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i understand this lesson, thank you.


    Thank you!


      very good teacher





Thank you …………….so much


    Thank you so much Ronnie, I would like to watch your videos, Because you trying to describe every words with a good simple examples, it very helpful for me..thank you so much

    Salih Mohammed

i could not find any video. please tell me how to proceed.

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You scored 5 out of 5.
Thank you


thanks. we love ENGVID.com

Pj Prame

    We love you too!

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      I really like how you teach..


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Thank you is best


thank you so much i understand

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Didn’t you like the lesson?


Hello! I´m Carlos and I want to know something, a teacher (Mike) told me once that we can´t use the next verbs with (to) + infinitive just with GERUND
admit, avoid can´t stand, deny, enjoy, finish, keep,mind and miss but another teacher told me that we can so, who´s right??
Best wishes!


    You can NEVER use to + gerund, ever.
    What your teachers were telling you is that there are some verbs in English called “stative” verbs that cannot be used as a gerund, eg: love. I cannot really say “I’m loving this hamburger”. You should look at a list of stative verbs so you know what they are! Most verbs that have to do with emotions/feelings/thinking are stative.

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      thanks sweet ronnie i understood the diffirince between need and want love youuuu


      hi miss ronnie u r looking so cute today :*


      thanks u I got this degree

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Thank you so much for this lesson, I like your manner in teaching, also your exam is very good to confirm what you said in the lesson..^_^ Regards

Ahmed Alsaket

Thank you I help me so much this lesson and quiz use want or need.

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thanks a lot i got it


i understood very well thank you so much god bless you.


This website is of good quality and a noble intention to help people learn english without much difficulty.I really love this website and i recommend this to all my friends who are eager to learn.Thanks a lot ENGVID..Love you.


    Thank you so much for you kind comments. We are all working hard to make this site the best it can be.

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      *thank you so much for YOUR kind comments*


      thank you for that!


very helpful


thanks alot i have understood your comments.my God bless you.


sorry i misundrestood the lesson.



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Hello Ronnie ;) so, I’m Brazilian and I’m planning to go to Toronto in January 2011, and I wanna know if you offer private English class and if so,how much would it be per hour? e-mail me as soon as possible, please!!! XO


    Hello Italo! Yes, I do offer private lessons. Please give me your email and I will tell you all the details!

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Thank you, good lesson


Hello, i like your web very much and thanks a lot for your this kind of helps


thanks a lottttttttttttttttttt
ur teaching is very nice





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      Engvid is thinking of you too!

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Thanks so much

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good ! my score is 100%. thanks a lot teacher

su hlaing

thanks ,the best wed ,I have ever seen

Don Quijote de la Mancha


hello; good afternoon thank you very much engvid

sky smith

Thanks you.


thank you for you help i am undertood you class thanks again


thank a lot, i learn this topic.


im know visitor but i think i will stady all videos because im very faible in english


want – desire; need – necessity…
‘You’re all I want and all I need…’ (Whitesnake)

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    Nice Whitesnake reference! Rock on teacherIgor!

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I do not understand how and when to use ” I have done” and ” I did “. Please help me!


    “Have done” is present perfect, and “I did” is past tense. We use present perfect in conversation to express cool things that we have experienced in life. We use simple past (I did) to talk about boring, routine things.

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thanks for this lesson


not only this lesson but also the lessons are v good


good ! my score is 100%. thanks a lot teache
i understand The difference between went .need
Thank you, good lesson i hope that


    good ! my score is 100%. thanks a lot teache
    i understand The difference between want .need
    Thank you, good lesson i hope that


Hey dear ! What great lesson ! It is a piece of a cake thank you very much. Let me ask you a question : if I say I need ta sleep or any other sentence using I need ta can an American understand me ? please reply me !
Hugs from Brazil.

ricardo alessandro

    Yes Americans will say “needta” too!

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i understand this lesson. Need & Went


thanks a lot


I like the way you teach


thank you so mach I relay understand
I love you


I like this web and lessons thanks.


thank you so mach


I understand now. thank you


can you provide a comprehensive lesson on direct and indirect speech please


hi teacher Ronnie i had seen all your lessons and i would like to see one on irregular verbs i like your way of teaching you have beautiful way to give us the information i have naver seen in all my life teacher with this ability and easy way and modern way of teaching keep it up and i’m waiting for your lovely lessons from nice and lovely teacher thanks for your kindness

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i love engvid.com b’coz i was improve my english very well…………………

raviteja e

i also to thanks to you cause this lesson so hepful for me to knew method how to use both of words to make any sentences.i like that’s teacher to explained it..thanks again.


