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thank you so Much dear brother
may allah bless you

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    i got 80% and i am happy.

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      yeah, me too, but I´m not happy at all


      I got 100% correct! Thank you teacher ))

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    Hello there. I have read in a grammar book I purchased that subjunctive mood should be used in condition of uncertainty. Example. If she have the money, she will make it in the city.
    I used to use has for the third person. I would like to clarify this, because there are some English novels which use has instead of have. :)


Why I must use “I have seen Star Wars 188 times so far!” and I can’t use “I saw Star Wars 188 times so far!”

What is the difference here?


    As I know, It’s possible to say in American English. But it’s better to use Present Perfect, because you’ve seen Star Wars 188 times BEFORE the moment of speech.

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    Because SO FAR shows you probably will see this movie more times. SAW indicates that you dont want to see it anynmore

    Claudio Santos

    cause if you notice ‘so far’ its not an acction that you have finished, so you can continue watching the movie more than 188 times if you want, but if you say I saw that start wards 188 times. its a fact you saw it, you can continue but you don’t let the other person know that. I don’t know if you understand it’s hard to explain it :( but just because it has ‘so far’ you know its ‘I’ve seen’. hope this help D:

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    Because ‘I’ve seen’ is the present perfect simple form (not past simple) and as you can see, this action is not finished in the past.. you are still alive and you are able to watch Star Wars more times… Thus, you have to use ‘have seen’ because the action is still happening in a certain way..


    these explanations are kind of difficult. Just memorize: when something has happened in the past and you want to say that this is ALREADY happened (you have this EXPERIENCE) until now – than use this PP form.
    So, in your example it means that you not just saw it 188 times but you’ve seen it ALREADY 188 times in your life.

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    because if you did something over twice, you had to use “present perfect”

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    Because the time is not specified (in the last week, yesterday, in the last year). I think …. It’s present perfect. . . . . Take care

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great bro >>>

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    good work ….
    thank you so much..

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James, your explanations are very clear, you speak fast but I understand.

Mark Spinish

Hi James,
Thanks You.

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i wanted to see that movie..or.. i wanted to saw that movie. which one is correct ?


    Infinitive: I wanted to see.




I understood almost complete lesson, I have improve my English for good.Thank you Mr. James.

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O man thank you !!!


it was pretty useful, thanks teacher youre one of the best.


I am improving my english. We love you james. You are simply awesome.

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thank you, Mr James for the lesson you made. no more stupid mistakes.


Thank u mr james for help us to learn more
But i have some problem when i want to save some vocablry
And when i can use it
Your student :p khaled

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How about this one?

-Hey Johnny! We got a problem?

In formal conversation I’d use
-Johnny, we’ve got a problem.
-Johnny, we have a problem.

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    I would prefer use ‘have’ instead of ‘have got’ because ‘have’ means an ‘experience’ (ex.: Houston, We have a problem). On the other hand, ‘have got’ indicates ‘posses’ or something you have (ex.: I’ve got a headache)


      In BE I’d say I have got. In AmE it’d be I have. Both of them are correct.
      I have a headache. I’ve got a headache. I have a sister. I’ve got a sister.

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thanks, ciao


Thanks a lot, James!
Useful as ever!

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Most of Rap & R’n’B lyrics have all type of that mistakes but It doesn’t make songs worse.

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10 out of ten, not bad for a thicko like me, lol

mike moczyk

love you Mr. James for your interesting lessons


I love your interesting lessons Mr. james <3

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wait a minute, justin bieber is a moron? “if i was your girlfriend”?


I can notice you are a very good teacher, but you speak so fast… it’s really hard for me to understand your lessons :( I know I must improve this point. Thank you anyway.

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Hi, James. Your lessons are great. Thanks a lot! By the way I got perfect your quiz. Yeah!

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Thanks a lot )))

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Hi James,
I am improving my english. You are simply awesome. I like you a lot!
Thanks You very much!


