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Thanks Gill for teaching this, it ll helpful for me :)….

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    Gill you are the best .Thanks

    Profile photo of mieto1969 mieto1969

      Useful expressions Gill; but I don´t think I am going to use them since my phone is always dead (LOL).

      When it occasionally rings, I never pick it up because I know beforehand that the line is always busy. But when I seldom do it, no one is on the phone!

      Thanks for sharing these lesson with us Gill. Don’t forget to call me up please.

      Take care, have a great day!

      Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Sure i ll get in touch u . lets start practice , i ll contact yu via skype…..

      Profile photo of Arulhiro Arulhiro

    Ten out of ten :D

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Thank you , a very useful lesson !

Profile photo of Natalia Natalia

Thanks Gill

Profile photo of hilalsud hilalsud

Dear Ma’am Gill,
You are doing really well job.Fantastic lecture about phone vocabulary.
Keep it up.

Profile photo of Suleman76 Suleman76

Thanks for your video Gill. It’s very useful.
Hello to all. I’m Oleh from Ukraine and I want to find people to learn speaking English with me. My English level is about pre-Intermediate and if you want to improve my English skills together with me call to my SKYPE: sfinksne

Profile photo of OlehFromUkraine OlehFromUkraine

Thanks Gill, this lesson was great.

Profile photo of marcos alexandre marcos alexandre

Thanks Gill, it was very useful!

Profile photo of fabiohribeirosilva fabiohribeirosilva

Thank you so much, teacher Gill, for giving me the lesson of “Phone vocabulary ” in English. Really cool.

Profile photo of wanida2517 wanida2517

Great lesson

Profile photo of Mouhcine tene Mouhcine tene

Caller: Operator! Operator! Call me an ambulance!
Operator: Okay. You’re an ambulance!

Thanks Gill, useful lesson:)

Profile photo of byte byte

Thanks for your great lessons, teacher Gill.
It’s really fun and very useful.

Profile photo of Chotika Chotika

Thanks Gill
it is a great lesson

Profile photo of kamal amer kamal amer

I really appreciate that clear and useful lesson. Than you Gill

Profile photo of PacoBe PacoBe

helpful sentences to use in our speaking on phone thanks Gill for your clearly lesson

Profile photo of SKIKDA SKIKDA

Thank you Gill. I liked this lesson.

Profile photo of Aline Mylenna Aline Mylenna

Hello Gill:

I’ve got 3 things to mention:
1. the phrase “Sorry, he’s on the other line” is a clear example of the weirdness of English. I’ve been told that In English you HAVE to have a subject in every sentence, but here, I don’t see a problem in saying “Sorry, is on the other line”, because it’s OBVIOUS we’re talking about HE (or HIM).
2. When you tried to write with the back part of the marker I instinctively said “the pill granny, the pill”. Hahaha, don’t be mad at me, it’s a joke.
3. The phrase “There’s no-one of that name here” is not a good one here in Argentina because kidnappers try to use this trick to plan their future virtual kidnaps and, doing this, they know the name X is not one they can use.

Thanks & greets from Argentina (Hope it is from England someday)

Profile photo of marcelomiguelbazan marcelomiguelbazan

Thanks Gill. Score 10/10

Profile photo of jdpp0613 jdpp0613

I have been thinking and counting all the sentences and expressions that teacher Gill has explained us, they are about 26 to 30 sentences to learn and remember but there aren’t very difficult, the only way it’s to practice them. By luck, I have remembered that in aviation is used the communication skills usually, if you want to check the line, you transmit to the ATC (Air Traffic Controller) the expression, RADIO CHECK, and he or she answers with five possibilities, which are, 5 for “Perfectly readable”, 4 for “Readable”, 3 for “Readable with difficulty”, 2 for “Readable now and then” and 1 for “Unreadable”, in this video class would be for me , “I read 5” or “radio 5” or “Perfectly readable”. Thanks a lot, teacher Gill, this review of telephone expressions is very useful.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

    I have just written two wrong sentences, they would be alright so, “…they aren’t very difficult or there aren’t many difficulties…”, and the second would be, “…in aviation are used the communication skills…”

    Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

It was very useful, many thanks :)

Profile photo of Abdopasha Abdopasha

Thank you so much Gill for this excellent lesson

Profile photo of Macarguz Macarguz

Great lesson! So useful! Thanks Gill!

Profile photo of CaroP CaroP

Off Topic.

I wonder if I’m the only one to think that Gill or Jade or Benjamin or one of their relatives might have been in Manchester last night.
From me:

“Feel condolences to your fellow countrymen.”

Profile photo of Riccardo S Riccardo S

    As far as I know, all our British teachers are based in London, but thank you for your concerns.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

Good lesson from good and awesome teacher.
Many thanks Gill,

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Nice lesson useful for me thanks you a lot Teacher

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Let me understand how to communicate with people politely from the lesson. Gill is a awesome teacher. Thank you a lot.

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Thank you very much.

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Hello everyone, it was a good lesson, I try to study every day.

Profile photo of jjhenao jjhenao

Thanx a lot Gill for a very helpful lesson, per usual. Like your pronounciation.

Profile photo of Cler Cler

Thank you very much Gill!!
As far as I know, if you want to talk to somebody through the phone and somebody else picks up the phone, it is also correct to say: “Can I get through (name of the person), please???
Is that right or am I wrong????

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

    Hi knopfler86 — your suggestion isn’t quite right — if you’re talking to someone on the phone, even if they are not the person you want to talk to, you have already ‘got through’, ie made the connection. It’s better to say “Could I speak to (name), please?” All the best!

