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Playing a game while learning can help boost your concentration.

The goal of tic-tac-toe is to get _______ symbols in a row.

Traditional tic-tac-toe uses:

In our new version of tic-tac-toe, you have the option of placing one _________ in each box before you start playing.

If each box contains a verb, you will be trying to form phrasal verbs with a _____________.

If you form a sentence that contains a phrasal verb using the preposition and a verb in a box, you get to draw either X or O in that box.

In a more challenging version of the game, you can place a different _______ in each box.

In the more challenging version of the game, you will have to come up with _________ to match with the prepositions in the boxes.

To make the game more difficult, you can:

Playing with a friend may motivate you to challenge yourself because of the added competition.

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challenging but great..a big help for me.thanks james

Tuesday, May 1st 2018

A bit difficult for me but thank you James.

Tuesday, May 1st 2018

    can we be friends on facebook? to speak with each other in english and I want to learn french as well

    Friday, November 23rd 2018

      Maybe you could show me your FaceBook ID so that i can add you~

      Wednesday, February 27th 2019

      let’s do it

      Monday, July 15th 2019

So great games a little bit difficult and more interesting, I like it, thanks to specific illustration, James

Tuesday, May 1st 2018

Wow! That’s totally new to me! Thank you very much.

Tuesday, May 1st 2018

could you teach us about compound adjective

Tuesday, May 1st 2018

Thanks James!!Interesting game to learn phrasal verbs ;)

Tuesday, May 1st 2018

Thank you James! You’re amazing teacher!:)

Tuesday, May 1st 2018

9 correct out of ten) Thanks)

Wednesday, May 2nd 2018

Thank you, James. I think too many of us phrasal verbs is too hard to learning.

Wednesday, May 2nd 2018

thanks James

Wednesday, May 2nd 2018

Thanks a lot, James

Wednesday, May 2nd 2018

i’m new here , and i found what i need on this website ^^ thank you :)

Wednesday, May 2nd 2018

Thank you, James!

Wednesday, May 2nd 2018

dear teachers of engvid.com thanks for all what you doing for us and i want we will be not only a student and teachers but a friends too. thank you verry much

Wednesday, May 2nd 2018

Very usefull game to play with a friend !

Wednesday, May 2nd 2018

Thanks James! It’s a very good way to teach phrasal verbs.

Wednesday, May 2nd 2018

Thank you, teacher!!!

Thursday, May 3rd 2018

Thanks. Your videos are inspiring me to learn english. maybe I’m not good at it yet, but I’ve been trying hard.

Friday, May 4th 2018

Thank so much, I’m gonna take up this lesson again, very important and useful.

Friday, May 4th 2018

Nice one

Saturday, May 5th 2018

You’re great! Thanks.

Saturday, May 5th 2018

Thank you james. I got 6 of 10 😕, i need to improve

Monday, May 7th 2018

Thank you James.

Tuesday, May 8th 2018

You got 8 correct out of 10.

thank you.

08. 05.2018.

Tuesday, May 8th 2018

thanke you james
its so helpful

Wednesday, May 9th 2018

I got 100 percent correct. I’m going to play the game with my friends

Friday, May 11th 2018

90 percent correct.not bad.thank you James,so kind of you.your teaching methods are very helpful.appreciate.

Wednesday, May 16th 2018

Hello, I am an English teacher, and would like to know where to find the engVid forum or “contact info” for engVid? (you mentioned in your profile that if we have questions to go to the engVid forum, but I cannot seem to find it). Any info would be appreciated, thanks!

Thursday, May 17th 2018

    He just means the comments here!

    Friday, May 18th 2018

Thanks James. You are a great teacher. I had 1 mistake. You taught me a lot.

Friday, May 18th 2018

I scored 90 out of 100.Thanks again James.

Friday, May 18th 2018

Many Thanks for your helpful vidoes James.I do like your teaching methods.would you please explain the meaning of “here we go” and “there we go”. a
Also what is meaning of when you raise both of your hand bending your index and midle finger

Sunday, May 20th 2018

Thanks James, that was great :)

Tuesday, May 22nd 2018

Thanks James but I am a bit confused

Wednesday, May 23rd 2018

please introduse some book about phrasal verbs. thanks

Thursday, May 24th 2018

Thanks a lot James!

Friday, May 25th 2018


Saturday, May 26th 2018

I think it is good idea to learn through the game. Thank you, James!

Monday, May 28th 2018

It will be needed a lot of practicing.
Thank you very much.

