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40 difficult but thanks your lessen

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    Gender is rarely taught in language courses, particularly with this focus in mind (informal spoken language).

    James, your good sense of humor makes a real difference in your video-lessons.

    Your teaching style is unique!!!

    Thanks for this excellent video!

    Profile photo of Regino Regino

“Free drinks for you~ Hahahahahaha…” Give me three minutes to laughing.
There is an Indian restaurant sitting near my living place. The Indian waiters call my Chinese friend “Bro” every time, and they blame my friend if they didn’t see my friend went to their restaurant for long time… So what my friend do is take another way to skip that restaurant.

Profile photo of ゞ(≧▽≦*)o ゞ(≧▽≦*)o

Thank you for this excellent cultural language class.(could you understand my idea?)

Profile photo of britobias britobias

^_^ o:O

Profile photo of ElSayed Mahmoud ElSayed Mahmoud

☺️ I got 100% correct ,so proud.

Profile photo of Rion Rion

This is a great lesson! It’s really hard to talk about gender in English, because we can’t distinguish nouns females from males, like it is in Portuguese. In Portuguese, for example: Friend->AmigA (female) AmigO (male).

Profile photo of sabrinafreitas sabrinafreitas

Dear Bro, lol -.- just kidding… I learn a lot with your lessons… Thank you very much!!!

Profile photo of cwardleon cwardleon

Hey guy! It´s good watch you tech us early in the year when the temperatures in Canada are freezing how you can leaving home in such temperatures?

Profile photo of grazisil13 grazisil13

I had a lot of fun watching this lesson, James! You made me laugh and learn at the same time, which is great! Greetings from Brazil!

Profile photo of anandafg anandafg

    Yeah, laughing and learning go hand in hand in James’ video-lessons.


    Profile photo of Regino Regino

For Q3) I thought girlfriend in one word only means close relationship and girl friend means female friend.

Profile photo of mayfourth mayfourth

thank you. this will help a lot, mainly the part of calling guys a groups where is there only one boy. just a doubt if i say “that guy” i’m refering forcely to a boy or both? because i could say that boy or that girl instead.

Profile photo of babbul babbul

I know,it’s kinda late(1:43pm), but it’s never too late to learn something new! Thank you, James.
Oh, I see lots of Brazilians around here, let’s keep on learning guys!

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Profile photo of Muslim(Salyaf) Muslim(Salyaf)

many thanks

Profile photo of khalidse10 khalidse10

difficut but good, got 60%, thanks for lesson

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

    Don’t worry Abdul,we learn by making mistakes.
    My score was not high either, however I learn a lot.


    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Thanks Regino, making my confidence up.

      Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

I was confused but the score was not bad for me. Thank you, James and Mr. E :). I had fun :D

Profile photo of Happy04 Happy04

It was funny!!! :) Can we say “HI DUDE”? :)

Profile photo of babylima babylima

    Hi Babylima, yeah we can say “Hi dude, what’s up?”
    “Dude” and “Man” are synonyms.


    Profile photo of Regino Regino

(If you are a cat and the girl is your boss) LoL

Profile photo of marccos marccos

    HAhusahusahusahu….That was really funny

    Profile photo of rodrigoyoshida rodrigoyoshida

I got 90%

Profile photo of marccos marccos

Hello James ! Thank you !
Can you tell us something about “mates”. I heard it much times in tv shows. Hook in Once upon a Times call the others “mates” in Neverland. And considering the reaction of Donna in Doctor Who when he ask her to be his mate, it seems to have many meanings according to the context, right ?

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Profile photo of siptas siptas

HI James!! I do like your lesson and thank you so much for teaching.

Profile photo of teerawat1985 teerawat1985

I like engvid.

Profile photo of Khairul Naim Khairul Naim

What is the correct word for someone you know but are not very close to?
– Friend
– Acquaintence

– Dickwad

You won James! :D

Profile photo of aiace aiace

hi Mr James
you said an Arabic word. your Arabic pronunciation was very clear. Why don’t you learn Arabic. I’ll be your teacher and I’ll be very proud of me that I teach the teacher who taught me.