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

      Thank you for your explanation Gill!!!I understand now the idea.
      All the best ;)

      Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

thank you teacher, it was excelente class

Profile photo of J4lonso J4lonso

Hello Gill. It was a very useful lesson. Thanks a lot.

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Thanks teacher. It’s very helpful

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thanks perfect

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Thank you for this wonderful lesson

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Thank you for this amazing lesson!

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Thanks Gill for teaching this, it was a wonderful lesson and very useful for me.


Thank you gill pointing to the english speaking

Profile photo of allanfreman allanfreman

Thanks so much.You are excellent teacher

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Good teacher. Thanks Gill!

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She is a very nice, and I will enjoy his concil about how to tell on the phone.

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thank you for everything

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    well.go fight

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Hi Gill! I loved your class and the way that you teach! You won a fan. Thanks so much!

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God bless you Gill.

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Nice chapter thanks!

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very helpful thanks for your study..

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Thanks Gill, that it’s helpful.

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Thank you :D

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    hello.See an acquaintance.haha

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Thank you ~ teacher…고맙습니다.^^

Profile photo of HYOJU HYOJU

Hello Gill!

That’s a quite useful lesson not only when we are speaking English but also when we are speaking our own languages. Sometimes we sound rude or impolite on the phone for not following these rules.

Moreover, I have always wanted to learn this vocabulary which is so helpful in our everyday life.

Thanks one more time!

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Thanks alot, It is very helpful

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Thank You!

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thanks a lot Gill! Amazing teacher!

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Thanks Gill, excellent and interesting lesson

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thanks.itis very good lesson

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Thanks Gill, you have an excellent way of teaching.

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Got 9. The line is engaged. Thanks a lot. Really like the lesson and keep learning here.

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thank you Miss Gill

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Gill,you are greate teacher :-)

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Thank you Gill, it was interesting

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Thanks Gill :)

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6 corect out of 10

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Thank you for your lesson.

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Thanks a lot. It is a very useful lesson. Well done!

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Thanks for the lesson….nice one!

Profile photo of Lhamosangay Lhamosangay

Gill you are of a great great help thanks you

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Thanks,Gill,very useful lesson,as usual.

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Thanks Gill…

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thank you very much, this help me a lot

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useful one.. Gill many thanks to you

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Thank you, Gill! You are an excellent teacher.
I love your teaching style, make English learning more fun and interesting.
Thanks again.

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I got ten out of ten.

Profile photo of Osama1968 Osama1968

thank you. thank you. thank you.

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very good

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Excellent lesson.Thank you.

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Thank you, Gill, a very useful lesson.

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thanks Gill we learn a lot ith you
you’re a very good teatcher and you’re lovely !!

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thank you a lot teacher it is a great lesson and helpfill to me .

Profile photo of abdullahah abdullahah

Thank you so much its really helpful

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Thank you Gill for another amaizing lesson. Could you please give a lesson on punctuation if possible?

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thanks so much, that’s very useful

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it is very good ,so much interesting !

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very useful vocabulary. thanks for your lesson

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Thanks a lot! Very useful lesson.

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Thanks a lot teacher Gill ! Very useful lesson.

Profile photo of Doris Pan Doris Pan

Very helpful, thank you

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Thanks, Gill. Very useful one. Much appreciated.

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than you.

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thanks very much Gill, It had help me a lot.

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Thank you very much!I’m feeling much confident now!

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thanks Gill, it is very helpful for me although I am a kid

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I got 10 correct out of 10 :D

Thank you very very much, Gill!

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very good

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Thank you so much.

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Thank you very much.

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Good lesson teacher,thank you !!!

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thank you gill,You are a wonderful teacher

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thank you Gill

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it is my third full degree , My sweaty teacher

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thank you Gill.

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Thanks was good class

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Thank you Gill.

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Thanks so much

Profile photo of minhthinh minhthinh

I think, in case of dialling a wrong number, to be more polite someone should reply, “Sorry, It’s a bad number. It’s not your fault. It is the fault of that bad number!” :)

Profile photo of Ferat Bey Ferat Bey

thank you very much

Profile photo of rachidrachid rachidrachid

Ten out of ten! Much obliged, Gill!

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Thanks Gill, it’s absolutely useful and great lesson.

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I got it all correct. Thanks, Gill that was an awesome lesson.

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thanks mr GILL, i appreciate you for your efforts which is supporting for students, and continue your supports us,

all the best,

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Thank you Gill.that was usefull.

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I got 90/100.

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Thank you Gill.
It’s a very useful lesson.

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Thanks a lot
I got 10 correct of 10
I am so happy

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Thanks my dear Gill

Profile photo of Maryam2019 Maryam2019

10/10 Hi, Gill! I like your lessons very much.

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Thanks, this video is very helpful for me

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Dear Gill
Very nice and helpful lesson
Many thanks

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thank you very very much, Gill!

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Thank you so much Gill that was very helpful from you.

Profile photo of Kfarah143 Kfarah143

Thanks a lot, Gill!

… and now, I can earing you clarity.
These lessons are very important or those are cool.
Bye and see you next, class!

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Thank a lot teacher.

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Thank you Gill!

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Thank you madam, its very helpful.

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It really give me lots of help when it comes to phone vocabulary.thanks a lot.

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Thank you Gill, yhis is a very helpful lesson!!
Before I was SCARED to answer the phone calls!

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excellent great lesson.thanks

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Thanks Fun lesson

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