Thank You Sir


I am going to have a professional language exam on Friday in advanced level.I am eager to know how much you helped me in the past few months…I really love these videos, I have learnt by many ways, but I think this website is one of the best what people actually could created.You and Ronnie are amazing teachers.I have no doubt about it.I recommended you for my all friends and now they have been watching it since I told them to.:)I admire your work, and you inspired me for matriculating to a University where I can become a professional E.teacher.Hope one day I will be as good and succesfull teacher as you are right now..FINGER CROSS GUYS PLS:)


thank you Mr.James it’s very useful lecture .

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thank you
you speak so fast .please write more clear on board


Hi James! Thanks for the lesson!) Could you make lesson about when we must use ” like “, ” how “, ” as “, please? I thought about that and it doesn’t leave me anymore =)

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Thanks James

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Hi!James….. in this sentence
My brother Jack,who lives in Holland, is a teacher.
Why you can’t use (that) instead of who.

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    actually you could use ‘that’ but he is a person and ‘that’ sounds quite informal to refer to person. It’s more polite use ‘who’ in this case. Use ‘that’ to talk about things


      i think we do not use ” that” here because of reason: firstly, the clause adds more information for subject, we can delete it but does not affect to content of the whole sentence. and one rule here is whenever you see one clause is put between comma, do not use ” that”.

      dao thi hien

THANK YOU , I catch all the leccion I will learn more


Thanks Heitor the sentence I wrote is relative clause with extra information.That is why uoy can’t use (that) neither for people nor for animals and things. the question is the cause for this situation.
thanks again.

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thank you so much,you are the best :)

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what’s the meaning of “so far”? I don’t that expression.


    it means: up until now.
    Since some time ago until the present moment.

    So far, so good!


I blew the eight question, I’m miserable :(

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Thank you so much, it was really useful. I was interested in it.
Please, can you make a lesson about English in the news about those vocabularies that are used in the news. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Kind regards

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I love it so much; omg,i wish it came to me or i found it 20 years ago. i would understand, read and write a whole lot better than now. however, it’s never too late, i still can gain a lot benefit from it for my daily life. Dear all Teachers, please accept my truly appreciation and gratitude, again thanks a million and more. love you all my heroes.


I wanna know something, we shouldn´t use “ain´t” and “seen it” because these are incorrect or what?

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thank you but l like watching ema’s lessons’


Thank you Teacher.


Hi teacher. I’ve got 9 correct out of 10. I made a mistake in the first question. why “I have seen you before” was correct?

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10 correct out of 10 – Thomas from Poland thx

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Hi Teacher.I love the way you explain and in a good way you are really funny!
Thank you for help to improve my english!

Jackeline Mateus

Thanks for the lesson


Thanks a lot Mr. James . I’ve got 8 correct any way waiting for more lessons from you . once thanks a lot .

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Hi James. Thanks for this interesting lesson, you are helping a lot to improve my English skills. This simple lesson showed me how much I need to study more to be fluent in English.


Hello,Teacher Jame This is a great lesson
thank you very much.


OK, but natives use a contraction.
I’ve seen it …
and you can hear : I seen it …
because a consonant V is not loud enough.
Teachers want us to speak: I have
because even natives have a problem, they can not hear the consonant V too.

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thank you so much
Igot 10 of 10 Iam so happy


Hi James, why do you speak so quickly when you explain something for BEGINNERS? I can understand that if you speak to INTERMEDIATE or ADVANCED people. But BEGINNERS are just beginners and do not understand so much.


hi teacher James! I’ve been watching your video on youtube many time. I understand them all fully. Today I have 01 question not related to your topic. Can you help me? I hope ^^ I watch a movie. they said to each other ” and the meek shall inherit the earth” I dont understand

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    Hi Chocon6,
    The meek shall inherit the earth means the weaklings will inherit the earth, however that is not the case:

    The MIGHTY will inherit the earth!
    I think that will help.


      Thanks Amarsohal! Actually, the conversation was in a church. So I think they mean “The Meek” are those who is holy, blessed….


