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    I couldn’t agree more! The lesson was awesome!

    At this time tomorrow, I will be hanging around with a couple of friend. They want to pain the town red.

    Bye for now.

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    For all people here Ladies and Gentlemen I hope there is anybody wants to practice her/his English with me voice chat :)
    my Skype is khalid_3adel

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      anybody? even if he was egyptian like U?

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“Won’t you be going to the party tonight? ” this sentence isn’t correct? Why?

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    Because it’s not an planned action. We must only use it when we planned something in future with a time maker. This phrase gave no sure about. I believe in the affirmative tense it could be right coz the idea change.

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      your answers is great but i dont understand clearly
      thanks a lot

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      I think that I understood the idea but can you clarify it a little more?

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    Porque “won’t” é o mesmo que “will not” (negativo). E ela fala pra não fazer perguntas em negativo pra não dificultar a resposta, o que é considerado uma forma errada de fazer perguntas no futuro contínuo no inglês e também no Português. A tradução fica literalmente “Você não vai estar indo para a festa amanhã?”.
    Sendo que o certo seria “Você vai estar indo para a festa amanhã?”
    Respondi em Pt porque vi a bandeira de Portugal. Rsrs ~ Espero ter te ajudado.

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    You have to ask positive questions:

    ‘Will you be…. ?’

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    you need to make it positive.

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    Use should use the question in positive form.
    Will you be …………?

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I love this lesson. I’m not used to use this verbal form but now I can give it a try. Thanks a lot!!

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Thank you Ronnie I got 10 correct out of 10 your quiz. Your lesson is useful and remind me to memorize again.

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Thankk you Ronnie for this lesson. However I’m confused about future structure “be + going to”
example: I’am going to leave in Italie this summer or I will be leaving in Italie this summer.
Thanks for your reply

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Well done!

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I will be coming to Canada next year INSHA ALLAH

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Thank you Ronnie

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I will be reading a book tomorrow.

Is it correct sentence?

thank you so much for your lesson.

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Thank you very much Ronnie for your help.I will see you at the next test.

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Hi Ms Ronnie,
Really you are good teacher and I learn more from you I post many comments in the last episodes but I don’t have replay
Hopefully you will answer me
I have question for you
In job interview the examiner ask me (What do you do?)
I reply ( I have been working as a legal advisor for the past ten years ago )
Is this right or you have good formal answer about this
Many thanks for you

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    Just drop the “ago” at the end of your sentence and it’ll sound ok.

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Thanks Ronnie awesome lesson!

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Hi Ms Ronnie
Nice t-shirt
When you give to us how to pronounce some vocabulary like schedule (skd-jewel)
It’s amazing Is there any web sits for this or your magic way
I don’t know how to thank you enough

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Hi Ronnie, do you like Ramones? I will be listening to Ramones after the lesson! Thanks for the lesson and what’s your page on facebook?

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what is differences meaning between :
– Will you be coming tomorrow night?
– Are you coming tomorrow night?

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Love you Ronnie!!! Come to Brazil!! Thank you!!!

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thank you for this useful lesson

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indecent proposal for Ronnie: I can accommodate you at my own expense where I live (1 hour far from Venice, from Verona, 2h from Florence….) and you teach me tons of english. Do you agree?

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I am in Toronto right now! We could hangout \o
Let me know!

Thanks for the class!

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Great job, Ronnie, as ever. I will be watching EngVid from Monday to Friday!…Is this sentence Ok? Thank you very much, Ronnie!!!

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Thanks ! very useful :-)

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Great lesson! :)

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Ronnie can you do a lesson on pornography..

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Hi there Ronnie ! Could u please teach me different between. could and can ?would . And shell ? Thanks.

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my children who are twins will be studying at an univerty nex year
thanks ronnie

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Wow! 100 points out of 10 questions! Thanks Ronnie!

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Ronnie don’t worry about italian journey, may be in 2 years ?, what I wish you :)

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I got 100 points out of 10 question
tons of thanks

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thanks Ronie for the best explanation. you are very cheerful

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if i get a job, i will be buying a ticket to dominican republic a ronnie at the end of the year

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Awesome lesson, awesome t-shirt!

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Thanks a lot Ronnie, you’re so nice …. I love your lessons !!
“I will be waiting for you in Italy next sunday”, I’ll send you your ticket ;)

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i’ve got 100/100 i will be sending you an aireplan ticket to come to morroco you’re welcome ronnie

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You’re great Ronnie

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Great lesson Ronnie. Thanks a lot! You’re awesome
What’s your FB?

