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As always great lesson. Thanks

Profile photo of mieto1969 mieto1969

    Yep! I absulutely agree with you; it was a phenomenal video lesson. I admire the way she explains grammar with great easy.

    Talking abou t modal verbs, could it be possible for you Gill to develop a lesson on HAVE and must? As far as I can tell, there are also subtle differences in their use.

    Thanks for sharing all this with us Gill. Take care.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

    Thannk you Gill!

    Profile photo of priceless priceless

Thank you Gill

Profile photo of MsAnyuta MsAnyuta

    greeting from Azerbaijan )

    Profile photo of bakhtiyar ali bakhtiyar ali

Hi Gill, I have a question about the order that may/might it’s place in a sentence. Can it be place after have,like in the example you gave (Do you think you may have dropped them in the street) can it be Doyou think you have MAY dropped them …….

Also I didn’t quite understood the difference between maybe and may be, May you help to understand that please?

I really enjoy watching your videos, it was a while since your last one :D

Profile photo of Fernandabelen Fernandabelen

    Hello Fernandabelen — thanks for your question. The word order must be ‘may have’ — it doesn’t sound correct the other way around. As I explained in the video, ‘maybe’ means ‘perhaps’, but ‘may be’ are two separate words meaning ‘could be’. Thanks for your kind words — I’m glad you find the videos enjoyable :-)

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

      Hi Gill, I understood all the lesson without using subtitles. Your English is very clear and you are a nice, good teacher. Thank you so much.

      Profile photo of Excellent Excellent

      you are wonderfull teacher gill. thanks for videos
      but may ı ask => :) may be = could be ?

      Profile photo of gkhanfeez gkhanfeez

Very useful lesson, Gill. Thank you so much.

Profile photo of Júlio César L Sousa Júlio César L Sousa

Thank you EngVid for this lesson

Profile photo of Roberto Reis Roberto Reis

Great, thank you Gill.

Profile photo of Delisma Delisma

Great lesson , thank you

Profile photo of AlMarri AlMarri

It’s my first time 100 score. Thank you very much, Gill.

Profile photo of Worawitoo Worawitoo

Thank Ms Gill for your lesson! but i’d like to ask more something. I think the sentence: maybe and may be have same meaning is correct. both of them are possible, they are different about position in sentence, when they are in first sentence it’s maybe, and when position of them in sentence they are may be. please explain more for me

Profile photo of nguyen van long nguyen van long

    Thanks Nguyen — as I said in the video, ‘maybe’ and ‘may be’ are different. Please see my reply to Fernandabelen above. Best wishes :-)

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

Perfecttt..Thankyou Gill

Profile photo of Maryam feili Maryam feili

Hi Gill mam. Thank you for this wonderful lesson.

Profile photo of palakshi nautiyal palakshi nautiyal

Clearly understood.
Thank you very much, Gill.

Profile photo of Canardo Canardo

Thanks a lot!!!

Profile photo of Emilio M. Emilio M.

10/10 How simply! Thank you very much!

Profile photo of IrinaFay IrinaFay

    Oh, really? You must be real good at grammar! See you around Irina.

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

I got 9/10, I am incorret in number 10. Thanks a lot ! Miss Gill, Your lesson very useful. that lesson was bitchin”!

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Profile photo of Muhammadomer Muhammadomer

100% I got :) Thank you

Profile photo of bakhtiyar ali bakhtiyar ali

10 out of 10 :-) Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Konstantin Konstantin

I might have known about the differences between may and might if could know about this video early.
Thanks, grandma.

Profile photo of Kartick Kartick

Thank you Gill!

Profile photo of Issamov2 Issamov2

thank u madam Gill, your lesson was great!

Profile photo of Thanu Thanu

Thanks Gill!!Great lesson!!

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

Very good lesson! Thank you very much Gill

Profile photo of Afap Afap

You are so cute! Thank you Gill.

Profile photo of Nizinha Nizinha

Thank you Gill! new learning for me.

Profile photo of aespino74 aespino74

I got 10, I can´t believe it!

Profile photo of aespino74 aespino74

Hi Gill! Thanks for this lesson! I didn’t sure about the use of the word “might”, you do clarify me the difference.

Profile photo of Jorge Jorge

It’s a fruitfully lesson as usual, appreciate what you are doing to keep us more strong in understanding English language day after day .
My best regards Gill.

