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Amazing, finally I`m learnig English language.

Thanks, Rebeca


    Hi Rebecca, how’ve you been? It’s great to hear from you again.

    Just a couple of questions about this lesson:

    Do the expressions “I have a sweet tooth” and “I am a sweet tooth” have the same meaning? If not what is the meaning of the second one?

    Engaging lesson on Idioms Rebecca.

    Thanks for sharing this superb lesson with us.



      As far as I know, the second one is not used. It may be an incorrect version of the first expression. So, I would just stick to the first one – “to have a sweet tooth.” All the best, Regino.


    Thanks so much. I’m so happy to hear that, Helman. All the best!


This is an amazing video, Rebeca. Very useful. :)

Julia Verena

I think you have a heart of gold, Rebecca. Thank you :)


You have a good head on your shoulders, Rebecca!

Thanks a lot


Thank you Rebecca. A very good lesson


Awesome lesson.


    Hello let’s practice English through Skype


Happy04 – You’re right when you say Rebecca has a heart of gold, but I think she has a good head on her shoulders too :)


You have got your hands full


Well , the engvid’s teachers have the hearts of golds


Great lesson! Thank you, Rebecca!

Yulia Gorbach

thank you very much teacher Rebecca for great lesson like this


Thanks teacher!!I think you have a very good head on your shoulders jejeje With this kind of idioms we can “pretend” we know English!! Thanks again.


Great lesson… i love it…


Dear Rebecca,

Thanks a lot for your hard work :) I am just curious if you could give us a wonderful lesson on the following topic: using Whatever, Whenever, Wherever etc…They are still not covered on Engvid, so you could be a pioneer in this field! Don’t miss this opportunity!
Thanks again and see you again soon!


    You are right Alex I think it would be good lesson !!!


    Thanks for the suggestion, Alex. I will share it with the engvid team. All the best to you.


I think I have a good head on my shoulders but I always have my head on the clouds that why I can’t learn English well)


    funny. so nice to meet you !!! vietnamese

    Le Hai Anh

      can i get in on this?


      Hi) Do you have a fb) we can keep in touch


Thank you, Rebecca!


That was really a good lesson


Hello Rebecca, thanks for your lessons, they’re always very helpful.
Just a question about this last one, if I wanted to say for example that someone is not paying attention to something at a specific time, does it work using to have the head in the clouds, or do I use it only when the person is often distracted?
Once more, thanks for the help!

Roberson Souza

    Well, it depends.

    If you say: “He always has his head in the clouds.” Then, you’re speaking about the person being that way in general.

    If you just say: “He has his head in the clouds.” OR “He has his head in the clouds today.” , then it is understood that you are referring to a more temprary state or behavior.

    Good question! All the best.


      Sorry, I wanted to write: temporary!


thanks rebeca :-)


thank you so much Rebecca.They are very useful


Thank very much Rebecca! You have a heart of gold :)


thank u

mani chandu

Thank you Rebecca for your lesson :) It’s very useful!!


Good lesson. thanks!


marvellous! thanks Rebbeca! :)

spike valentine


rubar civil

10/10 thanks


Thank very much. It was great. This is fantastic for my because, I learned more in this place.
I am going to study very hard. I need to learn English for help other people.


    That sounds like a great reason to improve your English. My best to you.


Thanks Rebeca!


Thanks Rebecca!

As Happy04 and przemor already said, I also think you have a good head on your shoulders and a heart of gold!

Fabio Cicerre

Tanks a lot Rebecca you have a heart of gold .




Thanks a lot Rebecca you have a heart of gold .


Hi Ronnie,

I was hoping you could help me with pronouncing people names. I have a new job as a courtroom deputy and I am having a hard time with saying the names in the courtroom. Example: Thambrahalli. Thanks so much.

Mrs. Rowe

    Well, names, especially unusual ones, can be pronounced in a variety of ways, so we can’t always know for sure. If you are familiar with the culture and the native language, you may have more luck in pronouncing the name correctly the first time! Otherwise, you can try your best to pronounce it in the way that seems best and then if you are wrong, the person will correct you. You could try to divide up a long name into syllables to make your job a little easier. I wish you all the best!