Thanks for it)))

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I love this classes thanks… for help me


Thanku so much……………….

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the lesson’s very great.thanks a lot.


Thank you so much ENGVID your lesson is very important to me. It help me a lot to improve my English grammar. Your website is really helpful specially for us who wants to learn English.


thank you

fahad nawaz

thanks, i understand very good




tahank you very much.
l understood this lesson very well
thanks to

umut çakır

thank you so much


thank u engvid for the help and please i want u to create a website where we can put our writing so that to be corrected by teachers.looking forward for an answer.thx


thank you
you best techers

saudi arabia

regarding to the lesson want and need
what should i say
i want to drink water
i need water
i need to drink water
when i want water which sentence should i say.

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    We would most naturally say “I want a glass of water, please.” Or “I want some water.”
    But if you are really, really thirsty, you can say “I need a glass of water” or “I need some water!”

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i am happy with yours lessons


so so clear lesson, and i like u my teacher.

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thanks alot for your wonderful presentation and I ask if I could have your email please


thank you i want you because i want to learn english kaleem


I am very good


thanks U very much for this lesson,i understand this lesson.




Bundle of Thanks

Ghalib Reza

it is very good way to learn thanks


i got 5/5


very good

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Hi,Ronnie! I’m planing to go to Canada in 2011 to study English. So, do you offer private lessons? If so, send me an e-mail telling all the details(price per hour and stuff), please. italo_fontenele2010@hotmail.com XOXO


    hello! yes i do offer private lessons! It is $45 per hour. You tell me what YOU want to study….prounciation, slang, conversation, grammar etc…. and I will customize your lesson for YOU!

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thank u for this lesson and how can we use shopping with need you told us need is necessity
thank u


That;s great

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It is a good class. You teach English in a very friendly manner. Keep up the good work.

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I`m really learning English with you. Thanks.

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Thank a lot. you are a good teacher.


hi…dear i like dis lesson…i cannot undrstand wht is the meanes of needta…so can u tell me…this word


hi…dear i like dis lesson…i cannot undrstand wht is the meanes of needta…so can u tell me…this word


    “Needta” is the way we pronounce “need to”.

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engvid very helpful

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This is the most helpful page on the whole internet, which I know. Thank You very much :)

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Hi Randy
I’m glad you teach me very clearly.I want to you send me new Lessons.Thank you very much for your interesting metod.

All the best to you.


thank you teacher, good lesson…

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plaese,i need a lesson speech.you make this lesson very clear for me thank u so much.


thank u f this lesson




thank so much


Hello :) .. I have a question..well.. I saw the video a few minutes ago.. but What i want to know is in what situation i have to use the gerund and the infinitive.. I have two lists of verbs that I can use the gerund and the infinitive.. but I have to use only those verbs?.. I don’t know!.. Please help me!.. I hope you’ll se my comment :)!




Thanks for Good lesson.


You are great & I love the way you teach us. I recommend this site to all of my friends. I wish for all of you the best.


Hi Ronnie:
You’re doing good job like other teachers here.
Can you please e-mail me on below email for Private lessons and some other stuff? please use subject as: ” (Your Name) from EngVid


    I ONLY offer private lessons if you live in Toronto!

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      Ok, But can you send me an email to discuss?


        which one?


Hi teacher Ronnie i’m new student and i like your lessones,but i am bigginery and i want to bigan down. you learn me the low of english.
thank you anda i want to help me.

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hi beatuifulll teacher
i realy impress and now a days learn to your leachures

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good class ,can you please show us what is the usage of “that”

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thank you it was very helpful.


Thank you for the lesson!
Merry Christmas!

Natalie Byron

Thank you


Thank you so much ma’am.Your teaching is great.

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Very good lesson, it helps me a lot with my english learnig.thanks ronnie.