Profile photo of hassouna hassouna

9 out of 10 hahahaha

Profile photo of Nuph Nuph

Thank you so much to help with lessons!!!

Profile photo of pasiani pasiani

This lesson was so helpful.
Thank you Dear Gill!

Profile photo of cetinmih cetinmih

This lesson has been very helpful because we have reviewed two important modal verbs like “may” and “might”, and overall the difference between two expressions with the same sound but not equal in meaning, very useful this last explanation of “maybe” or “perhaps”, not verb, and “may be” that it’s used as a verb. Thanks a lot, teacher Gill, we are lucky people because your method of learning English is very pedagogic and amusing, we can enjoy listening to all the explanations.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Thank you for this helpful lesson Gill

Profile photo of Cascoxa Cascoxa

Thank you very much the lesson was very helpful

Profile photo of ANNIEZ ANNIEZ

Thank you so much! (^▽^) by the way,you are so cute~

Profile photo of PeninaQu PeninaQu

It’s very clear my understanding …
9 of 10 Thank you !!!

Profile photo of iamthanwarat iamthanwarat

It’s great!

Profile photo of DogVito DogVito

thank you Gill

Profile photo of marktark marktark

Thank you Gill,wish you a good health and a favorable job!

Profile photo of Mai Huynh Hien Vinh Mai Huynh Hien Vinh

Thank you Gill

Profile photo of struggleForEng struggleForEng

Useful lesson now the difference is more clear to me thanks a lot.

Profile photo of Kudrok Kudrok

thanks a lot for the lesson! very helpful

Profile photo of manny79 manny79

Thank you Mam Gill. Your knowledge is useful for me.

Profile photo of Rahmadini Puspita Sari Rahmadini Puspita Sari

Thak you, Gill for your clear explanation. I am brazilian and I’ve a biggest difficult for studing english. Sorry, if you find some mistake!

Regards… Xoxo

Profile photo of Maridia Maridia

Great Video. You are so charming. I learn a lot. Thank you very much, Gill!

Profile photo of thefall84 thefall84

. I’m not quite understand abou maybe 1 word ang May be two word. Can u describe it??
Thank you

Profile photo of pypiiwutear212 pypiiwutear212

    Thanks Pypiiwutear — please see my reply to Fernandabelen above. Best wishes :-)

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

everything is clear. her pronunciation is very easy understanding. thank u, I sure it will helps me in future

Profile photo of Khodjaevam Khodjaevam

Very helpful. Thank you

Profile photo of Ingrid Johanna Ingrid Johanna


Profile photo of drhanyahmed drhanyahmed

Thank you very much, Gill. As usual, it was a pleasure to listen to your lesson and to learn smth new.

Profile photo of lezerskaya lezerskaya

thank you for you to make me understand that :)

Profile photo of Basma ElMoneiry Basma ElMoneiry

It was great.
Thank you Gill,

Profile photo of Karim Khan Wardak Karim Khan Wardak

I might become as rich as Bill Gates. Did I say might? Of course it’s not true lol. That’s absolutely impossible.

Profile photo of juneriver juneriver

Thank you so much!!

Profile photo of juniario juniario


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Profile photo of laxthomas laxthomas

Thanks Gill, this lesson was great and easy..:)

Profile photo of marcos alexandre marcos alexandre

Thanks, Gill! Great!!!

Profile photo of KharlSt KharlSt

Hello Gill .
Thank you for this lesson .
May I ask you something about the usage of “ask” .
” I ask you to make a suggestion ” or ” I ask you for making a suggestion ” ; may I use both sentences to say the same meaning ?
Thanks for your reply
See you

Profile photo of tsamp tsamp

    Hi tsamp — your first example is correct, but your second example doesn’t sound right in English. All the best :-)

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

I love this class^^ because very slow. I can listen to english well in this class.
Thank you.

Profile photo of HYOJU HYOJU

Great Class Gill! Good explanations! It´s easier to learn English with you. Wow…I got 10 correct out of 10! Thank you so much! God bless you! Greetings from Fortaleza (Brazil).

Profile photo of Leo Coelho Leo Coelho

Thank you!

Profile photo of giljamesh giljamesh

Thanx so much Gill got a perfect score., its awesome/.

Profile photo of eMyla eMyla

Many thanks for your superlative lesson, Gill! Sergio (Italy)

Profile photo of sergio.sorbo sergio.sorbo

Thank you very much, Gill!

Profile photo of Lucianamaistro Lucianamaistro

Hi Gill!