Profile photo of Aliawladthani Aliawladthani

James you are always cracking jokes and I’m really enjoying it ;). Thanks for a fantastic lesson Bro :D;D:D

Profile photo of anina anina

100% thanks James

Profile photo of faisal75 faisal75

Hi, in a business sleeping partner is different;enjoyed your lecture!

Profile photo of kuttan kuttan

You got 9 correct out of 10.

It’s an amazing lesson ,, Thanx James :)

Habibi haha :D

Profile photo of Faris Faris

Great lesson as usual ^_^. Thanks James!

Profile photo of Huyen.Ngoc Huyen.Ngoc

annoying white in Turkish??? ı dont understand.
what does it mean?

Profile photo of haldun haldun

    He didn’t say ”annoying” he said his brother-in-law name,Noyen.

    Profile photo of Bengisu Bengisu

      ohh thank youu:)

      Profile photo of haldun haldun

Thanks Mr. James and your (brother) Mr. E
I got 80.
It keeps changing depends on time and culture.

But sometimes I dear word (mat) e.g. (Hi mat), (How are you mat) and (room partner) but not a lover, so what is your explain?



Profile photo of O.Khan O.Khan

    *I hear the word (….

    Profile photo of O.Khan O.Khan

Thanks for this lesson!!

Profile photo of nordrums89 nordrums89

I don’t even know how to spell the word “acquaintance” .Now I know this word.

Profile photo of Shan186 Shan186

Your lessons are always a revelation :)

Profile photo of byte byte

    Hi byte, I agree with you. I’m sure the lesson came as a revelation to most of us.


    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      Yes…He lights up the path to our perdition!

      Profile photo of byte byte

Hahaha You scared me to death when you were talking in the way that I dont understand and then ” James from engvid speaking spannish” hahah :D and everything is clear xD My english didnt decrease XD

Profile photo of xenovobez xenovobez

Very lovely and interesting video. Thanks a lot!

Profile photo of haboukhassib haboukhassib

Hello, James.The lesson was really clear.I’ve completely understood what you taught.Thanks a lot.

Profile photo of daffodile daffodile

Just great!!!!! We love you James!

Profile photo of Janilza Janilza

Thanks for your clarification, it is clear for me now :)

Profile photo of Shaima Alsahafi Shaima Alsahafi

this is a little difficult but important , thank you

Profile photo of MaroonNakola MaroonNakola

Good lesson James,brother!:)I’v got 8 out of 10 !
See you next class !

Profile photo of oscargutierrez502 oscargutierrez502

James, I also don’t understand about answer of 3d question. Why I can call my female friend as “girl friend” when I’m also girl? I thought “girl friend” is used just for describe when we speak about close relationship between girl and boy.

Profile photo of Tatiana Borduleva Tatiana Borduleva

thank you so much for this very useful lesson

Profile photo of yaymeswift yaymeswift

thanks bro

Profile photo of aleshgo aleshgo

i can’t understand because he said very quick

Profile photo of Bình Nguyễn Bình Nguyễn

    HiHumrangcuagio, yeah James speaks fast, but this makes his lessons more challenging.
    Watch the video as many times as possible -with subtitles-it helps a lot.


    Profile photo of Regino Regino

      and it is possible read the text of his speech at the direct address of youtube.

      Profile photo of pcostaFloripa pcostaFloripa

Gender is rarely taught in language courses particularly with this focus in mind, informal spoken language.
James, your good sense of humor makes a real difference in your video-lessons. Your teaching style is unique!!!

Thanks for this excellent video!

Profile photo of Regino Regino

its great. 100% correct.