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So good for many students but not all it’s very simple whithout want to = Wanna or need to = needta…………. Tahnks Ronyyyyyy

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i needta learn english language .
got it thanks teacher :)

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Hi Ronnieachere really ur lovely teacher .I have watched all ur lessons it was very helpful.but how can i see ur new ones.thank u


I love you class!!!


I want to eat hamburger or chicken.
I don’t need shopping. Thanks a lot of dear teacher.

Soko e

VEry HelpFull ..REally THaNKsss XD

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thank you so much i understand

Jairo Angel

you are very good

Randa Awad

Hi teacher
Thank you so much for this information about verbs need and want.But i dont inderstand yet,when did we use wanna and need ta
thanks teacher


    Want to (wanna) is desire
    Need to (needta) is necessity.
    Hope that helps and thanks for watching!

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hi roonie.plzzzzzzz how can i find the video lessons on ur site plz


Hello Madam,

I dont know when and how to use ‘ONLY’. It look that in a sentence, depending upon the place where ONLY comes, the meaning chances. Can you please explain what meaning it has when it is used in different places og the same sentence, please.


which word is stronger? i think it’s desire. right? Ronnie?

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i really like these type of lessons.

siqaaf ktk

nice lessons very good

naceri redouane

l like this lesson, i know nobody cat take me go to school, but i can study english online,and the Ms Ronnie so funny, i like her, her video lessons so interesting


Thank you so much for the great lesson. I did not know the difference. It’s clear now.

Keep up the good job.

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Very nice.Thank you.



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    where r u from?

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Hi my best teacher .
I’m one of your students in internet . hhhhh ^_^

just I want to ask you something about these words ”for and since” . How I can use it , and when. In the Present Perfect Continuous


    For we always use with a number eg…I’ve been living her for 5 years. Since we use with a date…eg..I’ve been living here since 2007.

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so sweeeeet of u dear thanx a lot……..


thank you.ronnie.I like this lesson the english.


thank you..Ronnie. I really understand this lesson


than you so much i need same english lesson


Hi, Techar Ronnie. I like your lessons and i learnig. so i have to learnig morthan mor so i keep hops. i undeastand kind you and good pronounce… Thanks your verry much.



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i joined to uour lessons please tell me how to download videos lessons

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Thanks Ronnie It was very Useful…

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Ronnie plz clear my doubt what is the meaning of ain’t…

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    Watch Alex’s video on ain’t!

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why do you accept to me on your link?


    I don’t understand your comment! Sorry!

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Thank you very much , I understand the lesson

Attia Elgharabawi

i really liked your teaching style and thank u for this lesson


Thank you, i understand the lesson..but i think i really really need to work hard to learn more that’s all…

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Dear Ronnie
thank you for your lesson its was helpful.


Thanks ronnie

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hi teacher, all the lessons are very informative and easy to understand, ENGVID is really patronize us related to learn English.it is actually true humanity,


Thnx.you are perfect teacher for esl.I liked ur way of teaching


thank you my sweetest teacher i love your way of talking you are so cute i will pray for you. may allah give you succes in any field. by have nice time


i was thinking that i can speak better


i like this site and learn more things from this site thanks for giving this facility

meer hassan

Respectful all the teachers specially Madam Ronnie,
I have been learnining many things from your lessons and I will keep learning many things from your lectures and speacilly your way of teaching is splendid.
I am also a teacher of English Language and I repect you with the bottom of my heart that you taught me many things.

yasir jamshaid

Repectful Madam Ronnnie,
Please tell me the correct usage of all the prepositions that where we have to use the prepositons and what are the basic rules for those prepositons.

yasir jamshaid

very useful site thnx a lot


Dear Ronnie , you are a fantastic teacher-I listened a lot by you !! Great!!!!


    maria you are right


Thanks for the lesson .
Will you explain something about new vocabulary using always
Mahesh Katkam

Mahesh Katkam



its great to listen the classes for free of cost . I learned many things in english from u madam have a great days and bye 4r now


im so surprised!! she used to be my teacher when i was studying in toronto… she is awesome!! good to see you again!!

cecy corrales

    Hey…..what is your name? Where are you from? Brazil or Mexico?