Thanks for this lesson! It’s always necessary to know these slight differences between similar words so that we can use them in the right way and make ourselves more clear.

May we have more videos like this one?

Best wishes from Rio de Janeiro!

PS: I have heard that the Past Participle of the verb “to forget” may be “forgot” or “forgotten”. Which one is used in the UK? Or both might be used indistinctly?

Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

    Hi Eduardo — thank you for your kind words! Some verbs have different forms in the past tense, and this applies to the verb ‘to forget’. So for the simple past tense we say ‘I forgot’, but in the present perfect (which requires the use of the past participle) we say ‘I have forgotten’. Some verbs have the same form for the simple past and the past participle, but other verbs have different forms. I’m sorry it’s so complicated! But here is a link that might be helpful: https://www.thoughtco.com/difference-between-a-weak-verb-and-a-strong-verb-1691036
    All the best :-)

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

      Thank you for replying Gill! It was very kind of yours. The website you suggested me is quite interesting as well. :)

      Profile photo of Eduardo França Eduardo França

Got 100. Gill , “may” we used just specifically for elders or someone whom we respect or generally for anyone in a polite way? Another thing gill. I didn’t get the clearer concept between maybe and may be . I found both more or less the same. Can you make it More easier for me?

Profile photo of Annie Annie

    Thanks Anne — ‘may’ is used for anyone you want to be polite to. Regarding your other question, please see my reply to Fernandabelen above. Best wishes :-)

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

I loved your video, Gill! Thank you very much for your helpful explanation!

Profile photo of lokazaki lokazaki

may i thank you for the time you put into this clip.I might send this clip to my friend maybe I will show my brother to.I may be tied but I did manage to get 10 out of 10 on the quiz..THANK YOU

Profile photo of shane1121 shane1121

Got 100, thank you Gill! I will seeing your videos.

Profile photo of RodrigoGrande RodrigoGrande

thanks mam for a great lesson

Profile photo of handlyjose handlyjose

Its a nice class

Profile photo of pomelo pomelo

Excellent! This is the first time that someone has managed to explain to me the subtle difference between the two verbs. Thank you very much.

Profile photo of Sesquipedalian Sesquipedalian

Hi Gill, thanks a lot for this great lesson!
I’ve got a doubt.. Could I say “maybe it will be raining tomorrow morning”?
Thanks for your help.

Profile photo of daniferrari77 daniferrari77

Hi Gill,
Firstly I would like to thanks for the wonderful lesson.
May I have a question for the quiz.
I wonder about the question number 7.

” He might be coming to the party. ”
Is it mean the speaker does not sure that he is going to the party now (on the way). However, it is possible that he is on his way.
May I say that it is possible that he does not want to go to the party? or I’m just thinking over.

Profile photo of Prinita Prinita

great teacher
thank you!

Profile photo of Khaiha Norman Khaiha Norman

thank you so much teacher.

Profile photo of Riyad yousef Riyad yousef

Gill srry i have enought time SRRY!!
I continue this tomorrow
OK bye GILL.

Profile photo of allanfreman allanfreman

Thank you so much mrs. Gill

Profile photo of Anisa Nur khalimah Anisa Nur khalimah

Thank you Gill for explaining the difference between may and might. And you are right, maybe and may be are easy to get me confused. I have been always liked your teaching style. Looking forward to seeing more videos from you.

All the best,

Profile photo of Yongshan Lin Yongshan Lin

Thanks Ms.Gill. I was really doubtful about the use of may or might in a sentence. Sometimes I say may in a sentence in place of might. But after taking lesson from you, I really have run out this difficulty. Thanks again Ma’am.
Also after taking your lecture I got 100% result. That means your way of teaching is helpful for everyone in getting rid of their respective difficulties.
Looking forward to see more from your side Ma’am. All the very best for that. !

Profile photo of Batool Naz Batool Naz

Thanks Gill. I was a great class. you are very good

Profile photo of Ysa1706 Ysa1706

i got all right thanks :)

Profile photo of LILY LILY

Thank you , Gill.

Profile photo of 51john23 51john23

Thanks, Gill.Good lesson. I got 100

Profile photo of nickandr nickandr

Thanks Gill.may I meet you face to face?

Profile photo of parviza parviza

a million thanks from here in the Philippines! :)

Profile photo of rodrigodj07 rodrigodj07

Thank you so much Gill for this lesson.

