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James, thanks!
Your pictures are always wonderful! Please, make just shots of them to download into computers of learners. Is it possible?
Good luck,

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    I’ve got 10 out of 10…thank you for this interesting lesson

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    U can take a screenshot from them

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interesting lesson,thanks

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An interesting lesson, I found it so helpful, thank you very much for this work

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thanx 4 da lesson n quiz


I got 10 out of 10 because I listened this video class. Thanks James.


i like it.

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Great lesson as always!

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Excellent explanation, thank you


Good class, i’d like to know about senses more!

Is there other videos about it here?


Ihave to care onather tim


thank you


yeah,my answers are all correct.

lin siew ong

excellent lesson ..i love the way of quiz..thanks 4 such nice work


Thanks Teacher..
Your creative way in teaching this lesson makes it as clear as crystal for me.



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You are really a good teacher,I love your class and I will join your cass next time. I’m from Taiwan and I’m fourteen years old. :))


Nice performance!:)


Very interesting lesson, thank you!

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    hello can ı meet you


9 out of 10 not bad. I’m learning!


Great lesson!!! Thank you very much:)I am Katerina from Greece.


    well done


      thank you James.you are an excellent teacher…more power and God bless you

      jeanila comenguez

this lesson is fun!


Mr. E looks like a worm here. You failed him James :D

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Thank you James!


Excellent Teachers!!! Thanks…


good, very good James. you teached and enjoyed me. thank you.

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this was very interesting lesson thanks

sayed noor

thanks for this topic i have learned a lot. and this could be the beginning of my English grammar improvement. i hope to finish all of the topics :D

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very good lessons and very intersting.i hope engvid will add more lessons in specially lessons about comprehension because in my opinion this is the most important step of learning english(comprehension)

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This video is simply awesome.
I am delighted after watching this video.

shivaji pawar

hi james,could you teach us a lesson about ADVERBS ENDING WITH (ly)?????? Sometimes i see sentences like (HE IS ACTING WEIRD),BUT ITS NOT SUPPOSED TO BE: HE IS ACTING WEIRDLY.


Nice lesson.I like Mr. E’s presentation.


james, you are really a master of English subject. i like the way to teach and also like your E friend. can you please come up with the video subject had been soon?


awesome freakin’ lesson. thank to Mr E n’ u.

Efrain Dominguez


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thank you so much for this amazing lesson …

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I didn’t believe that I did it. thank you very much I really recognise how to use this word in the correct way.


Good lesson, i got 9/10 in this quiz

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James you are brilliant
Thanks for the lesson


this is amazing! thanks


Great teacher and great lesson. I got 10/10 in this quiz and that is my first time.

Helena Lima

Great lession. Thanks Mr. James. Cuong – Vietnam


hi, i want to know people from other countries, who study english, but dont speak spanish
looking me for on facebook


i am Ahmad from of Afghanistan i whaching this web site always now i want explain these words thus,Rather ,whether ,even though ,by the way,whereas,therefore than just special to jame


great explanation about the different way of look it was gorgeos.I have learnt a lot of new different english items,Thanks

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it’s the first Time for me on this site. I love it. Thank you James


thanx alot ….very interesting lesson as usual


interesting lesson,thanks

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Great lession James i enjoyed but i have a question in this lession you mention the catch phrase of the rock ‘IF YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS COCKING’ what does this exactly mean?please reply me because i am so confuse?please…please…please reply soon


Awesome you’re a great teacher!

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Very good lesson James. you always made me feel with your classes. so good.


I have to admit for the first time ever. I got a good score and feels pretty good.

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Thanks, great lesson.

Marcelo Queiroz

thanks for this lesson my friend!

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Thanks buddy! Do you speak portuguese?

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Thank you James,
i like your lessons.
After I study English with your Lesson, I got all of the quiz so i am happy now.
Thanks again and have a happy day!

Paul kd kim

well done
All the best to you James


Very interesting !




Interesting lesson.Tax James


Great lesson. I like learning in this way.

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Thank you for the funny lesson!


Very good lesson as usual.
I got ten out of ten
Thanks alot.

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James, thank you.


interesting lesson as usual.


You got 10 correct out of 10.
:D (I always got perfect score from your quiz)
thanks James, you’re a great teacher




thank you Mr.E ive learn alot

shanice hodges

thanks alot

shanice hodges

Thanks, is a good explanation. I understood all.


Thank you very much James, for the class and for the quiz. All my answers were correct.

You’re hot too. :op


You got 10 correct out of 10.


I am sorry to leave a not related question here. Please delete it if it is inappropriate
If today is Wednesday (1/9), what will be the meaning of next Saturday?
4/9 or 11/9?