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      ROONIE your teaching is beautiful i don’t known proper english i thing u teach me with basics of english plessssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!


      im cecilia corrales from mexico, i studied in SEC on august of 2009, and you were my teacher for like 2 weeks. i like so much this website it’s very useful!! and im learning a lot with you.. again!! love your teaching atittude and i loved toronto too! =)

      cecy corrales


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Hi thanks a lot,ur very good…God bless u.


thanks madamu give these opportunity


Thank u 4 ur all ur help ronnie teacher


Thank you I like your teaching style.
I learned many things in english from u .Now I enjoy to practice it. Thank TTTTT……


hehehe… i understand everything…. and my score is 5/5.. tnx a lot teacher ronnie..


May i ask you a question about preposition?
I’m confusing to use in,on and at.
For example: The restaurant at the corner of Main Street and Detroit Street.
My writing teacher told me use “at”.
But my speaking teacher told me use “on”.
But i also know that we use “in the corner” in some cases.
So how do we know when to use in the corner,at the corner or on the corner.


    You can use both “on the corner” or “at the corner”.
    “In the corner” is wrong when you talk about streets or locations. You can say “in the corner” when you talk about where someone/thing is. Eg… The dog is in the corner.

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      Thanks a lot ^^.I got it now.


dear a good teacher
my name is kid and I am from mauritania
I am studing english right now in washington but I have to go to canada in a few month for studying overthere so what school do you recommended for me


    Sorry I cannot recommend a school for you — it is best to do FREE trial lessons at the different schools in the city you are going to live in. After you do the trial lessons, you can decide for yourself where you would like to go!

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your method of teaching is wonderful..carry on the good work.

Thank you!

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thank you for your support Kindly please continue …..

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this is very easy to understand…
thank you..


thanks a lot for that, I would like to give us a brief account on the reported speach .

we look foward to being in touch again sson!


thank you so much i understand

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thank you,i learned new thing today…..have nice day.

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I like your teaching very much Thank you

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i understand easily. thank you.


Thanks for your help Ronnie,you are such a good teacher


thank you very much for this lesson .I REALLY WANT TO BE YOUR STUDENT.


Teacher Ronnie!
Thank you very much.
It”s very clear now.


Hi Ronnie
I would ask you the different between about and above.

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    About means around or approximately, above means on top of.

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thaks for learing me


I learned what is between want and need


Thanks Ronnie



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you are awonderful teacher .iwanna add you to my mail
iam waiting your adding

maher hasan

thanks ronni


Thank you!! ^^


hello ronnie you are my best teacher of english.

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Thank a lots of you!


hi rronie nice video thank’s agaIN YOU ARE REALLY HELPING ME . C U


What kind of salat do you desire? ;) I could not understand the word :/


Thanks a lot Teacher.


thanks for teaching diff b/w want and need.
but i want to ask mam that u hv given the example that i need to go to the market.. but to go to the market is not my necessity.we go to market to enjoy. to make fun




thanks a lot teacher , but why did u say ( I need to go shopping ) is shopping a necessity ?


    Yes. If you just said “I need to go”, it may mean you have to go to the toilet, or you have to leave!!!!!

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      no , u didn’t understand my question teacher ,I meant why don’t we say I( want to) go shopping instead of I (need to) go shopping because shopping is not a necessity and we won’t die if we don’t go shopping ??


        You can say I need to go shopping because you need to buy food or something.

        Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

          thanks teacher , I got it , I LOVE U TOOOOOO MUCH


          i am also not getting u ,because u said we use need when there is something which is so important and necessary,so shoppping is not necessary dear?can you explain me please


thank you so much……………….

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My desire is to drink a couple of cold beers with u. I need it so bad.Lol. I wrote this just 4 fun cute teacher.have a nice day.


    Cool I love beer!

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Maam Ronnie, Plz explain to me what’s the meaning of WON’T..i really2x confused…..

Reynaldo Q Paquingan

    itz a contraction of will not,we use it same,as we use will not,let me give u an example,we say i will not do this work,in the same way we can say,i wont do this work,so sometimes we use wont at the place of will not,hope it will help u dear


    Won’t = will not.

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i was in searching of it,many timesI gEt confuse in need and want,hET dear we can also use need for sumthing which is less important


Mam ronnie,i heard about wanna,but knowing first time about ned ta,i am pakistani,so here we usuallly prefer to use british english,so can we use needta in british english?



