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interesting that each lesson an anbulance or police go about:))


Thanks a lot James ! I love your lesson and others.
I want to improve my English like anyone in here .
Actually i need a friend to write and talking eachother. We need lots of practices and hard work.
thanks again !
See you soon.

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    I am also looking for a friend to write and talking each other. we need lots of practice.
    My mail id is durgarao [ d o t ] aric [ a t ] gmail [ d o t ] com I am looking for your replay. See you soon

    Durga Rao Devisetti

    Hi, i need a friend for talking. if you want to speak with me, please send a e-mail. mariebaktash@gmail.com


      Hi Marie! I also want to improve my speaking,you can send me email at shaan.ss12@rediffmail.com

      waiting for your response…

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    this is my skype fhoood59
    to improv
    add me if you need


    Hi everybody! I need some friend from another country, with who i can speak in english too. Please contact me here ;) I don´t want to write here my email, but you can “reply to this comment” and than we can change email :) Hope, see you soon :)

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      I also want to make friend with someone from another country : )
      Im come from vietnam. happy to talk with you

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hi thanks for this lesson
would you like explain me why the question ” What time does McDonald’s open?” is not a context?


I found your video in youtube. The difference between watching it there and here is the quiz part, which I find really helpful.

Thanks for sharing this.


Really very nice dear James.I understood well your lessons,and i hope to explain us, how many sentences do have English grammar and what are they.
thank you.

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    You are very nice teacher dear Rebecca. I understood well your lessons,and i hope to explain me, how can i use sentences without fear and what’s most popular sentence i can use always.
    thank you.

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You are very nice teacher dear Ronnie. I understood well your lessons,and i hope to explain me, how can i get more vocabulary and what’s easiest way i’ll be perfect speaking and understanding person.
thank you.

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hi thanks for lesson i undrestand is

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i wanthear speck profesor


Is its possible record on a mp3 with this program?


EngVid my favorite site for learning english!!

thanks for this lesson James!

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i want heart speck spanich


Hi, James thanks a lot for your wonderful lesson. I am very happy with the lessons of you and the great others. Once again, thanks a lot.

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Do you offer private lessons? how much would it be per hour?


The correct answer wouldn’t be: W5+do or does+ s+v?
For instance: what do w5 mean?


A correction? What does w5 mean?


    well, I think that: what, who, where, when and why. I think so!

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Thanks alot James it was a great lesson.

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I agree michal about siren! are you teaching in jail? or near to a jail..or to be jailed?


hi james
so you want to tell that I can’t say or use “what X means? or what means X?” in the street or with my friends, and I have to say “what does X mean?”
and about the first way to ask is it wrong to say it or it’s informal?
thank U guys

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hey sir, i have one question to ask. But unfortunately i don’t know how to ask this question politely.

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Thank you very much, these pages always help me :D


thanks jaimse
I like your explain


hi james… thanks for the lesson!!! now i know how to ask question.. hehe =)

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Hallo James,
I am crying!!!!
Today I had a verification in english, but ;-(((((
I need your help!!!!!
I have forgotten how to write and speak very good englisch.
Someone has told me that englisch was never been translation as we told in englisch and german, that was the reason that suddenly I had almost forgotten all!!( Blockade )
What have/ must / should (Blockade ) I do???
It is so frightenend ;-(((
My course adviser has told me that I had 1!!! chance to make it better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I am feeling so bad and I think that it is bettter to seach a job as…. whatever…..
All the students in my course are ….
I am feeling like a looser ;-(((
What have I should considered ???
I always had good marks in english ( 1-2 in german school´s) but now I missunderstood all or did not understand … what is happend?
I can very good understand an d write french but since then I mixed up english an d frech! Why ????
I love both languages but today I Hate myself and my lovely englsh makes me cry;_(((((
You can changes ;-(((


thank you thank you thank youuuuu. best teacher award!

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hi tina iam zaki from algeria iam felling the same as u tina but we must be brave to face the world and our student


dear James, thank you so much! Your classes have been useful for me a lot! I study English in my graduation course and lessons like that is very good for me. By the way, I like quiz formula: $ + love= happiness, it’s true!!!

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    dear James, thank you so much! Your classes have been useful for me a lot! I am English student in graduation course for translation and lessons like that is very good for me. By the way, I like quiz formula: $ + love= happiness, it’s true, maybe it is better love + $… ^^

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    i agree with you, this quiz formula is excelent

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this is great website for learn english

my name is bablu kumar

dear James, thank you so much! Your classes have been useful for me a lot! I am English student in graduation course for translation and lessons like that is very good for me. By the way, I like quiz formula: $ + love= happiness, it’s true, maybe it is better love

my name is bablu kumar


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wow! your coolest teacher for me nice goodluck

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you are super teacher reallyyy

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when i saw this video im understand what you say,but tommorow iam forget what you say……

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Hi.. james!!! this is great website for learn english… i was your student in toronto in 2009. congratulations !!!! ;)

Bahtiyar from turkey

Dear James

It was very useful lesson ,I took the quiz my scored is 5/5 .I’m so happy

Because you’r my teacher, i’m doing good and understand you very well

And because you are from Canada as well .