Hi please el nivel 1


you are awesome..I am thankful…


Excellent web page. It`s going to be very useful for my English class ;)

Micky Arreaga

Thank you. Your explanation comparing good and bad were great to learn. Your class is great!!




Plz teach us some real street English for listening purpose. We don’t understand what native speakers say just because of informal English. All we learn from books and dictionary and from school is formal English. We have zillions of grammar books and dictionaries in our country but we have nothing on street or colloquial English. We even clearly understand IPA(international phonetics alphabet). The more it is informal the more it is our problem. Informal pronunciation and informal styles of speaking are our main problems. Plz, we want to learn English naturally the way some of us learn Hindi naturally from TV shows, Movies and Songs. We don’t learn grammar of Hindi language for listening purpose. Note that Hindi is our second language for some people in Bangladesh.
learning a language naturally is the ultimate clue,not learning formally. Once again plz, the more you guys try to teach us formally the more we get problem. Our English is like a sky-scrapper with no good foundation!! I believe you have understood our problems.


Hello Mr James ! I got 100%. I am so happy. Thank you for the lesson.


Hello, Thank you for quiz


hi Mr james thanks very much >>..

just for me

Dear James,
I am very happy to be an engvid student especially your’s.I always watch your amazing lessons.I am a student in class 12th and i have some problem in writing letters mainly the body part so can we have a lesson on this-HOW TO WRITE THE BODY OF THE LETTER DEPENDING ON THE TYPE OF LETTER WHETHER FORMAL or INFORMAL.


He is a grate English teacher and his way is amazing…


Thank you so much..this lesson really help to understand the street english…and speak a better english…thanks again

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Very good. Thanks James


I ain’t gonna teach “stupid mistakes” to my esl students! Promise! haha. Love you James. I’m actually sharing this link with them :)


It’s a little difficult with me.I got 50 percent.


9/10 :(( I’m regret that I didnt read one qst carefully and I missed it T___T

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It was just amazing, ur the best dude

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I got 10 out of 10
I’m so happy


Dear James,
I am very happy to be an engvid student especially your’s.I always watch your amazing lessons.I am a student in class 12th and i have some problem in writing letters mainly the body part so can we have a lesson on this-HOW TO WRITE THE BODY OF THE LETTER DEPENDING ON THE TYPE OF LETTER WHETHER FORMAL or INFORMAL.


Thank you Mr.James, to making clear how to use P.P!


You are awesome Mr. James. You could turn a moron into a genius. ^^ you’re a great teacher!

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very nice and i think is to late
and i think is good
very beatiful like me


Wow, I’ve got 90%!!! Thank you so much for this amazing lessons. Frankly speaking, I’ve learnt much more from your videos, than from my school lessons!!!

Mary Lazaridou

I saw this site today. I will try to get more video to improve my English.

Akbar Ali

Thank you, Mr. James. Very goog!


Hello James, my names is Alan and I’m From Brazil. Thank you so much for that lesson, I finally learned the “Past Participle”, because you explained very good. By the way, thank you for everything.Thank you again. I’m here every day learning more and more.

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Hello James ! I’ve enjoyed this fine lesson.
Another topic maybe: than instead of that, and vice versa? (Or has this already been dealt with?)

John Borup

thank you

ahmed salah

Thanks Mr. James
this was my first lesson on engvid and i learn a lot.

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I think you must teach only ADVANCED students. Are you sure that this is an intermediate class? You speak very fast and I don’t like your way of teaching because you are a snob.

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    Are you serius? If I WERE you I just wouldn’t watch his video anymore. It’s simple.

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Thank you for the teaching. I realize your English videos are very instructive at all.

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Usefull lesson! Thanks a lot

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Hey! thank you very much your lesson was so amazing i enjoyed it !!
moreover i really like your method
you made us feel funny


Thanks for being a great teacher.

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I inspired your wonderful english lessons . I hope that tomorrow
My speaking english better than now.
Thanks a lot.