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Dear ma’am I understand your lesson very well.
what are difference between phrases and sentence?

zafar Ali Soomro from pakistan Karachi

Zafar Ali Soomr

    I was taught a ‘sentence’ is a group of words to form a statement and a ‘phrase’ is a group of words that are part of a sentence. For instance,

    ‘I like this forum for many reasons, first of all, it helps me with my English learning but , not only that, I enjoy a lot the discussion topics and the riddles’

    ‘first of all’ and ‘not only that’ are phrases.

    hope it will help u,and i am from hyderabad,pakistan

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i like the way you teaching english i hope one day meet you to have fun thank you for teach me english i like it


Thanks madam i understand our lesson easily.And it will help me in improving my english.

Muhammad saad ali

thanks. i love engvid


i need ta see you and kiss you


nice work Ronnie, i really appreciate

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thanks,Ronnie ist best teacher


now i understand the difference…thank you and i got 5 out of 5

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give me some tricks or any idea that i can improve my English learning …. i know every thing at time
when i m going to write something ,ultimately i forget and i cannot empress my idea???????????

Profile photo of dero99 dero99

Thank you very much :) respect!

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thanks to teacher because your teaching is better than I learnt when I was young.


Thank you very much for
your great efforts exerted
your interresting way of teaching
yours faithfully,
Ahmed Ibrahim

Ahmed Ibrahim

I can’t follow your lessons because youtube is prevented in my workplace could you send me – by e-mail – some of your video lessons to benefit from them?
Thanks so much …..

Ahmed Ibrahim

I need to follow your lessons
and I want that
but the only way availlable for me is my workplace network service …..
Thanks a lot …..

Ahmed Ibrahim

Very interesting…
Thank you…

Ahmed Ibrahim

this lesson is very helpful for me


you are doing great job online, madam

dr Subhash

i got my best score..thank you111

dewi erlina

very nice page to learn english .
thank you very much


Thank you so much..it was easy :)


I’m leave in Phnom Penh city cambodia

vichet thach

thanks alot


Thank you teacher Ronnie !

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thanks,butifeel many problems

kumar k

Thank you so much teacher


Thank you!


thanks teacher :)

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i am from jordan and like ur teaching methods too much

thx alot

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evrytime i play your vedio i learn something from you.. tenx Ronnie your the best teacher i ever had..

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    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

hello madam,
when to use need to and want to ?

Profile photo of jassi1914 jassi1914

thank you ronnie and I wish good luck you & your team for doing such a beautiful job.


Ronnie one more thing could u send vedio link of Hole Tenses in a single Vedio but it cud be in your teching style .


very nice

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Many thanks for your energetic lessons

Profile photo of mohaa mohaa

I really want to say thank u to you so much


Salut Ronnie……i lov the way u teach ……u r passionate about teaching……iam learning many thgs from u……keep it up……


nice job Ronnie thanks

Imtiaz Ali

Thank you very much

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hello – is it just me !! can any one explain why when i type in the bing browser “www.engvid.com” i get a different site yet whe i type it in google its ok? could this be a bug in my system or is any one else having same probs ?
alfie saden


can’t stop watching Your lessons. You are cool and do useful thing.


hi,Ronnie i like ur classes very much.u r so much friendly.um new 1 in diz website.i hope u’ll help me.plz tell me what is the meaning of “wallow” nd how to use it????

Profile photo of tazreen tazreen

    Wallow we usually only use like this…..”wallow in pity”. It means to stay in the state of feeling bad for yourself.
    The dictionary definition says it is mainly for animals – we are animals too! We usually use it to talk about emotions.
    http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/wallow That is the link to the definition.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thanks Ronnie, you are a good theacher and pretty woman…
just tell me if can I speak English fast and how?


Hi Ms. Ronnie.How are you?Can i ask you if what is the difference between REGULAR VERBS and IRREGULAR VERBS?And Pls. give me the meaning or definition of Article,Preposition,Conjunction and Interjection.Hope you will have lesson for this. Thanks.

Profile photo of elsa22 elsa22

    Look in an on line dictionary.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

xlent…prevsly i don know abt needta….thank Ronnie for this xlent lession

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i always enjoy reading q & a ,b/w ronnie and others

Profile photo of Rukhsar Ahmad Rukhsar Ahmad

thank you so much ,im enjoy with your lesson


thanks for your lesson. i have a question . wanna, needta, gonna(going to) are they formal . can I use them in formal conversation.please replay


    No, they’re just for casual spoken conversation — in a formal or business setting, say “want to”, “need to”, and “going to”.

