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Test your understanding of the English lesson by answering these questions. You will get the answers and your score at the end of the quiz.
Which of these words does not belong in the group?
interrupt, disrupt, erupt, report, corrupt, rupture

What might be a vocabulary theme for these words?
solar, thermal, turbine, hydroelectric, nuclear

The word amazing is an adjective. Which of the following is its verb form?

The best way to increase and maintain vocabulary is by reading and writing.

Which of the following sentences best illustrates the meaning of the word explain?

In which of the following vocabulary groups would the word eject fit?

which of the following words would NOT fit in the function group for add to?

Which of the following adjectives does not have a verb form?

Words that you have added to the know pile of cards never need to be looked at again.

A word group has a function to make less. Which group fits this function? (watch out for spelling)

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Thank you Adam.

Monday, June 24th 2013

Thank you!. Good advices.

Monday, June 24th 2013

Very good video!

Monday, June 24th 2013

    Maria! i waana friendship with you?

    Saturday, March 22nd 2014


      Saturday, September 12th 2015

Very useful! I’m also trying to learn 5 words per day at least (taking note of them in a little notebook); and every weekend I make a general review… it’s working very well and I’m increasing my vocabulary this way!

Thanks very much for the tips Adam. I always enjoy your videos! ;)

Monday, June 24th 2013

Very Good!

Monday, June 24th 2013

Thank you so much Adam…
I’m like you, I’m not a big fan of the “root” thing.
So I’m comfortable with the “Function” and “Theme” groups.

Thank you so much for your efforts.

Monday, June 24th 2013

It is a very goog lesson,plebse teach more lessons .

Monday, June 24th 2013

Thank you !

Monday, June 24th 2013

Hi Adam ! As usual, you teach very well. And your lesson, is really useful! Despite you’re a terrific teacher !

Monday, June 24th 2013

    I couldn’t agree more with you!

    Tuesday, June 25th 2013


Tuesday, June 25th 2013

thank you

Tuesday, June 25th 2013


Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Thanks a lot! You have helped me too much with your videos! :)

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Thank you.

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Very useful topic. Thanks Adam.

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

I’m kind of struggling with English to improve my English skills. It seems to be a long way to go, but I’m sure it is worth trying. I’m studying all by myself. I find your lesson very helpful and encouraging. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

thank you i am so interest to listen all your lessons , your way of teaching attractive me .

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Thanks for you suggestions.

PS: I don’t like Win8 too…. -___-‘

Tuesday, June 25th 2013


    Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Thank you too much Adam
your great

Tuesday, June 25th 2013


    Saturday, May 3rd 2014

One thing I do every day is write down the full text from the white board in every lesson I watch from this page, with their respective comments from the teacher. Then, I make a fair copy, in order to reread everything, and this way the vocabulary comes to me easier. I have written about 60 lessons in just a month, and my teacher has noticed a significant improvement. So, I share the Adam’s method: Read and write a lot, as much as you can, that works ;).

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Adam, I know exactly what you mean. :) I prefer to memorize sentences instead of single words because I need context. I can’t learn word by word because it is just a word or just a word on piece of paper — of course, I can stick that card to a thing and this is better than just trying to memorize words from it. But when you have a sentence, you have also a strong meaning, and you can recall the desirable word by thinking about the other words in the sentence.

The writing exercise is also awesome :) Take a look at this: http://imageshack.us/a/img849/1374/dsc00036eu.jpg That was a pretty hard work, almost 3 months of my free time. I once played a game, and I thought that I could translate it. I think no one has ever been playing one game for almost 3 months. :)

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

    Whoaaaa! That must have taken you ages. What’s your next project?

    Wednesday, June 26th 2013

      I don’t do this anymore, this takes lots of time but is awesome if you want to start learning a foreign language. I did this a year ago, more or less, and in that time I didn’t even know what I was writing. :) I didn’t know any grammar rules, and I understood only single words — the rest I had to translate. Besides, this is a better way than just translating words because you have to think about every single letter in any word you write. Ultimately you’re starting to see the structure of sentences, some patterns, and if you know grammar, you can easily figure out why a sentence is written in this or that way. And of course, you play a game, so you can see and hear many things, and if someone say to you “go there and kill that dragon”, and you don’t know what “dragon” is, you will find out soon. :)

      Now I’m trying to read a lot and write with people, especially in fields that I’m good at. And maybe I’m not perfect (yet), but people understand what I’m writing, and this is really awesome. :)

      Thursday, June 27th 2013

        Wow. That’s pretty serious. But then, your English is pretty serious too. ;)

        You’ve got the right idea– the most important thing to do is learn English while you’re doing something you enjoy.

