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jajaja, your class was very funny!


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I thought it was a piece of cake for me to give orders, but to my dismay there’s much more to it that meet the eye.

Interesting lesson on imperatives.

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    . . . mmmm . . . making mistakes as usual . . .

    “. . . there is much more to it THAN meetSSS the eye”.

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Nice lesson 100

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thanks you are the best

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9 out 9 great!

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Hmmm antuak

Profile photo of antuak antuak

I have to take off my hat for you, James!

Thanks again.

Just a little something. You said it’s freezing
in Canada. But “keep it under your hat” here in
my tropical country the heat is not too forgiving. Right now in Rio de Janeiro is
39C. But for us it feels like 50C.So say the
My city is about to run out of water. São Paulo, the biggest city in Brazil, has run out of water, already.

This heat is appalling, worrying and unbearable.

But, we always have Engvid! So, let’s play ball!

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Heeeeeeeeeeelp me, James.

Is it right to say: ” So say the news” or should I have said “So says the news.”

As “news” in a non-coutable word the verb must
be in the singular, mustn’t it?

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Mr. E was cute :D Thank you for your interesting lesson, James. You are funny :)

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Thank you James, great lesson, I have clear imperatives now.

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i tried my best an got 78 .. Really enjoyed the lesson

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i really like this lesson . i got 100 :)

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Be Kind; Everyone You Meet is Fighting a Hard Battle! (Plato)

Thanks for this simple and clear lesson.

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Thanks very much

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Great job, James! I’ll take your lesson into account when it’s needed to use commands…and polite commands, of course

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The lesson is funny, engaging and interactive. I love it.

Profile photo of Carlos Steven Carty Carlos Steven Carty

A million thank you Mr James. Really convenient ! ;) :)

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Thank you Mr. James.
Can you please teach us something about military language?

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than very my dear teacher , i am very happy to try some of the test exam to worked thank u

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I just realize that let’s is a contraction of let us xD

Profile photo of almiuxd almiuxd

It’a interesting how the language treath each situation. In portuguese language, i dind’t see situations like that, if you use please before or after is the same kind of comand. Cool! Mr Jame you are a great speaker. I’ve got 100.

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8/9 (wrong on the second question) Very well explained, very interesting. Thank you, all

Profile photo of Jorge Pedroso Jorge Pedroso

Great lesson, James.

Profile photo of Taylor Mcknight Taylor Mcknight

thanks you Mr James

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Great lesson! As a matter of fact, this site is great! I have a suggestion: you could do (or make?) a lesson about numbers, how to say, how to write. For example, I don’t know wich is correct: two thousand-fifteen, two thousand and fifteen, two thousand fifteen etc. It would be a nice lesson!

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i got 8 correct , seems super xD

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thanks , good teacher

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Hi James
Thanks for another great lesson. I am with engvid.com from about three years, and I see my progress in learnig English Language. Once more Thanks.

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Thanks James. This lesson is very fun

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Thank you so much James for this usefull class.

By the way if you want to speak English to make practise on skype, read my account details please :)

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Answer me please :) Thanks James! It’s really helpful your stuff again. Now, I am going enjoy another lesson by a other teacher. Lets don’t take off our shirts! :D

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Hi James, thank u so much for teaching imparetive :)

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Hi guys,join me on skype curiose34354 just to practice english.

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Congratulations, its a great video!

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Thank you Mr. E

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This was fun.

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nice lesson thanks.

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Thanks James.It’s so funny

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thanks james…..

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Thanks James I got 7 correct out of 9. Please add me my skype is ukrit_2011 Let’s me join you to improve my english speaking skill and listening skill

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Hey man
I hope I could speak English like you.You speak English in a strong way

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Dear James,
you are a very good teacher. Mr E is very funny.
We really enjoyed this lesson. Best Compliments!:)

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Thanks a lot, sir. I fairly appreciate your teaching style. The content is not only humorous but also useful. You are a good teacher. I wish you healthy and happy.

