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If I don’t have enough patience, it is my fault. I can’t blame others for it. I am responsible for all of my acts.


Not always easy to be patient.


i got 9/10, this lesson you improved your audio and i listen more clearly so easily understand. Thank James

nguyen van long

It’s my responsiblity to watch EngVid videos, because it will be my fault if I don’t learn English and I can’t blame anyone.

Thank you, James…!!

Jakub Alvarez


    Naw Ring

Im responsible for preparing a meal for my husband,but he wont blame me if i dont because he loves me

tasneem harasis

Thank you


This video is really understandable. Thanks for share your knowledge


Dear Mr James, I noticed you did a mistake in writing the responsability definition on the board. It’s a “part” of a job and not a “past” of a job. But don’t worry, I don’t have the authority to condemn you for the error. You are absolved and I thank you to be such a glorious teacher able to create amazing lessons from everything. I really appreciate


Our responsibility as English students is to thank you for this lesson. Otherwise, it would be our fault not to do it.
Thanks a lot James!!


it is not easy to be responsible to raise a kid
I think it’s not your fault, I absolve you
it is a glitch in your career life

heba gamal ali

the boss accuses him because he was the last one leave.

heba gamal ali

Really helpful! Thanks.


I am responsible for not being very good in speaking English because this is my fault as i did not tried to learnt it, so I can not blame anyone else.


It is my fault if I am not learning English faster. I blame myself for being irresponsible about it.

Linda Sutter

Thank you James !


thank you Mr. James


Nice video, thank you James!


Hi everyone. thank you james!I can improve our English. yes I can.

Geminid meteor shower

thank you james


this video helped me a lot. Thanks James


I got 10/10 in the Quiz


if i cannot make me goal, it is my responbility, not others’ fault.

Austin Chen

8/10, Nices video, in my opinión You teach brilliantly.


They blame me because it’s my fault not to give them the suitcase.
You should take responsibility for what you’ve done.
Mike points the finger at Tom for ruining his date ight.
Sam responsbility is to tell people there are some dangerous animal in the zoo
You’ve made an error so it’s your responsibility to fix it


Thank you, James, I learned a lot.

Myron Lee

it’s my responsibility now to do the quiz and please don’t blame if i did mistake cause mistakes happen , thank you :)

mawada ssaaad

Hi :) can someone explain to me why in question “To be “responsible” means to be” have to be “an authority” instead of “accountable”? Both of them fit in my opinion and I have been confused.


    In my mind responsible and accountable mean exactly the same. Authority is the legal right to give the command, order or instruction.
    Responsibility is the outcome of authority.
    Please don’t blame me if I am wrong.


Thank you James. Great lesson like always. Don’t blame anybody for own faults. Take responsibility for your live and start improve English. This is extra, what I took from this lesson.


Thanks. Ms.James. I think improving my English ability is your responsibility. So if I can’t speak like a native speaker, I blame you. No, No, sorry . This is my fault, I always blame someone.


Even though I have a responsibility to take care of my family, It’s my fault not to be a good son. So, don’t blame me for everything.


best regards,James
hi from Kazakhstan 22Nov2021


I’m responsible for myself. Thank James

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