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    Explore Toronto with Ronnie

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He won’t be attending the conference.

Where is the time marker?
Ronnie you’r the best!!!

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    I agree with you. I have the same comment. Greetings from Mexico :)

    Profile photo of Ellie Ellie

    I think there is an implicit time marker – “the conference”. It is assumed that you know when the conference takes place.

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Hello from Italy :-) I am going to give you all a donation. You all are very nice and very good teachers.

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nice 7 right

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Thanks you from Guayaquil-Ecuador. ;)

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I can’t believe it’s me !!

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I loved!

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Miss ronnie, i love you..
I need english lessons for cruise interview
Thankyou so much

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Thank you, Ronnie! BTW I also won’t be going to Italy this year. However, I wish I would go to Canada, America(again) and Europe someday :)

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Hey Ronnie! What’s your facebook? Thank you for everything, hugs & vesos :)

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Hi Ronnie,at this time tomorrow we will be learning a lot of english language with you teacher.Thank you

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Hello Ronnie,
First time ever I am commenting in here. First of all you guys a doing really good job there, hats off. Now I have problem pronouncing “er” “et” & “rd” words. Can you please make a lesson on these three sounds ?

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thank s Ronnie.

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i just love this site and thanks for the guidance thanks again to all eng vid team ;)

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i am poor in English plz help me .
u r teaching was awsom .

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Hi Ronnie,
We learned some hared to find words from your lessons which can’t find even in the dictionary. I can say your lessons are very useful everybody & other teachers are also presenting important lessons for English learners for day to day speak .
Specially thank & appreciate to Engvid & its team for the opportunity which is given for the learners like us in the whole world. May God bless to Engvid & be with the English learners for ever.

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YES 9/10 without looking the video.
My network was fail

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once I click on ‘play’ I smiled, you are awesome…

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Thank you for giving me such a great lesson. I have been confusing about the difference between the following 4 sentences.
I will be going to Italy next week.
I will go to Italy next week.
I am going to go to Italy next week.
I am going to Italy next week.
what’s the difference?

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Ronnie,you are so emotional and jolly!I like the way you give information. I ‘ve always have difficultis by learning tenses. You helps me to get ahead.

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    I have made so many mistakes in my first comment. My English really needs to be improved. Ronnie, please help me!

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Ronnie, you really have good sense of humor.
So glad to watch your English courses.

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thank you so much

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For all people here Ladies and Gentlemen I hope there is anybody wants to practice her/his English with me voice chat :)
my Skype is khalid_3adel

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Hey Ho Let’s go to Italia..

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She is a teacher who has an english humour, I guess. And her method works. I thank her for this usefull lesson.

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Hello Ronnie,

Why do we use “Do” before verb in positive present simple.Example
I need a a car or I do need a car what are differences ?
Sorry,I didn’t have any appropriate ready sample for that ,but I now you got it.


Profile photo of Mohammad Reza Massahi Mohammad Reza Massahi

    Hello Mr. Massahi
    ((Do))is used here for (( emphasis ))
    Have a nice time.

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10/10 yeah ))

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ıts okayyy 10\80 is it good ronnie ? :D :D thank you for this lesson :)

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I am so pround of myself. 7 correct out of 10 fab -)

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its good thanku mam

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Thank you, I have just refreshed my memory :D

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I’ll be watching every video from Ronnie every time it released. Whow! Thank you, Ronnie.. Greeting from Indonesia.

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I will be flying to Calgary this summer:)

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Hi everyone, I’m looking for people for speak English. I think that speak the language you wanna learn it’s very helpful for learn the language. A lot of polyglots are agree about that. Also it’s fun know new people.
I’ll be happy to talk with you.

My Skype is: ivykairos

And sorry, it is still difficult to express me in English.

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I got 10 correct out of 10. Very good lesson Ronnie. Thanks a lot.

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Great lesson!

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you really know haw to make it easy….thanks

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Thanks Ronnie so much. :)

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Ronnie you are the best !!!!

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I don’t find you on facebook, what’s your account ronnie?

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We will be going on holiday this summer!!!

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thank U so much, Rommie ….. and i have a question 4 u. how can we start a sentence with so OR but? I hope you answer me soon.

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Grammar lessons with Ronnie aren’t boring! What a talent! Even grammar sounds fun!

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Thank you so much Ronnie.Your lesson was so funny and awesome.

