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Hi, James! Thank you for that lesson. It will be very usuful for me. I have found a English speaker partner (I am very glad for it) and we had a conversation on the last Saturday. That was amazing! But we will have a conversation on the next Saturday again and I was very apprehensive about what say but right now, later your lesson, I know what to talk about. Thanks a million, James!


    5/7 :) 71


teacher, Are you okay?

Elisson Saldanha

your lesson is truly hard, i don’t understand everything. I send your lesson to my friend living in America, she is an american, she said sometimes i have to listen again to understand, so i understand your videoclip don’t for student that give for native english speaker, because you speak too fast and your voice is very difficult to understand sometimes is small sometimes louder that make us don’t reach your speed speak, many word and phrase we can not listen them, so i’d like you should choose the topic is easier, if the topic hard you should make the video shorter, i think about 10 mimutes or shorter, anyway thank James, hope the next your lesson i have motivation to listen whole it

nguyen van long

Thanks James!


Hi James! I think these are interesting ideas, and you explain it in a very interesting way James, what make me think there’s a lot of other ways that we can use it in the same principle being natural as you said. That’s it! Here we go! Joking!
Thank you for this helpful lesson mr James!
Bonus section answers:
3)don’t ask


It’s an amazing lesson! I always like your teaching method and your funny movements.

Antara Rani Sarkar

1. Morals
2. Attraction
3. Don`t ask


    3000 points!!






good again


Hello, James! How are you?
I hope you are very well.
Your classes are great! Thanks for sharing your knowledge and wisdom.

(Francisco Cesar – Sapiranga, RS, Brazil)


5 out of 7


wow wonderful lesson as usual, Thanks for your help.

Seif Eldawla

    Hi doing


Thank you!


Can (far) be used with both time and distance?
Can I say far expiry date/ or far appointment/ far school?
What’s the best way to express that?

Shaimaa Nabil

It’s an amazing style to teach sir ,, God bless you


Hello James, I’m glad to find a dynamic class to learn how to start a conversation and go further with another speaker.

Thanks for sharing your knowledge.


Thank you James, I like to learn from you


Answer 1) moral 2) attraction 3) Don’t ask.

Shivam Parmar

Very riveting!


Thanks for sharing ?


Hello James, thank you very much for the excellent teaching. Your lessons are always amazing and challenging for me, a Chinese lady, especially you speak rather fast, but I need such a challenge and it’s also a way to improve my listening.

My homework is
1) Telling a lie is a deal-breaker for me, I can’t accept it.
2) Kristen Stewart is my celebrity crush.
3)Don’t ask a lady this question even in our Chinese culture, except that there is a very close relationship between you and her.


Great Class! I learned a lot and also had fun! LoL Congrats James!!


Thanks, James. You´re awesome.


your my favorite teacher in Engvid


thank you for lesson.


thanks for the lesson i got 86 scores before is 44


Thanks again Mr.Smile ;)


That was amazing, thanks! I have the superb lesson.


Thanks for your time the quiz was easy to be honest and fun and I got 7 correct out of 7.

Erick Young

Very interesting, as usual. Thank you !


    Thankyou James!


86 You got 6 correct out of 7.

Ehsan Abbasi

Thank sir,it was really good listening to you


James, thank you a lot, it was an excellent explanation of the topic. I enjoyed watching the lesson


7/7 :p your way of teaching is amazing!


thanks James ?


1. Morals.
2. Attraction.
3. Don’t ask.

Thanks James!


I have been studying English at EngVid since March, 2022 and now we are in may, 2022. I have planned on watching almost each video here in beginner level at first in order to evolve my listening skills as I focused on just reading and spelling in the past.
I’d start focusing on speaking skills at the end of 2022.

I’m writing this as a way to find a fruitful language partnership to enhance my speaking skills in the future as it’s possible that someone would like to read this in the coming months from now.
My priority is an academic and formal English as I need English to develop myself scientifically and in career aspect at first.

Kindly feel free to talk to me whenever you read this and whatever a reason might be, I’m excitedly interested in exchanging knowledge and experience.
You’ll know how to reach me once you click on my picture here besides this comment.

I have started to number videos I watch here, and this is the eleventh one. Hopefully I can reach more than 1000 as soon as possible.

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