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Tkss!!! :)

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We should take off our shirts.

YOU WIN MAN! ^______^’

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funny lesson)

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very good lesson thank you

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9/9 the first time

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James you are excellent teacher, thank you.

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Yeah!!! I got 8 out of 9 on that quiz and this is my first time… Love you Jame and you are the best….

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6/9 please do again

Profile photo of adalberto75 adalberto75

thanx you guy, you give me a hope! your lessons are spectacular! thanx again, because of you i want to know English well!

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p.s. 7/9 :)

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8/9 now what

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Very good class! Congratulations.

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Many thanks teacher

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This lesson is very nice! Congratualations


thanks so much

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thanks for the class.. It was very funny.

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that was excelent ty to EngVid

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Thank you .it’s amazing

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it was good lesson i have got from it alot thanks!

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Good lesson.

I like your style.

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what’s wrong with the sound?

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Thanks a lot .

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thanks so much,this lesson is funny and useful

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Thank you James

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thank you noha

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Check how you use the microphone,
When you are turning your head the sound volume is changing. May be is better to use two microphones..?

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Thank you for the nice lesson!

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Hello, can i talk with you..? i want to improve my english..

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Great video

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Thanks got 56% but very good lesson, first time delivered by Mr. James and I liked.

Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

    2nd time I got 67% only 11% improvement.

    Profile photo of Abdul Qayum Abdul Qayum

hello im realy like your lessons its realy help me tnx. i want asking you why more of asian people used word me when they must say i am . for exs. me not bad
me not lucky ect . tnx i hope you help them understood it

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ıt was very good. I spent funny time. Also my quiz was very good. thanks:))))

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Thanks, Yes Sir,

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thankyou so much james. It’s fantastic. I’m starting to learn now. I like it cause you’re sort of funny. hehe

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I’ve got 100
Thank you James for the great lesson

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thank you for interesting lesson! :)

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I got it 10/10.
Ahã, all right.. (singing)
ahã, all right.. (singing)
ahã.. ahã.. (singing)

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Thanks very much!!! Good lesson.

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Thank you very much!

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Your explanation easy
And got degrees on 9-9
Thanks, James.

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I am very impressive from your lessons. It is enjoy to watch the videos. And it is very good that my level of English enough for understanding your speech.

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good quiz!

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Thank you James great lesson.

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Thanks a lot,very useful!

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well that is better yourself english

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good english or bad english we teach will fix it sentece.

Profile photo of gonagueezra100 gonagueezra100

Believe it or not in 3 month I’ll be ready for college
thx to Engvid.com

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thank’s James, but i got 89 percent ¬¬

Profile photo of raphaprazeres raphaprazeres

Last 5 years i have stayed in different places
is this a grammatically correct sentence ?

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Thank You James!

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hey there engvid,kindly develop your website where we can make new friends or make a every persons”s inbox option with that source of contact where we can talk on skype to improve aur english thank you.

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you’re the best man please;keep going :D

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Thank my lovely teacher, James

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Thank you, James. It’s good, but the only question: why did you turn your eyes down saying that “us” is a 3rd person? © Dr. Lightman ;-)

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Thank You! James. You r an osum teacher!

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Great practical lesson.Thanks James.

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Very Funny and practical lesson! Thanks!

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it is very exiting lesson more fun thanks

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9 out of 9 ..I can’t say no more about you .. You’re the best ,Thanks James

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James, you’re genius :) … Thanks a lot.

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I got 8 correct out of 9. Thanks James.

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i got 7 correct out of 9
good lessson

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Hey James! You know what… YOU ROCK!!!

Please keep up doing your great job.

Kind regards from Peru

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Thank you , you are the best :)

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thank you james . great lesson

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Theacher! You’re freaking awesome! :)

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sooo much fun! like the way this teacher teach

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Very interesting lesson.

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the best lesson for me

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Good lesson.