Thank you Rebecca you are so good teacher


Thank you, Rebecca
you has a heart of gold


Thank you Rebecca,I feel like I am in the classroom by the review questions you ask.Really this method help me to remember these idiomatic expressions.
I have a question: Can we use this expressions in formal zriting such as academic writing?


    These expressions are generally used more casually, but can also be used in academic contexts. Thanks for your feedback. All the best.


Cheers Rebbeca, keep on! you have a heart of gold. Haven’t heard those idioms


Thanks Rebecca for such a good lesson..


Thank you Rebecca You have eyes in the back of your head.And you have a heart of gold.


Whenever there is something funny involved in learning any language it is always interesting and easier way of learning it.I enjoyed learning this funny idioms from you Rebecca.Thank you.


It is very easier to learn when we watch the video and participate to quiz. It,s extremely helpful to me. Thanks Rebecca.


hope you are doing well madame
i wanna know that what is the best way of memorizing new words at mind you well i know several words but i just cant even use them while speaking i just use some basic words so i get upsade i say to myself i know plethora of better words why can not use them?
and could you please do me a favore and list me some of thing i should care about at TTC classes what are TTC methods there at Canada?
i would be glad if you could list thewm for me i need them eargently. if there is any related book on that case please tell me.
thank you thank you so so much
i will be whatting for your replay
thanks in advance


    I understand. There are many memory principles to help you learn vocabulary more effectively, which you may find online. One of them is that you need to review the new vocabulary often when you first learn it, and then less often later. If you learn a new word, and then don’t use it for another week, it will be difficult or impossible to remember it. You need to interact in different ways with the new words – say them aloud, write practice sentences, make index cards and review them regularly, put up the words on your fridge, etc so your mind gets many opportunities to play with the words and transfer them from your short-term memory to your long-term memory. You could also study with a partner and teach each other the words or use them in practice conversations, since you are both trying to learn the same vocabulary. Only practice makes permanent. If the words are more advanced, abstract or technical you have to create the situations or games to help you review. Your writing to ask me this question tells me you care enough to find the ways that work for you. I’m sure you will succeed. My best to you.


    hi Mehdi
    i have a problem like you
    i think we can help each other especially by chatting in English , Of course if you like.
    we can chat in every subject and ask our question from Rebecca.if you are agree,please send me your Email . and my Emails are fam7091@gmail.com


Thank you Rebecca!!!


WOW Thank you very much it’s good lesson I liked

Mukhtar Mohamed Ahmed

thank you so much it’s good lesson

Mukhtar Mohamed Ahmed

Dear Rebecca,
I have a soft spot in my heart for you and your teaching.
Yours sincerely.


    Aww…thank you kindly. Well said. All the best, Peter.


Thank you Rebecca^^


I really enjoy your lessons, Rebecca!!


your lesson is helpful …thank you so much .
I’m here for leaning english .i’m pleasure to have a teacher like you






      你好~~WOW ~HOW ARE YOU ? you can speak Mandarin cool~~


wonderful lesson really .thanks a lot rebucca i love you


Very good class on how to use the idioms with HAVE/HAS.. thanks


Dear Teacher!
Is that possible someone has private study with you by Skype?


thank for good lesson. you have a heart of gold :) .


love the lesson. thank you rebecca.


Fantastic lesson!!! Thank you teacher Rebecca.


Parabéns, Rebecca. Thank you. I love this website.


thanks for you its really helpful.i have got benefit from it.


Thank you and I really appreciate your job


Thanks a lot Rebecca!
just a quick question, are these idioms can be used in negative or positive cases for example, have head in cloud,can we use them in formal writing skills too?