James, you are one of my favorite Teacher of EngVid.
Thank you for being so helpful.


Thanks, it was really good. And thanks a lot because of the free video we can watch, which mach my expectations. I mean I really want to improve my english. So thx


hello James
i saw your 1st lession, its really good, but i can’t understand, because i am punjabi, i am new in canada. i am totally zero in english. i check my english lavel, my lavel is 2. help me pls. i got 3 out of 10. tell me but i can do to improve my english.

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You are a great teacher! Thank you so much for help me to improve my English! Every day I learn more and more with you.

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    You are a great teacher! Thank you so much for help me to improve my English! Everyday I learn more and more with you.

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Thank you guys from EngVid….

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Thank you!
I have 100 %
I’m from Russia. I leran English by myself.
Your lessons are helping.


Thanks James! Thank you EngVid team.

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i saw engvid day before yesterday and from now on wards i decided it to watch regularly. and this my first comment hoping there will b no mistake in it.


thanks James, I got 10 correct out of 10 in the quiz!! I´m so happy for this :)


Thank so much . I got 9 0f 10. I am very happy.


Thank you…


Hi James, thanks you


Hmmm, I’m a bit confused now , what about this
* If I was your boyfriend, I’d never let you go * Justin Biber’s song ( Boyfriend) LOL .??

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    i dont listen to that kid but i took a look to that song and you were right , i am confused too

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      i haven’t listened this song before but in my viewpoint I guess native speakers don’t actually use almost of grammar as you know they dun care to use it in most of their talking But as James said i assure you it’s the right to say if i were you

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Jerry Nerzz

90. thanks.


nice brother , i just have a little problem with ain’t

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Useful and fun at the same time! I like engVid videos!


. I ______ it last week. It ______ that good.
seen, ain’t
seen, wasn’t
saw, ain’t
saw, isn’t
have seen, ain’t
have seen, isn’t

in this question if i use have seen,isn’t.
Then why it is wrong can anybody tell me plsssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss.I am very keen to know answer of this

rajpal yadav

    As I know. It’s because that sentence uses the time signal “last week” and it’s mean that happen in the past, so you must use the past tense not the present perfect tense. CMIIW :)

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Hi James ,thanks a lot for helping us in improving english.
God bless you.


thank you!!!!!!

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Great lessons James, thank you.

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Hi James, thank you for the lesson. It has been very interesting…

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Thanks))) It was great lesson

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Thanks James,

For this lesson:)




cool!! this is fantastic. a better way to practice the grammar.


strong !

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u talk too fast, bat i understand


Thanks, James! You are so funny


thank you so much for the lesson


Hi James. Not that I’m from the south or Detroit, but I heard that The Green Hornet ain’t that good.


Hi James. I was joking when I said ain”t.


Hahahaha LOL(laugh out loud)

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10. I _______ Star Wars 188 times so far!
have seen
“Have seen” is correct
But i don’t understand why is correct *^*
why i shouldn’t say” saw” with the sentence?
Thank you ^^

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    “so far” means till now
    In video, he said that the simple past has no connection to the present.
    Another reason is that he used ” …. times”, I think when u do something many times in the past, u have to use the past participle but I’m not sure. :)

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      Thank you reem! I actually get it all now

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… Why it’s** correct ?

sorry -.-“

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Got 100%. Piece of cake!

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I did 70% need pratic a little more. James you’re incredible. Just loving your class. Thanks

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Thank You very much!!!

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Mr. James could you explain this sentence,please?
– James ain’t the only teacher on Engvid.
Why is it incorrect? What does ain’t mean?


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ok. *
80 % THNX

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Hey !! Good job
But I’m still confused , ‘Coz I don’t know if ( have seen) and ( saw ) have the same meaning .
can you tell me wha

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    what is the different between them ?

    Profile photo of vixi vixi

      I think there are Past simple and present perfect. But about ‘If’ and ‘would’ I am not good adviser!