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A very good teacher! She deliver the lesson with a bit of humor. I hope I can do that also when I teach my students. Thanks a lot. I just didn’t learn the topic but as well as the strategy.

G R E A T.

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Thank you

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Great as usual!

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Ronnie is my best teacher

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WOW! Thanks Ronnie! 100%. I will be studying more tomorrow.

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Hello Ronnie, I have a question … Why is it so difficult to understand the words of the English songs?Greetings from Italy
P.S. You are a
Great teacher

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thank you!

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Thx a lot Ronnie!

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10/10 bravo,,,,,,
Thanks Ronnei you are so sweet

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i will be showing yours videos to my friends tomorrow.

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Hi Ronnie,

I’d like to thank you for all the great lessons you’ve been conducting here. You’re the kind of teacher that makes students feel confident. I really want to go to Canada someday and I hope I get the chance too meet you and thank you in person.

Best regards,
Ricardo Manenti

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great my funny teacher

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Belle Ronnie, do u have a facebook?
I hope to be friends :)

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Belle Ronnie, do u have a facebook?

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woooooow many thanks to you

i have exam just after 3 hours :)

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thanks ronnie .at this time tomorrow i will be watching it again

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Thank you so much, Ronnie. It was very useful lesson, When will I be studying your lesson next week?

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thank you for this simple lesson, great!

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Are they both correct?
will they be coming to the party tomorrow?

Are they coming to the party tomorrow?

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thanks about this lessson

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I enjoy watching this video. :)

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I love this website!Awesome!!

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Could you please explain future perfect continue

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thank you this lesson

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I got it perfect. :)

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wow to me hehe 100, i’m really learning a lot. Thank you Ronny you’re the one.

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please please i want you to tell me whether the following sentence is correct or not ( Bin studied well, and James does too )

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100 out of 100

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Good and easy lesson, I got 100!

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Hi Ronnie
Your lessons are very useful. Thank you.

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Very good lesson. I love Ronnie!

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Very good lesson!

Profile photo of Luzinha008 Luzinha008

The way she teaches is so irritating! Following the syntax of future continuous is easy but she failed stating the clear usage of the tense

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The course is owesome!keep learning!

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Great lesson

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80% .. great !!!


Great lesson. First time to leave comment. Nice to meet you guys. Catch ya.

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what’s the difference between

I’ll eat lunch at 12


I’ll be eating lunch at 12

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Thanks Ronnie for the lesson. It helps build on what I have learned so far. I got 10 out of 10 on the quiz.

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thank you ronnie !! I have a question… i hope you can reply to me… what’s the differance between ‘they will go to italy this year’ and ‘they will be going to italy this year’? or may I use both for the same purpose? thank you so much!!

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Thank you so much Ronnie like always I really enjoy your videos. It’s easy learn with you!

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Got 10 out of 10) Thanks for this lesson. Hope you will get the chance to visit Italy this summer :)

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You are intelligent and funny…and an excellent teacher. Thank you very much!

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Please Ronnie can you show us the best way to teach the difference of world and word. Thank You

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I love your manners

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hey ronnie… you did such a good job.. i appreciated that..your teaching style with sometime doing fun and all.. keep it up.. i like you videos most in Engvid actually… your are so good as english teacher.. never be borring with your videos…

and most i like your style in every videos that is your arriving time hehe nic keep it up..

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Hi , the lesson was great ,, thanks for the efforts made .. .I will be contacting you for more information and questions that perplexing me ! ..
thanks again

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The best teacher!

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I like it.

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thanks teacher but i still confused between WILL and GOING TO what is the different??

another Q :( why you said I will be marrying next summer instead of i will get married next summer :( with my sincere thanks :)

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I will be studying with engvid this year all week. I’m really enjoying it.

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I will be doing the same quiz with my son tomorrow afternoon

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9/10 Bravo!!!!!!! Thanks allot Ronnie .

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thank you very Ronnie you just open my eyes and my brain on that future progressive (continuous).
thank you so much.

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I loved!!

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Ronnie! What’s your Facebook?

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Very good for starter. I very like it.

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Thanks Ronnie, you’re awesome as ever!

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Hi Ronnie :) thanks a lot….you are amazing! Clear teacher and funny lessons :)

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Very interesting lessons and perfect teacher

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Excellent lesson! excellent site!!!!!
Thank you so much!!!!

