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i think i am writing first comment :). thanks Gill! i am feelling good :)

Profile photo of gkhanfeez gkhanfeez

Thank you so much Gill!!Really interesting if someone is thinking about travelling abroad for some holidays ;)

Profile photo of knopfler86 knopfler86

I am feeling dizzy after this lesson ;) But I have known new useful vocablury and had practice English. Thanks Gill.

Profile photo of Adamos32 Adamos32

Very good lesson as usual. Thank you Gill.

Profile photo of beernaard beernaard

Thank you GILL. so we can use “ache or pain” in the same description?

Profile photo of Baazizi BBZ Baazizi BBZ

    Hi Baazizi — yes, you can say you’re suffering from aches and pains — the two words are often used together :-)

    Profile photo of Gill Gill

Thank you Gill. It’s an important lesson.

Profile photo of Fsmesquita Fsmesquita

Thanks Gil! not headache after this lesson, and a good result 8 of ten! I’am proud ;) a good week end for everybody!

Profile photo of kampor kampor

Thank you Gill. Nice and usefull lesson.

Profile photo of ahmed69 ahmed69

Thanks, Gill. Very useful!

Profile photo of Júlio César L Sousa Júlio César L Sousa

Gill, thank you for explaning this subject.

Profile photo of Peter.Alistair Peter.Alistair

This lesson is very useful. Thak you teacher….!!

Profile photo of Jakub Alvarez Jakub Alvarez

Very good Gill!!

Profile photo of AugustoCesar AugustoCesar

I am happy because my English going to be improve recently

Profile photo of Abdul Baseer khurrassani Abdul Baseer khurrassani

Thanks a lot for this lesson Gill. It reminds me of those words I learned long time before, so it is kind of a repetition lesson. You may have given me a repeat prescription to make me remembering all these old vocabularies.

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Profile photo of Sami777 Sami777

Very useful lesson for every day life. Thanks lot Gill as ever.

Profile photo of Mickael MG Mickael MG

We are glad to know that we are your priority Gill ;)Thanks for the lesson.

Profile photo of TEJALKK TEJALKK

Thank you,Gill. It’s very useful for me. I know new vocabularies from this video. Thank you very much.

Profile photo of laphon laphon

Excellent, Gill!!! Very good lesson!!!
Thanks a lot

Profile photo of Emilio M. Emilio M.

Wow am on poin

Profile photo of Doris Dzifa Hottor Doris Dzifa Hottor

Thank you Gill. ı think that I often use these vocabularies :), and i learned new things from video. thank you again.

Profile photo of Nagihan Deniz Nagihan Deniz

You are the Best Gill. Thank you!!

Profile photo of Aquileo Aquileo

Thank you Gill.


Very useful lesson .

Profile photo of Natalia Natalia

you are a lovely teacher! I’ll take anything for granted here!

Profile photo of oilecuj oilecuj

Thank you Gill, It was great

Profile photo of jesuherc jesuherc

Thanks Gill!!!!

Profile photo of ashleypei1412 ashleypei1412

Thank you teacher Gill,It is a very useful lesson. And I learned vocabulary better. I got 10 points.

Thank you very much.

Profile photo of pinyada pinyada

Many thanks teacher Gill, As usual your lessons are very useful I have gotten a final score of 100%.
I’m feeling very well at the moment although the weather is very hot these days.

Profile photo of hassouna hassouna

I really enjoyed this lesson. Thanks Gill!

Profile photo of Isaias Menezes Silva Isaias Menezes Silva

Excellent Gill, I got 10/10. This lesson is very helpfull and you teach as an angel. Thanks!

Profile photo of El Beto El Beto

Thanks a lot for fruitful lesson!

Profile photo of Yriy Yriy

It has been a complete lesson about different types of illness, pains and injuries. Our teacher Gill has used words of slang or jargon like “heal”, “dosage” and “dose” that I didn’t listen to them after years ago, we have remembered the difference among these expressions that sometimes are difficult to identify them if you aren’t used to being ill or sick for a long time. Thanks a lot, teacher Gill, a great lesson or video class, very useful as always.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

Very useful lesson! Every time I hear the word “the doctor” it always reminds me of a tv series “Doctor who”.

Profile photo of ndashio ndashio

Thank You Gill this is very helful

Profile photo of Rey1503 Rey1503

thank you Gill this is very helpful

Profile photo of alharethi alharethi

nail it

Profile photo of ciaokailiang ciaokailiang

Thank you Gill for your lesson! Very important information

Profile photo of Tatsiana Ch Tatsiana Ch

Thank you Gill. I got 9. ^_^;

Profile photo of mamemama mamemama

Thank you Gill. I got 9.

