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Does slightly mean a little or a lot?

What does far mean when used with comparatives?

Is this sentence correct or incorrect? "This chair is far more expensive than the other chair we bought."

"My brother is slightly taller then I am."

"My brother is slightly taller than I am."

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I’m far from Canada but I feel close to Canada thanks to internet, thanks to Mr.E n’2 u James. now I know dude, bye 4 now.

Wednesday, December 14th 2011

    I’ve always been thinking that we say “The Internet” am I right?

    Tuesday, February 11th 2014

      Yes, we do.

      Wednesday, March 30th 2016

Dear James; your spanish pronunciation is so good.

Wednesday, December 14th 2011

Thank’s James!It was great as usual))

Thursday, December 15th 2011


Thursday, December 15th 2011

I am from Cambodia. i really like this web . thank you so much for this program .

Thursday, December 15th 2011

Thank a lot. I like the way you teach….

Thursday, December 15th 2011

thank u Jams,i got 4 out of 5,i was slightly far than correct.thanks again:-)

Thursday, December 15th 2011

Hi James. Thanks a lot. I really enjoy your lessons. You’re great.

Thursday, December 15th 2011

hi james i like your lessons :D great teacher

Thursday, December 15th 2011

thanks for everything,your way how to teach is far better.

Thursday, December 15th 2011

Hi James!I am from Hungary.Your pronaunciation in hungarien just like kicsi(small)is great.Thank all the leassons,which are very helpful for me.Bee well.

Thursday, December 15th 2011

very good l learnd so much

Thursday, December 15th 2011

I’m slightly better in english now than I was 10 minutes ago. Thank you James!

Thursday, December 15th 2011

i really like the method used by the engvid teachers i gain alot from their lessons i m very impressed and thankful to them

Friday, December 16th 2011

Hi James i like you , i really enjoy your lessons and i can,t stop watching, its soooo clear,understandable and benifit lessons.
Go on . . .

Friday, December 16th 2011

EngVid, please I need an answer immediately, either from James or from moderator. I’ve watched this lesson, but I couldn’t find the answer on following question. When we use the expression FAR MORE, I know that we say, for instance, far more attractive and so on, but what about this: Mark is far smarter than I am, or Mark is far more smarter than I am? First sentence makes sense, but tell me which one is correct. . .

Friday, December 16th 2011

    We don’t say more smarter,more happier, more hotter,etc coz more is suppossed to be used with adjectives which have 3 or more syllables,like more expensive, more convenient, etc.

    Friday, December 16th 2011

      superb explanation.

      Tuesday, January 22nd 2013

Does this sentence make any sense? Sandra never always does her homework. It’s weird, but what do you think?

Friday, December 16th 2011

stylish….. great u r mr.james

Friday, December 16th 2011

James, thanks for the lesson, was very handy actually. I really enjoy your lessons. The way you teach is quite interesting.

Friday, December 16th 2011

    thanks dina ! ilike you. please give me your skype id.

    Wednesday, March 5th 2014

james, thanks for the lesson and I understand it,
so hope to perfect for the next lesson.

Friday, December 16th 2011


Friday, December 16th 2011

very interesting.Thank you

Friday, December 16th 2011

Thank you James, you are by far the most entertaining teacher I’ve ever seen! I would like to see from you a whole lot more videos like this one! So do us a little favor and make a slightly diffrent EngVid covering some Christmas idioms or other vocabulary items. Thanks in advance! Take it away!

Friday, December 16th 2011

James you are great G.

Sunday, December 18th 2011

thnk you james .

Sunday, December 18th 2011

Thanks so much, James. Good lessson and you help me a lot to improve my English.

Sunday, December 18th 2011

Thank you so much :)
Your lesson is very interesting and helpful.
You are the best English teacher who I’ve been met!

Thursday, December 22nd 2011

thaks mrs james for your english class, I`m larning very faster. apriciete you time I`m live in mexico sorry but me english it is not very well. but I wont to learn more and more. see you later broth and have a good xmas day

Thursday, December 22nd 2011

thanks alot

Friday, December 23rd 2011

I don’t understand this lesson. The lesson was not clear

Saturday, December 24th 2011

sir are these usages correct “i am cross with you ”
“light is out” (power failure) “you may be done for” (curse) pls help me

Monday, December 26th 2011

can I ask u a question plz how can I learn English at home is it better 2 study from a dictionary a new word or from a tv movies :)

Monday, December 26th 2011

The best of the best thanks

Tuesday, December 27th 2011

i love ur teaching………but i hav a trouble wid phrases and clauses…….i feel it would be better if u add more videos abt them…..and soon…….love ya……waiting for a reply

Thursday, December 29th 2011


I love your lessons and your teaching method. It,s take some time to understand you and your method (because of my poor english, too). But now I realy like it. It, s interesting,funny and optimicstic, too. With this vidios, I like learning more english.