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I love it!! I am brazilian and now I a m in Toronto studying English, but I will go back to Brazil in July 6.
This site is amazing.
Ronnie’s the best.

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Thank you very Mach useful lesson

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Nice lesson :)

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This is great, I like her lessons very much.

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And what happen, if the time marker missing? For example:
“We will be opening a new account closer to our home.”
The time marker is missing, but I saw this in one of learning sites…


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Thank you Ronnie for your great lesson
I have a question.
What is the difference between future progressive and “to be going to” structure? I think both are used for planned actions.

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Tommorow also i will be watching ur vedios at this time ..

Good Job mam

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Thank you Ronnie! Very useful lesson! ;)

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Ronnie is soooo sweet :) when i watched her video i always laughing and having fun. thank you Ronnie, for fun lesson.

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I promised that I will be better in next exercise, and … I got 10/10. Thank you Ronnie

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I got 10 of 10,,,,,,,,thanks Ronnie,if you come to Italy, i’ll be happy to accomodate you at my home!!!

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super! I will be perfecting my english this year.

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just got a 10/10.
You are a great teacher Ronnie :)

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Thank you Ronnie You are great!!!!!

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    she is funny

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thank you so much dear Ronnie.
i’d like the engineer of the site add add a way to download video lessons, it will be better for some student to understand what Envid teachers teaching if they can play those video without Internet. A lot kisses for Ronnie. love you all the other Envid teachers <3

Profile photo of Wesly Henry Wesly Henry

    Unfortunately, we can’t. Our teachers make money through advertisements on Youtube, and as you know, Youtube doesn’t offer downloading. Right now, this is the best way to keep our lessons free and available to as many people as possible. We hope you understand.

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thanks Ronnie!
you have the ability to do lessons very easy to understand… :);)

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iam really enjoy. i understand this topic very well so pleas accept my gratfull bye

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Hi, I’m little bit confused with 7 question. There is no right answer due to there is no time marker in sentences, is it right?

7. Choose the sentence that uses the future continuous tense.
He won’t be attending the conference.
He won’t attend the conference.
He not attending the conference.
He won’t attending the conference.

Where is time marker?

Profile photo of rkrikbaev rkrikbaev

Hey Ronnie , how’s it going ?
I just watched first minute of this amazing video and then I did the test , I just got 9 correct answers out of 10 ,anyhow I just wanted to say thank you, the video was so helpful.I am aware about my weaknesses in English , the bold one is grammar, my listening level is C1 according to the testenglish.com but but I’m awfully horrible in grammar skill I’m self-taught learner please do me a favor and give me some advice to improve it ,
thanks in advance !

Profile photo of moghadam12 moghadam12

    REVISE : according to examenglish.com “

    Profile photo of moghadam12 moghadam12

why dont 7th question have a time marker?

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Thank you, Ronnie!

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At this time tomorrow I will be watching to my Favorite teacher’s lessons. Thank’s Ronnie, you’re amazing :). And I wanna go to Toronto with you. hahaha

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Great! I love your lessons.thanks a lot!

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Great Ronnie,i enyojed this lesson and i go 9/10…A good result!!

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Who wants to practice his/her English with my voice chat. Skype: AlexKafkaC

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HA! I got 10/10

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Your are a very good teacher. thank your for your lessons

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Thanks ❤️❤️❤️

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Someone to practice on skype??

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Good lesson Ronnie.. thank you :)

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thank you ronnie

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I like your lesson roonie

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I love Ronnie, she rocks

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Like tour lesson

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Ronnie , I really love the way that you teach English you are amazing. Never change.

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Great Lesson Ronnie, Thank you very much!

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really amazing site may allah be with u
and tomorrow i will be listening to the next lesson

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Ronnie, if you ever happen to be in northern MN, feel free to stop by, we’ll sure have some margaritas together! :)

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i’ve a question and it is
what is the difference between continuous future and going to + inf ?
i mean
the progressive future is talking about plans right, so what about (going to + inf)

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a 10 thank you Ronnie :D

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no answer yet

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it was greated , I got 100 , Thanks Ronnie, You are awesome teacher,,,’,,I love to learn English with You, hopefully You will be here in U S,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

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More please,Mam Ronnie :D

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Skype practice? Text me skype: scr3wu

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Hi Ronnie ! Thank you again for the lesson. But i am confused while doing quiz. There are two questions:
1.Will she give a speech at the party tonight.
sound perfectly and correct similarly
2 Janet will merry here soulmate next year.
Please help me out to remove this confusion.

