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ayoub morocco

    Thank you for such an excellent work. Would it be possible to explain what if remove “being” from the example sentence?


    while thanking you Alex please let me know the difference meaning of..1)He is generous AND 2)He is being generous.


      Please Alex explain us the difference between “He is generous” and “He is being generous”

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    it’s being more nice

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thaanks this has been of great help


I am proud to learn bahasa, malaysia my people, I often do not know how becakap bahasa, after I learned the video crew, I know it means thank you alex learn bahasa.
do a lot – a lot is another word bahasa

syahrul nizam

    bahasa is a language for indonesian-native. malaysian uses melayu/malay. btw, what’s your point dude. i don’t understand what did u meant?

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      what did you meant..it’s a wrong sentence. it will be what did you mean?


thank you!!!!!)))))


thank you,Alex!)))))

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its very useful for me alex . i enjoyed it as well and learned the difference between been and being so i am very grateful to you . keep ti up

abbas khan

This session has been useful.
Thank you!


hi!! alex,
Thank you for discussing that topic. its very helpful. i have learned a lot..
I have a question if you don’t mind. can you help me with a little explanation in using the words, such as: ” in inspite of” and ” despite of” than you very much.


thank you for your lesson it is important to understand difference between those two words.


what The difference between i and me


    “I” is used as a subject of a sentence, while “me” is used as an object.

    For example:
    “I visited my parents.” (you are doing the action and are the subject)

    “My parents visited me.” (“My parents” is the subject, and you are receiving the action)

    Thanks for the question.

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      Dear Alex, i am confused to identify the “subject” in the following sentences for whether to use “I/me”:

      1) Between you and (I, me), there is no great difference.;
      2) There are three tables.;
      3) Mary is much cleverer than (they, them).;
      4) He knows the secret as well as (she, her).

      Thanks in advance!


Thank you Alejandro, your classes are very interesting for me because I have been improving my english.

If you have time is possible you explain me what that’s mean the means word in differents sentences please? For me it’s a little confuse.
for example:
I meant we’d have to leave early – that’s all.
It’s pretty obvious what she means.


Ximena from Santiago de Chile


    “To mean” means to have a specific purpose, intention, or idea in mind when you say or do something.

    “I meant to call my mother, but I didn’t.”

    This means that your purpose was to call your mother, but that you didn’t do it.

    “It’s pretty obvious what she means” means that there is no question about what her intention, idea, or purpose is with her words.

    I hope this helps!

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this web is very useful

steven man



    same with me.

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Could you please make a lesson about gerunds?
I’m having trouble with them.

Thank you.


    I believe that we will have a lesson on gerunds in the future. Keep checking back!

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progresive tenses and continous tenses era the same??? by the way very good lessons thanks for you teaching me xD


    That is correct. Some books call the “subject + be + -ing” structure the continuous tense, while others call it the progressive tense. They are two names for the same tense.

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Hi alex. I wanna ask you something. It’s possible use this sentence ” Yesterday, she was harassed by the police”?. What is the difference between this sentence and your explanation’s sentence?.
Thank you and sorry by the grammar.


    That sentence is possible. It is a passive construction, because “she” received the action. It is the simple past, which means that it happened at a specific time in the past and that it is a finished action.

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      nizam m

Thanks you alex…………………

nizam m

Excellent video. Thanks a lot. All of the video that have been publihed are usefull


thank you very munch teacher!


Hi Alex
I would like to ask you one quiz ..what’s the distiguish between these ..
1) think
2) conceive
3) envisage
i know about think but not sure about conceive and envisage let me know Are these same or distinct?? Check out these sentences Are these right or wrong?
1) i was just conceiving about your.
2) what do u conceive about this ?
3) what do u envisage about this?
4) i’m envisaging about your .
i’ll very grateful to you .have a nice day..!!




thank you teavher alex


hi alex .your lessons are very knowledgeable for me . can you please tell me that what’s the difference among these three words …………… ‘see’ ‘watch’ and ‘look’

abbas khan

Hi. I have 3 questions.


Second: WHEN USING “MAKE” or “MADE” ??

Last One: WHEN USING ‘THE’ ?? For exemple:
He is the best..in something. ??
He is best in something. ??

P.S. You can make a movie about it. But pls help me. Thank you.