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Thank you so much for your wonderful teaching service…i like it very much and also the way your teachin….its so easy to learn anyone.


Thank you so much for a great lesson.

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thanks lovly teacher….

Profile photo of usman456 usman456

Thanks alot for lessons.

Could you guys please make a lesson on prepositions? preposition are very confusing for me atleast. like by , with , on , in , under , across and many which we use in our daily life.

Thanks in advance :)


    Search engvid “prepositions” – there is already a lesson on prepositions.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

I’m thai.I speak bad in english.when i found this it’s helped me a lot.thank you so much.


Thank you for your lesson ,, :)

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Hi Ronnie,
you are my favourite teacher and learning from you is very pleasant!
My question: canadian pronunciation is more similar to american english or british english? Or is it different from both?
Regards from Italy!


    Canadian pronunciation is different from both because there are SO MANY different accents from both Britain and America.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

oh ! thank you so much for your efforts ! you’re very helpful.
i like the way you present lessons it’s funny and the lessons are easily assimilated :-) thank you so much :-)

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Hi Ronnie, is everything Ok? i hope so !
my name is Luciano I´m 37 and i will go to toronto next August, could You answer me if is possible to have private conversation class with You? I will be in Toronto from 09/03 up to 10/03
feel free to answer it in my e-mail.
thanks in advance
X´s n O´s


    Of course!

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      -oh! good, please just let me know what I need to do to schedule my classes with You.
      -If possible,I would like to have 3 or 4 classes by week.
      Up to there I will Keep on EngVid.com.
      By the way, Thank You !! You and James are great!


Thank you…

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You’re the best teacher..GOD Bless..


Thnx teacher for this wonderful lesson,and i actually have a question which is
what is the difference between i just want to and i want just to???
i appreciate your time


thnx a lot teacher Ronnie for this wonderful lesson, and i actually have a question for u which is
what is the difference between i just ant to and i want just to? which one is correct


    I just want is correct.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      thnx but why we use i just want and not i want just?????


i understand this video very well, but how i wish i can also see the quiz here :(


thank you very……………much mam


incredible!! thanks for that leason!! I learned so much!!


thank u ronnie



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nice thatchers team and the best way i fund to learn English I loved it thank you very much .


just i need to learn how can i writ and connect the letters


Hi and what about “WISH” it’s about desire as well ? What the difference “Want” – “Wish”?

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    Wish we use for more like something that is impossible to get! I wish I could fly/be taller/eat and not gain weight!
    Want is for obtainable goals. I want pizza for dinner.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

Thank you very much, I understood :)

Abdul Bari

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thank u so much , great teacher!!

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I like this teacher)))


I appreciate your effort.
I once read “If you want someone , you want to have sex with him.”
Is this information correct?



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u people doing fabulous job but could u please tell me that have u been teaching on Skype ? thnx


How often do you use “I want…”? Our english teacher says better use “I would like…”


    I would like is more polite. I want is casual.

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very good lesson and a very good prononciation see you soon


i need to practice moor do you have a more vid please thanks a lot


Thank you. Your lessons are the best.




Hi, This session is very useful to me your way of teaching is so good.


what is ta???


    Ta is how we say “to”, it is not a real word….unless you are learning English in Scotland…ta means thanks!

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how can we overcome our fear to converse in english. These lessons are really good and beneficial but what about the real talk. everytime I open my mouth to speak I got stuck. where as I can write very well.


Which one is right- I want a change or i need a change ?
Thank You


thanki you teacher


i like quizes i always get the complete score :) :) :) love u


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this is the best i ever watch
good teacher!!


big thaaaaaaanx i love u all here ..

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do you have any video such as (any,some,much)


Dear Ronnie.
You are great teacher! Thank you very much.
Dzintars from Latvia


Hi ronie, could you explain me which is the difference between stuff and thing?

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I wanna improve my english~
Your explaination helps me so much…


whats the different between need i go ? or i want to go? which its right.thank you.

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hi Ronnie. i woud like u speak about (if) when we can be at the beginning. and when we can use in the middle.pls answer to me.thank Ronnie.