Profile photo of phutho phutho

Good to know, sis! By the way! I suppose there is no problem calling you “brother” if we go to the same cult church or we are in the same mason organisation…

Profile photo of geotip geotip

Thanks Mr for the fruitful lesson

Profile photo of safee safee

Hmmm, why I shouldn’t say “brother” to black man, even he is not my friend or family? All people are brothers and sister aren’t they?

Profile photo of Marini2 Marini2

no subtitle in this video?

Profile photo of Sophie Sophie

wow I did not know those things.. thaks, I like this video you are funny, y I understain :)

Profile photo of Gabriela G Gabriela G


Profile photo of godfather35 godfather35

10/10 thanks James

Profile photo of Marcus Vinicius Marcus Vinicius

Dear James Please make a video explaining the differences

run up,run away,run off,run down
walked down vs walk
fill out,fill in,fill up
married off vs married
help vs help you out
check vs check you out
write up , write down,write out
Thanks in advance

Profile photo of pintuk pintuk

Can I just call you ‘Hi friend’ sine I know you but you don’t know me?

Profile photo of Peter Peter

Wow! This lesson helped me a lot. I had many doubts that could be solved by watching this video. Thanks James!

Profile photo of Rosangela Gandini Rosangela Gandini

Thank you.

Profile photo of Pong Pong

Thank you so much for online practice program.i have got 100 out of 100.i would like to ideal smart English user.thanks james!!

Profile photo of sano23 sano23

Very useful lesson!
Thank you James.

Profile photo of jelci jelci

10 out of 10 :)

Profile photo of koubalondon koubalondon

Nice, useful and funny; so, no mistakes when you have to met your brother or sister “in law”!!! Thanks

Profile photo of marienba marienba

HI James!! I’m preparing my FCE exam and I was wondering If you could make a video of expressing purpose,result and contrast… and prepositions (I mean where to use the ones like towards, along…) and all that stuff.
Oh and one more thing nice video!!

Profile photo of cloudy08 cloudy08

Excellent lesson, great quiz! I laughed a lot)))

Profile photo of adsd78 adsd78

Hi James,

You lessons are always very good and useful. Many Thanks.

I know one word we can use to call a group of people is “folks”. Can you give some comments when it is OK to use it?


Profile photo of pyuriy pyuriy

i got 80 it’s good and very useful

Profile photo of adelbkhdr adelbkhdr

Nice lesson…:)

Profile photo of anjelina-asgr anjelina-asgr

Good lesson!

Profile photo of carcastro carcastro

nada means nothing thanks for your lesson

Profile photo of Ahmed Abu Jarad Ahmed Abu Jarad

100 I’m proud too

Profile photo of ThiagoAlvez ThiagoAlvez

James, thanks a lot for very useful lesson! There are two more expressions I have heard many times: 1) Hi folks – used in the US a lot, would you mind to explain the correct meaning of that? I heard this expression to be used for the group of people, who would not be appropriate to call guys anymore – like a married couple in their 50´s or even the whole family. 2) Hi there – I do not feel comfortable to use such a addressing – but I am fine to use it in the e-mail – some time ago I heard that to say hi for example to a shop assistant or coffeehouse salesperson – is such an addressing correct? Thank you and greetings from Prague!:-)

Profile photo of johnco johnco

I loved it. Thanks. It was absolutely helpful and for sure I will suggest this web site and your videos to my friends and clients.

Profile photo of kouroshmomeni kouroshmomeni

thanks , you are very good teacher

Profile photo of Ibrahim sabe Ibrahim sabe

9 correct out of 10 – Thomas from Poland – nice video thx my teacher

Profile photo of 7thomas7 7thomas7

You are great teacher :)Lessons with you really helpful for me. I will recommend this site and lessons with you my friends :)Thanks :)
Test I got 9 correct out of 10 :)

Profile photo of ROSITA1986 ROSITA1986

Thanks so much for your clearing lesson.Mi querido profesor james.

Profile photo of jatta1920 jatta1920

Well, but if she is not my friend, who is she?

Profile photo of bundersvaguen bundersvaguen

Got 100%. I’m king!

