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It means that I undertood very well your lesson. Thanks James

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    thanks J. you are good teacher

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Thanks Mr.J ( and Mr. E )

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James, thanks a lot for this amazing grammar story, so you made me believe the grammar actually may not be boring

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Excellent explanation, thank u sir.
If u dont mind, it will be a great help if could explain the differences among Regarding, related to, with respect to & On behalf of..
1. I am calling you regarding your interview.
2. I am calling you related to your interview.
3. I am calling you with respect to your interview.
4. i am calling you on behalf of your interview,
Which one is true from the above 4 examples and why?
I am getting confused of these….

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    that’s a good idea JUNAIDC.

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    Thanks you my man.

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Still a better lovestory than Twilight :D

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Well done sir!

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Thanks, Mr.James on Engvid.com

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Mr. J, you are so funny with bright ideas, thank you for the fun lesson.

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What about this example sentence in red which had a comma after the initial word “however”.
A hint on even more comma rules?
Please teach them to us as well after this lesson which has already been very instructive.

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thanks teacher james

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thank you for your lesson. it’s helpful

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Have same rules in my lang,but it’s still scary to use.

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hi I want speak english with anybody

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    U can depend on me man

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thank you James, the vide is very good)

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Nice job
I got 9 out of 10
JAMES I want to ask you some Question
What are the differences between the two sentence the comma go?
I always take a book to read yet,I never get the time to open it.
I have not known her long,yet I feel very close to her.

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    May I try to answer your question?
    The first phrase I think it is not correct. I have 2 versions for it:
    1. I always take a book to read, yet I never get time to open it (Yet is a conjunction = but, nevertheless, however)
    2.I always take a book to read, but I never get time to open it yet.( Yet is an adverb = until now, so far)(As an adverb is usually situated in negative statements, at the end of the sentence)
    The second phrase I think the sense is: even though I don’t know her long, I feel close to her. (yet -conjunction)

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Hello James! I like the way vou teach so much. Thank you for the brilliant lesson.

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Simply amazing!
Great job.
Keep making funny video classes

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Hi there.I really like this lessons.Thanks for James,Adam and Emma.I am gonna to study masters program in Canada.And it was great chance for me to get direct access and every day improve my speaking and writing skills!!!God bless you!!!

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James, I want your shirt. Can I borrow it for my next lesson?

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    greetings Alex

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    haha )

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    Should I say:
    James has to buy Cloud Strife, Tifa and RedXIII shirts, so We must help him subscribe on his channel.

    Alex, I am looking forward to watching the next Final Fantasy 7 video-class, it has been a great idea.

    Thx teachers, bye bye

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    no, he needs it for his next lessons.

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Thank you Mr James for the lesson!

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I like it!!

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I just love you guys!! You make my life so easier!

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James I don’t really like gramatical themes but I did not know this important rule of fanboys&commas. Thank you.

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Wow nice! It’s too late to watch this video this is my favorite teacher lesson too why late is I had exams

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Thank for the leason

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Very helpful…. thanks so much to all the teachers here

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thank you Mr. james. yours lectures really works wonder :) . but there should be PTE(PEARSON TEST OF ENGLISH) lessons on your website as u already having IELTS and TOEFL as well.

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Thank you Mr. James for this interesting lesson!!
I hope you can come soon to Spain! Spaniards are waiting for you!!

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Thankyou so much! I have learned quite a bit about comma’s.

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Thanks a lot! great work

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This is a best way to understand English courses, thank you sir.


Very useful and funny lesson, thanks. Ciao.

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Hello everyone, my new member, are looking forward to help, sir (^_^)

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    Your so crazy myymyy

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Thank you, James. And for the records, you are not stupid. :-)

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i like it , thanks a lot guys

i really enjoyed it

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Finally i understood commas

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you made it super easy to understanding!

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Very good video lesson Mr. James. Thank you so much. What about the following two sentences:
– Mr. E wants to buy batman, superman, or spiderman comic.
– Mr. E wants to buy batman or superman or spiderman comic.
which one is better?

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    Let me give it a try.
    In my humble opinion , the first is much better.
    As you can see , the second one has repeated word “or” being placed into is a little bit unnecessary.
    Remember that the “comma girl” we used not only means to set interval between words / sentences but can give us a pause to breath while speaking.
    That’s why I choose the top one.

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    Hey there. By my knowledge,you missed the two phrases.
    you can’t use the comma before the ‘or’ in this sentence, because «or spiderman comic» has not a complete meaning.
    So you should say: -Mr.E wants to buy a batman, superman or spiderman comic.
    Just to remember, we still use a comma between batman and superman because we are enumerating

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Excellent explanation, thank u sir.

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I got 8 correct out of 10. Not too bad I guess!

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Thank you mr. James. The lesson is great!

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Thanks, I’m very appreciate your lessons. Good job!

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Hi EngVid, I would like to know about IELTS writing! So, in IELTS writing is most important is the structure, point or others aspect? Undoubtedly, I know about the process of verification writing only formally. (task response, lexical resource, gramma, coherence and cohesion). And, examiner checks essays based on the structure or points? Thanks EngVid!

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I’d like to thank you both James and Mr E for this great lesson!

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Thanks James for this important lesson!