        Good stuff Morfik.

        thanks :)

        Saturday, July 6th 2013

    if u’ll scan and share this sheets with us it will be great work.it will be usefull for us.

    Sunday, July 7th 2013

    It’s a great job, u r my hero.

    Tuesday, August 27th 2013

thank you

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Thanx a lot Mr. Adam for a good tip
I have a question I’m getting confused with it
What does I wouldn’t wanna be ya ?
I heard this many times from british people

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

    Hi Ahmed,

    I wouldn’t want to be you (wouldn’t wanna be ya) basically means they don;t want to be in your situation because it’s difficult or bad. It’s just an expression to show they understand your difficulty.

    Saturday, July 6th 2013

      I ask you if there is an website about taking English with lyrics??
      I have recently learned English ,and I want to develop my abilities to listen and speak English
      Thanks Mr.Adam in advance.

      Wednesday, August 20th 2014

Thank you.

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Beautiful! Thanks

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Thank you sir !

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Very helpful lesson! Thanks Adam! A question: where could I find the list of words required by IELTS and/or TOEFL?

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

    Hi Sgmmm,

    There are some books you can buy (or download online if you know where) that will give you good lists. There isn’t an official word list though.

    If you know torrents, just look for IELTS or TOEFL in the search box.

    Hope that helps

    Saturday, July 6th 2013

Hi Adam. thank you very much. Your lesson is very usefull for me, because just begin my adventure with English.

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

this lesson is really useful.

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

thank u it is amazing method =) thank u so much Mrs Adam

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Hi everybody. Thanks Adam for these good advices. I think speaking English we must LISTEN a lot. Have a good job)

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

It’s very usefull idea to use dictionary like m-w.com. But when I use this, I see too much unknown words in explanation of the checking word. If I try checking these words, I see other unknown words. And so on… It can be continued infinitely. Finally I have too much words for remembering for one time.
Because of it I use everyday dictionary. But I hope It’s not forever. =)

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

    Hi Droneva,

    That’s why I recommend it.– why learn only one new word? learn a few each time ;)

    Saturday, July 6th 2013

Adam, I just got 6/10 in that quizz, but I undertood mi mistakes and further more I learned many words, therefore, that lesson was very useful.

All the best to you, Adam. Thanks!

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

    Adam, I just got 6/10 at the quizz, but I understood my mistakes and, furthermore, I learned many words, therefore, that class was very useful.

    All the best to you, Adam. Thanks!

    Tuesday, June 25th 2013

    Adam, I just got 6/10 at the quizz, but I understood my mistakes and, furthermore, I learned many words, therefore, that class was very useful.

    All the best to you, Adam. Thanks!

    Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Please, can you explain me about of website dicted or similar site. Because I can´t found it and is very important to me listen and listen english.
Thanks for you class is very exciting everything

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Adam, you’re a really good teacher! Thanks for the helpful lesson. I appreciated it mainly the cards’ tip.

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Thank you Adam for this lesson , it’s very helpful to maintain our vocabulary and improve it ,by the way I’ve got 70 percent in your test,I hope I do better next time.

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

I suggest one app to improve your vocabulary by flash-cards. It’s a good and funny way. It’s avalaible for PC or smartphone.


Thanks Adam for the tips.

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

    Cool. Thanks Xevi :)

    Saturday, July 6th 2013

I tried to use textbooks to improve my English vocabulary, but every time I attempted it I got bored soon. Then I bought an American crime drama TV series, with no translation in my language, and I have started to translate every new word.And, yes, it was much more fun.
As you said, I have written the new words (and the entire sentence, to recall the context).I’ve made a lot of lists. I’ve ordered the nouns and verbs by theme, I’ve made lists with phrasal verbs – different verbs with the same particle, or the same verb with different particles. I’ve made lists with idioms…It’s a lot of work, but I enjoy it.
I still use textbooks for grammar.And your site, of course, and thank you very much for it!

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

    good stuff :)

    Saturday, July 6th 2013

      Thanks for your best tips,Adam.Would you want make your next video about vocabulary verity in IELTS exam,specially in writing tasks? It seems everyone needs this tutorial.