Profile photo of Sender2014 Sender2014

i like your lessons

Profile photo of Ilyasov Ilyasov

3. If you are a woman, can you call your female friends your “girlfriends”?

sorry but how i call my female friends that my girlfriens so i am a lesbian o_O

Profile photo of stromatolit stromatolit

    you should call her :”my partner”.

    Profile photo of Yusuf Akyil Yusuf Akyil

10 out of 10!!! bigg thanks1!!

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Profile photo of smainfree smainfree

i got 60%

Profile photo of avin THEPPHAVONG avin THEPPHAVONG

Thanks for your lessons!!! They really helps me!
I’m not sure where to write, but I’d like to see some lessons about making renovation in an appartment and building houses. There are many words and phrases I don’t know how to use correct because I’m not specialist in that.

Profile photo of Aiga Aiga

awww really thank you! I confused ‘girlfriend’ and ‘friend’ when talking about girls who are just friends, now I don’t! :)

Profile photo of milossa milossa

James, my English is getting better, because I can understand what you say. Your lesson is kind of a leveler to me, because I always had difficulties understanding you! Thank you for this class.

Profile photo of Sally S Sally S

Skype ID ‘Huseynov.17′ ..—->If you want to improve your speaking level like me ,you can add me at skype for talking.

Profile photo of iftixar iftixar

I learned a lot in this video.Thank you for your lesson,James.Hoping I can keep studying in this website.

Profile photo of Hudan Hudan

I love the way in which you speak! it’s funny, and so easier to understand!

Profile photo of RutyL RutyL

Hi James.
You’ve just helped me to make clear all these words. Thanks

Profile photo of Dina Dina

Could you please give me some expressions I can use when addressing to my close friends?
e.g. Is it right to say, “I called you last night my dear”, “My sweat heart”, “My good Mary”, “My Jim”?
Thank you in advance

Profile photo of Dina Dina

Thanks so much teacher!You know there are three groups of teachers:1.Born to be teacher 2.Created to be teacher 3.Be to be teacher
You are from the first group
Now,I have a question What are the differences between I am from a place AND I come from a place?

Profile photo of Roohallah Ahmadi Roohallah Ahmadi

Please answer me I’ve been waiting for a long time!

Profile photo of Roohallah Ahmadi Roohallah Ahmadi

wow, really funny .
I love engVid so much.

Profile photo of chiming chiming

intersting @@ Thank u!

Profile photo of trannhan.91 trannhan.91

i got 80% great video!

Profile photo of jeffmir jeffmir

I’ve made a mistake in question #6
– friend
– acquaintance

Can’t get it right, because I’ve never heard the word “acquaintance”.

So for example if you come to a bar regularly and have a drink, but you’re not really close to barista and barely talk to each over, he will name you a “friend”, right? But this would mean “acquaintance” or he will say directly like this: “Hi acquaintance, what would you like to drink?”

Profile photo of Tiller77 Tiller77

I really had fun and understand now how to use them correctly! You are so right James, keep silent until u know more, my male colleague keeps saying his partner. When we were puzzled if he is a gay, turned out that’s his girlfriend ^_^¦¦¦

Profile photo of AnnieCab AnnieCab

Hi James,
thanks a lot for your useful and funny lesson.

Profile photo of cep62 cep62

Yeah ! man ! that’s great ! lol
In France, it is not always clear too !

Profile photo of Bri95 Bri95

im still gonna call you bro man , good bye , guy

Profile photo of primous primous

Uraa I got 90% from 100%, thank you very very and very much for lesson James. Thanks for who meked test, waw it was difficult, but I done it with help Jame’s lesson. Nice

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thanks James, you teach us a very funny useful lessons.

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got 90

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Very, very thanks! this was important to me!!

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Cool!!! Thank’s a lot, James!!!

