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Got 08. Doesn’t a word “Outcry” mean crying, too ? Anyways, thank you Gill. Appreciable lesson.


    hi Annie – “crying” has two meanings. The main one is to cry with tears when you’re unhappy. But a secondary meaning is when someone calls out loudly, or shouts. For example “he cried out in pain”. The preposition “out” is often included with this secondary meaning. So the noun “outcry” is used when people object strongly/loudly to something – it’s more to do with anger than sadness. I hope this helps.


interesting topic.

marco aurelio l. rodreigues

Good exercise. I need to retain the meanings of the collocations and phrasal verbs.

Mara Cristina Nunes

Thank you, I really love this type of class.


Thanks mrs Gill! There’s a interesting context in this article. I watched the video, read the article and did the quiz. I got 07. It is also a interesting historical lesson. With a mermaid warning.


What a masterclass!!Thanks a lot Gill!!
Great to see you´re still safe even the pandemic is now hitting hardly in the UK.
Take care and thanks again!!!


    hard, not hardly. Sorry


Thank you very much for the great class, Gill!
Take care!


Great lesson!

Ashurov 1986@

Thank you so much to explain in a nice way. You are a great teacher.

Anu Shetty

Very good lesson, thank you very much.

Msgdy Alhaddad

Than you so much,Gill

Seif Eldawla

That’s the most understandable kind of lessons for me as a beginner to learn English, Not too fast speed and using simple paraphrase. Thanks so much and I really appreciate this course.


Thanks a lot! I’ve been practicing Reading FS for an year. It is not easy, so I passed only E3 FS. I need increasing my vocabulary with a little advices. Also I hope will find something about Indirect comparison, which is implied, and can’t understand it when making comparison of 2 or 3 texts at the same time.


Great Gill!
thank you very much


Good exersice

Ehtesham Haque

I like it

Gramoz @1

thank you so mush


I’ve got 9 correct out of 10 ! But the most important it’s an interresting subject. Thank you so much Gill. I love the way you teaching us ! Now I have to find an English table conversation (here in Belgium … With a native). Speaking isn’t my strong suit ;o)
Love. Beatrice.

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