      Sunday, June 29th 2014

    arinamg,I appreciate it if you share what you have prepared with me.thanks

    Sunday, June 29th 2014


Tuesday, June 25th 2013


Tuesday, June 25th 2013

9 out of 10! It’s a good score… Thanks Adam, for the tips!

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

    brazilians are good footballers, would you please teach me football??? Janilza..

    Wednesday, June 26th 2013

      I’m afraid I can’t help you…I don’t play football.

      Thursday, June 27th 2013

Thanks very much Sir to enrich my knowledge.

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Would you please teach us how to get the main idea in a paragraph and other skills relating to reading and listening in the TOEFL

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

    Hi Mansour,

    I’ll get on that.

    Saturday, July 6th 2013

Thank you so much.

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Thanks Adam,
I can say it’s worth it!

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Very good explanation, Adam :)

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Could you give us
some ideas how to learn phrasal verbs?

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

    Hi Renata,

    I’m afraid there’s no trick to them. they are basically vocab you need to study. But with thee as well, better to study them as chunks. For example learn
    turn on

    and turnover


    It might be a little easier to retain the info that way


    Saturday, July 6th 2013

Excellent, I understood perfectly, thank you

Tuesday, June 25th 2013

Thanks a lot Adam

Wednesday, June 26th 2013

Cool, thank you!

Wednesday, June 26th 2013

Thank you very much for your lesson, I can learned a lot

Wednesday, June 26th 2013

Adam i got question is there any website when i can put vocabulary on it and show it to us in 4 forms noun verb adv etc and thak u alot Adam

Wednesday, June 26th 2013

You are my best teacher :)

Wednesday, June 26th 2013

thank you adam. i like your lessons…

Wednesday, June 26th 2013

What a pleasure to listen to your lessons.
I would like to make a suggestion:
Could you, or any one else, make a lesson on how to choose the right etiquette at the end of a message or a letter?
For examples I never know if I can use “Best wishes” or “Fondest regards” or “Cheers” and so on.
Bye for now.

Wednesday, June 26th 2013

    Hi JP

    I’ll see what I can do about that. For now, “Best regards,” is probably good for all situations.

    Saturday, July 6th 2013

Good job Adam. It’s a great idea to use cards but it would be excellent if you can make app for mobile phones because it’s easier. even for your site and lessons.

Wednesday, June 26th 2013

    Hi Masoud,

    Xevi mentioned ANKI WORD. I haven’t tied it yet, but you can look at that. I’ll look around and see if there are others as well.

    Let me know

    Saturday, July 6th 2013

Thanks Adam.
very useful lesson.

Wednesday, June 26th 2013

Dear Teacher Adam,
Please help me make a lesson about 02 words ACT and ACTION. Cause each word itself has 02 form (Verb & Noun). Im not really sure how to use them correctly

Thank You Very Much!

Wednesday, June 26th 2013

    Hi Chocon,

    Not only two forms for each, but several meanings for each as well.

    Ideally, I would need to know the context you’d like to use them in. Otherwise there are too many meaning to get into here. Check the dictionary and if you have any particular troubles, let me know. I’ll be happy to help.

    Saturday, July 6th 2013

I love Shawshank Redemption too. Also, I have a friend who made an upgrade from Windows 7 to Windows XP. Unbelievable.

Wednesday, June 26th 2013

ok.. Adam .. i use oxforddictionaries.com .. but i really fed up with looking for the meanings of the words.. it takes a lot of time, and at the end you are tired.. it takes really a lot of time, sometimes hours to understand the meaning any little story.. it is boring for mee.. i use google.translate but it doesnt give the excat translate to Azerbaijanian language.. when i use oxford dictionary , there are a lot of words on the explanation which i dont know the meanings of these words again.. this is the boring part of learning english for me..i really need to expand my vocabulary..which book can u advice me ? for grammer i use murphy.. but for vocabulary with exercises ? i think it should be much better.. i am intermadiate level.. i am studying this language for 10 years from my school time..of course not every day :) so far i cant increase this language to advanced level.. but when i started to learn Russian 6 months was enough for me to understand and speak in Russian.. but i think every one has to know the excat translate of any word for beginnig, after this you can explain the meanings of words..you explain it hundred times, whitout knowing the excat transalte students will forget it in a brief time, but if they know the translate of any word they will be able to explain it in english.. so advice me some book to improve my vocabulary in an easy way, please :((

Thursday, June 27th 2013

    I have these problems when learning vocabulary too. If you get concerned to improve vocabulary fast it becomes frustranting really. I watched a lesson by Ronnie which say you must learn about 10 new words a day then doing it every day you will get around 70 new words a week and it’s not bad. When you use google translate, try put just one word to see the meaning so you can find synonyms and gramatical classes of the word. I knew a book called Dictionary Cambridge English Grammar that seems useful. There is the link to download from 4shared http://www.4shared.com/office/xBK2pj6n/Dictionary_Cambridge_English_G.htm Good luck!

