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Hi James .
Thank you for the lesson .
You gotta face the fact that one of your pullover sleeves has got a loosen wooden thread . You must head over your repare kit and thus armed , get rid of that problem before someone eye ball you or more the one who offered you it skins you alive for not taking care enough of it . If you to much elbow to use thread and needle and think it is so much a shoulder burden , hand them to someone that can handle the job . You won’t be mouth off and as a reward and if she is alright maybe you will neck her .
See you


Got 09. Super cool lesson. James , I don’t know very much about the use of verb “would” . If it’s possible for you so, make video on it and if it’s already been brought so let me know because I haven’t been able to pick in the list. Anyhow ,Thanks a lot james. You are mindblowing.


    HEY ,let me butt in the line ,because i gotta learn new vocabulary .Im faceing facts that i need practise daily to make a progress.Thank James i will keep eye ball on you


I got 10. Thank you James.

Jun Shao

James is really a hard working teacher,and dedicated his butt to the EngVid.:P

jarvan the 5

    Mr javanese I you looking for his butt or what he is delivering. Remember some people can understand without demonstration.


Your story didn’t make me giggle but you did. Hahaha


I was thinking to heading to Canada, then I remember “Oh my gosh! If I meet James there, and he asks me about the homework, he could eyeballing me and perhaps until skinning me alive, because I didn’t do it!” I really don’t want to face this possibility! “Please, James don’t mouth me off, I have finished my homework!”


7. All right, privates. I’m the sergeant around here, and you’d better get your __________ in line!
Guys in this sentence you’d means you would or had ?

Ana Augusta

    I believe it’s ‘you had’


    Hello Ana ,
    “You should better get ”
    It is “should” as it is an obligation or an order not simply a possibility .
    After the auxiliary “have” at the the past perfect , it is found the past participle form of the verb . In this sentence “got” or “gotten” .
    Hope this help


      Thanks a lot !

      Ana Augusta

Hhhhhhhhh you are funny and humorous teacher
i learned everything thank you :)

Mada Magicano

While heading to the school, I was afraid of being skinned alive:I had not studied very much…
But suddenly I met a gang of boys, armed to the teeth, who gave me the finger!
So I started running and was quite happy when I reached my school, elbowing to enter ?

Simona Dollfus

Nice lesson James, thanks!!


Dear James, I’d like you to explain the difference between “it’s a pleasure to learn from you” and “learning from you is a pleasure”: which is better? Is the meaning just the same?
And why do you say “a life’s journey” but “Saturday Night Fever”? When must we use ‘s?
Thanks a lot for your interesting and amusing lessons :)

Simona Dollfus

James the funniest teacher I like Haha. Great video


Hi James! Thank you for a cool, interesting and useful lesson.
I’ve got a question: Can I use “skinned alive” in emotional terms? Or it just can be described as a physical pain?

Annie Linden

James here is my history tell me if this like you…!

I was heading to a party and i eye balling a girl that was very sexy. She did not like but in a while we were necking each other but i did not noticed a boy that started watching us because he was in loved before. The boy went to us and started to hiring but i told mouth off because they already finished the relationship.

I was armed and show him my gun. The boy step back and left us the all night.


Thanks for the lesson, James.

So today I was asked by my mom to buy eggs so I headed to a place I usually shop. But it was so crowded that I had to butt in line. I somehow managed to get the eggs. And when I was on my way home, there was a beautiful girl and I found myself eyeballing her that I didn’t realize I dropped the eggs. And when I realized, I knew mom was going to skin me alive.


If you keep fingering and arming the people while heading ticket counter, you will be skimmed alive and you have to keep mouth off.


Once ,I was heading to the grocery store by wearing a night costume. Some guys wanted to skin me alive. The Security man eyeballed to those and he kicked them their back because he was well armed.


Hello James, thanks a lot for this useful lesson. Have a beautiful day.


thank you so much. Fun class! :)


I was heading to the cinema with my brother Shon. The queue was really long and in front of us there was a couple necking which wouldn’t move forward so that there was an empty space between the two sweethearts and the front part of the queue. Me and Shon decided to butt in the line and some old ladies started eyeballing us as if we have broken the law. We were acting as if nothing has happened but two guards came and warned us that if we don’t go back to our place in queue they’ll skin us alive. Shon started mouthing off at them but I asked him to stop so that we don’t get in trouble. The two huge man didn’t give up on re-establishing the discipline and we had to face the fact that we’ll have to go back at our place and wait.


James, you are a great actor!


Thank you for the interesting lesson


Thanks James, I really appreciate your teaching methods.


I needed go to the center of town, when I was going, the car broke, I didn’t be worry faced the fact of the car has broke and thinking how I would got hand it with this, there was a cab came heading me, so! I caught cab, but I remembered I hadn’t money and tell to the driver, then he eyeball me and say very loud, get out my cab,
while I was get out of the car I told him, hey! mouth off! thanks!
so! this is my best! thanks James!


It was not easy for my, but very useful and funny!
Tanks a lot!


What are body parts of verbs?