I wish you all the best ,God bless you

My regards

You’r student

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am very grateful,


your website and your lessons are the best!!!

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hi I am from Afghanistan
I like to improve my english with eng vid
so thanks so much James I love you
you are a good teacher


Hi James,
Thank you so very much for your excelent work. I enjoy every lesson where you teach us. You are the best.


Hi people,I am having a very bad time on finding out how to solve my queries.I would like some help from you gyes to improving my English writing. I have a lots of problems with my writing-Sentence, punctuations because they doesn’t make sense, I realize that it where ever I write something like a paragraph either to describe or to talk about a topic, it always doesn’t make sense and i get lost.Furthermore, I got no idea why, how, and what am i doing wrong. Additionally, I am also having trouble with remembering various words that comes throughout my course. I will be grateful if someone help me with these problems. please do not hesitate to send me a message or to chat with me. Thank You.

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    Hi buddy hope so that you’ll be fine. First of all tell me where are you from. I think the problem which you are facing is not a big problem. I would like to say that its your luck that you found that website here all the teachers are really very co-operative. Their way of teaching really out class. You couldn’t believe that when i searched that site at that time my english was really very bad, I didn’t have enough courage to talk and write but today i think i dont hesitate to talk anybody in english and i’m also improving my writing skill as well, So the think is that don’t hesitate and whatever you learn just impliment in your daily life through this definately you’ll also improve your writing skill. If you would like to talk to me or share any thing to me then most well come. Take care bye. One thing more is that you can also add me in skype


    Hi friends, My skype id is “haiderali200111” & haiderali200111 [ a t ] yahoo [ d o t ] com is my yahoo id so if you want to share any thing to me then plz don’t hesitate. I think if we want to improve our english then we should communicate with each other in english.


      my name is huong . i’m from Viet Nam. i hope i can make a friend with u . my yahoo: its_me_14890.


think you so much.I realy enjoed

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Hello James,
I’ve got one question…how do I know when to use “going to” or “will” for the future in a sentence?
hope you can help me..
thank you!!

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gooooood and nice


Dear James,

Your classes are very useful to me. I am really enjoying your classes. U rocks

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you are wonderfull theacher! but I need practise to use these sentences. what would I do? thanks a lot!


thanks your classes are very funny
my scored 5/5
i´m argentina
best wishes


well. it is really good. I am learning at these classes are very good. I hope these classes never end. jaja


Hola James, You are so natural. I am learning very much. I think I love you… :)NYC

Natividad Mercedes

Hola James, thank you for all you help. I think I love you…:)

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Hello James, it would be great if u give us some tips for those that want to emigrate in U.S.A in one of your lesson or just learn something about it. Thanks for your lessons, they’re very useful.

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Why hose police get you? ^^

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hi james sir with the respect, i can not understand your lecture clearly please teach and talk slowly because its very difficult to me understand all these thing because you speak so fast please please please i have to do something in my life but its not possible without english so please give us your support as much as you can thank you for your special time have a nice day by by


hi everbody
I like this link


You a wonderful teacher


I am looking for some speaking exercises. I can read and write books/newspaper etc, to improve my learning, but can’t practice speaking. As speaking require a partner. I wonder if someone knows any suitable voice chat channel or any other member of EngVid is facing the same problem, then we can work together to overcome our problems. Please write to me at wahabmalik@gmail(dot)com

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Thanks James. This lesson was very helpful. And entertaining (as usual) :-)

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James, I am a first-year ESL teacher. How do I explain when to use “do” in a question? For instance, if I give them a sentence, such as “Jane is opening a gift,” they will give me the question back as, “What does Jane open?” instead of “What is Jane opening?”

Mrs. V

    Verb “do” in a question you should use in a Present tense. For example: I eat sushi. Q: Do you eat sushi? If sentence is in Present Continuous (like in your example), than question must be in Present Continuous as well. The same with other verb tenses.

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      Verb “do” in a question you should be used in a Present tense.

      Profile photo of Natalie Natalie




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this is very fantastic ilike your teaching us english my brother thank you


You scored 3 out of 5.

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thank you for this interesting lesson ..

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Thanks James. I’m going to use your lessons with my students. Your manner of teaching is very attractive: jokes and body language:)

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Thank you so much!


You are funny even in the quizzes! I laughed so much :D


Please,why use the word”That”in this sentence?
”Could you spell that for me,please?”


