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Sorry about the sound in the last section… Rebecca got a sore throat.

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    if you ask me ,she should take some lozenge tablets….by the way,the lesson was very useful!!!


    Hi my best teacher,Rebecca
    My name is Chaiwat Siripornpaiboon from Thailand.Ireally enjoy your teaching and your team esp you. I’ve gained a lot of knowledge from you. I’m 59.Unfortunately, Ihad a stroke since August 10,2010. I’m retired from work caused of stroke,Icannot do anything except stay in bed and watch yourteaching English. I think it won’t be long to hold my last breath, but I will watch you teaching English till I kiss the dust.
    Goodbye teacher,
    Chaiwat Siripornpaiboon
    (former Bangkok Bank worker,Tak Branch)

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      Hi Chaiwat, I’m currently working here in Thailand, and I’m a nurse…

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fantastic Lesson and important in our daily life

khalid makki

holy cows Rebecca, u were talking about health and u have a sore throat, sorry about that. I hope u feel better lovely, hardworking teacher. bye.


    I was joking. She didn’t really get a sore throat. The microphone stopped working.

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      :D That’s funny!!!

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Dear Rebecca,
I really enjoy watching your videos.
They’re very interesting and clear!

Best wishes


Hi Rebecca. Thanks. You’re a great teacher. I’m learning a lot on EngVid.
Greetings from Brazil.

Eliane Maciel

    Thank you for your kind words, Elaine. MY best wishes to you.

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hi,can i have lessons about past/presnet perfect and past/present continous…. thank you so much

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Theacher Rebbeca, ur da one !!

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    Thanks, man!

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Rebecca I hope to come back to Egypt soon, we love you from the depths of our hearts, order a lot of fans in Egypt because of the way of your teaching


    Thank you kindly. I wish you all the best.

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Hi Rebecca your another great lessons.,Actually everybody must learn not only read but also awareness about medicine.thanks

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    Yes, you’re right. My best to you.

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So Profitable.
Many tx engvid…
Best of luck!


What is OTC stand for? Please advise.Thank you.


    “Over the counter”—medicine that you don’t need a prescription to get.

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A perfect lesson ! I could understand it all !

Bruno Martins Peçanha

    Great! Keep on going and you’ll get better and better. My best wishes to you. Bruno.

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Hi Rebecca,
I like the way you teach. That is lovely!


Tks Rebecca, You’re good teacher. Lily from Brazil


    Obrigada, Lily, for all your feedback on this and other lessons. My best wishes to you.

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hi, Rebecca.very interesting lesson.You’re as sweet as honey.


Thanks Rebecca! I love your lessons!


Hi, Rebecca, you don’t speak fast; that makes you easy to be understood. Thanks. Great lesson..!!

Marco P



thanks its great


You are a good teacher in English.


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Please speak slowly because I am not canadese


Thanks for your good lesson. It’s make me understand about medicine label. :)


hi rebecca ur lesson is good bt i request engvid use subtitle in all lessons for better understanding ty

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Hi rebecca. Thanks for the lesson, as usual it was very helpful. I would like to know whether there any way to know exactly what is the medicine for by just reading of the box. Thanks in advance.

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    Over the counter medicines usually describe what the medicine is for. However, prescription medicines come with no explanation so you can google them online to learn more or ask a pharmacist. Good health to you!

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i like this because i want to learn grammar.:)

Va Diya

This lesson makes me expert. thanks a lot.


so nice to go through this wonderful lesson


You scored 7 out of 7.thank u 4 this lesson teacher ^^

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good lesson thx


thank you goog lesson.


Thanks Rebecca ,you’re a good teacher,the lesson was great for everybody and very helpful,God bless you .


thank you very much. you are the best




Thanks 4 ds useful information.Will u pliz give a lesson about a hospital conversation or hospital slangs or dr patient conversation.


very usefull thanks.


i like the way of teaching james sir

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Thanks a lot


it is very useful lesson, Thanks Rebecca




Dear teacher Rebecca
Thank you very much for your lesson.
You check this quiz, please
You have a fever, but just managed to finish eating some lunch. The medicine you bought says: Take on an empty stomach. Can you take the medicine now?
Sure, why not?
No, not now, because you just ate lunch.
Because when you fever you should take this medicine better you shouldn’t although you just ate lunch.
I want to talk about it because I am a doctor.
Thanks and I am going to study your lesson


what is teospoons?


    A teaspoon is a small spoon used to stir tea. It is also an actual measurement, so if you are taking medicine then please use the correct measurement of a teaspoon, to be safe.

    All the best.