Melcu Suzana

Thanks Teacher Alex,You’re a great teacher


Thank you sir,
I have been confused to use these two words since ever. Now I am trying and will get command soon.
Again Thanks very much for your effort.
Mansoor 0064 21 06 04 125

Mansoor Cheema

Original sentence: “When I was walking along the street, I met Tom.”

Modified sentence: “Being walking along the street, I met Tom.” – Is that grammatically correct or incorrect? And why.


Thank you Alex, you doing graet job. God bless you.
I have problem with grammar. i taking Eng 093 in USA and i have problem with complex , indepanded cluse, complen and ….. What is you advise for me Mr. Alex


Hello, Alex I wish you are fine and feeling well at this time, i really like your beautiful lessons very much and Alex! i desire and request you to have a video about the (fuck) word, i understand the meaning so it is very shy for me to tell you but i am from Afghanistan in Kandahar province most of foreign guys that i am working with them or they are working in Afghanistan so, they are using this word a lots in common way or in Administration places so, i once again request you that, explain this word me please thanks, Studious, Najmuddin-John


is there any difference for the following
the girl was arrested by police yesterday
the girl was being arrested by police yesterday


Hello everyone! I made a transcribe of this lesson. If you need it please contact me at this email: thangnn.ineep@hotmail.com. Good luck!


Dear Alex,
Please tell me the difference(s) between ,,,
Mark is generous as opposed to Mark is being generous..
And wondering how to say it in the future tense as well.
Thank you so much
P.S.Love your style and also need to know where I can find some lectures on Verbals passive and reduction of clauses to phrases, such as Adjective , and adverbial clauses to phrases..


Hi,Alex, this website seems a good and very useful place for us improving our english ,and i have tried to check my computer for many times,but i still couldn’t see english video lesson,can you tell me how i can do?

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hello Alex thank you for good lessons and do you want a email to me no problem my email is eumja1404@naver.com see you next time


Hi,Alex ,today,I reset the computer and i can watch the english video lesson now. Thank you all the same.

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Thank you so much sir Alex!


Hi Alex,
please answer the sandeep’s querries, I have the same problem.


hi Alex i really liked your teaching.i have problem in using relative pronouns.plz help me


thank you much i learn from it…

charisa monsalud



I scored 10! thanks Alex. You explained this lesson very well.


Thanks your class is very good

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Really excellent, thanks


Thanks so much, It has been a very good lesson to me!


thank u alex.this lesson is very important for me


Thanks so much



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I feel better when i m seen these videos. they are made me very interesting everyday ! Thank you guys

Juan Carlos

Hello everyone!Good luck!
and thank’s alex

hana lattar

Hello everyone!Good luck!
and thank’s alex

hana lattar

“the students has been studying for 5 hours”

i have one question about this , because i believed that i should to say ” the students (they) have been studing for 5 hours”

why did you say (has)?


    If I said “the students has,” then it was a mistake. You’re correct, and the proper structure is “the students have,” or “the student has.”

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hi alex u are the best……thank u so much


thank’s I didn’t cath all, i’ll watch again and again

lazy student

could you explane how to use “be used to” and “getting” please?

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hi Mr Alex would you like explain me what is difference between confidence and trust?


txs ales this i very important in oui studies txs so much


thank you!


I’m looking for some private one-on-one tutoring. Are you teaching student in this way?


what is the difference between different and difference?


    different is an adjective, difference is a noun. each one has a different uses!


i am from india & my native language is not english,so, how to improve my communication skills(quickly)? and i am very confused in grammer. please help me

Profile photo of neel123 neel123

Thanks for all of your lesson.
This section is little bit dificult to perfactly understand… :(
I’m still confused about how to use in a sentances with being.


you have used “have been” with “she” in the sentence,i did not get it because one cant use “have” with “she” according to grammer rule,can you please explain that ?


Excelent lesson


Carlos V

this website is very useful..


Being yogesh is very difficult.. Am I right sir?


i like these lessons. can u plz tell me how can i improve my English very soon as posible


i like these lessons. can u pl z tell me how can i improve my English very soon as possible


Thank you very much, sir!

Derouaz Hanane

i have been to china ..alex would you say the meaning ..i have gone to china- makes sence for me ..

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thanks a lot for the lession


Good lession


Oh I’ve got a question, why don’t we say “I’ve been in Alaska” instead of saying “I’ve been to Alaska?”
I want to know what’s the difference between the first sentence and the second one, please.
Thank you.