Profile photo of mamemama mamemama

thank you

Profile photo of minhhuong123 minhhuong123

Thanks Gill, I’m gonna try to talk with Doctor using those phrases when I go to hospital next time.
I’ve got a 9 points!

Profile photo of Kahokawa Kahokawa

Thank you !! :)

Profile photo of Benben55 Benben55

Thank you Gill. You will have lots of blessing when people really need and use what you teach them. :)

Profile photo of hozturk07 hozturk07

Great teacher
thank you a lot Gill :)

Profile photo of HeshamS HeshamS

Thank you, Gill for your interesting and practical lesson.

Profile photo of Roberto Alonso Roberto Alonso

You are the best teacher!
thanks Gill!!!

Profile photo of PatriciaCre PatriciaCre

thanks gill! I appreciate you so much! and can I have your emailaddress so as to ask about my personal questions on learning english!

Profile photo of bioman007 bioman007

You’re an amazing teacher. Thanks!

Profile photo of mavipasgo mavipasgo

Very practical lessons I got a few words missing were from my mind such as scalded and ache is ek in sound

Profile photo of Pashupati Pashupati

Thanks a lot Gill
It’s verry helpful for me, now I can tell either my teacher in the school or my friend about what I feel.

Profile photo of Hadiarah Grande98 Hadiarah Grande98

Thank you Gill !

Profile photo of Tyrion Tyrion

I love your lessons Gill ! They are really helpful :)
Thank you a lot :)

Profile photo of Manel BEN MNA Manel BEN MNA


Profile photo of leung leung

Thanks Gill. Great lesson.

Profile photo of mfpinheiro mfpinheiro

Thank you Gill. A very clear and useful lesson!

Profile photo of ivanamariagrazia ivanamariagrazia

Thank you Gill for your explanation about medic vocabulary. I´m well and I don´t have any symptom of illnes jajajaaja

Profile photo of Lcantillo Lcantillo

thank you

Profile photo of Rami ali Rami ali

What a perfect lesson for me !
Thanks a lot, Gill!

Profile photo of HalifaxEve HalifaxEve

Gill, you’re a great teacher! I love the way you teach, you’re so calm and clear…
You’re my favourite teacher of EngVid
Thank you a lot for your work

Profile photo of Samdra Samdra

Thank you gill, you are awsome!!

Profile photo of Laila.souto Laila.souto

Thank you, Gill! But from your lesson I get that “hurt” and “pain” are similar. Am I wrong?

Profile photo of Larisa392 Larisa392

we sometimes want to look up the dictionary new words to expand our vocabulary in english so when we learn new but we do not know when we can be used them this is a huge mistake because we loose by ourselves in the jungle, I have heard from teacher by telling it is easier to teach someone who does not English anything than those who do. I guess this is a great methodology how to expand our skill in English.scald, sore, hurt, ached, headache, toothache, backache, general practitioner I learn every time I see the new lesson in English here

Profile photo of Luis Alberto Mateo Luis Alberto Mateo

Many many thanks Teacher Gill for this lesson.
It might be interesting a new lesson related to the most common diseases.

Thank you much

Profile photo of flaorlan170670 flaorlan170670

Thank you Gill, I do like your teaching way.

Profile photo of Osman Hamed Osman Hamed

Thanks a lot, you are the best teacher “May god bless you”

Profile photo of Carl Knight Carl Knight

thanks Gill

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Hi gill this is my first commment .I would like to thank you for intersting information , hope to you agood health and anice time

Profile photo of Waleedbard Waleedbard

thank you very much Gill.

Profile photo of ali alemdar ali alemdar

Thank you so much!

Profile photo of Cristania Cristania

Thanks a lot, madam!

Profile photo of Hogan Zhang Hogan Zhang

Thank you , mam
You’re lessons are really helpful .

Profile photo of xtremedranzer xtremedranzer

Thanks Gill!!!
Great lesson

Profile photo of xavidorado xavidorado

wow so nice lesson

Profile photo of tharanga1229 tharanga1229

Many thanks GILL
We find this lesson very interesting and useful
God bless you

Profile photo of Bensalem1 Bensalem1

i love your accent :)

Profile photo of soha136633 soha136633

Thanks and big respect Ms GILL.

Profile photo of zouita abderrahim zouita abderrahim

Thanks Ms Gill, it was a interesting theme and real topic in order to practice

Profile photo of Miltonmachado Miltonmachado

Thanks dear Gill

Profile photo of Maryam2019 Maryam2019

thanks Gill really it was beneficial for me

Profile photo of Ahmed Dahab1981 Ahmed Dahab1981

Thanks a lot for your lesson.
So is it different meaning between “my back hurts” & “my backache”?

Profile photo of km102 km102

thank you my teacher
the lesson is very interesting

Profile photo of mimousa mimousa

Hi, Gill. I feel good ’cause I got 100! Thank you.

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