Awsome Lesson!
I usually pay attention to these kind of situation in the words, I like to know where the words came from, but the way you explained it was simply awsome!
Keep doing it ^^


    Thanks james

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hi James I’m from Brasil I watched your lesson
I think fantastic … by the way I don’t understand almost nothing
But you are good teacher
I hope soon can understand
see you


    It is better to say ‘do understand nothing’, not ‘ don’t… +nothing’. Cuz you know double “negative” means “affirmative” or better known as “positive”.

    Viet Hung (fro' Vietnam)

      hi, what do u mean i do undrestand nothing ,could you explain this tens in one of you lesson pls.

      have a woundeful weekend


Very good video, and really good examples


I am korean Tank you explaining particularly
I come in this engvid.com and will study english in every day
good!!! lecture!!!

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He is amazing in the class…that is my first class I saw and I learn a lot.
Congratulation.I will enter in the website and take all your classes.


Good luck for you
Best wishes

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You are the best teacher i have ever seen!


why does im=in and if we add p to in it changes to m please make a video on it

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    In German IM means IN ,maybe that’s the reason :P

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i really enjoyed this lesson :D ur an amazing teacher


Thank you for your lessons. I love to listen and learn English with you.

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it is realy very good video

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I just Love the way u explain!!!!… so creative!!! funny and u get to pay our attention!!! thanks!

Girl from Peru


Dear James
I am new to your program. I really like it so far but I would like to ask you one question. I am wondering if you have any video(videos) regarding the verbal structure in the passive voice because that’s one of the areas that most students have problems with it.
Please let me know.

Once again thank you

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I like the way you explain, easy to understand. i tried to watch at least one topic a day.


Thank you James. Your lessons are very good for me of course and others.

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I’ve never had better English teacher. :-)
It’s great when a teacher knows how to make lessons interesting.

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you are the best.thanks for you for this magical lesson.

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Cheer up. I like the way you explain. It is really easy to understand. ありがとう。

From Japan

i watched the video like 4 times or something not because I’m stupid xD

but i liked this lesson very very very very much thanks a lot james

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thank you . your explantion is very new . it help me to explan it to my student , becous I’ m Ateacher of English language.

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    Dear James
    I’m really happy to know you who are THE wonderful teacher.
    Although I’m a Korean, I want to be a VERY good English teacher like you. ^L^
    So I would like to learn your teaching skills. Thank you for teaching me.

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thaks for teaching

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Very good video, and really good teaching


very nice keep going


It’s great.Thanks.

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Could you send me these lessons to me? I have some problems in my computer so I can’t see these videos…


thank’s james you are good teacher


Really , I get more benefits today from many videos ,, Thank you very mush
you have superb dynamic = )
Best wishes


very good video! really good teatcher. I see the video for the first time and the site´s already in my favourites! Thanks a lot!

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i love the way u teach…….keep it up

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i am very surprised to see free english video program here…….:P

it’s really awesome

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Great! I’ve never seen better lesson. Keep up doing it! My time with u is beneficial. THANKS


hi sir james,
whatis the root word of compound words?like music-lover or facebook?


hi sir james,
what is the root word of compound words?like music-lover or facebook?


:) thanks.

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thanks,this site is nice but the lissions are to short if it is possible make it longer.

and if possible the young teachers should teach.(girl)


hello James
i hv a question. In the word “import” the prefix means “in” but the same prefix doest means the same in other words like “impossible”. In this word the prefix “im” means “not”.
Please answer


You are a Yoda!


I am form Burma and one of you student in this lesson. Thank you so much to explain this lesson.


Hi I am Sumit. My English is not too much good what should I do for improving my English grammar Please suggest me some tip. I am studying in class 9th


I had an account on your site but i lost my password no when i click on lost password and the page asked me about put the email adress then i do this but for a week their is no reply with password form your site plz solve my problem thanks


    Please check your spam/bulk folder for a message from us.

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amazing keep up the good work ;)


Hey james, I’ve seen most of your idiom videos. They are awesome. The main aspect is your stupendous and funny stlye. Keep going .

shiv ram

hey james ..
you are amazing funny teacher ,, i like your way .. thx alot for this lessone .. my best wishes for you


hey mr. james
i want to ask u how can i get alot of vocabulary and i want u r advice to me about resources its help me in that
finally i thank u soooooooo much

ma7moud eljoker

how are you James. i have watched your lesson that is very fantastic and interesting because you was teaching very joky. i am greeting from Mongolia. i really want to study English well. Then I take IELTS exam that i listen to other people, exam is very hard. how to improve my speaking skill. i try to soliloquize every day and sometimes i think that it is not better than native english people because i really good speak soliloquize. hovewer i can’t speak to other people like soliloquize. what are you thinking about problem is being encounter in me. give some advise to me


i ve watch your lesson very use full
miss valen very fantastic teach


Hi there!
I don’t have access to this lesson. What’s the problem?

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Hi James!
These videoclasses are wonderful, amazing and very useful. I’m really happy watching it.
Thanks a lot.


ATTN: Mr. James
I think you are 2nd to none in combining your good sense of humor and teaching methods! Good job, man!Keep going!

Viet Hung (fro' Vietnam)

really great lesson…u r a good tutor…


Thanks man….