Please,how do I know when to use “going to” or “will” in a sentence?


Excellent lesson… thank you very much…

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james you are good teacher thanks all the mise


thank u!! it was very fun!!


thank you jams




you are the best teacher ever!


Hi james Iwant to ask you something concerne how to ask questions.
-you said that if you want ask the meaning of a word, like”what does x mean? right? so if isay “what is the meaning of x?
my question is “Is it a good english? Isthere any body use question like that or me alone.
please respond me.

you still a good teacher.

thank you to answer me.
bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

Marie from comoros.


hi…ı can’t speak english and don’t understand you very vell.because ı live in turkey but you’re good teacher and funny.ı to prepare oneself university exam.İNGVİD VERY USEFULL:))


Hello, James! Thank you for very interesting way to teach English. You are really charismatic teacher. I understand you well, because I had possibilities to work with Americans. I guess, you are Canadian. Thanks a lot for your energy and enthusiasm!

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Thank you . I got 5 score from this quiz. But I was doubting about me . I am confused about second question I though I had chosed wrong answer but result was correct.


the drunken worm,hehe. nice tuts anyway. your the man!!

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Thank you james. You are so funny and great teacher.

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Thanks james for your wonderful topic..
I want to make question about below the sentences. How to make it?
1. I am staying in Canada from 2years…..(is it right?)
2. I visited to America.

I hope you can understand it what I am mentioned.

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please teacher james try to speak a little slowly
because i cant understand you when you talk ض

Profile photo of amoly amoly

    Yes, Amaly, he speaks sOo fast … what … I’m haven’t a words.

    Profile photo of Vladkabatkovich Vladkabatkovich

Thanks very much


Hi James, thank you very much for your time helping us with your explanations. I have a question for you. Is that correct the sentence:
“Can I ask you one thing?”
I heard this sentence is wrong. What is your opinion. Thank you very much


hiiiiiiii all im seaching friend who advise me or talk me in english i wana brushu my english


thank you alot teacher james . if was there vote who is the best teaacher to teach i would say you . teacher james i want to know the best way to ask ?


scored 5 out of 5.
thank you

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the man whom you saw yesterday was my father
the man whom you saw yesterday is my father..

which is correct?


Great lesson. Hi teacher James, I have a question, can we make a question using:

what does something means? with mean in plural form… or what do something means? I’m so confused… :(

Profile photo of ing.karito2009 ing.karito2009

Hi James Thanks , you are helping every body,thanks again. I wanna ask you:
Can I say How have things been thise day?


oops…”phlegm” not “pheglm”


Thank you very much for these valuable vidoes .I got alot of benefits from them


I have 1 question could you please solve and send me in my e-mail
1)I am going to the library
2)I am going to school
3)I am going home
What is the difference or why these sentences are correct?




Who is the best teacher ? Is a good question ? lol I think … james ;-)
Thanks james for this lesson

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please teacher james try to speak a little slowly
because i cant understand you when you talk

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hi i want to make friends with somebody for improve our language and this is my name in skype (fhoood59)


Really,It’s my first time to use your site and I liked it so much. I understand the accent you all talk with,it is easy. Please I want to learn phonetics from a to z.
Thank you all


hi mr james iam wisa from egypt i want to ask you aquestion are you here


    use article
    ….family hotels are ….hotels which welcome ….parents and ….children


can you help me in this sentences
Bob can’t go (because he is sick )
to make question !!


i learned a lot of things from this site..
thanks a lot..!

Profile photo of sadeghsafari sadeghsafari

where is your bag ?
where are your bag?
which one is correct ..


    –> Where is…

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

Is that right to ask
How many sibling do you have ?

tara negm

    –> siblings

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

thank you very much James.


[James]^^ Thank you very much. This video is really good for me to understand how to use the question. I will waiting for your new video.

Profile photo of kanaporn kanaporn

    I’m happy to know that not only me who is Thai!

    Profile photo of melodymay19 melodymay19


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Hi James I wanna ask you something :
Make a question
This tree is 200 years old (what)
can (what is 200 years old ) work ?


How can I will progress my ability of asking question?


hello how to change this sentence into question
“walk along the station road”


How can we change This sentence into Question

“Walk Along The station Road”

Profile photo of hamidazizi hamidazizi

    the first question will be – WHO walk along the station road?!
    There is no subject in your sentence, so you can’t make a question.
    If your sentence were like this:”We walk along the station road” the questions would be “Where do we walk?” , “We walk along the station road, don’t we?”, “Why do we walk along the station road?” etc.

