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Hoo-hoo I am the first. Because of my careless I made 7 out of 10, but I am glad as well.Thanks for interesting lesson.


I got 10 out of 10 in second attempt because i was confuse some sentences parkway driveway and American control football by hands.

Muhammad Abbas



I always get a kick out of Ronnie`s lessons as much as all the teachers on EngVid!!!
Thank you for all you`ve been doing for us all.


hahaha OMG!!! what have i done? why have i started to learn this nut job language? what would i think before i started? shipment, by truck or car…. but not ship. who invented this crazy language? i would like to convey my regards to him.


    as far as i understand, if someone says to me that my nose runs, should i respond him back like, yea dude, and you feet smell??? lol that was fun lecture, Ronnie…


      i mean your feet… sorry but,,, autocorrect is for real…


what a crazy language…:)


The “off of” plague has even gotten to engvid ;)


Thanks Ronnie for this lesson

marcos alexandre

Dear Ronnie thank you very much, I love the way you teach us English. It is always so funny and intersting.


    Hey! if you want to improve your English speaking we can both help each other? thank!


You are very funny Ronnie!!! i love your lessons


Thanks Ronnie….driveway and parkway I’m still confuse …HA..HA


Thanks Ronnie.


Ronnie, I really love your lessons. They are so useful for me. And I got 10 out of 10! Thank you. :)

ps. I want to go to Toronto with you.


thank u Ronnie, your emotional drive is contagious!


hahaha your lesson was so funny Ronnie!!
Thank you so much, not only for what you teach, but also for the way you teach it!!!


Nice lesson, roni explains excelent!!!


Many thanks!


second time to learn this lesson. good teaching!




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    engVid Moderator

      Ahan :)

      Prakash Ramalingam

      so cute and maybe idon’t know who are you but i want to say that you really good guys


      Ooh, nice gif. I’m going to save it.


      Stop this cat please. It drives me crazy!!!


Thanks Ronnie, now there are many new words in my vocabulary.

Fernando Moreira

Who said that crazy people are bad ! you are amazing Ronnie xD


Oh boy! There is a method in her madness

proverbial horse

Ronnie, Ronnie, you make us laugh and learn at the same time. Bravissima!


I’ve got 9 ò 10. Good starting! Hope so


As usual very funny lesson, thanks a lot Ronnie

nejjam otman

crazy, well done for me !


Hi, Ronnie,
actually in Portuguese we don’t have a simillar word to flammable only to inflamablle. I think it helps things to sound less crazy then they are. As you said: this “in” prefix doesn’t mean opposite


Nice video lesson Ronnie, I got 9 out of 10. So, If you want, you are able to learn Portuguese language. Our vocabulary is so great and understandable.


good comment to sugest me but i want to know more than this
please, next time give me hard quiz


thank you for the lesson.


I will brush my tooth with my favorite teethpaste … I understood perfectly the lesson.
Thanks Ronnie … as always a great teacher.
je,je..Just a joke, I’m not gross.


ronnie is the best teacher i have ever seen.. i started talking like you :D … i wish i could meet you


Thank you for giving me a test ,I would like to thanx to Ronnie :-)


I love this video so much
it’s so fanstatic


Hi Ronnie !!! Although I think you are one of the Best teacher in the site but sorry, I think this lesson isn’t good becouse of too many useless words. I’m sorry Ronnie. Good luck. Thank you.


thankyou Ronnie!i love you


I made 5 out of 10 :(

Prakash Ramalingam

I scored 10 corrects out of 10! Thanks! ?


Ronnie, I think that a lot of strange words are inside any language, even in italian. May thanks for what I have learnt today from your lesson. Ciao

Danilo Manzoni

Many thanks

Danilo Manzoni

whoops. I took the test without watching the video and I only got 5. :)


Thank you very much, Ronnie I always thought about the toes in my opinion it’s not make any sense. It’s better foot fingers :D. The class is very useful. God bless you. I got 10 correct out of 10.


very funny lesson Ms.Ronnie


Great !


but.. inflammable not mean in English? or what :(( can u explain to me?