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thanks teacher so much the lesson was very enjoyable and useful ,i had a fun time and you are funny like it :)see you soon

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Hello James! Thank you for lesson.
I have a question to engvid teachers and site administrators: Maybe possible to add in engvid site ability to video/voice/chat communication between site users? It would be wounder, if teacher will organize video/audio conference call rooms, and all people can communicate in real time.
It it is impossible do in engvid site, lets do it by gmail hangouts or in other communication tool.

My Gmail accaunt : haykkh78@gmail.com
Skype: haykkh78

I will happy to talk with you.

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Well done, James ! You are a good English teacher and a talented actor as well !

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Good Job man. I got 8 correct out of 9 (89)

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9 in 9 ;)

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You are very entertaining. I enjoy your lessons.

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thank you teacher I love the class
I enjoy your class every time >>>>

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7/9 Thank you, James! I like you pronunciation!

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Really, you are awesome, your expressions and body language is excellent.

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Thank you for the lesson

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Thank you that was great

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Good lesson, 10/10 thank you very much professor James

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Thanks very much!)

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Thank you James !:_)

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Thanks, John

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You are the best!!! :)

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thank you James
I like that way you teach

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you class is funny,I love you lessons.

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Awesome lesson, Mr. James.
Thank you so much, I´ll give so many orders now.

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Mr. James, continue teaching, please. You’re nice teacher.

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That’s a really funny lesson, now i can understand more about imperatives

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I just joined the engvid. And i’m very happy…

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Yaaay I got 9 out of 10, thank you, I like your lesson

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You already know but, you are the best teacher!!! Congratulation for your job, it is awesome!!!

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So clear! Thank you Mr. James!

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thanks teacher it was really useful i got 89

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thnxx a lot

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you are the best XD

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It was helpful and fun for me and I laughed at many times :D
thank you for your good lesson. It was interested.

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thank you for the interesting lesson.

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i like this class.thank you

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let’s do this again ;)

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Perfect! This lesson was incredible, congrats!

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Really nice…

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I’m really love the way your teaching

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Thank you James.

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Just seeing myself getting 100 makes me happy, me neva know English could be this nice your making it more fun.

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You got 9 correct out of 9.

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ı got 7 correct out of 9 on quız :D thanks James! teach us more! Please :D :D

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Thanks James. This lesson is very fun

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this is great my teacher !!!
i like so much your cours!! take courage to do the best than this .

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about let us in the imperative ,i think the speaker is not included is it right ?

Profile photo of mahmoud AbdAllah mahmoud AbdAllah

Thank you for brighten me up

Profile photo of yildirimahmet yildirimahmet

First of all thank you so much for the incredible work through the video .
Please make the last question a little clear , what do you mean by strong ??? , strong affirmative or polite ?

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Thanks so much
You are very funny and a good teacher

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thanks got an 89

Profile photo of Faith Faith

Thanks for all your help
You’re the best teacher i’ve ever seen

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Thanks a lot!:)

Profile photo of Successful Student Successful Student

Want to thank you again!

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thank you it was very funny ^^

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Thanks james. You are perfect teacher. I got 100 ☺

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Thanks. But u r the Best

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Thank you James it was a great lesson

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thank you teacher

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Thank you…

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Thank you!

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Thank you for this lesson !

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I love your classes ! :D very funny

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Thank you , James! Great class!

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Thank you very much James, amazing class. As usual.

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thank you so much i learned alot from you
you are the best

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Hi James, it’s good reminder for imperative use of these sentences.It’s commonly use by our teachers and boss in companies but it is still required to use please begin of the command.

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Thank you my teacher, James
wonderful lesson wonderful teacher too

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You got 9 correct out of 9.

thank you so much.

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…I got 9/9 thx so much!
And shut off, please! :P

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Thanks James!

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hi james
i love your presentation was awesome thank you i learn very much and i take 8/9 but i have an mistake =)

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hi James
thank you very muck for everything, so you make very good lesson, i encourage you to make more because we have absolutely need it.



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James, you are the best!

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Thank you James I understand it very well.

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