    Thursday, June 27th 2013

    Hi Fakhranda,

    I know what you mean. Unfortunately, that is the biggest problem with learning vocab– it’s boring and repetitive.But that’s what you have to do- you have to practice and work everyday.

    As for reading, as I said in the video, read what you like to read. Whatever you read in your language, find it in English and read that.

    Murphy also has a vocab book if you can find it. Otherwise search torrents or other share sites for vocab books. If you find any, you can ask me about them and can look to see if they are good.

    keep trying. It’ll come. :)

    Saturday, July 6th 2013

Is there a lesson in EngVid about conjunctions? I always get in trouble when I have to use “that” or “which” for example. Thanks

Thursday, June 27th 2013

    Hi Sgmmm,

    There are a few. Use the search box for it.

    For now–in adjective clauses:

    ‘that’ is used as an identifying conjunction, without commas.

    ‘which’ is used to provide extra information, with commas.

    Hope that helps.

    I’ll try to make a lesson about these two.

    Saturday, July 6th 2013

it is clear but not 100%

so I hope to make english subtitles for your
explanation on video .

thank u very much

Thursday, June 27th 2013

very god vid!

Friday, June 28th 2013

    very good vid*!

    Friday, June 28th 2013

Thank you Adam. It’s very useful! ))

Friday, June 28th 2013

thank u :) i hope it would be effektiv way

Friday, June 28th 2013

What does “So much for something” mean?
Example: So much for talking

The car’s broken down again. So much for our trip to the seaside.

Saturday, June 29th 2013

    It is an expression of disappointing, when something is over in an unexpected, negative way.In yours examples it means – 1.The talk is over,it is no use to say more. – 2.The trip failed.

    Saturday, June 29th 2013

      nice answer

      Tuesday, April 7th 2015

    Hi Henrique,

    Arinamg gave a good answer. I’ll just add that it’s an expression of resignation, when you have to admit (in disappointment) that there is no more use in continuing something. It’s useless/hopeless.

    Another usage is when you had an expectation and it is suddenly no longer relevant.

    Me and my wife were supposed to talk about buying a house. She came home and told she gave the agent a down-payment. So much for talking.

    Does that help?

    Saturday, July 6th 2013

Hi Adam. Since several months I’m reading in English almost all the time at the point I am no more translating into French (most of the time) and I follow the story in my mind directly. However (transition, remember?) sometimes it happens that the sentences construction seem rather abstruse to me and, if I understand all the words in themselves, I can’t understand the whole meaning. Also, again, I love your pronunciation. By the way, do you slow your speaking down for the students or is it natural? Thanks.

Saturday, June 29th 2013

    hi adam.thank you so much for this wondurful lesson and for all other teachers of engvid.please adam make a lesson about past perft continious and present perfect continious and future perfect continious and when we use them?.thanks.

    Sunday, June 30th 2013

    Hi Patple,

    When you come across such a sentence, cut it into its essential pieces — independent clause, subordinate clause(s), phrases, etc, then analyze each separately. That might help.

    To tell the truth, I do slow down a bit. For the higher end lessons like TOEFL or IELTS I’ll speak more naturally because it helps those students prepare.

    Thanks :)

    Saturday, July 6th 2013

Thanks Adam for the nice lesson.

Sunday, June 30th 2013


Sunday, June 30th 2013

Thank you Mr.Adam it is really very useful videos for me .

Monday, July 1st 2013

I like the way you teach, it’s just make the lesson seems much easier!
Thank you!

Monday, July 1st 2013

Thankz Adam..!!

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013

I want learn english

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013

Many thanks Adam, for the great video. Really helps building good vocab.

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013

one of the best videos to learn english I´ve seen ever .. thanks

Tuesday, July 2nd 2013

Thank you

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013

This lesson was awesome, but the best part is the gorgeous teacher…

Wednesday, July 3rd 2013


    Saturday, July 6th 2013

    I’m agree :)

    Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Thank you Adam for the great tips.

Friday, July 5th 2013

Thank you everybody.

Some other good tips here.

