Great interview. Thank you Gill and Kamila !!!
Wow, Kamilla has a very good and clear pronunciation !!! :-)

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Hello, Thank you, Lady Gill, Miss Kamila.
I’m new here and I want to learn English can you help me!!

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Thanks for this interesting interview!!
Am I the only one or at the beginning of the video it seems as if Kamila was having an exam??
Just one quetion to Gill: according to your criterion, what level of English do you consider Kamila to have???

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wow thank you so much Dear Gill
I really like this part in your lessons I hope give us more interviews with other people in other country it’s useful and motivate us to love english

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very good video, i personally benefited a lot from it .
Thanks both of you

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nice interview you are talked about different issues thank you again and nice to met you


How beautiful accent that you have, and thank you for your good conservation to illuminate to us. Thanks Gill

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I miss England so much! I hope one day I will return.

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i am indonesian, and i hope obtain student scohoolarship from UK, Bismillah

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Awesome, Gil! Do it more times. Thanks a lot.

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I love this class!! So interesting and still can learn not only English but also know some fun experience from this interview.

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It’s a good idea to make interviews with people from different countries, who are living in UK now. Thank you Gill!

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Hi, teacher, nice approach to an student, always help to hear others experience, do it again.

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Really nice, I do love it, thank a lot

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Thank you Gill and Kamila. I loved the interview because help me very much a realised that I know more that I thought.

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Thanks for both of You Mrs. Gill and Kamila for this amazing and helpful interview.

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Congratulations Kamila.

I’m certainly that you’ve studying a lot to be fluent and, by the way, you sound almost as a native English speaker.

Gill, congrats for your performance as an interviewer. Dynamic and carismatic as always!

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Owo!!! that´s amazing! my dream is to visit London, I love this land, I hope as soon as possible I can accomplish . and who knows to give an interview like that.

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Thank you very much Gill and Kamila – I had listened your interview without subtitles and I almost all understood :) You are a great teacher and a great student ;) Go for it! :) My greetings.

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It’s a brilliant idea to learn with conversations .

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very good interview! good idea to learn more

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Hi! My name is Essam, I’ve learnt English 2 months ago.
My comment is not relation to this video
Gill Please, I want ask you about this sentence below :

­­ to find myself now appearing alongside them is thrilling beyond words.

It is your words in your account here, I can’t understand what’s meaning … I translate it as awords
Please, can you explain it to me?
Thanks E.

Profile photo of Essam AlMasry Essam AlMasry

    Hi Essam — thanks for your question. I think you’re quoting my comment about being happy and excited to be joining the wonderful team of EngVid tutors :-) I hope this helps to clarify — all the best with your English studies.

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What a such interesting interview capting great ideas from a foreign nice Polish interviewed and charming interviewer.
I’d encourage you to keep going with the interviews with people around the world coming mostly to the City.

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Thank you so much for this video, relly it’s improved my skill of English language keep going we are here to watch and learn from you…Thank you again

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it was agreat interviw and i like kamilas speech she speak like afghans

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It’s a really good interview. Thank you very much

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I liked this video but where is the quiz? I would like to check my understanding of listened.

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    Hi Lana — I’m sorry, there wasn’t a quiz with this video. Wishing you all the best with your English studies :-)

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thanks a lot for this video .

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It’s a really good interview
Thank you very much
I really interested

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It would be better to use some questions about the interview

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thanks alot it was helpful

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Thanks a lot, Gill!In my opinion it’s a great idea to have conversation with students from different countries. I heard and understood everything you both spoke. It makes me more confident. Thank you for that!

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That was realy interesting inteviev. Thanks for it. I would like to see a video of this format in the future)

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thanks Gill that is great method to improve language. thanks a lot.

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I have to admit that it was so perfect experience of being part of this interview !
Thanks of your helping in our education )

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Very good interview, i like it

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I was in London recently and I agree with Camila. thanks for the interview.

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Very nice video, Gill! That’s quite original and different from the Engvid standard (which is awesome as well).

You are a good interviewer. I think you could have your own talk show. ;-)

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Thanks Mrs. Gill!

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In the interview Camilla said that at first she would sometimes not understand a word and hence not understand the whole sentence. From my experience it really helps early on to not focus on understanding every word, but rather just listen, let the words wash over you, and try to grasp the context of what is being said. Then as you get better at the language slowly start paying increased attention to the details.

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Very interesting interview.

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