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This lesson helps me to learn more about sounds from the life ,very intereting and useful to me.thanks Gill^^

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From now on I’ll read comics from a different perspective, that’s sure!

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I enjoyed a lot. It was a very enjoyable lesson, I must say . And you are my most cutiest Teacher ☺ ❤

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Such a precious collection about vocabulary. It’s shows great experience that those gained on their life and conveyed messages for others.

Profile photo of Muhammad Abbas Muhammad Abbas

So M Gill, did language originate from imitating sounds?

Profile photo of ayman chenna ayman chenna

A quiet and nice lesson by a quiet and nice professor. Thanks Gill.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

nice lesson, but very difficult

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Excellent lesson god bless you Gill

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Very useful and fun lesson !

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Thanks Gill!!Nice lesson!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

This lesson has made me remember that when i was very young and i was living in a country place, sometime I yowled to the moon togheter my wolf dog.
I find that the connection of these onomatopeic words (like every word in effect) with personal events could make them more easy to remember.
Thanks very much like always Gill.

Profile photo of Riccardo S Riccardo S

Excellent lesson! Thank you, Gill.

If you want to hear some of the words used in a song (such as moan, mutter, sputter), make sure to check out the sorrowful song “Memory” from the musical “Cats” composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber. There’re even different versions of the song. It’s been also translated into several languages. E.g. “Recuerdo” in Spanish; in Hungarian it was sang by Jimmy Zámbó – “Éjfél” (Midnight).

Profile photo of David David

    *it was sung. / No edit option, sorry :)

    Profile photo of David David

      Thank you David !

      Profile photo of emrahbulduk emrahbulduk

Really nice lesson, Thank you Gill

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I got 9 out of 9 Gill! Thanks for the lesson Bang! Crash! Ding! Dong! Words that imitate sounds. :)

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my score is 78 7 out of 9 not bad !

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Beautiful lesson and helped me a lot

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Thamks Gill!

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Nice lesson, Gill! The comic book nerd in me loved it.

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    I remember Batman (1965) broadcast TV, there was fight scenes you can to read onomatopeias: “POW” “CRASH” “SPLASH” I liked so much, so bizarre.

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It was super and got correct all of the questions….and thanks a lot for the lesson

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Thanks it was really useful to know new words and how actually sounds can be described. :)

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Great,fantastic for my kids. teacher I like so much this sesion thanks for share.

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Thank you Gill for clear explanation. It was a very useful lesson.
I wish you all the best

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thank you,Gill.you are so cute💕

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very funny, thanks!!!!!!!

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Thank you.

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Thanks a lot Gill, it’s the right time for this lesson, since we just had a lecture this week in Linguistics concerning the origin of language and one of those theories is “the natural sound theory” in other words: echoic, onomatopoeia. So did language in general appeared thus?

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Thanks.I got 10/10.Hurray!
I’m waiting for your new interesting video.

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nice lesson madam

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Good lesson Gil. Thank you

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Helpfull lesson, thanks

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Hello Gill! Thanks for this lesson it was interesting and funny.

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It was a very interesting lesson, Gill. Thanks!

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Very interesting.Some sounds are different in portuguese like bark and ouch, in portuguese we say uau and ai for them.

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It was very interesting lesson, I have got fun. Thank you mam.

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Thank you for very nice lesson i’m really enjoy it.

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hi, im a master student from Iran.
at first i want to say thank you for teaching.
and then i wanna say i have a big problem with these words:
1) so as to
2) in case
3) in that
4) as though = as if
5) so far as
6) in order that
7) thereby
8) therein
9) thereof
10) therefore
11) thereafter
12) wherein
13) henceforth=henceforward
14) barnone
15) bar=except
16) as for
17) as per
18) as to
19) much as
20) many as / as much
21) …
What are these words and what do you calls these words in English?
Is there a complete categorization for these words?
These are really confusing for me. Help me. Thank you.
If it is possible for you, please make a video for these words.


    Whats is a “barnone”? “no bar” or “one barn”?

    Profile photo of ilmeg ilmeg

Thanks for the explanation teacher S2

Profile photo of Vitao1800 Vitao1800

Very useful. I’ll often have to watch it in order to remember every sound. Thank you!

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hi,at the beginning of this lesson the teacher said: Today we are going to be looking at…
as far as I know after be going to we must put an infinitive, but why here is said “…be looking at…”?
Could anyone help me please?