Saturday, July 6th 2013

The Best Of Luck,Dear ADAM! :)

Saturday, July 6th 2013

Thanks Adam…

Saturday, July 6th 2013

Thanks a lot.

Sunday, July 7th 2013

Thank you so much Adam

Monday, July 8th 2013

Thanks Adam,

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Thank you Adam, greetings from Mexico City ;)

Tuesday, July 9th 2013

Thanks a lot Adam. I like learning english with you.

Wednesday, July 10th 2013

Thanks for your help.

Thursday, July 11th 2013

Thanks Adam yuo are a good english instructor/teacher.

Thursday, July 11th 2013

thanks a lot

Friday, July 12th 2013

Thank you Adam. You’re my best teacher anymore :)

Sunday, July 14th 2013

thank u so muchr Mr. Adam! The best teacher!

Sunday, July 14th 2013

thank you Adam for this lesson and realu is very useful and enjoyable but unfortunately I did not do the quiz very well .
I like your method and style
thanks a lot

Wednesday, July 17th 2013

congratulation !

Thursday, July 18th 2013

There’s a great way to learn vocabulary, in a sort-of-word-card way. I’ve found a free app called AnyMemo (I think there’s an Android and a Mac version). You can create your list of vocabulary through the app or you can prepare a css or excell sheet and import it; or even import from the website… Then, while using the app, you can check each card with a number, depending on if you know it (3 points), it’s only familar for you 1 or 2 points) or if it’s unknown (0 points). In this way, the app will show you the unknown cards more often than all those that you already known. There are more features rather interesting, as you can also use a text-to-voice machine, so you can not only read but also listen to the words. Or you can change the order and read first the answer instead of its question, change the size and colour of the font, the colour in the background…The app is pretty easy to use. It’s quite useful for me, and I thought anyone of you could be intereste d on it. Oh, I forgot it! Because it can be installed in your mobile, you can practice it wherever you are, as Adam said in his video.

Sunday, July 21st 2013

Good way of learning

Sunday, July 21st 2013

thank you a lot Adam for your interested with that lesson was really important topic and i start to make english now …….good luck

Monday, July 22nd 2013

very useful! thx !

Tuesday, July 23rd 2013

    Maybe we can learn this together😊

    Monday, August 15th 2016

Thank you so much Adam.i have been using Google translate till i watched your lesson.This lesson is very helpfull.you are all amazing tutors.i love this site.i am so thankfull.:)

Wednesday, July 24th 2013


Thursday, August 1st 2013

This leson Was Vero hard yo me…..

Friday, August 2nd 2013

thank you ,i want to know a lot of vocabulary because i will go to TOEFL after two months what should i do ?

Saturday, August 3rd 2013

this lesson is amazing and useful thankyou very much

Saturday, August 3rd 2013

Thank you! Adam.
it’s a very useful video! But i have confused how can i find the other form of vocabularies? i mean if i learned the word “beauty”, how can i know the word like “beautiful”,”beautify”and “beautifully”? i’ve tried to find the other form words in m-w.com. And there is no answer.

Sunday, August 4th 2013

Hi Adam , i need ur help sir im studying English in Tunisia and next year i ll be ENCHALLAH a teacher of english language , but im facing some problems in terms of vocabulary , im trying hard to improve my english vocabulary and i ll work hard just tell me how ? thanks

Sunday, August 4th 2013

    I love enchiladas too!

    Sunday, August 4th 2013

Thanks…i just in love for this website…:)

Monday, August 5th 2013

thanks Adam, Now I’m writting the words that I started learning, to remember! Great class!

Tuesday, August 6th 2013

Thanks Adam, Now I’m writing all the new words to remember after.

Tuesday, August 6th 2013

As far as I watched and listened your lectures, you are great….
But I want to say different things …One of my people wants to build great and unique Educational community so we will be in need of native people like you and your staff in my town in Iraqi Kurdistan in Suleimani Province…What I want is that you think carefully and decide whether you can help us there or not….
For sending anything you can use this email address. esmail.rasul84@gmail.com

Tuesday, August 6th 2013

thanks for your advise teacher!

Thursday, August 8th 2013

Thank you so much sir .

Sunday, August 11th 2013

I will try to follow that rule :)

Thursday, August 15th 2013

thanks Adam, the lesson is very good but unfortunately I have just done the quizs 50%.

Thursday, August 15th 2013

thnks teacher.

Saturday, August 17th 2013

thank u teacher . god give u wellness

Saturday, August 17th 2013

Thank you a lot Adam, It’s a helpful video.