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Thank you but i have to les again i didnt understand very well.

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Rebecca you’re excellent!! I enjoy a lot your lessons. Everything wich you say I can understand completely… Thanks!

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I love it. The lesson about medicine label is very good


nice and bsics


Thanks Rebecca your’re the best teachrer ,Thanks for let everyone to know the lebal of the medicine.how to use it.And now I
I know what does mean the word of (OTC).I wish you the best New year 2012.


    Have a happy and healthy 2012! My best wishes to you.

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would like to learn english cours

mohamed mohamoud nur


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..very usefull, expecially for a doctor of an Emergency Department

Cinzia Barletta

thank you for good lesson.interesting and 10minites was best to
get centered on.

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Dear Rebecca please check the lesson ” How to minimize the problem” It can not be opened.Thank a lot for all the good lessons.

Mawinee maming

i like u Rebecca . u a good teacher


Dear Rebecce. I m taking ur lesson its really very help me to understand the English. but advise me how to improve my speaking…


    To speak more confidently and correctly, you need to speak more! Try to find a private English teacher in your city or online, or else you could join a conversational English class so you can get more practice. You could also offer to teach your language to someone in exchange for that person teaching you English. My best wishes to you.

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Good lesson Rebecca!!!

What’s the difference between these words: sick, sickness, ill, disease ???

For me they have the same mean, but sick is an adjective and sickness is a noun.

Thanks in advance.

Profile photo of Bruno Bruno

    You can use these words in the following ways:

    1)I’m feeling sick! (This is slang, actually, since we’re supposed to use the word “ill”.)

    2) He has been ill for several days.

    3) He has a mysterious sickness. The doctors don’t know what’s wrong with him.

    4) He is suffering from an incurable disease.

    So yes, all these words refer to ill health, or illness, but are used in different ways.

    Hope this helps. The best of health to you, Bruno.

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What a nice teaching way! I like your lessons.

I have been in the US for 7 years and still feel shy to speak English. I feel I am hopless.

I turned 50 a few months ago!
Maybe the age is the reason!



    Please don’t give up, Nawal. Nothing is ever hopeless unless we decide that it is so. We can continue learning all our lives; in fact, learning a language is very good exercise for your brain. So join a class, or find a private teacher and you will surely improve. Most important, believe in yourself. My very best wishes to you, Nawal.

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Dear Rebecca!

It is very good lesson. I very grateful you,because your english lessons is understanding,useful,helpful.

Thank you very much.

Best wishes

Susan 1985

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Dear Rebecca,

It was a very good lesson.every words and sentences were comprehended by me.If the sentences had any grammatical
mistake please to be notify them or it to me.

Thank you.

Ahmed Mohamed

Thanks Rebecca! That was very helpful!


I got 7 out of 7…that means that you are a good teacher RBK… here in Mexico the people write REBEKA using only consonants RBK but it is informal..

Mario Alberto

Thanks for Robecca the way u have explained the direction of taken medicine and the consequences may head to whom medicine is taken

See u
Ajka from Somalia

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thanks you so much mam.

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thanks i scored 7 out of 7 it means iam getting more information i also want to take your online classes could you help me plz

sarish khan

thanhs Rebecca you such nice teacher I’m only 80 whish to were young to became thanks to Rebecca one of the best teacher in to the wourld bye armando from naples Italy

armando davide

I very like your lesson. Useful and fantastic. Thank you alot.

Le Bich Ly - Viet Nam

Hi ,firstly I like your smile ,about lesson It is great like all ,I hope to learn English with envid ,thank you So much


it was really good lesson. your way to make students understand is great , please let’s us get some slang language if you don’t mind

safaa khalil

i wish you all the best , please some phrasal verbs with some sentences will make me love you more and maybe i will marry you

safaa khalil

Thank you soooo much , I`ve just get a temporal job as a translator for an American physicians team and this lesson is gonna help me soooo much….. thank you again Rebecca.

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thank you so much i am anew sutent

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Thank you again, i will keep thanking you for this medium, it really helped me a lot.


thank you so much I am anew Student

Nesma Haridy

Sometime OTC drugs need prescription. Carefully read insurance.


Thank you miss rebeka for this helpful lesson.


thank you


Thank you, teacher. You are fantastic…

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Thank you Rebecca,
A perfect presentation.

Musnarti Dickinson

iam ahmed i live in somalia really ilove watching yuor lessons now ican speak well so all thanks about you teacher


Thank you REBECCA, I am doctor now!

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Yeah ! Now i can understand medicine lables to safe my sefl when i use it, thanks Rebecca

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7 correct out of 7 :) Thank you !