    Dear friend,actually is Boby parts AS verbs,okay?
    Parts of the body that can be used as verbs: Face (you have to face the problems),Head ( Where are you
    heading ( where are you going to=direction)and so
    on. I hope this helps.
    I read the description you wrote about yourself,
    and it reminded of me when I was your age.You seem
    to be a smart boy.Good luck in your studies.
    In time: I have a greatgrandson who is your age.
    Wish you all the best.Keep on studying.


Thank you so much!


    where your face


For me, listening music in English is a real burden to shoulder. But I can’t resist to listen. I’d headed to watch and listened some currently greatest hits on youtube. I saw a good necking sense in some music videos. I also faced a few new vocabulary from music lyrics. Like ‘pimp’ from Bruno’s music ‘that’s what I like’. Should I mouth off here? :D


Thank you James, I really love your paintings!
I headed to a movie theater yesterday. When I was footing the bill, a young boy butted in line. Everyone eye bow him and a couple warned him. However, he didn’t want to follow the rule and even mouthed off. Therefore, people armed and called security guards to deal with this.


Tqs James!!!

Priya kiran

Thank for the lesson James


Thank you for that lesson, James!
Mr. E wasn’t so rude all of his warm’s life. He started behaving like this on sunny Sunday in 1999. He was in a restaurant with his warm girl. They were necking and telling funny stories to each other. When they had to go away from that lovely place and head to the exhibition, Mr E unfortunately found out that had forgotten his wallet at home.
“Dear i can’t foot the bill”, he whispered, “I haven’t got my wallet with me now”
“What’s a pity” his warm girl replied to him. Bus she wasn’t nice girl didn’t wanna to help Mr E. She shoved him the finger and kneed him in the tail.
“Don’t even try to call me, lazar” She said to him and elbowed out of there.
Poor Mr.E; everyone in the restaurant was whispering about him. Waiter was eyeballing him for couple of minutes then came to him and asked him to pay the bill. Mr. E hadn’t got any money. So, he was forced to do all the dishes on the restaurant’s kitchen.
That night Me. E swore to be rude with everyone…

Coma Freeze

9/10.. Its very intresting and informal site


When I watch Engvid videos I eyeball the teacher. I can not still face the fact that I can not move to Canada.I live in Iran. I wanna mention something funny. we used to use our thumb for giving the finger,:D yes we give the finger and some people think we like :D ….
I never butt in line. believe me sometimes living here as a woman is like getting skinned alive.

this is a true story.


U’r a cool teacher!thanks for lesson,added knowledge today.Ive got perfect score!


yesterday i saw my friend heading to the market ,i called her and asked her if we can go together .
she accepted that , when were walking a strange woman was eyeballing us ,……………………
actually i not know how to complete my silly story ^_^
by the way it was an amaizing lesson
thank u teacher

Asma Khaled

Thanks so much, you are the best teacher I have learned from you many things inin English I am eyeballing your lessons every day keep teaching us.


You really helped me, I live in London for one year and I am struggling to improve my English skills.


Wonderful as always.
I’m wondering if you could make a video on english verbs in directed motion sentences. I’m copying a link to make myself clear: http://elies.rediris.es/elies11/cap61.htm
Thank you!

Sara M.

    Sara M. I thank you very much for the list of verbs in directed sentences. Excellent material to study
    in order to improve our speaking and writing skills.
    I thank you a lot.
    Best regards.


      I’m glad that helped you!

      Sara M.

Excellent vocab lesson. Interesting and useful as well. Thank you very much.


I got 9 out of 10 but still I’m very grateful to you James your the best your videos and teaching or the way you discuss thing is so precise and easy to understand (I knew it was skinned alive but still I choose the finger ) But I’m glad I made a mistake because I’m now confident that next time I would be able to get the correct answer.


I got 10. It was very easy because your teaching.

Edmilson Medeiros

The way you teaching very interesting.it stays in our mind.thank you.


You r the best james


firstly thank you sir
can you please help me with the idioms
i need all of them(as many as possible)


You got 9 correct out of 10.

thank you.

M kartal

Just amazing. Tks a lot.


Afraid!I thought you would deliver gas to me before the video began.

John Deng

thank you so muuach mr james and mr e…ive got 10


Excellent class. Everyday, I learn something else. Thanks Professor James.


Very enjoyed the lessons, thank you.


I had only one mistake


Thanks James.It is excelent!


I got 100
Thank you James you’re such a good teacher


Thank you so much. You are funny ?


hey James.. good to see your videos, I have learned a lot from you… I’m your student from Pakistan…I hope by watching your videos, I can also speak English like Native people.!!


This was fun Teacher James and you are also funny.I am learning English pretty well, thank you!

Angy Vic

Last holiday, i went to take trip to spent my vacation. On first day, I saw a foreigner missed her friend. So, I help her by heading to the security office. on the half way, suddenly she armed me and grabbed my bag. Spontaneously, I grabbed it back, I hit and elbowed her. but I can’t. She went away, and butt in line on me. My emotion couldn’t be calm. I went back to the hotel wit bare hand. Along the way, I was mouthing off, so the pedestrians around me were eyeing ball on so weird. When arrived at the hotel, I lie down to my bed to took a depth breath and I should face the fact what was happened.