Sunday, August 18th 2013


Tuesday, August 20th 2013

Read, Write. Cards, Group, roots and Listen.
I think Read & Write is most importent.
Thanks Adam.

Thursday, August 22nd 2013


I’d like to get toefl

but I find difficult in listening and speaking section

can you help me to increase my ability in them?

Sunday, August 25th 2013

Many Thanks

Sunday, August 25th 2013

thank you sir …..

Sunday, August 25th 2013

Thank you Adam

Thursday, August 29th 2013

Really helpful, thanks a lot!

Thursday, September 5th 2013

thnks teacher im very happy for this lecons and i love this site it is very helpful

Wednesday, September 11th 2013

Hi Adam, great video,thank you!
I personally like to learn words through the synonyms. However I found that I stucked with bunch of them in my head and don’t know how to use most of them. For example, sulky and sullen. Do you know any web site or dictionary that explains how to use the word correctly? I would really appreciate any advice. Viktoria

Thursday, September 12th 2013

gr8. Dear adam pls introduce some valid books for IELTS students in each skill.

Thursday, September 12th 2013

Thank you :)

Thursday, September 12th 2013

your void is easy and clear for me to listen and understand the content of the video, thank you so much !

Monday, September 16th 2013

Hi Adam. Too bad for me, i got 4/10. I am really sad. I am so bad in vocabulary. :(

Monday, September 16th 2013

thank very much

Tuesday, September 17th 2013

Hi Adam, I got 6 correct out of 10 :( in this quiz.
But it was also good study for me. BTW I didn’t know about the verb “beautify.” I found some new vocabularies today. Thank you for your interesting lesson :D I hope to try the quiz again someday :)

Friday, September 20th 2013

Thank you,Adam!!!!
It’s a great video.

Tuesday, September 24th 2013

Thank you so much.

Tuesday, October 1st 2013

Thank you

Friday, October 4th 2013

what should I do? I got 4 out of 10. give me advice Mr. Adam please.

Saturday, October 5th 2013

Thank you so much

Monday, October 7th 2013

that is fantastic video . I do all of them .

Wednesday, October 16th 2013

hello students again , teacher Adam thank you .i haven’t been here for a few weeks ago so now i back i wish to be good it’s helpful lesson for today thank you alot and all people here good luck………

Friday, October 18th 2013

Good tips. I liked. Thanks :)

Saturday, October 19th 2013

Thanks I think is a very dood way to remember

Sunday, October 20th 2013

Hi,Adam there is a one question I have to ask. There are synonyms for most wordS in English.So when we write an essay or a research paper how do we select the most suitable word?Because for me it is kind of a hard job.I always use to place the same word repeatedly therefor I get low grades for my essays.can u please help?

Sunday, October 20th 2013


Monday, October 21st 2013

7/10. My worst score until now. Your lesson is excellent, as usual. Thank you, Adam

Monday, October 21st 2013

You´re great….thank you very much!!

Tuesday, October 29th 2013

Hello good teacher
Tanks for best lesson ,it,s useful for me ,I downloaded your video when i was in russia ,but in iran we have low internet and alotof site are filter and i can,t see any video ,how i give next lesson ?plz help me ?
best regard

Friday, November 1st 2013

    You’ll have to use a VPN or a browser like Tor to get around the filters. Google should be able to help with the rest ;)

    Saturday, November 2nd 2013

Thank you very much.

Saturday, November 9th 2013

life changing!!

Tuesday, November 19th 2013

Thank you

Tuesday, November 19th 2013

nice lesson adam thanks

Tuesday, November 19th 2013

It’a a pleasure to learn English with U ;)

Friday, November 22nd 2013

Thank you Adam I got 9 .

Monday, November 25th 2013

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Friday, November 29th 2013

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Friday, November 29th 2013

Thanks Adam, 50%

Tuesday, December 3rd 2013

Hi Mr. Adam I really want to thank you ur lessons are very help full and clear God bless you .I have seen some of your videos I recently moved in this country and I’m having so many problems just because of English I kindly request you please if you can give me couple lessons on English sentences

Thursday, December 5th 2013

Thanks a lot. very interesting and helpful :)

Tuesday, December 17th 2013

Good~!! Thanks, Adam.
Have you ever tried to learn other language ? I am just curious.

Tuesday, December 17th 2013

Thank teacher Adam. It was nice video.