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Thanks,Rebecca. This is very useful on our life.

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100/100 Thank you for the lesson

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I got 86 %. Thanks Rebecca.

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In this case I got 100 %. U are a good teacher. Thanks a lot.

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Thank you teacher rebecca.. you know what my question about OTC was answered. now i know what is the meaning of OTC. before i thought it is a trademark, but now i found out that this is a over the counter medice. so, now iknow.. thank you for this lesson.. i learned so much! God bless to you!

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Thanks, Rebecca. This lesson is very important because contains specific words that are unusual.
I have gathered about how to read labels correctly and also I have increased my vocabulary.

Rebecca, could I make a suggestion of subject?
If possible, I would aprecciate to know about some military expressions as “Roger that” for example.
All the best, take care!

Profile photo of Andre.AirForce Andre.AirForce

There are some more abbreviations, which of them can often strike in you prescriptions
BD – twice daily
OD – once daily
QID – four times a daily
TDS – three times a day
im – intramuscular
sl – sublinguae
iv – intravenous
TDS – three times a day
Thank you for lesson!!! (If I’ve got mistakes? please, correct me)

Profile photo of dranik-style dranik-style

    Thank you for your extra information! I really appreciate it.

    Profile photo of Sahra biologist Sahra biologist

Thanks got 100%.

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hi Rebecca,
thanks for another informative lecture, i think your every do have information,,, so thanks alot again love u.

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Rebecca , I like your way of teaching in addition, yer so intelligent polite , and kind thank u for everything … :)

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so great listening to you .. i wish if i followed your lesson before .. thanks so much Rebecca ..

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so informative lesson .Thanks Rebecca

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question number 5 can be misleading!

Since I’m a pharmacist I can declare that sometimes some labels may give you a suggestion rather than an order!

In that case, if the fever is raising and you you’ve just eaten take on the medincine anyway!

maybe the medicine will work less but less is better than not at all!

As about the lesson, grat one! Greetings from Italy!

Profile photo of Heatcliff80 Heatcliff80

Dear Rebecca,
I have got a mysterious sickness.
My drug is to learn English with you daily. ;-)
Besr regards.

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i get 6 out of 7

Profile photo of tasneemmohsen hamoda tasneemmohsen hamoda

first I had had 5/7 and then I had 7/7 :D
Thanks so much

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THanks for the explanation Rebecca I am learning and improving my basic English following your class.
Best wishes from Italy

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thanks for your lesson. I’ve learned some useful vocabulary. i think you should teach more many new word in each yr lesson.

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Thanks Miss. Rebecca When I have time I like following your class
Best regards

Profile photo of rosanita rosanita

Thank you Rebecca. I am prescribed myself to learn you every day to improve my poor English.

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Dear Rebecca, I must say that I really enjoyed this lesson. As usual, you demonstrate your competence and reliability.

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thank you very much

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Someone believes that the term “over the counter” is sort of counter intuitive, because “over the counter” drugs don’t have to be taken after the pharmacist on the other side of the counter takes a butch’s at the prescription. We can select them directly “on this side of the counter” or “from the shelves”. I don’t agree with this idea. “Over the counter” should be understood as opposed to, or in comparison with, “under the counter”. “Under the counter” is another phrase used when you want to buy something illicit (notice: not illegal. “Illicit” mean forbidden not only by laws and rules, buy also by local customs.) that is not shown “over” the counter or on the shelves. So, “under the counter” means surreptitious, sneakily, stealthily, or unobtrusively. “Over the counter” right here means directly, freely, or without being afraid when buying things. Medicines without prescription are indeed ones that can be bought directly, freely, and without being afraid that you’ve got no prescription at all.

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I am a doctor and in the question about if you can take this medicine with the stomach plenty, you can do it in this case, but is a problem in others. I answer good because I understood the concept, but the drugs for the fever can take with foods

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Think you

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excellent lesson
i got 100%
thank you teacher

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6/7. I did not read thoroughly and made mistake. The answer is so obvious.

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Thanks for that wonderful lesson,the best is yet to come for your followers; I won’t regret from having enrolled to engvid lessons.

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You got 7 correct out of 7.

thank you…

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Profile photo of shihai182 shihai182

Thank you Ms. Rebecca.

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Thanks Rebecca, was a really nice explanation

Profile photo of morossetti morossetti

i got 86 Thanks Rebecca.

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thank you Rebecca i am anew here but i surprise for your method, go a head

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Hello Rebecca, I have been studing English with your lessons and I think are very complete, you are a great teacher. Thank you so much!

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