Sorry for the grammatical errors

Retno Wulandari

One day James wasa heading towards train station. He was getting late for the train. Suddenly his depressed friend met him and started to say his meaningless stories. James got angry and mouth offed him. People around James started eyeballing him. He realised this and butt in the train queue. The queue was long, so James decided to elbow-past people when the train arrives at the platform.

God of Peace

I got 9 out of 10 ?


I got 9 out of 10


Many thanks. I got 10 of 10


Maria was heading to her apartment when she saw a guy armed coming to her. She knee him in the groin and ran fast to her home before she was skinned alive by that guy on the street.

She was so scared that going up on the stairs she elbowed a neighbour accidentally.


Wow… Thanx teacher James.


Thank you but i do not understand very well


Hello dear james as usual i learn so much English with your videos And I also have fun a lot lol los many greetings from surco Peru

marc anthony

it’s an interesting lesson thank you, MR James.

toty mohamed

This morning I was heading to the doctor down the street and saw a necking couple. They thoutght I was eyeballing at them and the guy start mouthing of at me. I understood that he is kind of stupid guy and just went away. I suddenly remembered that I had to foot the bill, go to the gym, and at the evening came to the university. I think I’am shouldering many responsibilities.


Hi everyone!
Could you say me, because i don’t understand, what means ‘hand it’?


Thank you Mr. James!


Wow. 9 out of 10. Pretty good.

Reetika Vaid

what does it mean hand over.


thank you very helpful lesson!


Thank you James!


Thanks for 7/10

There was a hard day. I wanted to go home with a taxi. Taxi came. I picked up. Driver eyeballed me with his rearview mirror and asked “where are you heading?” I gave the direction.
He pushed gas pedal suddenly, with his foot. He putted his left hand outside the car. He didn’t drive well. He turned his had all around. He spoke with me and yold other drivers. Our trip finally finished.
He was a horrible driver. I wanted to knee his in the groin and I wanted to kick his but.

written by sinan.


    One morning I’m heading to the market, I eyeball the fishes because its delicious. And then there were a couple necking they were both armed. So I run away, I was afraid that I be skinned alive. So I elbow some people to hide from that couple.


Hello, James! Could you make a lesson about what to say in the airplane? Like asking where the toilet is and asking for food.


After watching this wonderful lesson I HEADED to this quiz in engvid. I managed to get 9/10. During the quiz, I EYEBALLED all the questions as well as their given options.One should not MOUTH OFF if he finds any tough question.Rather, he ought to consider it as helping HAND to be ARMED for facing facts to SHOULDER a burden of learning English.


    Grammerly version:
    After watching this wonderful lesson, I HEADED to this quiz. I managed to get a 9/10. During the exam, I EYEBALLED all the questions with their given options. One should not MOUTH OFF if there is any tough question. Rather, one ought to consider it as helping HAND to be ARMED for facing facts to SHOULDER the burden of learning English.


Thanks James


One day when i was getting my car parked, i noticed that someone was eyeballing at me but I didn’t figure out why. So i got out the car and heading to her, asked why see stared at me like that. She said i had got my butt in wrong place because this isn’t for parking. So i took the car away as i didn’t want the police officer get me skinned alive. And then i find out that she deceived me because she wanted to take my place, so i gave her the finger for her lies.
By the way, i got 10 out of 10. Thank you,James.

Arthur Nguyen

100:) Thank you , Mr James


I was all ears and you are armed with the best lessons that I’ve ever seen in my life. I’ll keep eye ball on you, James.


90}: Thank you , Mr.James

Masud Mohamed

Thanks a lot Mr.James { E } , I use to learn more and more from you every single day , you have funny and interesting way for teaching really I liked that , I use to understand you well and even I scored 10 out of 10 in the quiz , I get to know how the native people speak , thanks a lot , all the best


Thank you Mr. James

Flavio Rodriguez

thanks James, I’m sorry 90/100, it’s my fault. You’re amazing ?


How can you say that MR


My story…hope you like it….
Last month while sara was heading to the bathroom ,she saw her colleague from other departmment talking to her ceo.It wasn’t her bussiness to listen to them,but she heard them talking about her.
Her colleague was mouthing off and saying big lies about her with fake evidence.
Sara was shocked to her that.
She waited until they had finshed.
When she confronted that backstabber ,she denied the whole story.Her colleague was looking to her with green eye for being the tip top in her job and instead of leveling up to her she tried to open hell gate to her life.
Sara has been asked to call of her job for to month.
Luckily sara was armed with strong evidence to clear up her name
She was about to skin alive .
Turned of the event her colleague get fired while eyeballing sara.
Sara gave her the finger with a huge smile on her face….

The end…


Lang and Shaw, who used to be armed with harsh language mouthing off at each other, are lovers now. They love each other so much that they spend every minute they stay together necking. Who would have expected that those two, who were eyeball to eyeball and seemed to have wanted to skin each other alive, would become a couple?

I tried. 😅

Wei Rung
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