Wednesday, January 1st 2014

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Friday, January 3rd 2014

you are really turn on me Adam thank you

Tuesday, January 21st 2014

8/10 yay… love it

Friday, January 24th 2014

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Sunday, January 26th 2014

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Tuesday, January 28th 2014

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Wednesday, January 29th 2014

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Sunday, February 2nd 2014

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Thanks! Adam!
I’m new here , and I will come to learn English everyday!I like teachers here!The comments is useful too.
I tried with card before, it is a pity i didn’t insist finnaly, i wanna have a try again.
And one my friend share me a good way to remember the vocabulary:
*Do dictation with the new words that you learnt, repeat it!
*Do some other DictationOnline is a very good way to practice vocabulary ,improved many other English skills as well!Currently,I’m practice this dictation:

Could you kindly write down the name of two novels which you introduced in this vedio?

Hope it is clear.Oh man, I know the vocabulary, but hard to organize it to be a sentence~

Sunday, April 13th 2014

Especially when you highlighted that it’s not enough if you write down words, but you should make sentences with them, you were right. In fact, the more sentences you try to make, the more efficiently can you learn English. What I mean is that there are some cases that a person that studies only one hour per day may be better that another person who works around the clock. This is for one reason: because the former works more efficiently, whether the latter not.

Many people think that you can learn a new language very fast. Gaining fluency in a language is a long-range process. And it can take even years. Of course, by following this steps everyone can succeed, but is not so easy as it may seem, if we see it from a more realistic point of view.

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thank you a lot , wish all that be fine ( balonga22) my skype ID welcome with everyone .

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i don’t know how and when i can use “However” and “rather than” ,so could you please Mr ADAM give us a special lesson on that???????

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Hi Mr Adam thanks for the lesson. It is a very good video i have ever seen. But, in my opinion, everyone has their own way to remember a new vocabulary. As you said in the video that we could try CARD (or some people know it as ANKI CARD) CARD and did repetition of it. For me it is rather boring. I prefer to acquire new words by reading novels i like. Cheers!

Sunday, January 4th 2015

I would like to pass the TOEFL exam in the future, so I have a question connected with it. The most popular exams in Poland are the Cambridge exams, so there are a lot of different books preparing for FCA, Advanced (CAE) or Proficiency Exam(CPE). If I learn vocabulary from this kind of books (e.g. http://www.macmillan.cz/img/sp-DestinationC1C2.pdf ), it will be enough to prepare for TOEFL?

Sunday, January 18th 2015

Awesome lesson Mr. Adam, In my opinion your vídeos are best because your pronunciation is easy to understand. I pratice english in the most part playing RPG in vídeo games. It’s good because you need to read a lot what the people are saying to understand what you have to do, online and offline. Online games like world of warcraft, dota, starcraft are awesome cause you can Interact with people of another countries you just need to play in other server. Thanks for the tips.

Thursday, January 22nd 2015

Hello teacher !! You said that object means refuse !! but what i know that refuse means to reject ! Am i right or both of the words have the same meaning ?

Wednesday, January 28th 2015

Hello teacher! Thanks so much for your useful videos. I find them really exciting . Teacher, can you help me to distinguish these words: hurtful, painful and aching.
Thank you in advance!

Wednesday, February 4th 2015

    Hurtful is used to describe emotions—if something hurts your feelings. “I apologize for my hurtful comments.” Painful describes, well, anything that causes pain, physical or emotional. Aching describes a dull, prolonged kind of pain. Lift heavy things all day and you may find your back is aching. If you’re really sad about something for a long time, you could say you have an “aching heart”.

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what your opinion for the technique ?

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I appreciate for this lesson Adam :) Would you mind writing here the phrase that you have used in this video was it throw two cents ? I know that expression that’s just my two cents in American English.The one you used relate to this ?

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You can actually downgrade to windows 7 if you’d like to :D … thanks for the tips

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Can I write them down on some paper and memorize them or some stracture else.
thank you for everything…

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It’s not a comment!
thanks to the videos i’ve watched here on EngVid i’m feeling more relaxed. But in my case, there’s a problem i’m facing for next 14 days. I’m taking my first IELTS exam and unfortunately it’s the last time that the test scores can work for me to get my visa for Australia.