Profile photo of br.palat br.palat

Thanks a lot Gill

Profile photo of Abbas naqawate Abbas naqawate

Hi Gill, I really love your lessons :).
I have a question for you:is it correct use”may” in this context?
“before your arrival we’ll help you giving you all the information you may need to reach it.”
The idea is that you “may” need my help because if you usually use navigators probably you don’t need my help to get to my house, otherwise you will surely need my assistance. Is it correct?
Thank you :)

Profile photo of Cecca Cecca

I got 10!!! Yep!!!

Profile photo of mollymaskaleva mollymaskaleva

THe EngVid is life! THe better Web Learning English that i saw. Thanks teachers without exceptions.

Profile photo of IGOR CRUZ IGOR CRUZ

Very useful I got 10 out of 10. Thank you

Profile photo of Bismark Soedzede Bismark Soedzede

Thank you, Gill~

Profile photo of robertlee robertlee

Before starting the quiz I was thinking that, may I scored 100 marks? But after giving the test I came to know that I can score 100 marks and I do this and scored 100 out of 100.

Profile photo of Osama khan Osama khan

You got 8 correct out of 10

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Thanks again,Gill. I got 10/10. Great lesson,as usual.

Profile photo of Sonia1234 Sonia1234

It a nice lesson.. Thanks, Gill. You are a good teacher.

Profile photo of mande97 mande97

Great THank you so much

Profile photo of mohamedot mohamedot

Thank you, I scored 9/10

Profile photo of mohamedot mohamedot

This lection was so clear and helpful. Thank you very much teacher.

Profile photo of Medardo@17 Medardo@17

Thank you very much Gill

Profile photo of dahire dahire

Girl thank I like you

Profile photo of Jacques42 Jacques42

Thank you

Profile photo of Samet66 Samet66

I got hundred but I really get confused with these
Never Give Up!

Profile photo of gerarditosando gerarditosando

Gill, Thanks yo uso much !

Profile photo of Pybs Pybs

Gill, thank you so much for your easy manner

Profile photo of Latef Amer Latef Amer

Thank you Gill.

Profile photo of MaxEnglish6 MaxEnglish6

Thank you Gill.i need sentences using maybe and may be..please let me know if you have time..

Profile photo of Santhosh85083 Santhosh85083

Thank you! It’s great!

Profile photo of Zara12 Zara12

Very helpful! Thank you!!!

Profile photo of vivianni vivianni

Thnak you so much for this useful grammar video. It’s so easy for me now to use these words correctly and without a doubt.

Profile photo of Haceneamiar Haceneamiar

Thank you Gill you’re the best English teacher ever. I hope one day I’ll be a good teacher like you

Profile photo of Umayma Umayma

wowow awesome lesson Miss Gill . Hugs

Profile photo of alexvargas alexvargas

Great Teacher. It was really helpful.
Many thanks for your efforts.
You are an angel.

Profile photo of imranhballo imranhballo

If I told my friends eight years ago i will become a quick learner and good student in English language they might they said your sight set too high but that what I did that what Gill did Gill were the change.You answered people hopes and because of you we are better stronger than we started learning English.
Thank you very much Gill. I love you teacher😘🙏❤💙

Profile photo of Fadol87 Fadol87

Special thanks to Engvid teachers you are the best ever, we get benefit from your courses.

Profile photo of Kacim Kacim

100 score thanks

Profile photo of awansaab awansaab

you’re awesome thanks Grill

Profile photo of barisguney barisguney

Thanks Gill.

Profile photo of antoniosm antoniosm

Hi Gill !
Thank you for your videos which are so helpful.
I would like to ask you about an important subject related with teaching English. Is there any forum to have a discussion publically with other members (teachers ands students) ? Much Love :)

Profile photo of BE-LLA1 BE-LLA1

With the help of your explanation, I have got 80% on the quiz.
Thank you well

Profile photo of firewall salim firewall salim

I got 10 correct out of 10 :D

Hello Gill! Thank you so much for the lesson.

Many hugs and all the best!

Profile photo of laurajenyx laurajenyx

Thanks a lot madam.

Profile photo of Muhammadali2018 Muhammadali2018

Hello Gill! Thank you so much for a lesson. I have a question. Why I can’t say: “It can be cold late”? And: “It can be” instead “It might be”. What is the difference? Thank you!

Profile photo of fijey fijey

Great English lesson!!!