Good luck!

Thursday, December 29th 2011

hi jem, i like the way you teach.. fantastic

Saturday, December 31st 2011

i like it

Monday, January 2nd 2012

I`m from burkina faso living in saudi arabia I like well this site.
so,I thank you so much for this site

Tuesday, January 3rd 2012

Thank you .

Tuesday, January 3rd 2012

I TOOK COMPOSITION CLASS AND I GOT AN A THEN I TOOK CRITICAL THINKING AND I GOT B in college, but I still have probles writing papers.
i dropped school for six year then i am back and i found out his problem
tell me what to do Mr JAMES. THANK YOU

Wednesday, January 4th 2012

Thanks for “kicsi”. :-)
Best regards from Hungary.

Tuesday, January 10th 2012

this website is awesome im glad that found this site, i going to learn english !!!!

Tuesday, January 10th 2012

Best regards from Athens Greece!

Tuesday, January 10th 2012

first i want to thank 2 u and ur lesson!but i have one question Why do u beginn ur lesson always reading a book or a magazin?

Thursday, January 12th 2012

Thanks Mr.James a lot ! Your lession is a lot interesting than other lession ! Once again thanks !!!

Monday, January 23rd 2012

Thanks so much James you’re simply amazing

Monday, January 23rd 2012

i’m from philippines… i just want to say thank you JAmes…you inspired me to study english…..more power to you…

Tuesday, February 14th 2012

James never reply our comments, maybe he is busy all the time.

Wednesday, February 22nd 2012

Are these sentence correct?
The wine is slightly more expensive.
He is taller by far.

Friday, March 9th 2012


JAMES your teaching is much more educative, I love it stay well.. keep on the good work this site is the best . thanks

Friday, March 16th 2012

tnx alot
it is very inersting for me

Monday, April 2nd 2012

Am i correct sir? This apple is more expensive than that. which one is correct? 1. Jan is far more happy than Ellen.2. Jan is far more happier than Ellen. thanks a lot.

Tuesday, April 3rd 2012

Dear James,

It’s good to see you have mentioned “kicsi” means little in Hungarian. Best Wishes from Hungary. Krisz

Monday, April 30th 2012

Thanks to James, I’ve got a little more confidence in speaking English.

Wednesday, May 2nd 2012

woow your spanish is great! :D

Monday, May 7th 2012

Thnx sir.

Tuesday, May 8th 2012

Thank u soo much ;))

Friday, May 18th 2012

why do u always draw a warm james? do you like it much?
anyway thank a lot sir!

Friday, June 1st 2012

very nice thank you

Friday, June 15th 2012

James, It’s a lot better when you use a lav microphone, it eliminates all the reverb that is picked up by the cam’s microphone. Since most computers use cheap speakers that don’t have a very good frequency response I would suggest that you (if you can) roll off the frequencies above 14 khz and kill everything below 100 Hz in the low end. , but a lav should be enough to make your voice more inteligible. Thanks for all, you are really talented teacher, may all the good energy in the world be with you.

Monday, June 18th 2012

I would like to hear about “quite” and ” pretty”. When can we use them? Thank you.

Monday, June 25th 2012

James, this lesson is slightly different from your previous teachings, a slight dull

Wednesday, September 12th 2012

Hi! I’ve watched your videos and I have to say that you are a great teacher. I try to find you on facebook but still I cannot. Can you give me your e-mail or something ?

Tuesday, October 2nd 2012

He got me with the fourth question !! I didn’t pay attention and I failed! It won’t happen again James! Never again! ^^ hehe
Good lesson as always.
I’d like to ask again for a lesson about the pronunciation of pull against pool or full against fool .. I’m asking this in every teacher’s comment cause I don’t know if it’s seen by anyone when the lesson is a old one.

Tuesday, October 9th 2012

and in romanian we say ”mic” :)

Wednesday, October 10th 2012

thank you. But,how can start from the very begging.