I wanna ask a question. So let me be brief and to-the-point:
I have a limited lexical power. My rough estimate is 1500 activated words that can be used in Speaking module. Is it possible to score 6 out of 9 using only 1500 basic activated words + 10 useful words for most frequent cue cards? (provided fairly nice grammar and very good accent)

it’s big kind to give me guidance
thanks in advance


Friday, April 17th 2015

    i forgot to mention that my average score for listening and reading, based on 9 tests, are 7.0 and 7.5 (General Training)

    thanks again…

    Saturday, April 18th 2015

Hello teacher Adams!!! i have a question for u, recently i watch this video and started to make the cards using the words groups, but one in special, wich is JAG, i havent found a sentence related to the meaning ive been studied, like tore, rip, scrape… so can u help me with this???

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Thank you for beforehand and sorry my mistakes

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Congrats and thanks a lot.

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Thank you for you wonderful lessons. Adam! Every time i learn so much. Good idea to use cards with words in one side and sentences on the other, but i wonder if there exist such ready-to-use cards somewhere in pdf format? it would be very good to download, print and study…rather than creating them yourself…

Sunday, June 19th 2016

Adam! I truly believe that using an English to English dictionary help a lot! I was looking some days ago details about the word “feature” and I found some others very interested. Add to that tip, because I’m preparing myself to take the TOEFL,I write everyday new words I could use for the writing and speaking section, hopefully it will help me to get a better score.

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Thanx and Regards

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I really like this lesson, Thanksso much! But I don’t understand one thing:
Why the question 8 the answer is “heavy”? I have put “sure” and I was looking for the meaning this word and “sure” doesn’t have a verb form. Sorry, but I am confused, I know, probably, It’s a foolish question, so sorry.

Sunday, November 6th 2016

    heavy is a verb in its self

    Tuesday, February 28th 2017

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I want to ask u .. how can i know the other forms of words?
from where?

Wednesday, November 16th 2016

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Saturday, January 7th 2017

Hello. Mr.Adam.
I have a question about vocabulary.
When I search it, I use Google
For example, I typed `dog meaning` in it.
It show me the meanings and synonyms quickly.
The result is accurate? Can I continue to use it for studying English?

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This is my Skype Address: Mohammad Shah

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Saturday, April 22nd 2017

The best way to increase and maintain vocabulary is by reading and writing.
I was thinking that the correct answer for this sentence is :
The best way to increase and maintain vocabulary (are) by reading and writing.
please i need more explanation , thank you.

Friday, May 5th 2017

    The pronoun refers to (way) and it’s singular

    Friday, February 2nd 2018

I’ve passed the quiz and found the right answer to question #5 is a little bit strange. You tried to explain “explain” verb. I can imagine different processes that can help me understand things better. For example, I show/demonstrate something very well so you understand it. On my opinion “to say how it works” option is better.

Friday, May 5th 2017

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I’d like to thank you for the best way you teach english. It’s been a pleasure to follow you.
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Friday, December 15th 2017

    Our videos are on YouTube, which may be blocked by your government or internet provider. You could try a VPN.

    Saturday, December 16th 2017

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Tuesday, July 23rd 2019

I passed the quiz and got 9 correct out of 10. For question “Which of the following sentences best illustrates the meaning of the word explain?”, I answered “To explain is to say how something works.” But test-system said me it was wrong answer. I really don’t understand why answer “The teacher explained the process so well that everyone understood it”, fits more than the previous answer?

Tuesday, September 17th 2019

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Thank you, Mr.Adam is a very useful idea, could you please tell me where i can find a list of words for TOEFL.

Monday, January 20th 2020

I’m learning a lot, I love this teacher (he looks like my ex boyfriend from Colombia, he would be Colombian lol) I don’t know, but every time I fall in love with the classes.

Wednesday, March 4th 2020

Sir Adam,
Can you Please eloborate me, In the video you say take the words from TOEFL, IELTS and SAT.i Don’t understand so why say read a lot and use dictionary English to English???? hope you consider my problem.

Friday, April 24th 2020


Saturday, April 25th 2020

Thanks a lot Teacher Adam.

Saturday, April 25th 2020

Thanks, Adam. It was a good lecture

Sunday, April 26th 2020

Wonderful lecture on vocabulary. Suggestions are great and so useful. I am going to work on my vocabulary with your given tips. I already have a diary in which I note down words ,their definitions and synonyms but now I would make cards . Thanks .

Thursday, May 7th 2020

thank you very much. I really enjoy the way you teach

Sunday, May 24th 2020

6 of 10 btw im still learning so i keep moving forward to learn more and to improve my vocabulary. Thanks sir Adam you help me a lot. Keep it up

Friday, July 10th 2020

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