Hana Pham

thank you ronnie


It is a useful way to test your understanding the lesson I found it very practical


Never get too old to learn


Thank for this lesson …

Michael Varela

i scored 10 out of 10 it was my best starting in the english


great, i had 9 out of 10, such intelligence.


I have got 80 number out of 100. I hope I will be improve my English skill..

Afraz ss

Hi Ronnie! Thanks for this lesson!

Even though this kind of sport that is called American football existed already in some form in the Ancient Greece, before the soccer, according to my survey, I think it is somewhat “different” to call it football, indeed — this is cultural in the USA and Canada and certainly it was a name that was accepted in the past and stood after its rediscover. In Greece they called it Episkyros.

Fabio Cicerre

    Today I learned about episkyros!

    engVid Moderator

ronne hello would you like tech about other,another,the other,other than,otherwise,each other,one other. thanks.

argenys antonio cinero.

9/10 but that’s ok … thanks Ronnie ❤

manar imad

I love your teaching. thanks


10/10.. I like this lesson a lot, English is really crazy and I think it’s because of it I’m fond of this language! Thanks Ronnie, you’re so funny ^^

Felipe Jr

Thanks Ronnie, it was a amazing learning for me…certainly English is the crazier language that i try to learn in my life…


Deer Mrs.Ronnie you are the best teacher I have ever had . thanks a lot.


That’s too bad..i can only get from 5 in 10.i think i maybe be more careless for the test althrough. i think

polly poohly

I think, it’s easy lesson and i’m so much enjoy with the teacher. Try the best for the second test. i tell myself now. see you dear Ronnie!!

polly poohly

    i am a student,i like to communicate with english people,if anyone could let me know
    thank you soo much


Thank you, Ronnie, for your lessons

Mohsen Tatoo

It was a really good test for me. I following your youtube channel and love your eng videos, your style :) ty for the teaching.


I want more please.

Joselyn Ayaay

i love the way you teach Ronnie ; thank you so much you’re adorable :)


it s really interesting!!!


Thank you, Ronnie, for the great lesson! 10/10.


Thank you Ronnie

ramyar dilshad

No comments this time Ronnie. Regards!




Thank you Ronnie..Now I believe that I can do better..Would you please teach us the idioms and phrases in English.

Dency John

I got 9 out of 10, not bad! Thanks Ronnie


Heyy Ronnie! I can teach you some Arabic if you want. Just reply to comment




Thanks Ronnie ,I have got 9/10 it was a funny lesson.


You are very entertaining, full of energy and makes learning more easy & fun with your sense of humor!:)) I really learned a lot and for sure everyone does! You are amazing Ronnie! Thank you so much!xoxo




thanks a lot…


Thanks Ronnie, it was interesting although I missed some phrases when you were explaining. Anyway, I’ve got the maximum of the availaible scores, doesn’t mean that I’m the best!


Hi Ronnie,

I got 1 wrong, which I didn’t understand. Please explain.

In American football, we control the ball with our — Answer says hands ( I checked the option feet )


I have doubt regarding parkway and driveway

confusing for me….

Nirav DJ

Running nose :D interesting language :D


90 you got 9 correct out of 10


I’m also confused about the parkway and the driveway… what does it mean exactly?????
If anyone understands that please explain it for me


Thank’s for u

Mustafa akraa

Palmeiras Doesn’t Have FIFA Club World Cup


thank you


really this video was amazing and really it was useful to me thanks a lot I really appreciate your efforts


love you hihihi thanks Ronnie, a funny teacher…,

Jewelry Hanie

I learned something from this again… thank you. and by the way I got 9 out of 10, not so bad..

mae sanna

christ I din´t get it the number six. I really doesn´t make sense. Drive or park.I wachted the video several times….:(


