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Thanks for the useful lesson. I think I already knew many English abbreviations but today I learned many new ones that I didn’t know before. It is a pleasure and an honor to learn English from the best teacher in the world. I think engVid is the best of the best English site ever. I can learn from the top 9~10 teachers. I once learned English in the real classroom in ESL school in Canada and the videos of engVid give us really the classroom experiences I can say for sure. We get the education that is only available when we study abroad. Some teachers speak clearly and slowly so we can understand most of what the teachers say, but some teachers say in natural speed so it is challenging to understand his/her lesson without subtitles. IMO, our goal is to be able to understand real English and all the teachers’ lessons are invaluable to us. We improve our ‘feel’ of English everyday thanks to engVid I can say engVid is great input for our English learning and if we practice them little by little then we’ll be able to reach our goal of English fluency some day.

Insoo Yeo

tks teacher, ver nice lesson, and many mwaks for you XD

Camilo Martinez



Hi Gill. Thank you for this wonderful lesson. I got 100/100. Never came across so many abbreviations. TYSM!

palakshi nautiyal

Hello….I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone else who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis? My whatsapp number is +8801812788727.
Thank you.


thank you so much for this very useful lesson, Gill. we really appreciate the efforts that you guys are doing. but please, try to make your lessons videos shorter.. because when it’s too long learners get bored ..I THINK that less than 15 min is a proper.. Thank you so much

Yazeed Alsahafi

Thank you very much.It was extremely interesting lesson for me and I have not found anything boring here, as you mentioned in the end. I do prefer to write without abbreviations, as it means to me that person does not want to spend time for even typing you a full word for me.(IHO)


Thank you Gill.


thank you MUAH


I would like to say that those abbreviations are very funny. Tks.


Thank you very much Gill.Today, I learnt a lot of abbeviations. I’ve been following your videos a long time ago, but It’s the first time I get in touch with you.


Those abbreviations are amazing. txh a lot, this is so helpfully


Madam Gill,
That was Great. Tks.


Thank you for the really usefull lesson, Gill. I’ve got 100 points.


Madam Gill,

Thanks for the lesson its very useful for all our life…I’ve got 10 out of 10….Tks…


it’s always a pleasure to follow your lessons. Thanks Gill


Thank you so much!


Thanks Teacher Gill!


Thanks for your effort

mawahib babiker

Tkx Gill
I got 10 correct out of 10

Simon G

Gill, ths, yaw.


I just loved it!!!! Congratulations!!!

Dalva Dourado

I love your lectures, Gill. I’m from Brazil – Manaus AM. Thanks a lot for your help. I’m learning a lot with you. I’d like to say that you’ve got a friend from the other side of the globe, that’s me. XXX


Tks, Gill! 2day it’s a most useful thing what I have met. Gd!


Thank you Grill. Instead of tks I use tx. But in general I don’t use abbreviations.


Thanks for the lesson. I’m so happy to have 8 correct answers.

Gorete Batista SM

Thank you very much for the lesson, Gill!
But a question, yr can mean ”you are”?


    Hi, yes, it can mean ‘you are’ or ‘your’, depending on the context – different people use different abbreviations :-)


Thanks a Lot!!!


Thank you very much!!!


Thank you so much!

Annelie Puma

Thks n xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx!


Gill, it’s was lovely and interesting, as always. Take care yourself


I got 9/10 Thank you Gill!

Mati Vald

Thank you Ms. Gill.


Tks Ms.Gill.I learnt many new words




thanks so much i really enjoyed the lesson

Bubacarr Sumundu

tks u v much mwaw


This lesson is superb! Every time I see one of your lessons I feel relaxed :) the way you talking is very polite and kind and also you do have the sense of humour. Thank you so much!


Hi, I come from Dangara (Tajikistan), I got 8 from 10, it’s really useful, thssm (thanks so much)!


TKS <3


Thank you for the lesson. thx


She is one of my favorite English teacher. When i saw her on this web-site I decided to become a member! I really love the videos you make about English culture.


Hello! Tks Teacher!!!

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