Derouaz Hanane

thanks a lot

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Thank you!! I love it


Thank you!!


Thank you Alex; You gave us good lessons


i m ayoub and i m from in morocco can you more explin for me about gerand


i don’t understand when we use gerund


Dear Alex:
I am new to this site and happy to see your good lectures.
I am in need to contact with you can you please let me know your email or can tell me the way we can be in touch?





nice …thanx


Thank you Sir !! You teach very well …!!

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sir u solved my problem thanxxxxxx

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thanks so much

Jairo Angel

thank you so much dear sir

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It’s some what k.But better to give more explanation using examples

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Hello Alex!
I find your lessons very good and helpfull, also the quiz very exting.
thank you for help
waiting more from you


i am very happy. i learn a lot from you


wonderful lesson!




Thanks a lot for these lessons.
Please i’d like to know the defference between the two words: demand and request and thier use.


Good lesson =), thanks :D

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hi alex! great lesson. maybe you could elaborate more on ‘been’. I’m a non-native speaker and maybe I could take some tips to be shared with my friends. Thanks in advance!

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9/10 :)

Profile photo of beatakolas beatakolas

9/10 thanks

Hoan nguyen

thank you alex muchas gracias for helping us to learn english


nice lesson sir


Alex your are very nice and awesome!


thanks alex.. I had been enlighten by this lecture. You are all great!


Your lectures are very interesting. I am improving my english a great deal by listening to your lectures.


thanks ……..so much …….


Hi Alex could you help me about this structure.
please make me understand which structure is being using in this structure.
The government claims to be doing all it can to eradicate corruption.

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Thanks for helping us !!!

Snow White

This quiz has been helpful :)

Big Will

It`s been nice and helpful.
Thank you, Alex.

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I think it was a very nice lesson

Laila Al Hamid

hi alex I was wondering if you could do me a favor and clear up me what is the difference between when i say she has been harassed and she was being harassed


thanks a lot i am so happy to see your video.
i want to ask been , being difference ple,


It’s _________ a great day.

* being
* been correct ???
why ?????????

hssns oso

thank u…….

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Hello Alex, could you pls provide more examples on using “being” in generalizations


thank you Alex 10 out of ten :)

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thank you alex that you are providing good sugetions and helping for all to who have intrest to modify there mistakes in spoken english but i have one problem and i cant undestand that thing my problem be like this ” can i use this have been for present perfect? like i have been completed my work ” or i have completed my work ” which one is correct in thease two sentence ” ?

Shanth Kumar

thank u sir


thank you for this lesson


Thanks Alex you’re so kind and very humble teacher that I had been encountered.. but I have a little confuse in your lessons.. you said earlier regarding the correct used of BEEN! you quote in your lessons that”” IF CAN YOU USE HAD,HAS & HAVE ALWAYS USE a word BEEN….But in the Quiz below their is one question.. it’s (BEEN) (BEING) a great day! I got a mistake that because I answer it BEING” plzz explain to me……. thanks god bless


10/10 Thanks a lot!


Dear Alex!Thanks for your lessons!I ask you to explain to me when i must use WAS BEING (DONE), and HAVE BEEN (DONE) or HAD BEEN(DONE).I still confuse these tenses(passive voise)Thanks again!


nice lesson,thanks a lot )


Thanks Alex, i want to learn more about perfect tenses.Hpoe you will help me

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i realy like it thanks for the explication


9/10 not bad,thanks Sir.Alex

Profile photo of analynnavarette analynnavarette

thanks man

Profile photo of nesta nesta

9/10/ but still great


9/10.. good but not perfect.


I really love the way you explain the sentences! Anyway, I would like to know, when should I use “Even” in a sentence? I need some explanations for it! Thanks before. ^^


it has been a good topic


i have a question about passive? when do we use passive form? and when is the better passive or active ? i have some idea about it, but im still confuse on how to use them. is there a paticular time we have to use the passive form? like for example in the past or present. thanks in advance and looking forward for your useful explanation.


Great help thanks.


