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What an interesting lesson about the UK election system Gill!!
According to Spanish news, it was said that Theresa May was going to win easily, but now polls say that it´s not as clear as they´d said before.
Let´s see what happens in the UK elections, as now every decision made in each corner of the world can change everything.
Good luck!!


    To tell the truth, politics is not my cup of tea. However,often times you have no other choice that addressing the subject,especially at work.

    Actually, no one can deny its influence on people’s life. By the way, Mexico is holding elections this weekend in some states. The state of Mexico is one of the most important.At present, it belongs to the ruling party, the mafia that holds the reins of this country.
    Some thoughts about the outcomes: The ruling party is going to win. It is an open secret.


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    Do you need someone to practice english with? I´m a university student too.

    Fabio Isaias

It’s been a very interesting lesson overall about the small areas’ representatives because they are less known abroad or maybe overseas. I think that teacher Gill is a very good speaker because the majority of the ideas she explains, they can teach about the pronunciation and meaning, they are very well structured and consistent. I believe that she is a great teacher and I thank a lot for all her explanations, they are very useful as always.


Hi everyone. I am Vietnamese and I am learning about British culture so can I ask some questions about Britain here?


Wow!What an interesting lesson we have here!
I’ve got 10 out of 10 on my quiz for this one.Actually I’ve watched all of teacher Gill’s videos and I got the the maximum mark for each one of those wonderful lessons’ quizes except the one about British Money.It was quite difficult for me to memorize all those coins from the very first.But I did it gradually anyway.
I’ve never heard nothing about the Official Monster Raving Loony Party and it was especially interesting for me to know.
May I ask you Gill for your personal opinion about the UK leaving the EU?Is it really good for the UK?I’m not so much into politics.I just wonder what do you think about the possible consequences of that decision?
Thank you again for all of your lessons, Gill!They are the best for me!I’m looking forward to new lessons of yours.


    Hello, JConstantine — thank you for your kind words :-) To answer your question about the UK leaving the EU, it’s difficult to know whether it will be good or bad for the UK, or for the EU. There are so many complex factors involved. We just have to hope for the best, and everyone try to work together in a positive way. All the best, and thanks for watching!


Thanks Gill


Wow, You changed your hair-style).


Thank you teacher, It has been an excellent video. I love the political science and this lesson is great to understand the politic system of Uk. I have several problems to understand how the majority party form the government yet, and what is the function of the prime minister. My country has a presidential system so, I supposed that is very different. but I will research a little more..


Thanks my dear grandma,excellent lesson…. love u?


Thank you,


Gill, fantastic class, tx a lot!


Hi. I hope you’re doing great ma’am. Firstly let me thank you for all useful lessons that you have done for us. May I please ask you help about understanding a English grammar? I and my foreign friend were group chatting then someone called my friend stupid I told that person you must be polite or you can leave the group then my other native friend wrote this:”Stupid can hardly be used for a person without a negative connotation” please tell me what did my friend mean by negative connotation and what is connotation exactly and how can we use stupid in correct way? Sorry for taking it too long but please help me to understand. And finally how can I get more information about connotation? Thanks for everything. Looking forward to hearing from you. Best regards S.
Please take good care of yourself.


    Hi Sajjad — thanks for your question. The word ‘stupid’ has a negative meaning (eg foolish, ignorant), and can’t be used in a positive way. The word ‘connotation’ is just another word for ‘meaning’ — it can also suggest an association of ideas. The best way to research the word ‘connotation’ is to google it, and add a second keyword ‘definition’. All the best with your studies! Gill


Excellent explanation, Gill.

I love all engvid.com teachers.


Useful information , teacher Gill. What about some similar on the monarchy system?

great new look!!!

jesus hernandez

I get a 100% of right answers. I’m pleased for having found this channel out. You do a big work. Thank you for all.

Emilio Garcia

Thanks for give a good information about politics !


Thanks you, jade.

Johnnery Akol

Hi Gill!

In my opinion, this lesson is brilliant! Congratulations! I love your videos and the topics you chose to teach us English.

Receive my heartfelt thanks! :)

Eduardo França

Hi ma’am. Thanks for helping me.
May I please ask your help about another topic?
Let’s consider that we’re going to pay a visit to a friend of us, what shall we do?
Could you please tell us about British culture and could you please let us know some etiquette lessons?
Thanks for everything.
Best regards S.


How can I download this video?


Thank you, interesting lesson.


Hello Gill,
I have been listening to your lessons, but until now I could not write a comment as something was not arranged well with my subscription.
Today I’ve arranged it as I am very interested in the politics and tell the truth when the Brexit referendum was I was not sleeping as I waited for the result.- I’ve enjoyed the paragraph when you speak about the rights of the opposition. In my country, the rights of oppositions are curtailed.
So the system of checks & balances don’t work. Even the journalists can’t ask MPs in the parliament.
So I could not understand the quote which you said when you explained for us the opposition’s rights after there is a quotation. Will you please to explain its meaning?
“Does anything ever get done when you’ve got people trying to do something and other people trying to stop them?”
So where the checks & balances don’t work there isn’t a democracy and the government’s influence so significant that they could stop the opposition and the media.

Many thanks in advance.
Regards: Kati Svaby

Kati Svaby

Thanks for thist lesson Gill! I enjoy it!

Isaias Menezes Silva

Thank ! 100 %… It was very interesting; I learn a lot of new things… :-)


how the leading party forms the government? with what mechanism?

Mohammad Reza Mirzai

Very interesting lesson for me. Thousands thanhs


Jade thank you so much.

Doni Bungaa

Thanks, Gill! Your lessons are brilliant :-)


Very good video which explaines the British political system. This is quite similar to our system. What we haven’t got is queen, kings, princes etc. Accualy I read about prince Harry,he doesn’t want to be prince and he want to work… But I can not imaging, what do prince. What is his “job” when he is prince. What do Prince Charles or prince Harry. Absolutelly I haven’t idea what do real prince or princes. I will be pleased when you would like to make a video about Monarchy system.


Thank you Ms. Gill.


Hello teacher and thank you for sharing with us this great lesson about UK politics and elections. I am interested on politics and I learned a lot about the UK Parliament, constituencies, and the government. In my opinion, Brexit is a political mistake because, at these times, any country can’t walk alone without others according to this famous phrase “If you want to go fast, go alone but if you want to go far, go together”.
Your lessons are very interesting and keep going.


Thank you Gill.


Thanks Gill from your comprehensive presentation .

Said afzali

Hi,elegant Gill! So hard for a Chinese teacher or student to get free access to your lectures technically or intellectually,but we really appreciate and cherish your lessons.

adonis zhang

    In case you (or anyone else) didn’t know, many of our videos are available on Bilibili!

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