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it is a good videos, but i want to some one peoples who live talk with me by microphone, any have any one so join me in my E-mail address
yahoo “jamiluddinsheikh@yahoo.com”
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Skype name “jamiluddinsh” and E-mail “jamiluddinsheikh@yahoo.com”
thanks with all

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i like your teaching style and i understand your lesson and improve my speaking power, all teacher is good and friendly teach please keep it up, with thanks

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Really awsome…..Thankhs
This is KHALID from Oman….


Hi James how are you doing

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Superb!!! You lay it down very easy and simple.
I love the way you teach.
Many thanks!!!


James is good teacher and i like the way he teach before I don’t know how to use vocabulary words but now i learn alot


You are a good teacher. Thanks for your every lesson. I am very interesting about your teaching. Thanks a lot.
From sri Lanka


Hi, just with 26 letters…..
English is a fantastic language if we go deep into it. you are helping us to learn more and more in easy way.

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how about important ? im port ant ?? could you explain it to me ? :D




Hi,you are very good teacher.Thanks alot.Have you nice day.


i like ur way of teaching but i wasn’s able to understand ur way of speaking bcoz it’s to difficult to understand nd i want u to make me speak like u if u can. i want to enhance my accent as well as speaking.
i hope i m given a chance best regards


Hi James
How are you doing? James your such a good teacher.
I can understand you and your teaching methods are amazing hey dear teacher I have some problems in Vocabulary and grammar not at all little but I don’t know how to improve it please I need your favour.

Muhammad Nadir Shah

Thanks alot james, ur site realy helped.


Thanks JAMES
I think the ex of export may be coming from (exit) isn’t it??

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Thank you a lot.

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tnx alot
u r the best teacher
i have ever seen


James you know what, you never failed to impress me.


thank you,Iam learning thru your lesson.

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thanks jame so much for giving me such an interesting lesson.not only an interesting lesson,also many good feelings for me to learn English more hard,i mean the despiration


i m very happy to know that world is endowed with such a good teacher.it was a fantastic lesson.thank and God bless you man.


hi this is raziq thanks for all engvid group


very good


thanks for your work!

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what is the meaning of prefix and suffix? i don’t really know bout them.
can u give the explanation?
thanks before

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how you doing james? i like all of your lessons it was very fun to watched. You’re a very good teacher, clear explanation to all of your lessons. Thank you and god bless.


shall i get more of this type

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Thank’s James! This is a great a lesson to watch.


Thank you :D

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amazing lesson.. please tell me more examples of making words from the word ‘port’

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Hello James Thats WonderFul Worth To Watch that!!! Thnks Alot!!

Ali Debaj

awesome. i really enjoy it


hay Mr James iam student in Chicago US i belive that if you teach me 6 monthe i will improve my english , i admire your stile, i swear you are the best teacher in the world


i really enjoyed this lesson


Hi teacher the lesson was great…..every video that I saw make me improve my english even faster…thanks for all….;)


Great Explanation James, Keep it up. really you are a great teacher.

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Thanks was a good explanation

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Hi james!
You are awesome teacher! I don’t loose focus when your teaching and I like your style of teaching. I was wondering if you tutor GRE. I am dyrly in need of help. I only have 20 days to excel. Hope you can help. Thanks


good lesson!!!i hope to see another similar lesson. you are good teacher, because your explanation so simple and understandable!Thanks a lot!!!


it was so helpful thanks James from Saudi Arabia


It was a really a good class for me thank you so much sir


Thanks James.
Very nice and useful lesson about roots in English. I’ll carry watching your video course to learn more.


شكرا جزيلا ،، دمت بهمة
thank you James ,, keep it up

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thank you james ,,

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وفى ذلك فليتنافس المتنافسون


very boring


    They can’t all be golden…

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Very informative lesson….thanks so much

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Thank you so much. Really it was helpful.

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Thanks James
Thanks engvid

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Brilliant!! I learned something new today and I bet this can be really helpful in my upcoming exam. Thanks a million Mr.James!!

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Many thanks!!

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Well done James. You inpire me!
It’s great to learn how words are constructed. I’m used to teaching my students about word formation as much as possible. They seem not to understand at first, but then they can build concepts of guessing word meainings from affixes and roots well.

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Well done

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port, transport, export, import, teleport, airport, passport, deportation, portfolio (carry + leaf), reporter, portable, support, porter

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Why some of your video lessons haven’t quiz?

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What about important!Could you show me the more practical analysis about this?

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very intresting, thank you))

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very intresting

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Awsome lecture

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Very useful and entertaining lesson.

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I was always really bad at PRE and Suffixes but that lesson finally helped me a lot! Thank you James!:)

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Lessons like this make me go, aha! I get it now lololo

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Excellent explanation about the root of the words with prefixes and suffixes. Now we have a tool to explore and find out with some more prospect than before. Thanks teacher James from EngVid.

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that’s greet!

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Thank you James ! Very grateful but as a Frenchman, splitting the word “transporté” won’t replace a good English dictionary.

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Thank you so much for this lesson, I’ve been struggling with prefixes roots and suffixes for a long time and this helped me so much!

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all your lessons are simply amazing!!!

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Thanks James, it’s simply awesome

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That was actually a nice lesson!

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Hello everyone!Hello Mr James, thank you very much for this lesson, it’s a very useful one.
My word for analysis of its roots:
LONG… large
ANIM…it means age or year
ITY…is defined as the state of being something

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