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Thank you Ronny

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I will be watching your next video tonight.Will you be publishing a new video till next week?

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Great! lesson-…. Love it!

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She is amaaaaaaaaaaazing!

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thank you ronnie

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Hi Ronnie, you are the number one!!!
Can I ask you to answer at this doubt?
If I said: “Will you be saying something about management at meeting staff on monday?”
The correct answer will be:
1) Yes I will be saying that we need more trained persons at the coffee machine.
2) Yes I will say that we need more trained persons at the coffee machine


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90 is’nt good enough, It must be 100 next time I took a quiz.Thanks Ronnie you’re the best.

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❤️❤️ RoRo ❤️❤️
Thank you for your effort.

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Thankyou a lot.. Ms Ronny :) hahahaha

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Thank you Ronnie , you have made learning English easy and fun.good on you!

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I’ve read all the comments to check if someone had the same doubt I have and yes, I’ve found them. But where are the answers? Where does Ronnie answer the questions?
I’d like to know when to use:
– I will be starting University tomorrow.
– I will stat University tomorrow.

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Wow!!!You got 10 correct out of 10.
Structure and How/Why!!!
Thank Ronnie. :-)

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About the negative phrase, imagine this situation:
Your friend tells you he’s going to go to the mall this afternoon, but you remember that you both have a math exam tomorrow and he have already planned to stay home studying, won’t would be correct to say:
Won’t you be going to study this afternoon?

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Thank you from Spain

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Hi ranni.can u help me to prounance (ie and ei ),(ai and ia ),(io and oi ),(au and ua ),(eu and ue ),(ou and uo).I hope find base to read these letters easlywithout confusing

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Hi Ronnie !
Please help me,
I dont understand, when we use ” be to + infinitive ” and ” be about to + infinitive “.
Thank you, Ronnie .

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I got 100/100.

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“Won’t you be going to the party tonight? ” this sentence isn’t correct? Why?

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Thank you Ronie

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Thank you Ronnie! 100/100

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I will be hanging out with you next month, LOL.

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thank u your lesson id amazing

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Ronnie, thanks for lesson, but explain please:)
Why I must use Future Proggresive in this sentence
“I will be going to Italy this year.”
instead of
“I am going to Italy this year.”

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thank you i got 90 out of 100 this is good for me. because grammar had been difficult from elementary school .

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Excuse me.For the 10th question,can I say that xxx will marry her soulmate next summer? will show xxx intention

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At this time tomorrow I will be watching TV with my son
I will be working as Interior designer at this time next year
Will you be eating breakfast tomorrow morning at 6am
I will be sleeping at the time you some home tonight

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I will be finishing these lessons in about one year.
Humanity won’t be going to Mars because humanity aren’t ready.
Will they be sending your books next week?

I hope above examples are correct.

Thanks Ronnie.

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I love your t-shirt!

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i got only 80%

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Mam i have always been facing problems with the prepositions often and often i use them in my sentences. How would u help me… do correct me i dont wanna be an exception in my class…..!!!!

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Sometimes I read or heard “I’ll be waiting for you” and most of the time there’s not a time marker, as you said in your lesson. Is it correct or is better to say “I’ll wait for you”?
Can you explain me this, please? Thank you.

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Can we use present simple and continuous for future

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I had one mistake:
7. Choose the sentence that uses the future continuous tense.
He won’t be attending the conference.
He won’t attend the conference.
He not attending the conference.
He won’t attending the conference.

I’d selected “He won’t attend the conference.” cause there wasn’t any time maker.

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    I will be waiting your answers :))

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      So do I! We will be waiting for your answer as soon as possible.

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    Read the question:
    7. Choose the sentence that uses the future continuous tense.
    Your answer is the simple future.

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Thanks professor for such a nice explenation of future tense I got 10 correct out of 10 .

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thanks a lot for everything

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I think this tense is one of the easiest tenses of the world!!! I enjoy learning languages!!!!

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Ha Ha Ha!

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Awesome Ronnie! You are the best! Great job. I’ve got a question for you, why there is no time marker in question number seven? For this reason, I thought that the following sentence ‘He won’t attend the conference’ was right!

Thanks in advance!
All the best



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Hello Ronnie, I really like your English lessons. I’ve been following your channel for 3 years. I have a request that I hope you will satisfy. In this website there is no lecture about Future Perfect and Future perfect continuos. May you please me with that?

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Time maker,use the correct form to build the sentences!

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