Gill’s language is beautiful, elegant and tasteful. Love it and enjoy it.


It was very useful suggestions. Thanks for it.I definitely wish to visit Great Britain soon. Insa Allah!🤲


Thank Chong and Gill, the video makes me more emotion and inspired to learn English although i know the English environment is very important. anyway learning any language if you can go to the country native speaker that is the best way to become fluently that language. thanks and hope you as soon

nguyen van long

Great and interesting lesson, thank you Gill! All the best to you!

Ashurov 1986@

Interesting interview. Hard to understand Chong and easy to understand you Gill.
Thank you and the best for both of you.


Mrs. Gill is simply the best .


Hi Gill,
I am so amazed of your teaching, love watching yours videos.
I need private tutor how can i get in touch with you. Please let me know.
Kind Regards


Thank you, short videos are great!

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