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    Have seen – present perfect(has relation with present things, events, no heeds to point exact time of action more important result)
    saw-past simple(has no relation with present and is related only with past events, needs to point the exact time of action)
    American usuallly use only past simple instead of present perfect
    British both

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LOL you are so funny and I like the way you teach English :)

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MR. James I have a questions; What are these mean, Lista’s, its, it’s
Also can you please teach us how to use the transitions word in writing or speaking :) thank you

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I saw him do it
saw is past tense right
but how come they didn’t use did word instead they use do
explain please

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Hi, James. I am one among the students who try learning English. If you don’t mistake me, let me express my view. You speak fast and your tone changes that I find difficulty to follow. In the good interest of fellow students can you please help us.

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luv that one – James ain’t the only teacher on EngVid. in case it’s incorret – he is the only one)

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Im :)
Thx 4 the vid james!

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Cool video

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Nice lesson James! Using “were” when talking about possibilities is very interesting. Is it applicable for the other subjects like he, she and it too, besides I? For example: If she were single I would invite her to go out. Is this sentence right? Thanks

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Thank you so much James ! You’re so funny… Engvid is the best way to learn english. Now, i love not to know.

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I don’t going to see american movies anymore……

I’m kidding…….

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guess what?? I got 10 on 10 isn’t it good thanks James

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thanks a million James I admire u

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you have an easy way to pass the point to the students.
It was a good lesson.
Thank you alot =)

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thanks teacher .

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Hi james.
Thanks for the video. It was really helpful to me. Thumbs up !! :)
Could you tell me what does mean irony? Because it’s hard to find a simple definition.

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I have seen this lesson! And I leked it/ Decouse it help me! Thank you I try to improve me writing skills by such way (writing comments). Before it was dificult to understand James. I thought he speaks very fast, but today I understood every think, THANK YOU very much! And please explane me how to use words usually, always, sometimes, often, seldom and other. THANK YOU again!

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I got 100! it is interesting!

Profile photo of ZhanarZhenis ZhanarZhenis

I got 100 too.

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I got 9 of 10. I need to be more attentive. I did a very stupid mistake.

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i got 10 correct out of 10,thank you my dear james.

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10 correct :) Thank you so much James! You are the best english teacher I know!

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Hi. I discovered this website out of the blue, and I have been watching your fantastic lessons. You’re a really good teacher and a really good comedian :-) Thank you for teaching me.

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This lesson made me want to watch the movie The Green Hornet, so i did. The movie is not bad at all though.

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Thanks I got 60%.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

okay, so James,
you think all the rappers are stupid ?

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Thank you!!!

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i think you should do a video about past participial.

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I think there is a little mistake in question 7. Instead of “I saw him do it” it should be “I saw him doing it”. Thanks.

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Thank you!!

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perfect!!! thank you james…

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i got 100 :D

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i got 10 correct out of 10.. thank you so much :)

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100% Very goooood

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im confused with these saw and have seen. when should i use saw and why i should use have seen.

and another one. why i should use “have seen” instead of “had seen”. what is the different…? and “had had” how come it has double had in one sentence? and also ive heard that it even can be “had had had” so it has triple had in one sentence. it become more confusing. looking forward for the answers.

every single explanation will be appreciated. thanks.

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♥♥♥♥♥the way you teach using gestures and face language is great. but your lesson ain’t that good enough, sorry I’m joking.

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♥♥♥♥♥the way you teach using gestures and face language is great. but your lesson ain’t that good enough, sorry I’m joking.

Profile photo of lachgar lachgar

tq again i got 9/10

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. I SAW_______ Star Wars 188 times so far! or . I _HAVE SEEN__ Star Wars 188 times so far!

?????? Is it any difference?

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I got a 100 but #8’s “correct” answer is actually not correct.

I ______ it last week. It ______ that good.

The first blank is “saw”, obviously. However since “saw” is in past tense, the second blank should be in past tense as well. Thus, it should be “wasn’t” instead of “isn’t”.

