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good james


this lesson was really amazing specially the way that James teach.

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thank for you

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I really like it! Thanks James. For me that was totally new phrases! I’m sure that get me better understanding in amazing world of The English Spoken Community. Greetings for All of YOU ENGVID.com

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thank you so much for this lesson

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i didn’t like the lesson. why don’t u write the meaning of the idioms it will be more understandable.


im new student


3 out of 4

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This was an interesting lesson, but what a pity I couldn’t understand your speaking properly….:(


Hi Alex,
I am learning english from your website. I have
small children at home taht’s why I can’t go to attend the english class just becaues of you I can learn english at home. I am so happy, thank you so much, bye.


Thank you a lot for your English Video, I need to learn the direfence between (when, while and until).

Thank for your help…

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can you explain for me what is a layering? and what is a long john? i did not get it. thanks


This class was so bad that I understand nothing?? I do not understand why some teachers are so good and others, like that, is so bad??????????????? He does not technique to teach


u speak to faaaaaast I got the half of the lesson :-) I love you anyway!!!


Hi, James! I like your lesson. Thank you!


Thank you James

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Hi James!
Nice lesson. I’ve a question: I thought that the word “hair” was singular (my hair is brown) so why is there the plural with the expression “split hairs”?

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this lesson is realy amazing


thanks James, I am really getting better,i love your lessons,
with regards from Sudan
Hakim Kamula

Hakim Kamula

Sorry, but I did not catch anything…(


very interesting lesson and teacher
thnx for lessons :D


I couldn’t understand anything!

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James, this lesson is amazing, I didn’t know any of them, however, I need your help if you could just add me to your yahoooooo account my e- mail is , my name here but add _ after A and another one after N then wwf it’s at yahoooooodotcom, please , don’t discard my request.
thank you james

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thanx alot for ur lesson
I gave a hand for guys (here you are) LOL

1- (hair down )or (let your hair down) means: enjoy yourself and started relax after hard working
2- (hair breadth) means : very small space or narrow
3- (split hairs) means :to argue that there is a difference between two things, when the difference is really too small to be important
4- hair trigger means: easily made angry
5- (hairbrain) or (hare-brained) means : crazy,very silly and foolish
6- (tha hair of the dog that bit you) or (hair off dog that bit you) means :
remedy that uses the cause like (fight fire with fire)


    Thank you Mr Basem ,,,,

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well, i still confused about “hair off dog that bit you” any help please?

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    i think u r arabic so there is proverb in arabic saying “علاجها بالتي كانت هي الداءو”
    i think its clear for u now


hi jeams i am thankfull t you ,please can you give more sentences while you explan your lesson
warmest regrd

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I think u have to put subscribes to this movie, because it’s not understandable.

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i didn’t totally understand the lesson you speak too fast for me, anyway I think that in an english enviroment this is normal I need to emprove my listenig thanks

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    or I didn’t understad the lesson totally? which one?…

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i dont know how to Thank you James

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why u west your and our time


Nice Lession.. Thanks Mr James


it’s too fast to understand!
can you explain me more!


It confused me



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thanks bro

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i dont care what any one else thinks your and alsome ive watched all your videos you have tought me alot thanks mr.james.

marissa w


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I like the story :)

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hello mr. James thank you so much for all what you’re doing you’re really a great and cute teacher
I’ve never knew that “hair” can have all this idioms really interesting I I think got the meaning, but I also need more practice to know how to use it,so I wanna know if there is another quiz with more examples.

Thanks again, wish you a stunning day.

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heey James, are you painting/drawing or teaching? look to the board.plz be a bit serious in your teaching



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thnks teacher


how can i speaking fltly


also I pronunice hair and here same thing and many example like that


I wuold like james if mootimecon and fron west virginia.thunk you.


james a need help tank I no you help me julio west virginia


I thought it a little confusing

Edinaldo Pereira Dos Santos

nice lessen but i dont undrstand


Question 4 was made by a split hairs person, hahaha :D


A little tricky with hair breadth. Usually I get everything . May be it’s not good example

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Cool lesson James but it was a little confusing.

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I’m confused about the meaning of the first and second idioms written on the board. Could anyone explain it to me? Thanks

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    1. Let your hair down and just have some fun. (enjoy yourself)

    2. We were a hair’s breadth away from getting caught. (= we were almost caught)

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bad only 50 %, sorry.

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The quiz was fun! I only got 50%, but it was fun anyway.

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Thank you very much James! I love your lessons a lot. They are a bit of a challenge, but this makes it possible to go beyond what I alreaddy know. :) Thanks again!

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Hi James
I did not understand your lesson,because you taught very fast and without writing down on the witheboard.
your act is so good but your knowledge’s transfer to your students is not so good,you know better than us that all your students are not in the same level.

Profile photo of haman87 haman87

    I was just about to say that. People who watch his videos are not native speakers and there are people in different levels, so it was very difficult for me to understand

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Hello James! This was the first lesson what I did not enjoy so much not even understood fully. It would have been good to see the idioms in written on the board with its definition maybe. You were pretty quick. And so on. So, I have to go through again what is not a problem at all. Although anyway I want to repeat all of your lessons, so my “complaint” is nothing at all. Never mind. Let see again:)

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    please check the Title and description of the lesson.

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Wow! Wonderful lesson. Thank you. Quite challenging though. And I like that.

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Unfortunately, there is an echo and a noise (as a motor) during the lesson(

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A very quickly explanation about six English Idioms that can appear on some occasions but for me it’s the first time I have listened to them. I think I am going to listen again because I don’t have clear ideas about this topics. Thanks a lot, teacher James Greer from Engvid, we continue learning.

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Wow!!! This lesson was fast, but I tryed to understand it the mean idea. I got 100%. Idioms are alwyas a challenge.

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You got 0 correct out of 4

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