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Thank YOU**

Profile photo of janehwang@hotmail.com janehwang@hotmail.com

The quiz really blows my mind!
And I like Phoebe too! “Smelly cat, smelly cat, it’s not your fault…”(:

Profile photo of tutlisa tutlisa

90! Thanks! I tried to find this information long time. Thank you very much! But I have a question. What about pal? Is it slang? Can I use this word? Thanks.

Profile photo of Old toad Old toad

that was funny lol..

Profile photo of yamezquita yamezquita

7/10 not bad. Thanks James for sharing some vocabulary, More power

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hello bro wish you all the best. sorry I’m joking. good lesson you make and I do my quiz with flying colours.

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funny lesson got 100 % thanks James

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funny lesson got 100 % thanks James .

Profile photo of Sayini Sayini

not bad … thnx James

Profile photo of samgh7 samgh7

I got 90

Profile photo of Reinaldo Vieira Reinaldo Vieira

Hey! I find your lesson a little bit confussing with so many coments…and could be a little bit annoying if someone is homosexual…as me.

Profile photo of drmozart drmozart

i can see there are many ladies so you can call ” girlfriend ” for a woman . just in case you have a company at home you are just friends. you said a guy it is a game of words . his mother is of mature age at 40 years old . maybe i call her “guys” since she is not medium- aged who is between 55 and 69 years old .is it correct?

Profile photo of aprendo1 aprendo1

Hi so why this video is Unavailable i can’t watch it did you remove it or what wrong with it ?

Profile photo of Wiz.Bowow Wiz.Bowow

Haha…thanks James!You make me laugh and feel impressive with this lesson. Now I’ve got a Q..Can I call a guy “Cute”?;-)

Profile photo of miao miao

thanks brother,

Profile photo of Mustapha Ouzaid Mustapha Ouzaid

Hi, James.You are really good at teaching!
keep up the excellent work!
Thanks so much.

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Hi James! Thank you for your lessons, they not just very helpfull and interesting but also very funny (in good sense)))). Thank you a lot!

Profile photo of KostyaSPb KostyaSPb

I got 90%, bro! Haha, just kidding. I’m looking forward for more videos.

Profile photo of ivancumpa ivancumpa

Thank you James

Profile photo of Andahazy Andahazy

thank for the clarification, I always get confused with these words.

Profile photo of stanzinstakpa stanzinstakpa

I got 9 out of 10. I got confused on question #7. Thanks james for this lesson. You’re one of my favourite teachers at engvid. Have a nice day.

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7/10 thank you 💜

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I just really laugh with this lesson. Officer James is a wonderful actor. I even signed up for comments.

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Excellent! Thanks!

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Profile photo of Ienaluk Ienaluk

I got 70 of 100 .. not bad cuz i learned somthing intersting .. i like that word habebe ..
Thanks james for this lesson .

Profile photo of fasool fasool

Thanks for the lesson but don’t you think the answers are too sarcastic like ” if you are a cat and your lover is your boss”…..are you serious,teacher

Profile photo of Hamzawi420 Hamzawi420

The video was easy but the questions were harder…… any way Thanks for the lesson!

Profile photo of Xavier90 Xavier90

Thanks. 10/10

Profile photo of MarilyfromBelarus MarilyfromBelarus

Thank you very much, Jame! Your lessons are really useful and funny!

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you are perfect as usual James.thanks

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Thankyou for the awesome lesson.

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Thankyou for the awesome lesson and you have a good gesture, take care.

Profile photo of Jackson1985 Jackson1985

i get 70% and thankyou

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I got 90%! Thank you so much, indeed.

Profile photo of kmsphd kmsphd

thanks jemes

Profile photo of Daahir GULED Daahir GULED

My ___________ bought me this new shirt. (If you are a cat and the girl is your boss).

This is a really genius option,

Profile photo of Chrisonengvid Chrisonengvid

You got 8 correct out of 10.

thank you.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

100 , Thank u

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90 thanks James nice video

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Ok good lesson!

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thanks my friend

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Thank you James for the great work you are doing. I got 7 out of 10.

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