Hi, Alex great help but don’t understand it


i am confuse inthe use of BEING in English Grammer,could you guide me


yahoo! hi Alex i scored 10/10 in the test


i am extremely happy of getting some guides


thanks a lot


can you please make a difference between shall and will


Dear Mr. Alex,
I don’t understand about being and been. Can you please explain me with some simple sentence and where we can use in proper english?



hi alex, could you please explain if we say -Yesterday, she was harassed by the police – means that subject receiving some action now if we say -Yesterday she was being harassed by the police – still meaning is same so will really appreciate if you can explain the difference


That’s music my ears this lesson, i always have trouble between ”been and being ” but now i see the difference, i also have to pay attention.Thank you Alex

pascal tossou

hi, i would like to thank you but your voice is low i cant hear very well

all the best for you


9/10 Great Job Done by me !!
Alex Was Superb in this chapter !!


thanks may teacher fore ever
you are gentelman teacher? i am verty galad thanks


what is the difference between :the students had been studying for 5 hours? and :the students were being studying for 5 hours?

Profile photo of rukaya rukaya

hi Alex i´m confuse between been and being so if i say I have been to canada it is similar to say I was in canada?


thank you for this English Lesson I’ve learn a lot from you Sir Alex..Could you teach me for free??i want to be fluent in English..


hi Alex, i m having confusion in this topic i want to ask some questions with you.BEING is used in presentcont.tense and pastcont.tense but sometimes it is also used as a GERUND can u plz tell mee how this is used as a GERUND i m waiting for your reply

abdul karim

Take care…

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8/10! thanks a lot!

Profile photo of Laerte Laerte

Thank you very much

Profile photo of aheebru77 aheebru77

excellent alex




Thank you very much Alex.This is a real confuse part in English.

Profile photo of maheshs maheshs

10/9 got it……

Profile photo of maheshs maheshs



Hi Alex,
I read a sentence somewhere and I confused about this sentence;”my doctor has been telling me to eat vegetables”
whereas ,I think it is a passive tense and It does not need a subject(my doctor) and my question is why it hasn’t been said “MY doctor has told me …..?
I would appreciated if you answer this question and save my life!(just kidding)
thank you


are they same same among “stop being so critical” and “stop be so critical”?

and then “the wheater is not being cooperative” and “the wheater is not cooperative”, i think they are the same. Can you explain about that? thx alex.


hi alex thanks for the lesson..

how about using the word aren’t i..aren’t you..they they’re and didn’t..pls help me to understand how to use this on my sentence..i’m having problem using that words on my grammar..hoping to hear from your reply soon..thank you teacher..

Profile photo of reahyang11 reahyang11

Alex, this has been a good lesson! Thanks!

Profile photo of corredor66 corredor66

Being excellent lesson i like it

Profile photo of nichumon786 nichumon786

He has been completed his work,They have been taken all belonging to their personal,For how long you had been that company,Being heavy rain she cuoldnt go library,Being traffic stuck I cuoldnt reach office in time,sorry for being lite,thank you for being that. Here are a few examples is it correct .please reply my dear Alex

Profile photo of nichumon786 nichumon786

10/10..thank u alex!!

Profile photo of faraway28 faraway28

thank you som much mr.Alex ..It has been a great lesson .

Profile photo of hanody hanody

Hi teacher , What the difference between ” he is/was studying” and “he has/had been studying”

Profile photo of Sadiq Sadiq

I have learnt being corrctly today.thang you so much


thank you Alex.But I seem I dont uderstand English

Profile photo of nurjan nurjan

8 out of 10(((

Any Russia

ooooh,,,any,,the same with me your point,,,hahahah

Profile photo of nink nink

tankyou very much it’s very usefull for me, no need to go to the english course i just open my laptop when i have spare time,,and start to study,,thx very much,,,i can understand all your teach,,,

Profile photo of nink nink

8 out of 10… :( but not bad…. :) thnx alex :)

Profile photo of quresha quresha

good help


i hope you’ll give advice what is what, thanks in advance,and so:
he is being generous – why don’t just say “he is generous”? or sentence “he is being generous” supposes that he WAS and is(now) a generous one. and “he is generous” considers that he is generous one in general or i know him as a generous one. what is a difference between both?
yesterday, she was being harassed – i understand that it’s passive voice past continuous tense. why don’t we say “she was harassed ” or she has been harassed” , i think so, ’cause it’s perfect tense. it happened already. why do we say this in the past continuous?


Dear Alex.
Why can’t we say (she has been harassed by the police)what is the diffrence between these two? (she was being harassed) please help me out with this.
thank you


Hi Alex tank you for help me this matter English lesson. I wanna be speaker fluent with help.
See you next lesson.