The correct answer should be:
saw, wasn’t

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HI! could you explain which of these are right?
my score is or are 100%

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Thank you James :)

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9/10, I’m confused! I saw…I have seen???!!!

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    I already understand! Thanks for your explanation Heitor

    Because ‘I’ve seen’ is the present perfect simple form (not past simple) and as you can see, this action is not finished in the past.. you are still alive and you are able to watch Star Wars more times… Thus, you have to use ‘have seen’ because the action is still happening in a certain way..”

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I don’t like the dirty language. This is the reason why I wonder if some others expressions I usually find are to blame as well. “innit” “watcha” “whaddya”…shall I forget them?

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    Oh boy, we could have a whole lesson about “innit”.

    Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

      I love you so much.. many thanks!

      Profile photo of dadadadada dadadadada


        Profile photo of engVid Moderator engVid Moderator

James,thanks so much,good lesson again.

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This was great! As well as your other lesson!

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100%!!! Anyway Green Hornet is awful

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Yo Mr.James , it’s sound that cool enough Mr.James haha. Thx for lessons today. Next time i’m gonna tell them to open this website hehe Peace.
Kind regards from your student

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“You got 10 correct out of 10. :D ” I love your lessons!! :)

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thanks…it is useful as always

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thank you very much James for the lesson. I didn’t miss any of the questions. i had got 10 correct out 10.

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Thank you very much.

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100% I’m happy

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When I started watching and having learning your English videos the first time I got difficulties like not understand much but now I feel well enough in English speaking and Much more comfortable with your speech and your presentation more clear.. .
I’ve learnt understanding capacity in English by James only and not by Everyone I can’t say that 100 I’m Good may be 65% I’m very confident to speak English especially with others It’s Everything the way of James presentation…

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Thanks a lot I understood everything .

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Nice video!

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Perfect score

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Thank you for your teaching. I learn alot.

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I’ve got 100 points=))Cool!

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very clear
Thanks a lot!

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So… why “I saw Star Wars…” isn’t correct?

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“Junk language” also make us learning….

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Dear professor James,definitely, I’m not an “ain’t
“gonna”,”wanna” kind of person.
I’m not snob,I respect those who use these kind of
words, but the English language is so beautiful,
the words sound like music, the magic of the right
intonation…no, I will never, ever speak that way.
Thanks for the lesson.You’re great.

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I did it :D
10 out of 10 YEAH

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9/10 :D
thanks James, it’s a miracle :D
honestly, i hate the grammar but your teaching method is so easy and funny so it helps me a lot

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Thanks James!

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Thanks James!

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I thought that you can use the slang or jargon sometimes without any problems to understand what you are saying, but I have seen that it is not possible in the questionary. I have used “ain’t” as “aren’t” and “isn’t” but you can also use it as “haven’t” or “hasn’t”. The other explanations about the Past simple and Present Perfect, and the Subjunctive have been a review that it isn’t very difficult to understand. Thanks a lot, teacher James, it has been an interesting lesson speaking very quickly sometimes and as always very useful.

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Another great lesson by a great teacher.Thanks.

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Done and i got 90%, thank you sir

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Thank you

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You got 10 correct out of 10

thank you.

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Thank you James :-)

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it clarifies my mind

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Ahh, 5 from 10.. but not because ” ain’t” :)
but ” saw” and ” have seen “I’m going to see it again! thanks

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Hey James! I didn’t understand very well the difference between “I saw” and “I have seen” when I use the first one and when I use the second one?

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Hello sir, can you help me with error detection for competitive examination?

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10 out of 10) Thank you!

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thanks for this important lecture

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What if I want to ask?

Have you seen my comment on this video?


Did you saw my comment on this video?

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I have got 80%
thank you teacher😊

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I got 90, thank you James.

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I got 10 of 10, it helps me a lot, Thank you James

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10 correct out of 10

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it`s 100% again

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Thank you Sir James

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I GOT IT. ten out of ten thanks a lot James.

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