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Thank you Ronnie ma’am for this wonderful lesson.
Question no-6 was a bit tricky but I got it and this kind of questions are seeking our more interest towards the lesson….
In IELTS listening sections sometimes speakers sound got mixed or may be due to their fast speaking habit, we assume a different accent and miss the original words…..ma’am if it’s possible then please do give us some tips or may be a lesson on that…..!!
Thank you ma’am
Thank you team engVid

Rakesh Kumar Sarmah

Bonjour Ronnie !please i need to know that this lesson is academic to teach in schools ? thanks a lot.

Dhouib wafa

nice class teacher


Thank you, Ronnie….!!

Jakub Alvarez

Thanks my great teacher

husam simawi

i have got 10/10 thank Ronnie! you teached about pronouciation very clearly and easily for understand

nguyen van long

I love your classes. You are an amazing teacher. Thanks for helping us so much. I really appreciated.


thanks a lot, Ronnie


    The important lesson that I need to lear , in my opinion.

    Aya khatra

thanks a lot Ronnie like your accent


Thanks Roro but you don’t clarify what is the hard T and what is the soft T?


Wow, I’m a beginner and I did not know that. Thank you for the lesson. Superb.


Nice teaching.


You’re my favourite teacher. I learned a lot from you.


(T)hankyou Maaaaam :)


There is an exception to the rules:

fertile | ˈfərdl |


fertility | fərˈtɪlədi |


Ronnie you’re such a cool teacher. I had a good laugh at the Mat the goat part!


This is mental as the saying goes!!


[80]very interesting pronunciation lesson!


Thanks for lesson


Thanks a lot mrs Ronnie! ❤️


Thank you very much Ronnie for the interesting lesson. You are an awesome teacher.
All these words are pronounced in American style? Because in British English, can say “fəˈɡɒtn” (forgotten), ɪntəˈnæʃnəl (international) prɪntər,etc?


Nice teaching mam Ronnie, Thanks I got 7 out 10 questions in a quiz


thank you very much Ronnie.


Thanks so much a great lesson. Well, just a comment, I was told, that T sound was (r) eg: ability= abiliry, universiry. So, now I am some kind confused. but I learned something new. anyway was a good lesson. Gees! too much learning in a language. The reason why I am in this website because, it is because I want strength up my writing skills. Thanks Ronnie I got 8 of 10.


Hi teacher Ronnie I am new here,i do know how to start. I can’t speak fluent in English it’s hard for me.help pls

melanie cagas

Hope u can read may message. I always watching you in YouTube but some i couldn’t understand..i need to learn in English…

melanie cagas

Bonjour Ronnie it was really nice listen for me. i get to know new thing thanks


Like your lesson ! ?


nice lesson

brayan josue R.M

thanks ronnie


Dear Ronnie as always noone explains so simple so easy like you you re the best and we like most when you chuckle during the class…… anyway…. many greetings from Surco

marc anthony

Ronnie has a lovely manner to give a lesson. Thanks, Ronnie.


Thank you so much teacher Ronnie :)


thank you for teaching, Ronnie


That helped alot, thanks!

Mai G71


al willis

hey!.. Nice class Ronnie. Thank’s


And how to pronounce the word “What”. Like a “wha'”
It’s correct in casual English?


Hi, excellent class, could learned much things and realized some doubt.. thank..


Funny & Great teacher ?

Not Yet

thank you very much Ms.Ronnie

really amazing lesson i was confusing when i hear a movie but i think i’ll not after your lesson

Aml Mounier

Thanks a lot Ronnie!

Ana Paula Martorelli

It’s great! I like the video!


Love your classes, Ronnie.
As always, I learned a lot.
Thanks! :)


Thanks Ronnie.
Now everything make sense. When my Irish teacher told me about American pronunciation and the word Internet I thought it was a silly joke. Now that I know the rule about how to pronunce T after N everything is clear.

Iurii Guimaraes

Through your lesson, I have improved pronounce of ‘t’.
Thank very much.

YiXin. Lin

Thanks l got 100


I got 7 i must rewatch the lesson again
Thank you Ronnie for your effort


thank you , now everything makes sense.
I got 100/100 .you are the best.


How to say Liberty?


It’s great!


Thanks a lot, teacher Ronnie. I love your classes.


Thank you so much Ronnie.


Very useful, easy to learn them. But I’m still confusing with some words which in one of 4 cases you point out that.
1. – forgotten : tt’re sanwiched between o & e . Why they not become dd. Also same for written. I know here you said they are in group 3 (“in” – silent t and take out vowel sound)
2. The word education : t between a and i. But we never hear it’s pronounced without t or t become D. In this case just sound like “shin” for tion.
3. When we know we should make silent t and when is not? I found some words have silent t which is completely out of your 4 rules. (Christmas, hasten, fasten, whistle, moisten, listen.. all these with silent t) are they irregular words that we have to learn by heart or is there rule for it?

Please response my questions. I appreciate for your time. Always find interesting and fun in all of your videos. Thank you so much Ronnie.
You have a good one! Stay safe!


Really tricky if I’m not put attention, Thank you.


Ronnie, the pronouncing is very hard…oh my god.
Thank you


Thank you so much !I have one question how do you pronunce this word attack ?


Thank you so much !I have one question how do you pronunce this word attack ? The t is between 2 voyelles. Is the t prononce d in this case?


thank a lot, Ronnie, hugs (Kazakhstan o2 Dec2o21:)


7/10! Ok! I’m not a native speaker!

Jerry Gu

Well, this is my first lesson, and I’m so satisfied.But one thing I couldn’t do is how to download the course.
Anyway, thank you Ronnie.

KABORE Mohamed

good explanation ronnie, although I’m a little confused cause was listening native speaker from England

Claudio Simon Rey

good explanation and thank you ronnie!!!, although I’m a little confused cause was listening native speaker from England

Claudio Simon Rey


Alyaa Elsergany
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