Monday, February 11th 2013

I am from India and i enjoy your lesson a lot…good job James…

Monday, February 18th 2013

Thank you james for your help.

Wednesday, February 20th 2013

thanks was a lot useful

you are a good teacher , I learned a lot with this courses

please correct me if I had some error

Thursday, March 7th 2013

You are my favourite teacher :). I love you when you make any joke with us.

Friday, March 15th 2013

Thank you very much James.^_____^

Wednesday, April 17th 2013

thank you a lot james, I only got 2 correct out 5 but i am verry happy for your help

Saturday, April 27th 2013

Thanks a lot James, it can be used as a teaching material online to my students.

Wednesday, May 22nd 2013

Great video James! Thanks! I was just wondering if your could make another video about different ways of comparing please? such as twice,three times etc + as ..as to compare two things..

To describe something that continuously changes and also to say that one thing depends on the other…

Wednesday, July 31st 2013

Thank you ..

Saturday, August 3rd 2013

Thanks you very much. It’s easy to understand. !!

Thursday, December 5th 2013

james and Mr E i beg you to give me ideas about the subjenctive mode because i’ve never known that it does exist another mode in english … you know we learn lot of tenses in english / even more tenses than any language i already know / so everyone will think absolutely that we’ve done with tenses as I did …however… unfortunately other things stretch out to re-complicate our life. LOL
can you help me
+ thanks for the lesson and i’m so sorry i had asked you for these thing directly without even telling you how was the lesson
+ can you tell me why you always draw Mr E in board
thanks again and happy new year everybody

Friday, January 3rd 2014

Nice video. I’d like to learn how to use “a bit”

Wednesday, January 15th 2014

Thanks James! your teaching technique and attribute is the best.I like you.

Wednesday, March 5th 2014

Thanks, very sad, got only 40%.

Thursday, April 3rd 2014

Teacher James, Can I ask a question?
This chair is far more expensive than the other chair we bought.
This chair is a lot more expensive than the other chair we bought.
This chair is a little more expensive than the other chair we bought
This chair is slightly more expensive than the other chair we bought.
Did the mean same? and Was the sentence correct?

Thursday, April 17th 2014

I didn’t pay more attention today(( that’s why I got 3/5..
useful lesson James thank you )

Saturday, April 26th 2014

Hi James. You’ve did a mistake in a quize :)
“My brother is slightly taller then I am.”
It’s much better to put thAn :)

Wednesday, May 7th 2014

    What do you mean? That’s the whole point of that question!!

    Wednesday, May 7th 2014

Thank you.

Sunday, July 13th 2014


Thursday, September 4th 2014

I am not trapped by your trick.
Thank you so much.

Monday, September 22nd 2014

Thanks James

Wednesday, November 5th 2014

You tricked me James! i did no see that (then) words coming.

Tuesday, January 27th 2015

Hello James, my greetings is bigger by far now than before after I have looked at this lesson, thanks.

I heard you to use the hungarian for a kicsi, it is great, just go ahead on it. I can help you:)

Tuesday, May 26th 2015

Hi, James, May I know the difference between “a lot of money ” and “lots of money”?

Monday, March 21st 2016

    both of them are the same

    Saturday, March 26th 2016

thanks James i got 4 out of 5
i could catch your lesson
keep going to give us more

Saturday, March 26th 2016

Nice lesson, I have written down everything, I will try to perform the same as James did)

Sunday, April 3rd 2016

Thanks for the good lesson.My question is about the 5th Q in the quiz.” My brother is slightly taller than I am.” When do we need to put the subject and the verb after “than”?

Thursday, May 5th 2016

It has been a good and an interesting lesson about comparatives. We have reviewed some concepts and expressions with an easy explanation, all these expressions go before the comparative except “by far” which goes after the comparative, it was curious but terrible useful. Thanks a lot, teacher James Greer from EngVid, I suppose we are learning much more listening than only reading.

Sunday, February 26th 2017

    Excelente coment

    Thursday, March 23rd 2017


      Thursday, March 23rd 2017

Hi, James thank you

Thursday, March 23rd 2017

Sorry, James, but I don’t agree with you. Syl, the snake, is far more smaller than Mr E. In fact, he is twice her size.

Friday, March 9th 2018

iam Egyptian and i want speak eng

Thursday, March 15th 2018


Sunday, May 27th 2018

You got 3 correct out of 5.


Monday, August 13th 2018

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