Hi Alex, im trying to understand the difference between “learned” and “learnt”. I would like also to know how to use these words gramatically. Please help…many thanks…

Profile photo of coolfresher coolfresher

Thank a lot for this lesson, Gianni.

Profile photo of gianni14 gianni14

hello sir,
i have a question to you sir
if a person was assaulted by someone,
can wae say like this
“person assaulted”.
waiting for the reply sir.

jadi narayana

    It depends on the rest of the sentence. For example, you could say, “There was a person assaulted downtown last night.” It could also be the headline of a newspaper article.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

hi alex.I’ve had confused with could . would should please as possible as u can explain them back precisly

Profile photo of eltiganyjuma22 eltiganyjuma22



It’s lesson help me to diffrent Being and Been
Thank you very much


thnk u.but i’ve jus got one confusion whether or not to use i or me ,when saying My friends and I or Me and My friends.plx if u can help me out


Hi Alex,
i really like your lesson ,i had a big confision,but i am being more confident after this hahahaha


I got 9/10


It was very hard for me


Hi ALex, when should I have to use Have,Had,Has.


im perfect hehehehehe


it has been agreat lesson thanke

Profile photo of kaierm123 kaierm123

it has been amazing.thank u


hello alex
u r doing great job
can you teach lesson on how to use have been and hadd been sentences

rahul jain

Thank you

I have been getting better English.

Profile photo of kafkamania360 kafkamania360

hi. can u explain that differents between those sentences.

marks is being generous.

mark is a generous.


In the first example: “Mark is being generous”… is this a passive tense? It has the same structure, yet it has an adjective instead a verb. Thanks. :)


hello , sir i from punjab . i want know difference between would should could plazzzz sir help me i m too confused .. give me the answer soon as you can thaxxx


Hello Alex: Could you please explain Degrees of certainty:Present Time(negative)and past time: Affirmative and negative.Thank you for everything.


thank you Mr.Alex


this class was bit confusing for me. Still i’m trying to learn. Thankyou Alex for explaning very well


Sir please teach us the difference between the words SINCE and FOR


hi Alex,
Your lecture was interesting.But I still have some doubts.
In the first example of ‘been’,you wrote: he has been to Alaska.I hope here,you used the verb ‘been’ as main verb and ‘has’ as auxiliary verb.here,does the verb ‘been’ mean ‘stayed’ or ‘lived’.
Is this sentence same as ‘he has stayed/lived in alaska’?
[If I use ‘being’ as main verb(in the first example of being),does it mean ‘becoming’].
And one more thing,
Can we use ‘been’ after ‘is’in passive voice?..like ‘It is been good’?.if not why?
and,what is the difference between ‘He was in alaska’ and ‘He has been to alaska’?..I think ‘He has been to Alaska’ simply implies a present effect of past tense,ans is same as saying ‘He has been to alaska atleast once in his life’.Am i right?
Please reply me as early as you can.Because I’m so confused.:)

Profile photo of jish jish



Hi Alex,
Its a nice video to start with.

Could you tell me the difference between “They had been there before” and “They have been there before”.




Mr.alex,,thanks for ur explanation,,it was clear..hope u can visit my university and teach us about grammar..dina from indonesia…

dina panjaitan

What’s is the difference between will and shall??

Profile photo of poongkundran poongkundran

10/10 thanks Alex


I scored 10 out of 10. thanks a lot Alex.


not understood at all


    use been after “have, has, had”
    use being after verb “to be” —> this “being is the hard thing w/ these two :( >I’m Filipino

    ~just starting to enhance my grammar!


Thanks Alex to explain to me ,It’s means= it has .thanks for your help .you’re a great teacher .God bless you .have a great night.takecare


Ohhh… now I’m getting it. Thanks! I’ll study more about it.

Profile photo of rodrigomarques rodrigomarques

10/10 very good ! :)

Profile photo of todi95 todi95

why do u always use “this is Alex” and not “i’m Alex” in the begin of your videos? Sorry for this stupid question… is it a slang? Thanks for your attention!

Bruno Seulight

thank you Alex..<3


hi alex, it is very nice a study for me..thanks a lot for everything…


thanks for great lesson :) but l am little confused about future perfect tense. for example;she will have been accepted by the college at that point. l dont understand if its future, she isnt being accepted by the college yet , right ? if you help me , l’ll be so happy :) thank you alex



Profile photo of prospect21 prospect21

I appreciate your efforts. Great. Thanks Alex.