Choose a conjunction to express the truth :-)

(Neither) I desire to learn the English language, (for | and | nor | but | or | yet | so) I watch videos in EngVid.

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Hi, James! Thanks a lot!

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Hi, James ! Thanks.

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I didn’t understand very well, but good James.

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I wonder which player Mr. E is dating, jet that is not my business…

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Thanks James , nice lesson !!!

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Great lesson. Thanks again.

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Thank you for the lesson

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James, you are very kind.

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Nice lesson thanks!

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thx very much

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Thank you God Bless you

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Thanks! It was very funny way to learn something more. :D

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10/10. Thx Mr James =D.

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Iam don’t understand

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I am ready for the next lesson thank you

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Thank you James… Fanboys not always go after the comma girl… Good!

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Thanks Jamoes. I’ve lernet a lot about comma. I’ve loved the funboys and de comma girl. hugs.

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Thank you James!Your lessons are great and I love your sense of humor!Makes this even more interesting!
Greetings from Montenegro!

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good job thanks

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thank you :D

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thank you.. , nice when i listening you

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Thank you, James! I like your lessons.

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Great Lesson, Thanks.

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Thank you James!
I got 100% \o/

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I just joined, it was a good class

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Thanks a lot to you James for such a fantastic lesson! Most of the time I had problem with comma, but now I pay attention to FANBOYS to know where to put them.
the story was a fabulous idea, and your teaching method was wonderful.
Thanks again!

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I am learning english so is there any one who give their precious time to talk me

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Great lesson teacher!!!!!!

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Very good lesson teacher! I Love the history

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James, I’m the fanboy of your lessons!

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Thank you, it’s a good lesson

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thank you:) mr.james

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Thank you for this useful information!

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Thanks james is usefull¡¡

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hello! teacher JAMES today is my first day to study with you. I was interesting the way you teach .
(COMMA & Fanboy) I never learn before but today I got it thanks for your helpful video.

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thanks teacher james

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i got 9 out of 10
thank you so much james


Its awesome sir .thanks a lot for this amazing grammar story,

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Thanks for great lesson! You are awesome!

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Very insteresting lesson as well useful!

Thank you Mr James for help us once again

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Great not boring lesson James! Thanks for main actors comma girl and fanboys!!!

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so funny thanks it’s very useful! I have to write an essay tomorrow

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thanks MR james and i really loved your way in teaching this lessons

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Very good teacher! Learning with fun it’s possible with James

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Amusingly. Thank you, James!

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It helps me a lot !
Thanks for your dedication of English-teaching.
Can’t wait to see another useful lesson!

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Thanks very much mr. E ,and I want to thank all teachers in this website

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Thanks, James. Great lesson, but I have a question.

In sentence 2, isn’t the comma optional?

“Mr.E. went to the store,and bought a bicycle”.

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thanks a lot ,for your lesson

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Great lesson! Thanks

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Thanks a lot. It’s really funny and helpful.

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I have to say that your lesson is absolutely amazing and useful, James. I love the way you tell us a joke and a wonderful lovestory between comma and fanboy LOL. That is very kind of you…

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Hi, anyone wants to communicate in english

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This is a great video, and it’s very funny.

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Hi Mr.James i realy like your lessons you are a good teacher thank you so much

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It’s great!
I love you, James !!!

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I got 10 correct out of 10 ❤️❤️

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A grade teacher makes A grade students)

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Great lesson James

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Thanks!! :D

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I love your teaching.

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Thank you so much, James, that’s a great lesson)

Just for future lessons, could you please write just a tiny bit clearer cos my sister read ‘loyal’ as ‘byal’ and she hilariously tried to translate it by any means))) Many thanks in advance)

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Thank you Sir. Passing the coma exam was challenging, yet I got 10 correct out of 10.

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I’m a new student , and I love the way how you teach us.

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Hello James, I did ur test, but I got 90, cause of this:
2. Where should the comma go?
I went to the store and I bought eggs.
store, and
and, I
bought, eggs
my answer was none, because I when you use “and” is optional right?
Help me, Plase!

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Hi Sir! I’ve been watching a lot of videos on this site and I am always satisfied with the explanations. I’d just like to have a question. Is it possible to say this: “Sir, you said I would only answer one question. So, I am not going to answer the second question.” I mean is it okay to start a sentence with this conjunction? Thank you so much.

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Hi Sir! I’ve been watching a lot of videos on this site and I am always satisfied with the explanations. I’d just like to have a question. Is it possible to say this: “Sir, you said I would only answer one question. So, I am not going to answer the second question.” I mean is it okay to start a sentence with this conjunction? Thank you so much.

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Wow! 10/10. Great lesson. Thanks James.

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i’m studding for GED thanks.

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You’r the best teacher
Thank you

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Thanks! Your explanation is great.

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Thank you mr. James for all of your great lessons!!
I watch your videos almost everyday,and they are easy to understand as well as useful.
by the way, I would like to recommend you to do an lesson about “Punctuation” uses because I think many people have struggles with it;me included,so it would be great if you do one!!
Thank you again.

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    a lesson*

    Profile photo of nontidraw nontidraw

Your class was very clear.
Thank you James. Fanboys love commas.

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Wow thank you for explaining so clearly.

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