Wednesday, May 30th 2018

Easy to learn english..james sir teaching was osm..he made me learn through practically…

Tuesday, June 5th 2018

Your English game is very helpful…
Thank you very much!

Wednesday, June 6th 2018

It’s not working 😥

Saturday, June 9th 2018

    Not working, really maybe you don’t know how to use this game useful :D

    Tuesday, June 26th 2018

Thanks James

Sunday, June 17th 2018

Thanks a lot James. This video learning really help me to learn faster, especially the game really motivate to challenge ourselves.

Tuesday, June 19th 2018

Let ne know how I can focus my listening on the English words

Tuesday, June 26th 2018

I play with my self and I must win my self before I defeat someone in this game, right James?

Tuesday, June 26th 2018

James, thx!

Tuesday, July 3rd 2018

I love your lessons James. You are really good teacher =)

Wednesday, July 4th 2018

Thanks James.it s a bit difficult but i ll try to practice.

Thursday, July 12th 2018

thank you for that l’m realy so bad in phrasal verb and preposition

Monday, July 16th 2018

Always I feel it is hard to master this but with you it looks easy thank you

Saturday, July 21st 2018

I have question may its mad but i want to learn pull up is just used for things as chair extra or with people as my freind argue with each other and i try to pull up between them

Saturday, July 21st 2018

I got 90 James. Thank you so much indeed for this lesson. You are superb tutor. 😉

Monday, August 6th 2018

I got 9/10 . Thank so much James. But this lesson was a little bit diffult so i m feeling step by step improving my english skills! :)

Wednesday, August 8th 2018

Thanks James. You are superb, Are phrasal verbs always formed by combining verbs with preposition or is there some other combination also? Why are they called Phrasal Verbs?

Thursday, August 9th 2018

I haven’t seen your video but luckily I got 80% hahahaha.

Sunday, August 12th 2018

Thank you! Nice game!

Tuesday, August 21st 2018

You got 10 correct out of 10.

Wednesday, August 22nd 2018

Great method but as for me, it’d better to memorize phrasal verbs through preposition meaning. For instance, we have verbs of movement, these are walk, go, run, drive, etc. And we also have the preposition off. So we can say: When I arrived home, I walk off my shoes. or I run off my shoes.
Off means remove something/someone from something/someone
Or e.g. the preposition out of
walk out of = leave a place
out of is quite similar to off but has different meaning
I walked UP to him. = I approached him
I walked AWAY from him = I escaped from him
I walked DOWN = I’m exhausted (with the meaning of decrease
I walked AROUND and etc.
As you can see, that’s pretty much easy as it seems

Wednesday, August 22nd 2018

Thanks alot

Wednesday, September 12th 2018

Hi James, hope you re fine. Please tell is that correct to address a group of people in the beginning of an email with Dears? For example which one of below mail starts are correct

1. Dears All,
2. Dears,
3. Dear All,

Friday, October 5th 2018

I just don´t understand why using “up” with some verbs knowing that the meaning doesn´t change, for example, “Close up”. Whether you use it or not doesn´t make any difference. In the sentences: “It´s time to close up the store” and “It´s time to close the store”. Is the second sentence wrong? And Why?

Wednesday, November 7th 2018

Mmm…a little bit difficult for me. But I shuold try!

Thursday, November 15th 2018

oh that is inevitable!

Wednesday, November 21st 2018

Hey guys, if someone wants to talk in English by FaceLive or Skype add maicou.brait10

Wednesday, January 16th 2019

Nice challenge, 7 of 10 is not too bad, thanks James you’re one of my favorites teacher, regard!!!

Wednesday, January 23rd 2019

Hi crew; nice to salute all of you, I’m very interested on practice my spaking with all of you if someone wants to have a funny conversations with me please let me know. I’m available through Skype, Facebook or What’sapp (52 + 0445552995209)

Wednesday, January 23rd 2019

hi crew they are they cracking love of enviroment love me out the now

Thursday, January 24th 2019

To be honest, I hate the grammar part of the English Language but I hope that this game tricks can help me out with this. I am desperate to learn the Grammar portion of the language, so hope that this kind of videos or lecture will help me to reduce the boringness on grammar. Thanks for making such kind of video.

Friday, March 8th 2019

Thanks, James^^.

Wednesday, May 8th 2019

9 of 10 😁 happy

Monday, May 20th 2019

I got 8 out of 10. Thanks James for the interesting way of teaching.

Tuesday, June 18th 2019

who do you want to practise with me?

Thursday, December 12th 2019

Thank you sir!!! I’ve love learning English👍🏿

Friday, February 21st 2020

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