S Niazi

how to use doah in english?




Please explain the sentences starting with the word “having”!

Profile photo of iffath iffath

10/10 but i still dont quite get it


Thanks Alex


i woant ask you what time can i ues present parfect


Which word is often used with the progressive/continuous tenses in English?


can you please explain this point for me.


Got 9/10. :)

Profile photo of chanchal17 chanchal17

“Being” is the progressive form of “Be.”

Profile photo of Alex Alex

SIR,in passive voice, while we use being there must be helping verbs(am ,is,are,was,were…),then why at certain times we won’t use. eg: carbon monoxide doesn’t react further after being adsorbed.so pls try to clarify.


sir,pls make a lecture on complete phonetics and it’s pronunciation


SIR,in passive voice, while we use being there must be helping verbs(am ,is,are,was,were…),then why at certain times we won’t use. eg: carbon monoxide doesn’t react further after being adsorbed.so pls try to clarify.

Profile photo of ramnayak ramnayak

    You used “being” in that sentence. :) All passive sentences use “be” in one form or another.

    Profile photo of Alex Alex

      then i think in that example ,doesn’t is the “be” form . thank u sir.


      then i think in that example ,doesn’t is the “be” form . thank u sir.

      Profile photo of ramnayak ramnayak

sir,pls make a lecture on complete phonetics(with practicality)

Profile photo of ramnayak ramnayak

Thank you very much,for sharing your knowledge it really help me a lot.


hehe ive got 8/10.(being or been) not bad :DD


Im a filipino and just starting to correct my mistaken and confusing bout the right grammar to use! hoping to be fluent as white men w/ this lang.


hi alex……it’s been wonderful experience learning through online by you……i have a question to ask you…..which preposition can we use before the word “road” or “street”…..i asked my teacher few days ago and she said “in” for example we live in grand trunk road but i was not convinced by her answer and still have a doubt because i once saw a movie”nightmare ON ELM street”…..here they have used “ON” with street, so i am kid of confused. plz help me.
thank you.

raghav sahi

Thanks for this lesson


I always have problem using been are being
It is more clearar to me, after the lesson
Ijust need more practice.
You are waderfull…..


thanks sir it was really good but i still have confusion in being for example we can say also she was harassed by the police yesterday yes or no? thnks in advance


sorry sir just one other question i just wanna know if we use be in present plus being for futur action thnks lot


I didnt understand usage of been and being


10. It’s _________ a great day.
In this context, “It’s” means “It has,” and not “it is.” In this case, the verb “be” describes a state that is true (the day HAS BEEN NICE), and not an action.
i dont undersatand that ????????

Profile photo of sami45 sami45


Profile photo of johnaisteph johnaisteph

hi Alex…
can I say “he is becoming generous” instead of “he is being generous”?


Genial! Thank you.


Respect to the quiz, question #10:
1.If the day is over, you can say “it has been a great day”, but
2.If the day is not over yet, you can say “it is being a great day”, because it is not over, and it may still go on being great (it’s something continous, I don’t know how to explain it).

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Great! Thanks!


No comment!! It’s best english lesson in the internet.Thanks, EngViD.com

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I don’t understand this lesson :S:S:

you can repeat this lesson

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i am new student of this engvid lesson but i am impress by all of u teacher profemence

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can we download this video on my mobile?

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dear sir…….
yet i haven’t understood properly the form of ‘being told’. do you mind explaining it deeply once more sir? plz…………

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dear sir…….
‘he is being bored’ in case of this sentence bored can be considered as a adjective & past participle form of bore therefor how can i understand it?

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can i say like “We were being government recognized export house company” is this sentence right?

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Would you be able to clear my long time confusion about the usage of word ‘being’?. I understood that word ‘being’ is used in passive form of any continuous action(swimming,dancing etc). but in some cases i noticed that sentence was not passive but still the word ‘being’ comes. For ex: when i look for a word in dictionary let’s say
“Contempt of court” the meaning of which is “the offense of being disobedient to” .
In this case how the word ‘being’ is used?.

Similarly,I came across many sentences contained the word ‘being’ such as being friendly, being ignorant etc. Sorry,I am unable to recollect all the sentences which I seen. But I hope that I have explained enough to let you identify what i am asking for? It would be great help for me if you explain the usage of word ‘being’ in different contexts.