Profile photo of edwinmok edwinmok

    Probably 11/9. The 4th would be “this Saturday”. But in a conversation you’d probably ask to make sure.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      Really thanks for your kindly help.


Hi James!
Great lesson…I enjoy your lessons…keep doing your good work…
Take care

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i enjoy ur lesson………. thanks james


J’apprens l’anglais et j’aime bien vos leçons, merci


James you’re a great teacher, thanks to enjoing me


It is very interesting lesson

John Majok

Your heart is so funny beat.

James B

very good.thanks.


yes it is!!!!!!!!!!


The best lesson I’ve ever heard! It’s always interesting to listen You. Thank You for that :)


thank you that’s very interesting


I’ve got 10 out of 10…thank you for this interesting lesson.

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thanks james for your effective method


It’s so fun. Thanks for the good e-learning

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it’s so hard to me understand what his mean

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that’s was very helpful…..thanks a lot ….keep the good work !

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9 out of 10.
very useful


thank you so much I likes your quiz


sorry I mean I liked it.


thenk you for your lesson ,i really understand your cours, it was clear thenk you…

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That was the first time that I got a good score in your quiz


I like your way of teaching english you are a good teacher thank you


thanks James you’re the best teacher i learned with you glance and glare i did know before thanks


Thank u James, love u:)

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good one lesson. is there anyone interested about chating in english? just to keep practicing..


Awesome!!! I got 10/10

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Can be possible to Improve my Pronunciation and Vocabulary in just one week? How can I do that?

Profile photo of alejandra1204 alejandra1204

    Red Bull?

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

    Just kidding. It will be difficult, but if you really concentrate and practice, you can fix certain problems in your pronunciation in a short time. You can also use flash cards to study particular vocabulary.

    Profile photo of engVid engVid

      You stopped me! I was taking money to buy some Red Bulls hahahaha kidding =D, I know it’s difficult but I found a Method called “Shadowing” and is helping me a lot with my pronunciation, and about my vocabulary, this web site is helping me too! Also I’m practicing shadowing with this videos! This web site is the best! Thanks for that!

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great lesson. thank so much :)


It is very interesting, I like to hear many time. Thank you very much.

Hung Nguyen

Hello James! Thanks a LOT for your lessons! You explain everything very clear. And couldn’t you make a good video about the Gerund and Infinitive,because I couldn’t find a good one here. Thank you very much


Hey James, Nice class buddy! Keep uploading videos…lol

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thank you


I liked everything that you say. I took 100 in the quiz, you explain very well teacher. Thanks a lot for help me.

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you are very very good english teacher i have ever had.i enjoy laugh and learning more in same time.its very interesting. thanks a lot.and sorry for my mistakes :) Like you

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yaaay I got 10 correct out of 10.

thanks James for the lesson. :)


Great lesson, thank you very much !!!

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9/10. I’ve got a mistake with 7th because I don’t realize a newword “scent” and cologne. But now, it’s add to my dictionary with meaning about perfume. Thanks James. :D


Thank you keep in touch mr James

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thank you very much mr.james


Thank you.6 of 10 :(


I like soo much your way to explain, James…your lessons really helps me..Thanks


thanks mr. james.you have the greatest teaching quality in all over the world
PLEASE keep teaching

dheerendra singh

thank u …

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Wow, you know what! you are one of my favorite teacher <3 good job :)

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great james!! you are magic– i could sniff you–:-))


James you are the best. Thank


it´s funny i know all that but i dont think about it when i talk & write “eng” i´m better to understand “eng” then i am to write it but i get better over time mostly sins i writing with alot of ppl all over the world

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you could’ve made harder evaluation tests.


Thanks about new information

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Why are Your eyes so sad?


All of you are very interesting, but I have a good time with JAMES, as a teacher he is the most. how can I get the teaching guide?
Thank you all.

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Thank you from the bottom of my heart


thank you very much wonderful lesson.


Thank you for your lesson, I want to ask something, Are there any Forum where I can Speak with people in English, with a microphone, to improve my pronunciation in this webside or any other webside, I will apreciate your answer, I am very interested in improve my English, I almost don’t have free time, is why is imposible to me go a classroom, I prefer to use the internet . I always have free time I use it for learn English. Thank You once again.


Very good!!!


I have a question… the word ‘class’ is similar to overview or grasp? For example: He has a good class about the political situation in his country.
= He has a good overview of the situation???
thanks in advance for explanation…

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The best, very nice and funny.