    Yes, you could make the idioms negative. In general, idioms are not used as often in formal writing. My best to you.


      thank you so much Rebecca for your teaching English, i am so glad to learn here (EnVid) thank you again and again rebecca
      regards Abdifatah Omar


Ms Rebecca thank you very much .I would like to have had a teacher like you on my scooll time.Now I have been with excelent comand on English.


Thanks Emma, I’m very thankful for this lesson, it hels and grow up a lot our vocabulary.


I’m sorry I’ve just forgot your right name… Rebecca Thx !


I enjoy your lessons and they are very useful! Thank you!


He has a green thumb?! That one I never hearded before! And about someone who have is head on his shoulders, I thought that case, the meaning was, that he is very responsible, or reliable, not intelligent or smart. Thank you, Rebbeca.

Jorge Pedroso

    Yes, a good head on your shoulders can also mean that someone is responsible, along with the meaning of being smart, wise, or intelligent. All the best, Jorge.


…. heard before …

Jorge Pedroso

thanks so much Rebecca


thank you..I like the idioms “have a sweet tooth” the most.

Nirmala Vemula

Thanks Rebecca….I love idioms

Sunya Ruang

Excellent didactic. I enjoyed

Roberto Fortunato

I got 100
thank you JESUS!

thanks you too Rebecca!
great lesson!


    Congratulations! I am grateful for your gratitude! All the best to you.


Amazing and interested.Thank you


Thanks a lot the lesson very usefull


Thanks for a great lession


Thank you Rebecca you are so nice teacher.


Great lesson!




It schould be said you have a heart of gold, Rebecca. Thanks alot :)


Great class, thank you so much!


Very interesting explanation. Thank a lot Rebecca.


Great work tanks alot.
My Skype id for more practice please


Thank you so much, my best English teacher ever!


TᕼᗩᑎK YOᑌ ᔕO ᗰᑌᑕᕼ ᖇEᗷᗷᗩᑕE I GOT ᗩ 80 %


awesome.. perfect score, thanks Rebecca for thoses idioms, u have a heart of gold :)


Thanks to all for your smart feedback and the kind and wonderful way in which you complimented me using the new idioms! That’s the best way to learn – by actually using the new expressions. Think of people you know for each of the idioms and say or write the sentences. For example:

My mother has a heart of gold.
My colleague has a good head n his shoulders.

When we personalize the examples, we give the idioms more emotional meaning and also a visual picture since we know what those people look like. Emotion and visual information help us remember more easily and effectively. Try it! My best wishes to everyone.


*those.. correction by the way :)


10/10. Useful idioms, Rebecca, thanks.


Thanks Rebecca


Thanks Rebecca
It,s very useful to talk in daily life.


10/10 Thank you so much.


very good lesson. explanation is excellent.


Beautiful technique. Learning cool new stuffs. thanks rebeca.

Ahasub M Chowdhury

Thank you Rebecca for the lesson.As you said at the beginning of the lesson idioms are the part of the language and it tells much about nation culture and it is very interesting to know idioms.I rarely write comments ,but it also helps to improve the language .I like gardening, but I think my thumb isn’t green yet. All the best to you.


    Yes, you are right, you need to use English in every way you can to practice and improve. Thanks for your feedback and all the best to you.


Very good lesson Rebecca. And about the quiz, I am in disagree that “a good head on his shoulders” means that a person is sensible. Instead, I think could be a Smart person. Sensible seems a person with “golden heart”


    Actually, the word “sensible” has to do with the mind rather than the heart. You are right that having a good head on your shoulders includes being sensible AND smart. Thanks and all the best to you.


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The whatsapp group number is +50672497576 it´s called “Let’s speak English”


    ohh sorry. the number was +50672497573 from Costa Rica


Hi! I have my head in the clouds so it’s difficult to learn English. Anyone can help me?


thanks for awesome lesson. learning and understanding idioms are kind of like the pain my ass. thanks to your teaching,
i feel like learning idioms and i think i can enjoy it too. thanks a lot! :)


Thank you ma’am


Can anyone tell me, how can i download videos from this site.

