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Thanks a lot Gill !
I have got 10 out of 10 :)
You are the best

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10 out of 10 ✌😉

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Hello…I’d like to brush my speaking up. Is there anyone who is interested in speaking to me on a regular basis?
My whatsapp number is +8801812788727
Thank you.

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    Hi there, that would be nice.
    Call me on +55 19 997651979.
    See you there

    Profile photo of gustavompaula gustavompaula

I really enjoyed the lesson. I learned how to use lots of out. Thank you Gill!

Profile photo of Amina84 Amina84

I got full marks in the quiz. I think the way you placed these terms has had a good outcome. It’s more than a positive outlook. Thank you Mrs Gill.

Profile photo of Roberto Roberto

What about “deep space” and “out space” ?

Profile photo of FelipeMQ FelipeMQ

As always GR8.Could you plz make a video about subject and object questions?

Profile photo of smrtesl

I outdid myself. 10 out of 10!

Profile photo of DinDim DinDim

I got full marks.
Thank you, Mrs. Gill

Profile photo of AnittaRodrigues AnittaRodrigues

    hhi anita!

    Profile photo of Evan Hersson Evan Hersson

Excellent explanation, Mrs. Gill!!Great class!

Profile photo of BrunoHeinn BrunoHeinn

Happy to see Gill again. Stay well and healthy. I like Gill’s way of teaching when she gives a small quiz and students can focus more on the lesson they learned. Taking a quiz at engvid.com is always helpful to our understanding. I also like her speaking relatively slowly and clearly. When I went to school long time ago, we mostly listend to North American accent when we studied English. I like listening to various accents because it’s international language.

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    Profile photo of Alex Oliv.ira Alex Oliv.ira

9 out of 10
Thank so much Gill

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Profile photo of JEYARANI JEYARANI

Thank you, Gill!
I’ve got my learning ‘output’ 10 out of 10. It makes me have an optimistic on EngVid!)

Profile photo of urs68 urs68

    an optimistic outlook

    Profile photo of urs68 urs68

7 out of 10.

Profile photo of Turisfalondon Turisfalondon

That was a clear and effective english lesson about phrasal verbs. For some students P.V. are really difficult and when they starts to combine with words to make a sentence is more easy!

thanks a lot Gill!

Profile photo of Sarah lu Sarah lu

10 out of 10 Thank you very much!

Profile photo of larysa6165 larysa6165

10 out of 10 fullmarks

Profile photo of gironeemo gironeemo

Hi Gill, is it possible for you to read the sentence once or twice after explaining the meaning?
It is important to catch the rhythm of the sentence.
Thank you.
I like your lessons very much.

Profile photo of ciupaga ciupaga

Wow I got 10 correct out of 10 even most of words were new to me. Gill you’re a wonderful teacher! Thank you very much!

Profile photo of Roen Roen

Thanks for the lesson. I’ve got 9 out of 10

Profile photo of ElenaKuch ElenaKuch

Hi Gill. It was a brilliant lesson. Can I ask you to do a lesson about phrases and clauses? Thank you :)

Profile photo of Dusia22 Dusia22

I got 10 out of 10, that’s full marks, isn’t it? :) Thank you Gill for another brilliant lesson!

Profile photo of dodik dodik

Thank you excellent lesson.

Profile photo of Yani52 Yani52

I got eight out of ten .the outcome of this lesson very helpful to me to use word ‘out’ properly. than you .

Profile photo of Jhabindra belbase Jhabindra belbase

10 out of 10 – Thanks to the teaching talent of Professor Gill

Profile photo of Patrizia Patrizia

thank alot for your lessons i am very apreciate that i learn alot thanks
may god augment your abilities everyday

Profile photo of namv namv

perfect 10 out of 10

Profile photo of abdulkhalek ibrahim abdulkhalek ibrahim

Excellent class

Profile photo of Diegolasso08 Diegolasso08

Thanks Ms Gill it was so helpfull to me. I got 8 out of ten.

Profile photo of Anyely007 Anyely007

Thanks Very Much Gil, nice class, I enjoyed a lot your class, very useful for my English development.
I got 9 out of 10.

Profile photo of Rodrigo Carlos Dias Rodrigo Carlos Dias

10 out of 10

Profile photo of Valery teacher Valery teacher

That was understoodable and fluent lesson. I have 10 out of 10. Thanks Gill.

Profile photo of asba asba

10 of 10, Thank you mrs. Gill !!

Profile photo of Thiago Barros Thiago Barros

thinks a lot

Profile photo of slim1980 slim1980

Thanks Gill, you are really outgoing teacher

Profile photo of Fahmawi Fahmawi

10 out of 10 thank you

Profile photo of imad messaoudi imad messaoudi

thanks gill I got 8 out of 10 I will try to fix my mistakes.

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Profile photo of Nasser 117 Nasser 117

I got 90 out of 100 in my test.

Profile photo of Nasser 117 Nasser 117

thank you a very interesting leson

Profile photo of mimousa mimousa

10 out of 10 thank you

Profile photo of denysson denysson

thank u so much Gill

Profile photo of otmane abdane otmane abdane

great teacher! thank you very much,Gill

Profile photo of Rosa47 Rosa47

10 out of 10 thank you teacher. Excellent!!!

Profile photo of luisleo luisleo

Enjoyable to learn.

Profile photo of Ma.elzeera Ma.elzeera

very nice lesson, thank you

Profile photo of ii6bii ii6bii

Briefly explained. I loved it.Thank you.

Profile photo of villa1161 villa1161

I got 9 out of 10. Thanks.

Profile photo of villa1161 villa1161

10 out of 10 :)

Profile photo of ChristinaOpenkova ChristinaOpenkova

This is a very useful lesson !

Profile photo of TQViet TQViet

Thanks a lot. :-)))

Profile photo of Roman Mudrov Roman Mudrov

Dear Mr Gill, I would be interested in private lessons on linw with you. Is that possible? Thank you

Profile photo of Elisir Elisir

i´ve got 7 out of 70.

Profile photo of Wallacesilva Wallacesilva

Thank you Ms. Gill.

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

tank you the lesson , it is very important for me

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