikh

Thanks a lot! Your lessons are really facsinating!

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Emma thank you, I hope to see you in another classroom
Best wishes

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thanks emma

Profile photo of abdulbasit farooq abdulbasit farooq

Thanks a lot! Nice lessons.

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Nice lessons

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You are an inspiration Emma
Thanks so much for this useful presentation and all the love in each explanarion!

Profile photo of lorena rey lorena rey

Thank you

Profile photo of Penelope@1725 Penelope@1725

Thanks a lot Emma!

Profile photo of Manuelv2000 Manuelv2000

thank you

Profile photo of Ali7F Ali7F

Thank you Emma! This is a useful lesson especialy in these days. I wish everyone to be healthy and don’t ill. 10 out of 10. Keep your chin up!

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Branded pharma are pricey not because of advertising. Pharma corporation have a license on producing branded drag exclusively since they developed it initially. It promotes entrepreneurship and gives proper initiatives for developing new cool drugs.

Profile photo of Petr K. Petr K.

Hi. Why do I need to ask about dosage? Doesn`t every drug have instruction in the package?

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Profile photo of cayecosta cayecosta

Thank you very much, Amma :)

Profile photo of snickanicky snickanicky

Thanks Emma.

Profile photo of Fas000 Fas000

your speech is veru beautiful, clear, quite quick and quite slow. Thanks o lot!

Profile photo of OLGA130588 OLGA130588

Excellent!! Thank you Emma!!

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Thank you so much Emma I got 10/10 the topic very useful and easily to understand.

Profile photo of Sunantha Atsawakitthada Sunantha Atsawakitthada

Thank you very much Ms. Emma.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

thank you very much Ms. Emma

may i ask you a question? i noticed in the video when you pronounced prepare it for you it was different pronunciation than i get used to hear this word so is this a slang?

Profile photo of Aml Mounier Aml Mounier

Thank you very much Ms. Emma !!!!!

Profile photo of Hasan 77 Haddad Hasan 77 Haddad

100? okay. Thank you.

Profile photo of hectorblandon hectorblandon

Thanks a lot

Profile photo of AleksisME AleksisME

Thanks Emma, very good explanation,

Profile photo of SoniMar SoniMar

In your ‘English Grammar – By or Until’ lesson – the thief was gone or THE THIEF HAS GONE …… please tell me ,,,, thank you

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Profile photo of mahmoud abdelhakim shalaby mahmoud abdelhakim shalaby

You are the best teacher,thanks for everything

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You cours is the best .

Profile photo of Yacouba KONAT Yacouba KONAT

very useful

Profile photo of salvatore1993 salvatore1993

Thanks teacher, new words and new vocabulary for me

Profile photo of marceucs03 marceucs03

thank you Emma you.re really a wonderful teacher

Profile photo of ashraf2020 ashraf2020

Emma is best teacher for me.. Thank you so much

Profile photo of gurvinder singh71 gurvinder singh71

very usefull .thank you so much

Profile photo of sati.creador sati.creador

Thank you.

Profile photo of Farah khalify Farah khalify

Ty Emma!! Absolutely clear!!

Profile photo of sherite sherite

So great!

Profile photo of Camila Rothstein Ramos Camila Rothstein Ramos

thanks for the class

Profile photo of BRISSOT BRISSOT

Thanks Emma , I got 90 out of 100 and your way of teaching is very nice, thanks once again

Profile photo of Anbumaran Anbumaran

I get full mark cuz I am pharmacist 😀😀

Profile photo of megafen megafen

I am a pharmacist

Profile photo of Basantadel Basantadel

thanks Emma teacher

Profile photo of quantum07 quantum07

Thank you soo much Emma, you explain very well and I understand all the video. I have 9 correct out of 10 in the quiz..

Profile photo of @Laufdez28 @Laufdez28

Thanks Emma

Profile photo of Sevimmm Sevimmm

tanks for your useful class and explain about drugs with medicine.

Profile photo of Rwaa Rwaa

Thank you.

Profile photo of Jorge Rodriguez Rodriguez Jorge Rodriguez Rodriguez

Thank you so much its very useful video.

Profile photo of Jaysuporntip Jaysuporntip

Thank you Emma about your advisement “ Ask and confirm “

Profile photo of Farzat El Zoghet Farzat El Zoghet

Thank you so much Emma!!!

Profile photo of Hasan 77 Haddad Hasan 77 Haddad

Thank you so much Emma

Profile photo of Duesane Duesane

10/10! Wonderful! I learned useful medicine tips today.

Profile photo of Jerry Gu Jerry Gu

Thank you for your lessons

Profile photo of Sonya Dubn Sonya Dubn

Thank you very much

Profile photo of Haladahhan Haladahhan

Thanks Emma, a wonderful lesson. I finally understood the meaning of Drop off & Pick up, I often read it at the airport or at customs.

Profile photo of Frank Frank

Excellent information. Thank you

Profile photo of HOJAICAL HOJAICAL

Dear Emma,

your are simply beautiful, intelligent teacher

Profile photo of vubuddy vubuddy

Thanks a lot, Emma. I’d like to say that you are a great teacher, greetings from Brazil.

Profile photo of Hilguener Hilguener

nice one

Profile photo of firaol firaol

this topic is very interesting for all the people. tanks

Profile photo of vilson fileti vilson fileti

I love to watch this vedio there’s some new words I learned.I also learn haw can I henddel pharmacy situations..

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