Tanka bam

thank you .. bye


Thank you so much. :)


thank you


thank you very much


Thank you, Rebecca!


Thanks, Rebecca.


thank you Rebecca great lesson

muhammad sami

thanks for such a good lesson


I enjoy this lesson …thanks Rebecca……you have a heart of gold….!!!

ismi nila sawitry

Thank you, Rebecca. The idioms of my language (Russian) is kind of similar, but I’m grateful for your lesson.


I really liked this lesson. Thank you, Rebecca for your idioms, it were very useful and amazing! I think, now I can improve English with your lessons. Thank again!
With love, ROSE

Rose MaCGowan

    Rebecca, thank Thank you for that wonderful present lessons. I learned a lot watching your lessons.

    Rose MaCGowan

you are perfect rebecca thank you so much!


Please give us more lessons about idioms.
Thanks so much for your enthusiasm!!


thank you Rebecca, you make us learn quick


Thanks, I got a 100, :D


Great lesson! Thanks! I got 10/10 in quiz.


10 correct out uf 10
Thank you,Rebecca,your lessons are really helpful.
you have a good head on your shoulders


Very useful lesson, thank you very much,Rebecca.


As usual you are the best of Engvid family

bakhtiyar ali

Thanks for your lesson teacher Rebecca! Idioms in English it is very interesting theme. Most of idioms in this lesson are identical to Russian. But there is no idioms like “… has a green thumb” in Russian. I learn only English, but it is interesting to know – are the similar idioms in other languages. And only one question about this lesson:Can we change these idioms? For example, I my son eats sweets very often and I think it can make him sick. Can I tell him: “You have a huge sweet tooth!” ?

Svetlana Z

Thank you Rebecca


Rebecca, thank you for your useful lesson! I’ve got a question: what form of the noun (singular or plural) should we use when we speak about them? For instance, they have eyes in the back of their head or heads?


what a great teacher!
thank you very much


Thank you so much

Ali Raheem

Thanks for the lesson! I have a question. If I want to apply any of the idioms for a group of people, should I use all its’ words in plural or not?
A. I guess all children have a sweet tooth
B. I guess all children have sweet teeth
C. As they fall in love they have their head in the clouds
D. As they fall in love they have their heads in the clouds

A, D are correct or not?


Thank you very much,It’Sgreat video


Thank you for this superb lesson…I’m learning new information about English and this situation makes me happy :)


Thank you Rebecca! It’s very good lesson)


Thank you!

Denise R S dos Santos

It’s very useful!

Denise R S dos Santos

Thanks a lot for your useful and interesting lessons


Thank you. A useful expressions !


Hi Rebbeca is nice to see you again, Hey rebbeca How can I speak English?, Do you know about converseations club?


thanks, it’s a very interesting lesson =)


Thanks so much Rebecca! Good lecture! But can i use them to speak to whom? Can I use the expression “have a big mouth” for my teacher?

suong mai

It was very interesting lesson )) Thanks )) You are someone with a heart of gold ))

Onegin Evgeniy

I already worked with Idiom book, but none have been applied as much as this video and I learned into practical terms.


i know i’m kinda late , but it’s Ok , and thanks a lot for one great lesson


Hi Rebecca I think I am a heart of gold


You are lovely teacher Thanks!!


thanks Rebeca for your nice explanation on 8 idioms with Have in English.the lesson was a piece of cake for me due to your nice explanation and i got 10/10 in the quiz

Ahmed Sagor

Rebecca, you have a heart of gold for teaching us English Idioms. Thanks!


thanks for this lesson, i like it and i hope to use this idioms in my conversations.


Thank you Rebecca. I got 100% correct and it was fun to learning like this.


Thanks Rebecca,your lessons verywell, but i want watch your lessons from biginner like ABC to advanced, its poseble, please reply …


Thanks Rebecca. I have a sweet tooth so I’m a little bit fat now.