Profile photo of rabinhood rabinhood

    because Be is the infinitive she used.

    Profile photo of Hwnart Hwnart

very thanks

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so good

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Tns so much!

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    thanx so much not tns

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Thank you,Gill

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Hello teacher, thanks for this lesson. It’s very fun to see you make noise.

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Very interenting.Thanks.

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very useful thank you

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thanks a lot :)

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I am thankful. Gill
^ ^

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thanks. It was great.

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Fantastic lesson for kids and for all comic lovers. thanks!

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Please help , I want to teacher’s video.

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100You got 9 correct out of 9.

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Thanks teacher, it is a good lesson

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Thank you very much! I well share my friends!

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Thanks,Good job.

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Thank you so much!

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Thanks Gill. Great job!!


thank you.

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very good teachaer

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It is the first video I see, and is very good, today I learned things I did not know! Thank you so much!

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I loved this lesson and the teacher too. Thanks Gill.

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She looks like a nice person. Tnanks Gill.

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Very nice !

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thanks Gill. This lession’s very interesting !

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Very useful!

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Nice One

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Yeah.. I enjoy it atbthe same time I learn!

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Thanks for your support, I watch your video everyday and ı think they will be improve my language.thats nice :)

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wow I got 100 score :))

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I’m happy it’s easy

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Thank you so much

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So fun lesson.

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I want a granny like she :)

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got 9 correct out of 9, Hurrah!!

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I got 9 put of 9

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Thanks Gill for your lesson. Really was so easy to understand and I will never forget those words.. :)

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I Got 8 put of 9

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Hello Gill! I am here again!

Thanks for this nice video. When we associate the sound of a word with its meaning, it is much easier to remember how to use it.


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Thank, is very interestin how teach this class. i dint know this.

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Thank you, nice lesson. I got 9 out of 9

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thank you,I really enjoy the lesson

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I’m new here and i can not understand anything , Do you help me to learn from scratch

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thank you i really love this lesson

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I loved this lesson ♡♡♡ thanks ♡♡♡♡

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Words from sounds: I got a 100% Thank you Gill.

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Thank so much Gill! God bless you!

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There is a website called Storynory to improve your reading

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i like it a lot this lesson about “ONOMATOPOEIA”

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Thanks Gill.

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thanks, I am so glad I hope to learning more and more.

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Well done thank you Gill.

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so far so good,10\10.Thanks a lot.

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Ty so much

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The tips that you teach are very interesting ! Thank you very much .

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Thank you! Very fun and useful lesson!

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Finally I got 100 score!! Hehe

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Interesting lesson ^^ Thanks

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thanks Gill for your entertaining lesson:)

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well done gill thanks

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Thanks, Gill, for this onomatopeia lesson!

Clap sounds to you.

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    Profile photo of Fabio Cicerre Fabio Cicerre

Thanks a lot for your help

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I don’t speak English

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thank you )))

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Thanks ^^ .

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Thanks for funny lesson,Gill :)

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Gill, it was very fun! :) Thank you so much! All of the sounds (words) is understandable.

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    Hello Sofia,

    How are you? If you want, we can communicate in English. I believe this will improve our language skills. Besides, I know the Russian language too. If you find yourself interested in my suggestion, please write to my e-mail: seferova.r@gmail.com

    Kind Regards,

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Thx Gill. You are a good and nice teacher!

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Thak you M Gill ^_^

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Thank you

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is the sound of fire crackling ?

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Thank you! I got 9/9!!

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9/9 thanks gill

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thank you teacher

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You got 8 correct out of 9
I know that it will be better.

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Hello! I have a question. Will you be so kind to help me? When I ask a child “What sound does a cat/a shotgun make?” Is it OK to answer? “It makes meow” or “It goes bang”. Is it OK to ask “What sound does a cat go”. Thank you very much in advance!

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    thanks my techer its has been my pleasure to listen for this vedio

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Really Good .

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Thank you, Gill! It is useful and fun!!

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What does the fox say?

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Nice lesson.

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Very inmortant lesson, thanks

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Thanks Gill for your lesson, very good!

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Your videos are helping me, thank you, Gill.

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Thanks Gill

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Tanks gill

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100% and thank you very much

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this lesson is very helpful

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Nice lesson. Thank you!

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Hi Gill, thank you so much, an interesting and great lesson, i got 100 scores.

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