    Profile photo of olesonchik olesonchik

heloo every body i like such lession and i want to improve my conversation skill

Ali khan

Ahahahahaha! I god damn fell off my chair when you miswrote it as “Hoes”

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hi if anyone want talk in english with me and want improve english mail me


hi this Arti and i want to learn english like anyone else here. James, i love your lessons. You make it very interesting to learn and i become very active to learn with you.

Profile photo of artiarora artiarora

Thank you, Lord!


thank you, that was perfect :)


I have been watching the videos from this site for three days now and I really like it.
One question for you. Who was tapping the table/doing whatever that make those sound when you’re recording this video?? That’s so annoying. =(

I appreciated your video lessons, thank you!

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Could you use high qulity microphone and reduce the background noise it will be great
if you do that and thank you very much
for you teaching english

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very good lesson teacher

Profile photo of titan2000 titan2000

I like you lesson and I had downloded your all lesson then now I am watching again and again my glad for you sir

Dear Sir

it’s easy you try for download

Dear Sir


fari khan

oh… james really nice video could u repeat that ha ha

ankit pal

interesting lesson i love you james afnan from iraq


im the recent, so im upset


i like your lesson


nice tetcher

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Thank you again teacher James, I am glad that I found your website I am so happy and I am always watching your video because I would like to improve my English vocabulary and to speak english fluently.God bless you!!!


please tell me the error of this sentence
“from use your senses. Senses open up a”.


Nice questions. Very useful for me.


I’m very happy to read all those comments and I ask you to help me too, to lean English. Thank you so mutch.

Hamadou Kari

how do you ask a question wvhith who?


Is it possible to get to know one to benefit me to improve my English because I am at the beginning of my way in this language of one who can help me I want to talk with someone

noura ali

It is really very interesting to learn these lessons i am happy to be with u thank u…


Nice way of teaching

Abid Latif

hi everybody. i am here to look for a friend to talk with in order to master my english .i am a teacher of english and i need someone to help me teaching english well.thanks a lot.


Hi james
Thank you for the lesson today,im lucky i saw this vid on youtube and now i can learn more before exam come *hihihi*

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Thanks your lessons are really help full

Profile photo of khamza khamza

Thanks James for your great lessons …

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thanks my teacher… it is so useful lesson.. all the best …

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James, I’m absolutely in love with you!)))

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    hi . i need help in french if u can do it please

    Profile photo of didine17 didine17

I am so happy with this lessons!!

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OK, I got 100 %. Thanks James.

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Thank you James. Your lessons are humorous and very interresting. They help us to understand and improve our English. Keep going.

Profile photo of andreasen andreasen

Hi James, How to ask if his sons are at home.
Is your sons are at home? I know this is not the correct grammar. Please answer my question.

Profile photo of Angel2015 Angel2015

    Are your sons at home?

    Profile photo of sedat gunes sedat gunes

James thank you very much. You’re a great teacher. Your lessons are very interesting and fun

Profile photo of Rosy Rosy

I’m happy for this lession

Profile photo of saachusiby saachusiby

Thank you James.

Profile photo of Andahazy Andahazy

Thanks dear James. I’m new here and a little confused because I don’t know how to work here step by step.

Profile photo of arezoo.h arezoo.h

5=5 correct. hurray :)

Profile photo of reactric reactric

Thank you James! Very interesting lesson. You always make me smile:)

Profile photo of Natunia Natunia

what a great lesson James, every minute of it. Thank you very much! extremely useful and super fun as always

Profile photo of ImSeba ImSeba

Excellent lesson!

Profile photo of Annie Annie

I had a doubt with the context questions but I realize that it is a complete question or specific question, then it would be when you use by itself with its whole meaning and not when you use it like a general question that maybe with a general idea written with the letter “X”, it was my mistake but now I will have to review the lesson again. Thanks a lot, teacher James Greer from EngVid, a quick lesson but interesting.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

I got 100% but how do i use these questions in my dairy? Hhhhh

Profile photo of ALKEBSEE ALKEBSEE

Thank you, James. You are a great teacher

Profile photo of shima chem shima chem

Best regards . And thank you very much gor all the lessons

Profile photo of Saidsek Saidsek

Is this sentence correct “Registration of University of Ibadan master program and unsuccessful transaction to pay it”

Profile photo of victorsam24 victorsam24

    can you please look at this English sentences “Registration of University of Ibadan master program and unsuccessful transaction to pay for it.

    Profile photo of victorsam24 victorsam24

I really like this website. It makes me jubilant because I see lot of mistakes I have been making. Lot of thanks to the founder of this page and all teachers. Superb

Profile photo of eliphas34@ eliphas34@

You are really very funny. It helps us learn faster.
Thank you very much.

Profile photo of zigmund zigmund

Thanks James!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

Hi 👋 just I’m beginner in learn English and I need know how can learning more fast .. I need speak English 😭😭😭

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