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pls ronnie i cant understan here this. i must say so or how? i wanna eat piza or i wanna to eat pizza. i cant understand here pls write this for me. thank

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    Wanna = want to…
    You do not have to say wanna to!
    SO….I wanna eat some pizza!!

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Thanks very mush Oh no!! Thanks very much haha:D
I need to go to sleep now.It’s 4 pm. now in Thailand :D

love you teacher Ronnie


    It’s 4 pm. now in Thailand.
    Now it’s 4 pm in Thailand.


thank Ronnie.kisss u/thank u r the best teacher!

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Joseluis Villarreal Sotelo

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ronnie mam teachs very well.thanks mam


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i like your teaching way . can you tell how to download all lessons by one link .


mam ur teaching is awwesome and its helping me a lot.I have a doubt what is the difference between DID and DO?


    Do is present tense.
    Did is past tense.

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i want to learn english language.
ha ha ha awesome !!!


Thank you teacher ronnie


Hello & thanks!

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hi Ronnie .. please i wanna know what’s difference between like and as ?? like and love ??

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What is the difference between deny,reject and refuse.can u plz,teach on this topic.


Thank you very much I really understand what the difference between want and need.you are good teacher.

Keep it up!


Hello, Ronnei,
Iam so proud of you . it was really fantastic and beautiful lessons . i really got much benefit.


Ronnie, you are my favorite teacher! Thank you for your lessons.
Please explain the difference between “hold” and “keep”.


    Hold means to put in your hands. I hold my baby.
    Keep means to save something. I keep the money.

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Ronnie, thanks for explain the “want and need” and too comments above : hold and keep . “VOCÊ É MARAVILHOSA” You are wonderful.

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hi ronnie …can u tell me how to use present perfect tense


    Search the site for “present perfect” there are many videos for you!

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Kindly, What is the difference between “job, work and career”?

Profile photo of faez faez

    Job is a noun.
    Work is a noun and a verb.
    Career is used to talk about a job that you continue to do for many years.

    Profile photo of Ronnie Ronnie

      Your reply is adorable. But can you tell me WHERE can I use these three nouns? I mean is it correct to use any of which in the same expression?


Hi happy new year. I want your advice. Please tell me what is the difference between from and of.
For example.
Many thousand died ( from) of influenza after the First World War.
It is a red wine of (from) tow popular grape varieties and bouquet of (from) red fruits.


    In all of your example sentences, of and from mean exactly the same!!!

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you are the best teacher for me I love ur teaching methode.


Im a new student of english languge please help how to improve my english


thanks a lot!


mam tnks

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Very good lesson. Ronnie is really great :)

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I wanna know when we say “at home” or “at school” and when “in the home” or “in the school??


Thank you teacher ^_^

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difference of like and want


its cool ronnie, u teaching fantastic way its easy to understand


I love your class….your pronunciation is very clear for me….even when I don’t speak english very well…thanks.

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I have aquestion.

could i say need in the past.

ex. I needed this lesson???? that is correct or we should use this verb in the present form???

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need and want
i am really glad with this lesson.

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Ronnie, contractions used are usual in the English of England?

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so now ver vler for me,
thank you for evrything Ronnie.

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I must say, that I have never heard “needta”
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I have a problem with writing can you help me and explain it and if you had explain it can you give me a link I hope you help me and thanks again ….

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Hi Mrs. Ronie, I really like the way you teach. It’so easy to understand than others…Thank you so much.
Could you make a lesson about prepositions like in and on, about and of, at and to. Please. I had checked your videos I just found To and for. Please please. I always fail in grammar exams and cant have a job.

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thank you madam Ronnie :D
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Hi Ronnie!

I have a question.

I am loving this hamburger.

It’s wrong.

Can i to say this phrases below ?

I am liking that car.

I am studying about gerunds and infinitive but there is any words that cannot change.

Like, love, prefer ..

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Could you please tell me what is the past of need?

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please mam, help! can I change the direct form of the speech – he said, “I needn’t go there.”- into the indirect form – “he said that he did not go there.”

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Hi Ronnie ,this is my first day learning with you .
I’m so happy I found you ,I need to get ready to pass my high school diploma ,can you give me any extra tips to study ?please?
Thank you !

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