3/10 i know it, but i don’t know what the question want,anyway thank you senora Ronnie


    3/10… me too,
    So, I learn again…


Ronnie, it was brilliant as usual. I remember you asked to teach you another language that isn’t so queer. Unfortunately, i can’t help ’cause in Russian we have a lot of words & frases that doesn’t make sense as well! Thus, we have a noun “соль” – salt and a verb “пересолить” (oversalt; пере is a Russian prefix meaning over), that means both adding too much salt ang going too far. We have another noun “борщ” – borshtch (it’s a traditional Ucranian and Russian soup) and a verb “переборщить” (overborshtch), that means going too far as well. So phrases “I’ve oversalted (added too much salt) to my borshtch” and “I’ve overborshtched (went too far) with salt mean JUST THE SAME!! Even my Russian-born brain it’s very queer…


    That’s very funny!

    In English, if you ruined the borscht, you could say “I’ve botched the borscht”!

    engVid Moderator

Sorry, I meant FOR my Russian-born brain
By the way, Ronnie, when you told about running nose I remembered there’s a book ‘The Nose’ by the famous russian writer N. Gogol’. It’s a story about an officer who lost his nose (no, he wasn’t ill, his nose just disappeared from his face one dreadful morning). Find this little tale, it fits this lesson perfectly!



gone with the wind

interesting,but it took me a long time finishing this video cause of the slow net.


    We are sorry. Short of changing your settings to choose lower video quality, there is not much to be done :(

    engVid Moderator

      That’s fine, I enjoy the lesson. Thank you for your kindness.


Very useful! Thank you very much !


Hi Ronnie I love your lesson because your very own type person thank you so much

sharfuddin Z

These things make languages to be unique and so exciting to study.


I got 50, but it is a good sign because I have to see the lesson another time to learn more ;)




Uh oh I made a mistake on the question no. 3. It said which is “incorrect”! I didn’t read the sentence well. So I had to be careful. I’ll try to be careful and read sentences well from now on. Hanamizu!!!!


10/10 6 and 7 were difficult :)

Diego Knight

It’s really useful. Thank you!

April Yun



10/10, but I am a “Native English Speaker.” Even the so-called “Advanced Lessons” on this site are too elementary.


Than you for great lesson.
I want to practice my English with native speaker.


Yeay… Thanks for lesson… very like you Ronnie, you’re good teacher :)


That was a pretty good lesson!! Thanks miss Runnie. I enjoyed your mini class.


This was a great lesson.Thanks.


Thank you.


I injoy this video was really good


I like this speed in speking

Nour el houdan

Yeaah i get it

Nourr Usama

damn, it’ll be hard now to rethink the “cargo” meaning. I ever thought that “cargo” means transported by car/truck/train, even the Iveco’s truck model called “eurocargo”. hmmm…


thank you very much for your effort


Thanks a lot dear Ronnie for your amazing lesson by the way why don’t make a lesson about the names and pronunciation of your beatiful and freezy Canada mmmm think about it …Toronto Alberta Ottawa calgary soskachewan or cities like these…….anyway…greetings from surco……dear Ronnie

marc anthony

Great & funny video, Ronnie! 10/10 at quiz first attempt. Thank you!


Oh! it make me crazy by flight, by car,by ship ether way you have to pay???. Thanks Ronnie ?


Much better I got ? great!.Muchas gracias Ronnie ?


I’m front Venezuela and i feel very great that your explain and teach


Thank mmadam i got 9/10 it help to check you understand of lesson

Mame simplice marck

thanks a lot, Ms.Ronnie
Christmas greetings and best wishes from
Kazakhstan 22 Dec2o21:)


10/10! Fantastic! Crazy English! This lesson let me know English also have incredible things. I lost these words to understand something when I learned English in school.

Jerry Gu

Excellent lesson sweet Ronnie the most entertainment teacher from Canada

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