Profile photo of Hazzele Hazzele

Thx Gill, superb lesson I got 10/10

Profile photo of SherlyYT SherlyYT

Thank you for the wonderful video! But I didn’t catch the difference between may be and maybe.

Profile photo of @Catherine@ @Catherine@


Profile photo of ataala ataala

what a lovely class, i enjoyed every moment of it. thank you

Profile photo of donjohn donjohn

Thank you for this explanatory lesson :)

Profile photo of drupalist drupalist

Thank you Gill. You are amazing.

Profile photo of wissam63 wissam63

thanks gill for such a wonderful session. you are reaching style is magnificent. i have gone through all the comments and here most of them are confused with maybe and may be. so it is my humble request to you to please give us some piece of advice with the above mentioned point. thank you so much gill . hope to see you soon!!

Profile photo of faw786 faw786

Thank you Gill. This lesson was very useful.

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Thanks teacher.

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thank you very much for your lessons, Jill.

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mmmmm i get 100 in quiz . thank you Gill

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Thank you Gill. 10:10 again because your teaching is clear.

Profile photo of Galina Ivanovna Galina Ivanovna

Wow! First time i got 100. Thank u for ur class. I like ur classes. I am a beginer so i need more help. Thank you

Profile photo of Remyaanoop Remyaanoop

But i am still confusing about maybe and may be. I am keralite in my language malayalam both meaing shows same.

Profile photo of Remyaanoop Remyaanoop

Thank you!
Great lesson, 100%

Profile photo of travelmama travelmama

Thank you for this wonderful lesson.Be blessed.

Profile photo of Nano Laurent Nano Laurent

Thank you Gill..you are a wonderfull teacher..love you 😊🙏🏻

Profile photo of Birsel Uckun Birsel Uckun

Clarifying one! So may shows possibility whilst might just a probability! :)

Profile photo of Cosmin M Cosmin M

Hi Gill! Thank for another fantastic lesson!Grazie!<3.

Profile photo of AlessandroItaly AlessandroItaly

Thank you

Profile photo of hkraskian hkraskian

It may be I got it!

Profile photo of auredson auredson

Thanks. It’s great! I got 10 out of 10. But I worry that I might mess up when it comes to actual conversation.

Profile photo of Charles Taze Charles Taze

The first time I got a 100% second time I got 90% not bad. Thank you.

Profile photo of Littlebit71 Littlebit71

Thank you Gill

Profile photo of Piachu Piachu

I was a excellent lesson

Profile photo of Marcusfer07 Marcusfer07

Finally, I found the lesson which contains “maybe and perhaps”,because i usually confuse both of them.Now i get it better.
thank you.

Profile photo of Ketpranee Ketpranee

Thank you! It was very heplful

Profile photo of rareoceanbird rareoceanbird

a great teacher.thanks so much

Profile photo of Heba nagy Heba nagy

Great video

Profile photo of Mghoudi Mghoudi

Hi Gill!
Great lesson, thank you!

Is there any difference in use of may/might when probability in the past (event that did or didn’t happen) is mentioned?

For example, I dropped my phone —

1) I might have broken its display. (I know I didn’t)
2) I may have broken something inside it. (I don’t know yet)

Are might/may interchangeable here?

Profile photo of volodymyr l volodymyr l

Thank you , it seems i confused to use maybe and may be

Profile photo of Kanchit Kanchit

Thank you Gill!

Profile photo of Mati Vald Mati Vald

I never learned before with someone who explains in a easy and fun way. And absoluty love the quiz at the end of the videos. Thank you, Gill.

Profile photo of miakilgrave miakilgrave

I got 80

Profile photo of Faithjewelkasongu Faithjewelkasongu

I got 10/10. I hadn’t known of these slight differences before I watched the video. Now, finally I know where the difference is. By the way this distinction is barely visible. That’s why vast majority of people use it interchangeably.
All the best. Peace.

Profile photo of marcin95 marcin95

is great lesson and very useful thanks

Profile photo of Patrickairjet Patrickairjet

Hi Gill, was a great class! I just have a question about the last point in the quiz, Isn’t possible writhe “we maybe going to…” ?
Thanks I love your lessons.

Profile photo of SucyMatilda SucyMatilda

A very thankful for your outstanding lesson mam!it’s so useful,very clear, and more informative.I more attentive to each lesson of engvid.com.I felt delighted that my English is better than earlier.you are amazing,elegant,and great.I like your lesson as ever.

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