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I am so lost Alex!!! I understood your lesson but when we speak about past, present, perfect progressive, and all that I just..can’t. I pass your quiz but I guess on some of them. What do u recommend? What should I learn first?

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hello alex,
i want to ask why “been” is used in these following sentences:
1.i have been hungry for 4 hrs.
2.they have been shopping four times this week.
3.i have been allured by the fancy things.
4.thousand of painter have tried to creat similer painting but they all have been unsuccessful.
5.this room has been the witness to all the events of my life.

please explain me the neaning of been here. i m waiting for ur reply

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hello alex sir,
pls reply my question soon .my exam is coming near.i need to know the use of been.pls pls pls
can we use present perfect with verb 3 form likewise the 3 sentence ‘i have been allured by the fancy things”
pls reply fast sir m waiting.

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until now i cant understand when choice between been or being in the sentences like

have you ever ____________ arrested ??

what does it mean ??
and why we should choice been not being :(

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9 out of 10

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Alex,Is there any difference between the following sentences? Or Do they have the same meaning? ‘Mark is stingy./’ Mark is being stingy.’ You are being helpful and supportive to me.Thanks by heart.

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Awesome i got 10 correct, :) thanks to you, Alex

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Thank you so much 10/10!!!

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thank you sir it really helped me a lot..

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Glory to God the Father! I have got a 100.

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I don’t undertsand the lesson , please could you explain it again , thank you Alex

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of I can not understant this being

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of I can not understand this being

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Hi Alex,

Thank you for this lesson. In this phrase I don’t know why we use Had been.”it had been a long trip”
Thank you

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Hi Alex,
thanks for your lesson
take care

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I Got 10 because I’m a fellow teacher from Australia

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Thanks Alex

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hello…….alex, i got 10 correct out of 10 only because your lesson helped me a lot…thank you.

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thanks for this lesson, it means a lot to me:

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I got 9 correct,, thank you so much

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9/10, thank you for your lesson.
I think “being” is more difficult to use than “been”.

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I have had a good lesson, I got 90 on the quiz ,I am being smart.

Thank you for this lesson.

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Why did you pass the last sentenc’s explanation..? so, sad.

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Great lesson .. I have got 8 correct :)

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100 :D

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good lesson, i improve my english day after day

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the firts time i got 9 out of 10 . it´s being very useful for me. Good lesson, thank alex . i am interested on watching your videos .

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Easy to understand, not easy to use.

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its been a great lesson for me thank you

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Nice lesson… The sound was a little low…..

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Why i am not access after 2 question. I tried almost 10 times but yet unsuccessful. I become hopless. Please give me solution.

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Thank you!

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YAY without even watching this lesson, i got 10 out of 10.
Great side with great cause, I must say you guys are doing great job for language students, i have been learning so much from here. God bless all teachers in the world specially Engvid tutors!

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My name Pheap IR, and today I am studying at PUC in Cambodia. I’m always research all lessons in website. At the end, I have found this website: engvid.com. I’m very interested, I would like to read the book.so can you tell me what kind of books in order to improve my English language?

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wow i got 100 yehey

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It has not been so bad

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Thanks fot this video I learned a lot!!!

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9/10 :D thanks Alex.

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thank you so much Alex in your tutorial it`s help me a lot to know how to use being and been ^_^
anybody here that want to talk other people to practice his/her english

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(9/10) is my score in this short quiz haha

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thank you, Alex! This lesson is very useful!

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I was strongly confuse with both of them, but not anymore! thank you Alex! (and the guy who asked for it) lol

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Thank you Alex, this leasson clarified the difference of “being” and “been”.

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Teacher I have difficult for have been or have to ever

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I got 8/10! Good!

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Mister Been XD

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Thank’s Alex

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i got 2 ques

1-what’s the difference between “he is generous”and “he is being generous”
2-what’s the difference between “she has been to alaska” nad “she was being to alaska “

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Is it possible that the 10ª question has two correct answers? For example: “Hey,this day is being very great, isn’t? “Oh, of course, it’s being a great day!”

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Thanks Alex for your video. I’m still confused with the meaning of “being” in a present tense. For ex, He is being generous. That means that he did something generousely. The action is accomplished. But we are using a present form. We speak about smth that has already happened. Can you explain that please? Good luck, i’m your fun))

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9/10 correct :) Thank you so much Alex :)

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Thanks Alex, it was great. I have been learnt a lot

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