From Brazil


Thank you James . I got 10/10 . that was super powerful . Go a head =))


Amazing lessons ^^


many vocabulary and a lot of synonyms.
in my opinion, this is the lecture to build language of character. James like as Picasso, interesting idea.


good lesson

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A great lesson from you Mr james
Thank you so much

Omar Hesham

wow, thanks teacher a lot. This video is so amazing with interesting images, sounds and lively explantions. I really love it. Actually I got 10 out of 10, making me more motivated to learn English. Thanks again


interesting lesson,thanks


really thanks


I like it.thanks


I liked this lesson. thank you.

fang qiang

Thank you so much but I’d love you to pay attention for reading skill because actually many of students suffer from it so please do something for it….
sorry I made a mistake my Email is yahoo not Hotmail… sorry again


amaaaaazing, thanks for effort

Eslami Lashen


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thank you very much, i got 10 /10


Interesting lesson; thank you :)

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Cool you, cool lesson! My time’s been spent with great pleasure and much useful information in my head now! Thank you.

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Dear James you are the best teacher I ever had, I am a Mexican English student and I have learned a lot with your classes. God bless you. Besides you are very handsome. Thank you Consuelo from Monterrey, Mexico


it was a quite sensory lesson)) Many thanks!

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Hi! Nice explanations. (Rio de Janeiro- Brazil)

Edinaldo Pereira Dos Santos

It’s very good lesson.James my favourite tutor cos’ he such funny and have a friend Mr. E. And I have a question – all these quizes have been the thought up by tutors or by some other people, huh?

Ivan all might

Many thanks! Nice to be here by learning English with you and enjoy at the same time. Congratulations!

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Your drawings always freak me out! This one looks like that ugly creature from Pan’s Labyrinth

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James, you are amazing teacher, thank you great lesson, i enjoyed it so much…congratulations lets will do more…..



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very interesting. thanks a lot

the noble

Excelent, I love your videos !

Thanks a lot :)

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thank you james


Good one teacher ! When you said “dead fish” means a sex joke right ? lol
And by the way you’re funny I liked the part when you said CHAO haha!!
thanks for the lesson.

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Thank you James, you’re a great teacher, I’m really learning with your videos.


Great lesson. Thanks teacher!


Great job James! I learned a lot:D


you are the best english teacher I have ever seen o.o

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very funny, interesting lesson, thank you very much

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this verbs are involved in so called state verbs to express someone’s thought or believe


I wish I could get all English phrases the moment I “hear” it so don’t have to HARDLY pay attention to “listen” to it, though I do but don’t get all of it in the end !! Is my clause make any sense ? thanx James :)

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You got 8 correct out of 10 .. :)

This smells like a bad situation .. Hmm!!

Thanks a lot Dear Sir!!!

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Thanks James for making English easier and enjoyable. Honestly, i have been using the English language only for academic purposes not for communication. Since I started watching ur vid , I have found it interesting . The way u give ur lecture is brilliant


You are the ONE !!!!!!!! Great , GREAT GREAT esamples, great explanation, great teacher!!


hey dude , u r my best teacher here , ur sense of humor , the way u teach , u rock james , keep it up man :)


really, really nice lesson :)

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very interesting lessen thanks, go on…


very interesting as learning way



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love it

Profile photo of henrahidayat henrahidayat

thank you James

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Thank you James. You always look so energetic and it is so interesting watching your video!

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Thanks for your interesting lesson, Jame.
I confuse a little about “taste” word. Please help me to understand the second and third meaning of “taste”. Thank you so much

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Thank you for your good lesson, you’re funny and fantastic teacher! ^^

Profile photo of nguyenluan nguyenluan

Dear James:

I have been watching your videos, and I could hardly be more impressed. I love the way you teach; you always find some significantly animated ways of explaining whatever you need to. I am an ESL teacher myself and I must admit that I have learned a great deal from you. It might even be fair to say, I believe, that besides being a wonderful ESL teacher, you could be a terrific animator on TV.

The question I would like to ask you is why “focus” is not a word that is related to sight. I know it could be related to hearing when you talk about someone listening to someone else and focusing only on certain points that concern him or her for some reason. But when looking at a whole picture, someone might also focus only on something in particular.

As a matter of fact, one of my children had a focusing problem, and whenever I talked to some professionals about it, our conversation was mostly related to sight. He also had some auditory processing problems, but we discussed them as something else that had nothing to do with focusing. In any event, my son is now an adult and those problems have been resolved, but it would be very surprising for me to believe that I have been living with a misconception for such a long time.

Please get back to me with some kind of response; I look forward to hearing from you.

Ernesto Simon

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Thanks, James.

This lesson was terrific!! The greatest lesson!

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this is a helpful lesson. thank you buddy.

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9/10! I made mistake at the 1st question

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god .. i got 6 of 10 :(

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It is a wonderful class,and I love it!I watch the lesson everyday which can improve my English.Thanks!