Dear Rebecca, thank you so much for your lessons. One question about idioms lesson:is formal or not the idiom “to have the hands full”? May I reply to my boss “I’m really sorry, I have my hands full” or better in this occasion to say ” … sorry, I’m very busy this week, etc.Thank you in advance.


thanks teacher Rebbeca..when i listen to this video.i remember our Arabic Language we also have idioms same like you give us now..e.g we said Ali has a big head. that means Ali is clever..or Yousof put his hand in water that is means he not attention or care about any things…


Thanks a lot, Rebecca. These idioms very similar with Russian.


Thank you Rebecca. These idioms are very good.I enjoyed your teaching.


Thanks for sharing this superb lesson with us. By the way I got 9 out of 10. EngVid Teachers have a heart of gold :) KEEP IN TOUCH. I am sure We’ll talk english fluently. BYE


very good lesson – thank you


10/10 thanks Rebeca I love u <3 haha


Thank you so much Rebacca Madam after your explanation on 8 idions I attempted quiz and I got 10/10.

Syed Ameer

Many thanks rebeca, it is amazing lesson and useful

Nada said

Very important lesson, I got 9/10 thank u Rebeca


just got it perfect! :) thanks Rebecca coz your hands are not that full to help us. . .All the best for you!


that’s exactly what I needed

katrin krasinski

thanks I’m learning English now


Thank you Rebecca. This lessen is fun and I like this. I can understand her easly no problem. Have a wonderful evening everyone.


10/10 thank a lot.


In last question, if you have a beautiful garden, you probobly have a sweet tooth – i think is true, because you can like eat chocolate even if you have a beautiful garden :-)


Hi, This lesson is very helpful!

Rama Yu

it is simple & effective . we can say Rebecca has a good head on her shoulders


Thanks Rebecca I got 10/10 .


Thank you so mych teacher
I would like to ask about meaning of
“A start in the east” as expression

Ali alhosen

this is amazing video to help everyone i am going to prepare from your videos and emma video and hope i will get 7 band score in ielts with the help of your videos

Junaid Ahmed Memon

very captivating way of learning English!specially the quiz test part! thanks a lot mam.Following you

Mahbub zaman

Thank you, mam, for this wonderful lesson. i learned a lot. I have a doubt, Can I tell ” I’m a sweet tooth person.


Thank you. Although these days i have my hands full whoever , i got 100%


THese idioms are very nice and interesting. I got 100% Thank you!


really i enjoyed myself to do this quiz


Many thanks Rebecca…
I know that idiomatic expressions are very important and useful in languages, but those idioms; I’ve really ignored them. I could even see them in phrases and have lot of difficulties to interpret them.
Thank you so so much Rebecca!

Yhoa Shy Ma

I’m feeling proud about this channel, I’ve been learning a lot since I’ve began my lesson and I hope to learn a little too much from you dear teacher.

fernando triana

I got 10/10 in the quiz.
Teacher,you have a heart of gold.


First of all you have heart of gold. and you have your hand full teaching us and I have eyes back of my head not my head in clouds to learn more from you.
thanks a lot


You got 10 correct out of 10.

thank you so much…

M kartal

Thanks Rebecca.


Great lesson! Thank you so kuch


Hello, I’m glad that I found your website. Thank you kindly for all these fantastic lessons. I learned a lot.
As I live in a none speaking English country, how can I improve my speaking and be fluent in English and also, how can I be a wonderful English teacher as you are, to teach my students better?
I’d appereciate if you help me.


done 100%


100/100 thanks Rebecca you re amazing teacher


Rebecca you are great


thanks, Rebecca. it’s very helpful lessons.


I love the class, the idioms expressions are very useful to speak in english and common thanks Miss Rebecca for this class

Paola noble

Reza is a male but he has a big mouth.


Thank you Ms. Rebecca.


10/10, Thank you!


Thank you very much ma’m. It’s really very useful. Kindly provide more such videos.


Thanks! I can follow you and also I’ve got 10

Sandy pillay

This is a very interesting lesson! Thanks! My result is 10\10


Great lesson! I got 100

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