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hello Vini 19! what place is this picture of ships from? Is it Santos?

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I really don´t understood this video and none of the SENSES.In especial the TASTE.Could anyone help me?

Profile photo of grazisil13 grazisil13

Assalamu Alaykum mr.
james my name is Khamza, now I`m 16 years old I live in Tashkent it`s the capital of UZBEKISTAN may be you know it? This year I finished school and entered liceum of orental studieds I`m watching your lesson your lessons are very interesting and some times funny and I`m going to teach little children as you do smth. like your way of stadying if you agree of course I`m looking forward to your answer. My native language is UZBEK so if I have any mistaces

Profile photo of khamza khamza

wow, i got 100% ,,,,,
thank you

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thanks for your lesson.

Profile photo of nguyenhuudo nguyenhuudo

you are very funny and clever too.
thank you for your lesson

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Thanks a lot, James for this useful lesson!!! :)

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very good losses thank you very much

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very good lessons thank you very much mister js

Profile photo of saedo saedo

this lesson was useful ,,,thank you ..

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    this lesson was useful ,,,thank you ..

    Profile photo of lama mourad lama mourad


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Just to give you a wee thanks for your effort as such a good teacher. I am learning and correcting lots of mistakes in my english thanks to you.
Carry on with your great work

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thank you very much

Profile photo of ahmad moh ahmad moh

The Greatest lesson!!!I am so grateful!!!

Profile photo of Iamhere. Iamhere.

You have good teachnic for teaching in this class. Thanks a lot.

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OMG!! I can’t believe that you’ve forgotten Mr.E.
that’s shocking from you James.
Honestly that was very very joyful lesson it was so deep full of smart and intelligent ideas thank you ,,I got 90% at the quiz but didn’t sound bad for me.
I’ll continue tasting the beauty of English with you engvid’ teachers.

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Thank you very much James! it was a very good and interesting lesson!

Profile photo of fenitra fenitra

Ok, 100 %. Thank you James again.

Profile photo of alpido24 alpido24

Thanks james .. this lesson doesn’t smell bad at all :D

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James I think that you are great teacher thanks for all

Profile photo of jessokan jessokan

Thank you James.

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Very nice indeed lesson. It has been interesting lesson. I pay my respect to you. H

Profile photo of Briklend Handersson Briklend Handersson

Wonderful lesson. Thank you.

Profile photo of Abhi Abhi

I like your videos , they’re not only informative but so interesting ….
I’d like to ask something about phrasal verbs and especially the verbs we use with (up/down…)
it sounds to me they have the same meaning when they’re without phrases ,
like ( write down the answer ) and ( write the answer )
and ( listen ), (listen up)
I want to know what the phases change in meaning when we add them to the verbs

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Profile photo of Sampower Sampower

I knew almost everything you explained but I loved this lesson! You’re so much fun! :’)

Profile photo of alestel alestel

thank you that s was funny

Profile photo of noaf noaf

This video is about twelve minutes, but when you watch it goes throuth so fast and already finished. Thanks I UNDERSTAND each explanation about our senses.

Profile photo of Koblandy Koblandy

I like the way you use it to link the words
I had a great time watching this video ,
thank you a lot Mr.James .

Profile photo of lightnor lightnor

I love your VDO. It was interested.Thanks James. 👍🏽👍🏽

Profile photo of may2y may2y

Very good lesson! It is very important to know that verbs that represent the sensations of the body can, in multiple situations, be used to communicate to someone our understanding about some something. It helps us to improve our vocabulary.

Profile photo of danieldejesus danieldejesus

Thanks so much I really appreciate it, I understand very well the way you guys teaching, all of you the best and got wontherful experience .

Profile photo of Habib2020 Habib2020

These sense verbs are always very useful, like “to taste”, “to touch”, “to see”, “to smell” and “to hear”, we see them in the majority of our conversations and readings, but I think teacher James has a special attention to the verb “to smell” because I have noted it with all of the meanings in the questionary. Thanks a lot, teacher James, it has been a lesson with many flavours.

Profile photo of angardiobel angardiobel

The best thing is it , you are touching me heart . I got 100% i smell a good situation

Profile photo of ALKEBSEE ALKEBSEE

hi everyone, glad to be here, hugues from argentina…the lessons are great!!!

Profile photo of javi82 javi82

You got 9 correct out of 10.

thank you so much.

Profile photo of M kartal M kartal

Thanks James for a good lesson!

Profile photo of Alex-1956 Alex-1956

cool, i love your the way that you’re teaching.

Profile photo of omerblackforever omerblackforever

could you plz recommend for intermediate books to read .. i hope you responce .. thanks

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